Friday, May 31, 2019

iTunes KILLED! Funeral planned.

Apple iTunes' days are reportedly numbered, with chief executive Tim Cook looking to announce the retirement of the revolutionary multimedia software next week.

iTunes, the media player and store that led the way in popularising mp3 downloads and the digital storage of music, was launched in 2001.

However, it has recently been garnering criticism for moving away from its original music-based purpose and into films, television, games, podcasts, ebooks, and other features.

Now it looks to be killed off, with Bloomberg reporting that its retirement will be announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose, California on Monday (local time).

Apple will reportedly replace it with three apps - Music, TV, and Podcasts - for Mac, similar to its decentralised strategy on its iOS devices. It's unknown what will happen to movie downloading.

The Music app will take over for most of iTunes features, though as streaming becomes more popular, it has been speculated Apple will end mp3 downloads and focus only on its AppleMusic subscription services.
Do we add the killing of iTunes to the Clinton Body Count?

Leon Redbone dies, age 69.

Well, this just sucks.

Variety: In a nod to how Redbone sought to exist outside of time, much less current musical styles, his death announcement gave his age as 127.
...speaking about his preference for remaining enigmatic, Redbone said, “I don’t do anything mysterious on purpose. I’m less than forthcoming, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I’m mysterious. It just means I’m not inclined to go there.”
Very little of my life goes into my music,” Redbone told the Star, explaining the disconnect between his public and private personas. “I’ve never considered myself the proper focus of attention. I’m just a vehicle … not so much for the particular kind of music I prefer, music from an earlier time, as for a mood that music conveys.”
More at Rolling Stone via YahooLeon Redbone, Cult Singer Who Helped Revive Ragtime, Dead at 69.

"Shine On, Harvest Moon"

Leon sang the theme song for the television show "Mr. Belvedere".

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Tech News

New Atlas: Your air taxi is waiting.
Alaka'i Technologies' Skai machine has a range of up to four hours/400 mi (640 km) and a five-passenger capacity [...] using a hydrogen fuel cell powertrain that neatly sidesteps the energy density issue that's holding back battery-powered aircraft.
 - - -
So how can we build a robot that can figure out which norms to follow, and when?
"Our hypothesis is that in any particular context, a subset of norms is activated—a particular set of rules related to that situation. That subset of norms is then available to guide action, to recognize violations, and allow us to make decisions."
It's a very good article. Hit the link.
- - -
Packt>House Oversight and Reform Committee labels Facial Recognition as racist, biased and abusive to civil rights.
At the hearing, Joy Buolamwini, founder of Algorithmic Justice League highlighted one of [her] studies at MIT, on facial recognition systems, it was found that for the task of guessing a gender of a face, IBM, Microsoft and Amazon had error rates which rose to over 30% for darker skin and women. On evaluating benchmark datasets from organizations like NIST (National Institute for Standards and Technology), a striking imbalance was found. The dataset contained 75 percent male and 80 percent lighter skin data, which she addressed as “pale male datasets”. She added that our faces may well be the final frontier of privacy and Congress must act now to uphold American freedom and rights at minimum. 
The Algorithmic Justice League. Aren't they the nemesis of THE Justice League?
- - -
AI News: Amazon patent envisions Alexa listening to everything 24/7.
A patent filed by Amazon envisions a future where Alexa listens to users 24/7 without the need for a wakeword.
For example, say you were discussing booking a seat at your favourite restaurant next Tuesday. After asking, “Alexa, do I have anything on my schedule next Tuesday?” it could respond: “No, would you like me to book a seat at the restaurant you were discussing and add it to your calendar?”

Today, such a task would require three separate requests.
Three separate requests? WTFITS? We ask so much from ourselves, don't we? When will the heavy-lifting end?
- - -
The Guardian: World's first raspberry-picking robot set to work.

Yeah, it's slow. However, the story states, "[the] machine [is] expected to pick more than 25,000 raspberries a day, outpacing human workers." Kind of  reminds me of the autonomous dry-waller at Bustednuckles.
- - -
Seattle Times: Judge orders Facebook to turn over records on data privacy.
A Delaware judge is ordering Facebook to turn over internal records regarding data privacy and access to user data.
The lawsuit followed reports that the data of more than 50 million Facebook users had been misappropriated without their knowledge by British political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica in 2015.
- - -
EngadgetCadillac's hands-free SuperCruise.

Plenty of images of the new Caddy at the link and the engineering seems as solid as autonomous driving can be. Until...something goes wrong.
- - -
Pocket Lint: Lego worked with NASA to release this 1,087-piece Apollo 11 Luna Lander set.

Lyon Bombing suspect Mohamed Hichem M. confesses. Admitted having links to jihadist groups.

