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Pikachu has lost weight. Why?

When Pokémon first arrived on the Game Boy in 1996, Pikachu was illustrated as a plump electric rodent that looked far from agile. It wasn't until later on in the series, the face of the pocket monster franchise got an artistic makeover, making him slightly less chubby.

What was the reason behind the change, though? If it wasn't already obvious, it was due to the influence of the anime series at the time. During an interview with the Yomiuri Newspaper in 2018 – as recently shared by YouTuber Dr. Lava – the character designer and art director of the Pokémon series Ken Sugimori explained these changes in detail:

   "We were also influenced by the introduction of the [anime]. Since the animation had them doing a variety of movements, including human-like gestures, we changed the shape of Pikachu's body to make acting easier. While Pikachu was originally very short and stout, we gradually gave it a more defined neck and elongated its spine.

    "The Pikachu appearing in the Pokemon series after the broadcast of the animated series was influenced by how it appeared in the show. Also, I had no idea they were going to make it cry 'Pikachu.' It's like a cat crying out the word 'cat.'"

If you miss the older version of Pikachu, the recent release of Pokémon Sword and Shield on the Switch somewhat makes up for it, with the addition of Gigantamax Pikachu. This Pikachu has little resemblance to the famous one we know and love nowadays and is arguably closer to the original Pokémon design.
Gigantamax Pikachu. Is that similar to Mechagodzilla? Who would win a battle between the two of them?

I wonder if this will be one of the Top Tech stories of the year?

A dying John McCain continued doing his best in pushing the false Steele anti-Trump dossier to James Comey.

Late Senator John McCain provided disgraced former FBI chief James Comey with five separate reports from Christopher Steele that the FBI didn’t previously possess related to unsubstantiated allegations of collusion between Russia and President Trump’s 2016 campaign, the Justice Department’s recent Inspector General report revealed.

There have long been questions about why it was necessary for McCain to pass Steele’s anti-Trump dossier to Comey on December 9, 2016, several weeks after the November 2016 presidential election. By then, Steele had already met numerous times with FBI agents to provide them with his controversial reports. Steele, however, was terminated as an FBI source in the fall of 2016 because he spoke to the news media.
The IG report also verifies that a McCain aid obtained the Steele reports directly from Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson, meaning that when McCain transferred the anti-Trump charges to Comey he had to have known that the material originated with a firm that specializes in controversial opposition tactics.
States the IG report:

    Several weeks later, on December 9, 2016, Senator John McCain provided Corney with a collection of 16 Steele election reports, 5 of which Steele had not given the FBI. McCain had obtained these reports from a staff member at the McCain Institute. The McCain Institute staff member had met with Steele and later acquired the reports from Simpson.
Prior to his death, McCain admitted to personally handing the dossier to Comey but he refused repeated requests for comment about whether he had a role in providing the dossier to BuzzFeed, including numerous inquiries sent to his office by this reporter.

In his book published last year, McCain maintained he had an “obligation” to pass the dossier charges against Trump to Comey and he would even do it again. “Anyone who doesn’t like it can go to hell,” McCain exclaimed.
Doing work so dirty even the DEMS didn't want to touch it. But McCain? He was only too happy and eager to oblige. And with pride...while he was dying.

You're handed a death sentence - a terminal diagnosis. You have limited time remaining on this planet. Who spends that time consumed with hatred and bitterness for a person they define as their "political nemesis"? You'd have to ask the McCain family, especially daughter Meghan and The Widow Cindy.

Shelter Dogs have great time picking out their own Christmas toys.

"Toys, Toys and More Toys!"

The Animal Rescue Shelter Dogs Go Bonkers When They Get To Pick Their Own Christmas Toys. Hit the link for some great pics.
The staff arranged all the toys on the floor and then one by one let the dogs enter the room and choose their special gift. While some dogs immediately chose a favorite and ran around the room, others needed to inspect each one to find the perfect fit.
One joyous pup even tried to fit more than one in its mouth (A budding Bernie Sanders of the dog world! -DD 😏). Another large dog named Max took his time going from one toy to the next and even picked a few before finding his favorite. His method was to try them all.

Kenneth immediately found the squeaker in his toy and ran around the room making all kinds of noise. Tiny, an adorable Chihuahua, found a little green bone that was the perfect size for him. Buddy come out running and was also looking for a noisy toy, which he finally found. He carried it in his mouth as he raced around the room.

A dog named Esme quickly found her favorite and leaped on the couch while tossing the new toy in the air. Three adorable puppies were distracted by the camera but then realized they were in a room filled with toys and went to work finding the special one.
The Animal Rescue Archived (story only, no images)

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Wishing everyone a Very, Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Ave Maria



A brief post wishing everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

To everyone who finds some reason to visit this blog once in a while (thank you), to those that take time to comment and to everyone on my Blog Roll and Social Media sites, I'm wishing ALL a very Merry Christmas.

May your time with family and friends be Blessed.

Remember those who can't be with those they want to be with - for whatever reasons - especially deployed U.S. Troops. Merry Christmas. May God watch over you and your loved ones every single moment. God Bless You!

For those experiencing this holiday for the first time without someone special in their lives, remember the good memories and hold onto them because they are the moments that matter.

Amy Klobuchar's Iowa SURGE!

Try to contain your glee, Toots!

...former Iowa Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal [...] sitting in the kitchen while Klobuchar met with supporters in the living room, [said] of her, “The surge is real.”
Klobuchar is polling at about 6 percent in Iowa and lower nationally. And this is not her first time catching a spark.
A spark at 6 percent? Can her rivals survive that degree of scorching heat?

Joe Biden's Christmas Greeting.

Santa is on the move.

Check it out: NORAD tracking Santa.

Click on the screen and move around on the map.

Monday, December 23, 2019

Tamale Jill Biden ripped on social media for border appearance.

Tamale Jill Biden (No, I did not phoshop her fingers to look like that.)

Jill Biden, whose husband former VP Joe Biden is running for the 2020 Democrat nomination, handed out tamales and Christmas gifts to migrants in Mexico as part of a visit with local leaders on Sunday — and many Americans were not pleased with her choice of venue.

Biden toured a migrant camp across the border from Brownsville, Texas, home to over 2000 asylum-seekers. Many of the migrants, often referred to as MPPs, have remained in Mexico as part of the Department of Homeland Security’s Migrant Protection Protocols program as they await hearings before U.S. immigration officials.

    “It’s heartbreaking,” Jill Biden said as she toured migrant camp in Mexico with local leaders today
    — Border Report (@BorderReportcom) December 23, 2019

"Across the river is the flag of the United States. The flag of the United States offers people hope. They’re bringing their families and their loved ones here for hope of a better future and a better life for themselves," [she said].

Angel Mom” Mary Ann Mendoza, whose police officer son Brandon was killed [by] an a Mexican illegal alien tweeted back:

    “It’s heartbreaking. It’s really heartbreaking,” Jill Biden said. They’re bringing their families and their loved ones here for hope of a better future and a better life for themselves.” 🤬 Heartbreaking? Meet me at the cemetery
    — Angel Mom Mary Ann Mendoza💥TEXT EMPOWER TO 88022 (@mamendoza480) December 23, 2019

    Why isn’t Jill Biden serving meals to the homeless in California instead? Or helping volunteers who are cleaning up Baltimore? Maybe Joe Biden should run for President of Mexico!
    — carl s (@mikezzz111) December 23, 2019

    Jill Biden went all the way to Mexico to feed migrants. Meanwhile, in Delaware…

    This perfectly embodies Democrats. This doesn't look like "doing both." Liberals despise Americans & want to replace us. They are evil.
    — 🇺🇸🤡ILLEGALS 4 BERNIE😂🇺🇸 (@InnerStrumpf) December 23, 2019

    Jill Biden feeding illegals hoping to cross from Mexico.

    Imagine what she could accomplish by feeding homeless Americans🤔

    Priorities. #AmericaFirst #Trump2020Landslide
    — Femme Fatale (@RealBasedMAGA) December 23, 2019
Links to three of the tweets:

Angel Mom Mary Ann Mendoza

Carl S

Illegals for Bernie

This must be the first in a long, long time that Tamale Jill stepped out of her gated comfort zone. DEMS don't like doing that.
24News Archived

Flashback to Michael Avenatti. He is Buttercup. Buckle Up!

It's a tough call determining if Avenatti is worse at being a lawyer than he is a clairvoyant.

"If you doubt my prediction, please check my record over the last 7 months." Heh. Big Fail on the prediction and I'll spot him the past 3 years.

Avenatti is Buttercup; has been all along. Buckle Up, Buttercup. They don't have silver spoons or gold toilets where you're likely to be spending some time in the near future. BYOV!


Strange lights over Michigan. Alien Overlords on the way?

Just in time for Christmas?

Speculation was rife online Sunday evening, after mystified residents in Michigan reported seeing unidentified lights flying in formation across the night sky.

Theories ranged from a string of lanterns to “weird stars” and finally, naturally, to alien overlords.
Eh...maybe it was Santa and his reindeer out for a test-run.

Or maybe it's this guy, and hey - he's here to help us.

Chu-Chu-Chu-Chia Chucky!