Presna Latina: Lyon Bomber Finally Confesses to French Police.
The suspect in the Lyon bombing claimed responsibility and finally confessed to swear loyalty to ISIS terror group.

According to the reports, the 24-year-old Algerian IT student Mohamed M. admitted to fabricating the parcel bomb used last Friday where 13 people were injured.
...his parents and younger brother [all] are remaining in police custody[.]
The Youth TimesLyon Bomber confesses.
He claims to be a lone wolf attacker, with no outside assistance.
Investigators also searched his computer, finding documents about jihad. The suspect reportedly admitted having links to jihadist groups during his interrogation.
Hit the links for more details.

Meghan McCain's HYSTERICAL reaction to Fake News. The universe revolves around her, you know.

Meghan McCain

McCain was responding to reports that the White House Military Office asked lower-level US Navy officials about keeping the USS John McCain, named for the late senator's father and grandfather, out of view during Trump's trip to Japan last weekend.

Nice one, Pudges. Too bad you sucked up the Fake News like a Dyson:

Pudges reads the Fake News about the name of the USS McCain being obscured, doesn't bother to verify the story, goes straight to her Twatter account and bemoans, again, that it's all about her and her late dad. Pudges was Triggered by Fake News. I could be wrong, but I think most people would kind of be embarrassed and humbled by such triggering. Not Pudges. Give her a day, or less, and she'll back on her soap box.

Some guy who said one humorous anecdote several decades ago desperately seeks media attention, hopping on a momentary, topical Fake News story: 

He was funnier as a cokehead.

None of us has experienced the death of a loved one and suffered the degree of grief as has Pudges McCain. None of us. We can't imagine her grief; we just can't. Pudges is the Standard-Bearer of Grief and we must all accept the universe revolves around her.

It's all about you, Pudges. And your dad who spent the latter years of his Senate career, and presidential campaign, promising Americans one of his top priorities is to repeal Obama Care. And when the time came to belly up to the bar, he betrayed his promise to the people and voted to keep Obamacare. Why? It was John McCain's only way to give a "fuck you" to Trump. Wow, what character. What a display of statesmanship. What a two-faced tiny, little, bitter, selfish man.

I'll remind everyone that Pudges, this past April, said that she, "hopes Julian Assange rots in hell." Lots of compassion and forgiveness in the McCain family, huh?

I'm REALLY HAPPY to know the McCain family supports Creepy, Pervy, Hair-Sniffin DEM Joe Biden for president. If the McCain's had stated they support President Donald Trump, I'd be questioning the state of my mental health.

Circus promoters chained son to bath, filmed him starving to death.

Two circus promoters from are accused of chaining their son to a motel bathtub and watching him die a slow, painful death.

The Monroe County Sheriff's Office was called to a hospital in Bloomington, Indiana to investigate the death of 12-year-old Eduardo Posso.

Detectives say Posso was in Indiana with his father, Luis Posso and stepmother, Dayana Marina Flores, while they promoted a circus that opens next month. Their other children, ages 9, 5 and 2 helped the couple pass out flyers, but Eduardo was left chained to the bathtub in the hotel room, without food.
On Friday, Eduardo stopped breathing and his father took him to Bloomington Hospital. He died shortly after.

According to the coroner, Eduardo was severely malnourished with zero percent body fat.

A search of the motel room turned up restraints used on the young boy and a webcam tied to the towel bar, which the couple allegedly used to watch the boy as his health deteriorated, authorities said. Detectives also found cell phone pictures and videos of the boy in shackles, according to the report.

NBC NewsMore on the same story.
Cellphone video showed Eduardo restrained in the bathtub, while Flores and the other children came and went from the bathroom without acknowledging him, and investigators discovered a selfie Posso took with the boy while restrained.
[Eduardo] weighed about 50 pounds[.]
Posso and Flores denied starving Eduardo but said they physically abused him because he "acted up more than the other kids," according to investigators.
Authorities said they will face murder charges once the coroner determines the boy's cause of death.
[Posse and Flores] were working as promoters for Cirque Italia, a Manatee County-based circus that has upcoming performances in Bloomington, Indiana.

The CEO of Cirque Italia tells News Channel 8 he is horrified by the crime. He stresses they are third-party contractors and are not directly connected to his circus.

Adventures in Tech Ineptitude.

And examples of failure to communicate?


No doubt, a recipe question asked by Cortez:

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Rogue Forbidden Planet Found in Neptunian Desert.

But it's no Sweet Meteor of Death.

Exoplanet NGTS-4b -- also known as 'The Forbidden Planet' Credit: University of Warwick/Mark Garlick

An international team led by astronomers with the University of Warwick in the UK issued an announcement this week that sounds like a summary for a Star Trek episode: "The 'Forbidden' Planet has been found in the 'Neptunian Desert.'"