Still time to buy the Cluck Schumer Chia Pet!
Makes a perfect gift!
Available at all fine retailers and in the dumpsters behind most national brand-name pharmacies!

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Merry Christmas from the ISS.

The crew of expedition 30 wish everyone on Earth a Merry Christmas. Dutch ESA astronaut, Andre Kuipers, arrived at the ISS only a few days before onboard a Soyuz TMA-03M spacecraft.
(Extra points if you can spot the F/UTP T568A RJ45 pinout Ethernet cable).

Santa on NORAD.

NORAD tracks Santa's global trip beginning (of publishing time) in 1 day and 4 hours. Bookmark the site. It's fun to check out, especially for the kids.

Until Santa's trip starts, there's an "Explore the North Pole; Let's Go" icon and it leads to a page that looks like there's some fun stuff for the kids to play online. I spent ten seconds on that page, so...not my fault if the kids complain.😏

I check out Santa's trip from time to time while vaping a mixture of transmission fluid and Ragu.

The Santa/NORAD home page (the link at the beginning) also has music available, and it's perfect background Christmas and holiday music to have on anytime. The music is streaming now and I believe continues until Santa's trip is complete. 

Check the bottom of their home page for the music. It's your basic operation; 'play', adjust volume and toggle ahead (as often as you like) and toggle back: 

The artists vary, but some music is from the bands of the U.S. Merchant Marine, the U.S. Coast Guard and the U.S. Air Force Academy. They're fantastic!

How are you dealing with the crowds so far?

It's a busy, hectic and often stressful time right now. People wrapped up in the commercialism of the season. Lots of crowds. Many impatient people.

How will you react?

King James Bible On Line:

Other Translations:

Forget not to show love unto strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.
- American Standard Version (1901)

Do not neglect to show kindness to strangers; for, in this way, some, without knowing it, have had angels as their guests.
- Weymouth Bible

Don't forget to show hospitality to strangers, for in doing so, some have entertained angels without knowing it.
- World English Bible

Saturday, December 21, 2019

Lionel Train "James Gang" Retro Christmas Commercial.

I'm guessing this ad is circa late 1970s-early 80s according to a search on the Lionel's James Gang model or line.

Commodore 1983 Retro Christmas Commercial.

That ad is 1983. It's 2019. What do you think those now-adult kids are doing for jobs? Wrong answers (comments) always appreciated.

Friday, December 20, 2019

Democrat Legal Expert: Trump Isn’t Impeached Until Articles Go to Senate.

Harvard Law School professor Noah Feldman, who testified as a Democrat witness in the House Judiciary Committee’s public hearings on impeachment, argues President Donald Trump is technically not impeached until the House submits the articles to the Senate.

In a Bloomberg News opinion-editorial published Thursday, Feldman writes the definition of impeachment, according to the framers, “assumed that impeachment was a process, not just a House vote,” and impeachment is official only when the articles are transmitted to the Senate, where lawmakers are “obliged by the Constitution to hold a trial.”

Feldman writes:
If the House does not communicate its impeachment to the Senate, it hasn’t actually impeached the president. If the articles are not transmitted, Trump could legitimately say that he wasn’t truly impeached at all.

That’s because “impeachment” under the Constitution means the House sending its approved articles of to the Senate, with House managers standing up in the Senate and saying the president is impeached.

As for the headlines we saw after the House vote saying, “TRUMP IMPEACHED,” those are a media shorthand, not a technically correct legal statement. So far, the House has voted to impeach (future tense) Trump. He isn’t impeached (past tense) until the articles go to the Senate and the House members deliver the message.

Hunter Biden's legal team argues disclosing his financial information may 'unreasonably annoy, embarrass or oppress' him.

Hunter Biden had his December 13 filing in his paternity case with baby mama Lunden Roberts, 28, unsealed by a judge Thursday, can disclose[.]

His legal team argued information that came from his deposition scheduled for December 23 could 'unreasonably annoy, embarrass or oppress' Biden[.]
Hunter Biden grumbled about having his financial information 'open to the world's media' and not being available on the night before Christmas Eve for a deposition in his paternity case, according to newly unsealed court papers obtained exclusively by

Biden is embroiled in a high profile legal battle with his stripper baby mama Lunden Roberts, who filed papers in May saying Biden is the father of her 16-month-old child. A DNA test from last month proved Biden to be the father of the unnamed toddler.

Roberts, 28, is seeking child support from Biden, 49, and is demanding for him to turn over his financial details so the court can establish how much he should pay.

Biden has been trying to keep the case under wraps but an Independence County, Arkansas judge ruled on Thursday to unseal Biden's filing from last week, saying he didn't consider it to contain confidential information.

It reveals Biden's legal team had tried to use Biden's famous dad Joe to get the deposition sealed, arguing that information that came from his deposition scheduled for December 23 could 'unreasonably annoy, embarrass or oppress' Hunter - and his family.
Why - - - is the Biden family saying that they are Above the Law? Because we all know that no one is above the law.

The Bidens. Has anyone or any family - ever - had to endure such unreasonable annoyances, embarrassments, oppression, indignities, malfeasance, hardships and falsehoods?

If Hunter could keep his dick in his pants for five three minutes and stay out of strip clubs some of these out-of-nowhere, crazy things that befall him wouldn't occur. Then again, he's a Biden. He's special.

{Snicker}...the deposition just happens to be scheduled for December 23. Karma. It's so fun watching it when it happens. It's so Schadenfreudey!

Friday Morning Music Video

"Snakedriver" from the album The Sound of Speed, by The Jesus and Mary Chain. Also on the soundtrack of the film "The Crow".

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Claudine Auger, "Bond" girl Domino of "Thunderball" dies.

Claudine Auger, a former James Bond girl has died aged 78. The actress passed away in Paris, France, earlier today (Thursday) as reported by Time Art.
[.] was the 1965 sensation Thunderball which saw Auger go worldwide as the first French Bond Girl after bagging the role of Dominique "Domino" Derval.

The trailer for the film introduced Auger as: "Young. Beautiful. Trapped. Could be dangerous".

The correct spelling is Whine Cave.

CNN: Democrats debate wine cave.
The term "wine cave" was thrown around repeatedly Thursday night at the Democratic presidential debate during an exchange over how Pete Buttigieg is funding his campaign.

Here's why: The South Bend, Indiana, mayor headlined a fundraiser earlier this month in Rutherford, California, at Hall Wines, a winery owned by Kathryn Hall, who was the US ambassador to Austria from 1998 to 2001, and her husband, Craig.

Part of the event took place in a so-called "wine cave" under a chandelier of 1,500 Swarovski crystals.
"So [Buttigieg] just recently had a fundraiser that was held in a wine cave full of crystals and served $900-a-bottle wine," Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts said on Thursday.
Whine Caves, swimmin' pools, movie stars!

DEMS find someone to deliver Articles of Impeachment to Senate...

... if The House ever decides to send them.

Maxine Waters flashes White Supremacy OK Hand Gesture.

Via Blaze TV. Read through the thread. There's some funny stuff in it.

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Surveillance video of Jeffrey Epstein's first suicide attempt goes MISSING.

Daily Mail: Surveillance video of Jeffrey Epstein's first suicide attempt goes MISSING from Manhattan jail where he was found dead.
Surveillance video of Jeffrey Epstein's suicide attempt in jail has vanished, it was revealed Wednesday, as the mystery into the pedophile's death deepens.

In court on Wednesday prosecutors revealed that they could not locate the footage from outside Epstein's cell at Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York City when he attempted to take his own life on July 23.

'I don’t know the details of how it was lost or destroyed or why it wasn’t retained when it should have been,' lawyer Bruce Barket said in court.

In that attempt Epstein was found with neck injuries after he apparently tried to hang himself and was moved to suicide watch at the prison.  

Two weeks later Epstein succeeded in killing himself in his cell on August 10.

However, authorities have no explanation as to how or why the footage from the July 23 attempt went missing. They said they simply could not find it[.]
It's Magic! It just vanished and can't be found.


We have an Impeachment Party!

From coast to coast, the Resistance is cheering the impeachment of President Donald Trump in the House. They shouldn’t be. For in seeking to destroy him, they have only made him more powerful, and undercut themselves.
It is said that history is written by the winners. That’s almost true. It is made by the winners, but written by the loud. Trump is a real-estate developer and reality TV star who talked his way into the White House against two major political dynasties – Clinton and Bush – and both the Republican and Democrat establishments; through a gauntlet of US intelligence agencies, as it turns out; and in the face of near-unanimous opposition from the media.

So his impeachment is indeed a historic moment – just not in the way his enemies think.
So it wasn't Russia? Or, it is/was, but right now isn't but will be? Again? Gee, when...November 2020?

You were just asking yourself, "What's Susan Collins thinking?" Weren't you?

Senator from Maine, Susan Collins

Continuing to position herself as a centrist on a day that the House is expected to impeach President Donald Trump, Maine Senator Susan Collins announced Monday she will run for a fifth term in 2020.

I promised the people of Maine a decision this fall whether I would seek re-election,” Collins said this morning in an email to supporters. (And we can't have politicians not keeping their promises, can we? - DD)
Having long cultivated a reputation for independence, Collins is likely to be scrutinized on the basis of whether she votes to remove Trump from office should the House continue on track to impeach him this evening.

Collins says she didn’t vote for Trump in 2016. Neither did a majority of Maine voters: The state split 47%-44% in favor of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

In 1999, Collins voted against convicting President Bill Clinton for perjury and obstruction of justice, joining a small group of Republicans who sided with Democrats in defending the president.

In 2017, Collins became one of three GOP senators to oppose a repeal of former President Barack Obama’s signature health care law. The measure failed by a single vote.
Can't the Repub Party find a real, actual, Conservative/Republican-Indie-Libertarian to run against Collins?

Men are "invading" a women's "sanctuary". Caitlin and Kaitlin are upset!

Oh, no! Women are upset!

NY Post: Men are showing up to the Wing and women are pissed.
The Wing was supposed to be the ultimate sanctuary for women: decidedly feminine in design, with walls and furniture in shades of millennial pink and a thermometer set at a women’s-clothing-friendly 72 degrees. Conference rooms and telephone booths are named after feminist icons like Anita Hill and fictional literary heroines such as Hermione Granger of “Harry Potter” fame. It offers perks that other co-working spaces can’t match — showers stocked with high-end beauty products and events featuring big names such as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Critics of the Wing were quick to point out the lack of diversity in the spaces, but the company’s expansion and popularity has brought up a completely different issue that was never expected to arise: straight men wanting to come in and hang out.

Sure, it’s not against the rules for men to be at the lady lair, which costs anywhere from $185 to $250 a month in the US to join. But that’s only because legally the company can’t ban men.

There’s usually at least one [man] whenever I visit,” says Kaitlin Phillips, 29, a member in New York for the past two years. “It’s bizarre to choose to occupy a space women specifically wanted for themselves. Classic patriarchal entitlement complex.” (Hey Kaitlin, does "you reap what you sow" ring a bell? - DD)
“At first it was jarring,” says a 30-year-old longtime New York member, who asked to not be named. “It started about a year ago and it’s getting worse. A guy even checked me out a few weeks ago. The whole purpose of the space is to not have to deal with anything like that.” (How does she know a woman has never "checked her out"? -DD)
The Wing’s large membership — more than 11,000 worldwide, according to reps — meant it couldn’t pass as a “social club,” and therefore can’t discriminate based on gender. This, coupled with a lawsuit brought by a 53-year-old man (GOOD FOR HIM! - DD) earlier this year claiming gender discrimination, led the Wing to formally adopt a membership policy: “The Wing is a space designed for women with a women’s-focused mission. Members and guests are welcome regardless of their perceived gender or gender identity. Recognizing that gender identity is not always consistent with someone’s sex assigned at birth, we do not ask members or guests to self-identify.”
But all of the women The Post spoke to had the same questions: Why would a man want to go to the Wing, anyway? Just because he can? (YES! YES! JUST BECAUSE WE CAN! DEAL WITH IT. - DD)
Up until about a year or so ago, when the space was truly a women-only sanctuary, members said they could comfortably walk around braless in a robe after a shower. Now, they say, they’re constantly looking over their shoulders, wondering who the loud dude chewing his lunch is. (Ummmm, yeah - because women never do anything annoying. Ever. - DD)

Numerous California members tell The Post that the phenomenon is getting out of hand. (The horror and indignity of it all. - DD)

It’s just annoying,” says Caitlin White, a 31-year-old West Hollywood member who sees at least one man working in the space each day. “Why do men need to be there? Why can’t they respect the spirit of the place? Men have to have everything.” (YES! YES! Men have to have EVERYTHING! EVERYTHING! - DD)
I glare at the men and I glare at the members who bring them,” says the anonymous New York member. (Ooooh - she sounds hostile. Sounds like someone needs Anger Management therapy? - DD)
Above from The Wing's home page. There's no scientific basis supporting their trite little motto.

I thought Scrapbooking was Teh Women's Sanctuary. Am I wrong?

Such intolerance from these women at The Wing. Tsk, Tsk, Tsk.

Now Accepting New Members! MEN Only!

Today will be a slow news day.

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Retirement apartment for rent? Very negotiable terms? Dead man found in freezer.

Police have found a notarized letter believed to have been written by a man whose body was discovered in the freezer of a Utah retirement home, claiming his wife had nothing to do with his death.

Locals think Jeanne Souron-Mathers, 75, kept the death of her husband Paul Edward Mathers, 69, secret so she could claim $177,000 in government payouts after the veteran died.

Police are looking at whether tey [sic] planned for him to keep collecting his Social Security and Veteran's Affairs checks, and a friend said it was a 'clever' move if the man got the note signed to put the Remington Park Retirement Apartments resident in the clear.

Another friend said it was 'creepy' after cops in Toole, west of Salt Lake City said he could have been there for any time between a year-and-a-half and 11 years before they found the note saying his wife 'was not responsible for his death'. 

'It was notarized on December 2, 2008,' Sgt. Jeremy Hansen of the Tooele Police Department, told KSTU. 'We believe he had a terminal illness.'

Cops have spoken to the woman who notarized the letter and she said she did not read the contents, which notaries are not obliged to do.

'She told the detective she didn't read the note, she just stamped it and signed it,' Hansen told Fox 13.

'There's more in the letter, but we're not releasing that yet,' police said Monday.

The man is believed to have died between February 4, 2009 - when he was last seen at a VA hospital - and March 8, 2009.

It's still illegal that Souron-Mathers kept the body in the freezer and didn't report his death. Souron-Mathers was found dead in bed with 'no apparent trauma'.

Officers checked the apartment on November 22 to see if there was any indication of how long she had been dead - and were stunned to find a second body in the freezer.
Authorities identified him using fingerprints but an autopsy could not determine whether his cause of death from the terminal illness he had which has not been disclosed.

Neighbors said the wife was a 'very nice person' who would not 'hurt a fly.'

'Jeanne was, by all appearances, a very nice person. Very friendly. We've talked to her quite a bit and took her to doctor appointments,' Evan Kline said: 'The story that — at least she was putting out — was her husband walked out on her.'

 "She never mentioned she was keeping her husband in the deep freeze." Gee, you'd think that would somehow come up during normal, small-talk, every day conversation, wouldn't you?

The apartment will probably be renumbered as 203 "B" or "C" when it goes back on the market. Then again, what happened there could be a selling point. "You live in the apartment where the dead guy was in the freezer? Coooooooool."

Hoover 1961 Christmas Commercial.

No, Mom doesn't want a vacuum for Christmas.

Monday, December 16, 2019

Barack Obama ignores Trans Women. Will there be a Social Media reaction of outrage and backlash?

NPR: Barack Obama Says Women Could Solve Many Of World's Problems — Which Men Have Caused.
The world would be a better place if more women were in charge, former President Barack Obama says. Speaking at an event on Monday, Obama also said that many of the world's problems stem from "old people, usually old men, not getting out of the way."

Obama made the remarks at a private event in Singapore, where several thousand people gathered to hear the former president discuss leadership and his life in the Oval Office. Ticket prices ranged from around $255 to $955 for the event, which was organized by Australian business events company The Growth Faculty.

The former president said that if women were put in charge of every country for the next two years, the result would be gains "on just about everything," according to Singapore's Today.

"There would be less war, kids would be better taken care of and there would be a general improvement in living standards and outcomes," Obama said.

The Singapore event isn't available online, but Obama's office confirmed the substance of Obama's remarks to NPR on Monday. And the event's moderator, Nicholas Fang of the Singapore Institute of International Affairs, says the Today report is accurate.

"If you look at the world and look at the problems, it's usually old people, usually old men, not getting out of the way," Obama said, according to a BBC report about the event.

"They cling to power, they are insecure, they have outdated ideas and the energy and fresh vision and new approaches are squashed," he added, Today reports.

"Now women, I just want you to know, you are not perfect, but what I can say pretty indisputably is that you're better than us [men]," Obama said, according to the BBC.
I haven't checked Social Media. Is Obama's Twitter account being bombarded with allegations of his Transphobia? Have the protests in the streets near his home begun? Why did he exclude the Trans Community? He must be phobic. with all that money, he might be a Closet Republican!

Anyone else saying what Obama said would be labeled Transphobic. Social Media reaction would be swift, critical and non-stop. He would be forced to atone and walk-back his words. No one else could say this and escape criticism. Maybe Canada's Justin Trudeau, but he wouldn't make the mistake of excluding Trans-anyone.

It's "Okay."

Pardon me, Ms. Fiorina, but nobody gives a fuck about what you think about impeachment.

The former Hewlett-Packard CEO told CNN on "Boss Files with Poppy Harlow" that she sees the President's conduct as impeachable and "destructive to the republic."
Carly should stick to what she does best; grinding tech companies into financial distress.

Wiki: Carly Fiorina's forced resignation from Hewlett-Pacard.
HP's revenue doubled and the rate of patent filings increased due to mergers with Compaq and other companies during Fiorina's stint as CEO. In addition, HP's cash flow increased by 40%, to around $6.8 billion. However, the company underperformed by a number of other metrics: there were no gains in HP's net income despite a 70% gain in net income of the S&P 500 over this period; the company's debt rose from US$4.25 billion to US$6.75 billion; and its stock price fell by 50%, exceeding declines in the S&P 500 Information Technology Sector index and the NASDAQ.
...the board brought back Tom Perkins and forced Fiorina to resign as chair and chief executive officer of the company. The company's stock jumped 6.9 percent on news of her departure, adding almost three billion dollars to the value of HP in a single day.
Read more at Fortune (September 2015): Carly Fiorina’s disastrous record as HP’s CEO.

Depending on sources, Fiorina is worth $60 million or between $30 to $100 million.

In March, 2016, she endorsed Senator Ted Cruz as the only Republican who can beat then-candidate Donald Trump. Good call, Carly, good call. Dice or a Magic 8-Ball on that one?

Finally, in September, 2016, she publicly voiced her support for Donald Trump for President.

Good call on that endorsement, Carly. See - for all of us - the goal is to make the right decision, or the better decision, more often than making the wrong one. This can be an elusive deliberation sometimes.

What fun it would be sitting around with the H-P BODs during her tenure, having a few drinks, listening to them recall their time with Carly as the CEO. I bet a lot of the stories would begin with... 
"Remember the time Carly suggested that we [fill in the blank]," followed by riotous laughter. 
 "Remember when Carly said she wanted to be the president," followed by lungs being hacked up from laughter.
Fiorina now drags herself out of her plastic bubble for an appearance on the biased CNN for no reason other than to dump on Trump. That chip on Carly's shoulder must be a big and permanent one.

Nice Knife.

Minor NSFW Advisory; language ("Sh-t.") 

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Arlando Henderson; The first thing you do with stolen cash is post images of yourself with it on social media.

Arlando Henderson, a former bank employee in Charlotte, North Carolina, allegedly stole $88,000 from a bank's vault. (Obtained by New York Daily News)

Arlando Henderson was arrested by the FBI on Dec. 4 and charged with financial institution fraud and related charges — based off Henderson’s greenback-laden Instagram post.
On at least 18 occasions in 2019 he stole cash from deposits made by the bank’s customers from the vault, and then deposited some of it in a nearby ATM.
Henderson also made a $20,000 cash down payment on a 2019 Mercedes-Benz, according to the indictment[.]
He might have even gotten away with it, weren’t for his wish to tell the world — via social media ― what an accomplished professional he was.

In several Facebook and Instagram posts, Henderson posted pictures where he is seen holding large stashes of cash, or posing in front of his new car.

I make it look easy but this s--t really a PROCESS,” he posted on Facebook on Aug, 4, from Charlotte.

Less than a month later, on Sept. 1, in a post tagged as written from San Diego, Henderson wrote, “Looking at my brand thinking this how I got rich.”

His 15 minutes of fame probably made it easier for investigators to locate him.
He likely never bothered watching "The Sopranos" or "Breaking Bad."

NY Daily News Archived

Harvey Weinstein's miraculous recovery. No longer needs a "walker".

It seems as if Harvey Weinstein might only use his walker when it could win him some valuable sympathy.

A Page Six spy recently spotted the disgraced mogul in Manhattan with his attorneys, shuffling into a meeting with a potentially hostile group and using a walker for support.

So the same source was surprised to spot Weinstein a few days later at a Target in Mount Kisco, NY, near Bedford, with his family — striding around without any support whatsoever.
...Weinstein “and the board of his bankrupt film studio have reached a tentative $25 million settlement agreement with dozens of his alleged sexual-misconduct victims.” It wouldn’t require him to admit wrongdoing or pay anything to his accusers himself
"It wouldn't require him to admit wrongdoing or pay anything to the accusers himself." Because no one is above the law? Oh...wait...

Weinstein fakes fragility seeking sympathy using a walker going into court.

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Hillary has face botoxed, or something. Looks freakish.

Aesthetic expert Dr Ross Perry, founder of, said Hillary has been 'genetically blessed' with good skin - but claimed it could also be a result of Botox, injectable dermal fillers and Blepharoplasty.
'Her forehead looks particularly smooth, which would suggest Botox has been administered in the forehead, frown line and around the eye area, as there appears to be minimal crows feet.
Yeah, well - Dr. Perry has to say Hillary is "genetically blessed" if he's averse to tragic accidents.

Botox? Maybe. Might also have been one of those procedures where they take fat from one part of the body and inject it into another part of the body.

In her case, the donor fat is from her cankles.

Bernie Sanders wants government-owned broadband.

We've long noted how community broadband networks are often an organic response to the expensive, slow, or just-plain unavailable service that's the direct product of a broken telecom market and regulatory capture. While you'll occasionally see some deployment duds if the business models aren't well crafted, studies have shown such local networks (there are 750 and counting now in the States) offer cheaper, faster service than many incumbents. Chattanooga's EPB, for example, was rated the best ISP in America last year by Consumer Reports.
Enter Bernie Sanders, whose new broadband plan was released last week and appears to have been cobbled together from the collected nightmares of AT&T, Verizon, and Comcast executives. The plan would not only restore the FCC's net neutrality authority and the agency's authority over ISPs in general, but it would restore the FCC's broadband privacy rules scuttled in 2017 by telecom lobbyists. It would also ban arbitrary and unnecessary broadband usage caps and overage fees, and ban the sneaky fees ISPs use to covertly jack up the advertised price post sale.

But the plan takes some extra time to highlight how a Sanders administration would embrace community broadband, including the elimination of protectionist state laws, and the doling out of $150 billion to be used largely toward building alternatives to the private sector telecom status quo:

    "Municipalities across the country running their own internet services have proved they can deliver high-quality service at a fraction of the price of established monopolies. Cities can run their own networks just like a water or electric utility or build out an open access network to allow multiple providers to compete on price and service, rather than one or two conglomerates gouging customers and setting their own prices. Bernie believes it’s time to stop relying on profit-focused corporations to get to universal broadband. Bernie will provide the necessary funding for states, cities, and co-ops to build out their own broadband networks, and ensure all households are connected by the end of his first term."

Needless to say, the telecom sector isn't going to much like any of this.
The proposal isn't without its problems. Several economists versed in telecom and media tell me that the proposals to retroactively break up giants like Comcast NBC Universal and AT&T Time Warner are little more than pipe dreams that would be logistical nightmares in actual practice. And the Sanders camp also oddly opposes so-called "one touch make ready" rules (which allow any qualified third party to move pole equipment instead of just incumbent ISPs) despite widespread support of such proposals (unions tell me "one touch" poses a safety and security risk, but those claims are hotly contested).
Is there any private industry that this rapidly aging, anti-Charity, rape-porn fantasy writing Communist doesn't think the government should own, run and operate?

And Big Tech likes to think Liberals are their friends and allies.

Atari 1983 Christmas Commercial

Who could have imagined tech and graphics would get better than that?

Friday, December 13, 2019

20 years ago, Nadler whined about impeachment based on partisan politics. Now, it's different.

House Judiciary Committee chairman Jerry Nadler (D-Golden Corral) warned of the dangers of partisan impeachment efforts during former President Bill Clinton’s impeachment proceedings, cautioning that it would “produce decisiveness and bitterness in our politics for years to come.”

Nadler adamantly opposed a partisan impeachment effort during Clinton’s scandal, emphatically warning his colleagues that they should not impeach a president without the “overwhelming consensus” of the American people and stressing that “an impeachment supported by one of our major political parties and opposed by the other” will lead to bitterness and divisiveness and cause people to question “the very legitimacy of our political institutions.”

“And we must not do so without an overwhelming consensus of the American people. There must never be a narrowly voted impeachment or an impeachment supported by one of our major political parties and opposed by the other,” Nadler said[.]
“In 1998, President Clinton physically gave his blood,” Nadler proclaimed. “President Trump, by contrast, has refused to produce a single document and directed every witness not to testify.

As Breitbart News noted, “Clinton provided a sample of his DNA to independent counsel Kenneth Starr as he attempted to back up his claim that he had not, in fact, had ‘sexual relations’ with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky.”

However, the blood sample ultimately tied Clinton to the dried semen on Monica Lewinsky’s blue dress “to a reasonable degree of scientific certainty.”

Like Rabbits. Hunter Biden's wife is pregnant.

Hunter Biden’s wife is pregnant and in her second trimester as her husband is locked in a nasty paternity case with his apparent baby’s mother, according to the Daily Mail.

Biden’s wife, Melissa Cohen Biden, was spotted with a baby bump during an errand run around Los Angeles on Thursday, the tabloid said.

    EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden to be a dad for the FIFTH time! New wife of VP's son seen with a baby bump

    — Daily Mail US (@DailyMail) December 13, 2019

The news comes as Lunden Roberts, a 28-year-old stripper, is demanding child support for her 16-month-old baby, who was fathered by Biden, according to the results of a DNA test revealed in court documents. Roberts filed a paternity lawsuit in May, alleging the pair first met at a Washington, DC, gentleman’s club that she previously employed.
"Keeping Up With The Bidens", coming soon to a cable station sometime after the patriarch loses the 2020 presidential election. What number wife is this for him, I've lost count. The sixth? Hunter will probably leave her for her sister, (if she has one), before the kid is born.

I'm sure they'll be the perfect, nuclear family.