NGTS-4b is an exoplanet that's 20% smaller than Neptune, but still three times the size of Earth. It's located 920 light-years away from us in an area known as a Neptunian Desert.
"This planet must be tough -- it is right in the zone where we expected Neptune-sized planets could not survive," said astronomer Richard West, lead author of a paper on NGTS-4b scheduled for the July issue of the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.
 Of course it's "tough". It's Rogue and Forbidden!

 Found: Rogue Forbidden Planet

Julian Assange can barely talk, moved to prison hospital, says WikiLeaks.

This is not good. Julian Assange moved to prison hospital.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been moved to the hospital wing of the Belmarsh prison in the UK, prompting concerns about his health pending the hearing on his extradition to the US.

Assange’s health had already “significantly deteriorated” during the nearly seven years he spent inside the Ecuadorian embassy in London, and has continued to get worse over the seven weeks he has spent in Belmarsh, WikiLeaks said in a statement on Wednesday.
Digital JournalSwedish court rejects delay in hearing due to Assange's illness.
No one from the court had any comment on the issue to Reuters nor did the Prosecutor's office. Sweden just reopened the rape investigation in early May.
You've probably heard all about this story from the MSM Talking Heads because they believe so adamantly in sticking up for their fellow journalists and truth-seekers. Like the frequent time and coverage they've devoted to Jamal Khashoggi.

Assange has the dirt on Hillary Clinton and the Obama Deep State. Otherwise she wouldn't have asked, "can't we just drone this guy?"

We probably won't hear much from the MSM on Julian Assange. He's more of a threat to them and they are the water-carries for The Left who view Assange as an enemy. Pray for Julian Assange.

"Only in America." DEM Chris Cuomo mocks rape survivor Kimberly Corban.

CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo thought he had a real sick burn on Wednesday when he mocked rape survivor Kimberly Corban on Twitter for saying she protects herself and her family with a firearm.

“Only in America,” Cuomo tweeted in response to a National Rifle Association video of Corban sharing about the night she was suffocated and raped in her dorm room at age 20.
Daily MailBacklash against Cuomo as he tries to backtrack his way out of his thoughtless tweet.
Janice Dean tweeted: ‘You might want explain this tweet a little better to those of us who’ve actually had to face predators in our own homes and defend ourselves without a big strong man like yourself?’

Liz Cheney, the Republican member of Congress, tweeted: ‘Yes, @ChrisCuomo, in America we believe women should be able to defend themselves. And we know the Second Amendment guarantees our right to do so.’

Cuomo then responded to a number of his critics, including McCain, when he wrote: ‘Read what I tweeted. You have my intentions wrong.

‘A survivor story and the right to bear arms is not where we are stuck...We can’t get past this deadlock on all or none to make reasonable changes to help reduce deadly violence.

‘Happy to talk if you have more questions.’
Daily Mail (October 2018): Chris Cuomo dubbed Trump's attack on Dr Ford as a 'shame campaign.'
[Dr Christine Blasey Ford's sister-in-law] Sandra Mendler said it was 'really terrible' to see Dr Ford's testimony misrepresented by Trump in an appearance on CNN's Cuomo Prime Time on Wednesday evening.
During the interview, host Chris Cuomo dubbed Trump's attack on Dr Ford as a 'shame campaign,' adding: 'I didn't even see that coming.'
August 9, 2018; Cuomo gets a Lemon Birthday cake:

Cuomo: "What a wonderful surprise from Don Lemon CNN - a real birthday treat!"

Chris Cuomo..."only in America."

Stanley Cup Game 2 Tonight: Blues v Bruins

Monday's Game One of the NHL Stanley Cup was a win for Boston over St. Louis.

Final score of Game #1: Bruins 4 - Blues 2.

My Game #1 prediction: Blues 4 - Bruins 3 (in OT).

The Blues took a 2 to 0 lead into the second period. Bruins Connor Clifton fired a puck past Blues' goalie Jordan Binnington, followed minutes later by teammate Charlie McAvoy, tying the score at 2 - 2.

It stayed at 2 - 2 until P3, when Boston's Sean Kuraly scored, giving the Bruins 3, St. Louis 2. Teammate Brad Marchand nailed the puck into an empty net with a minute, 48 seconds left in the game, making the final score of 4 - 2.

The Blues played well, basically, the whole game. They got a little sloppy, Boston capitalized on it, and St. Louis couldn't pop back.

The Blues' Robert Thomas and Vince Dunn are on the injured list for tonight's Game 2, in Boston, at 8PM Eastern Time. Are the Blues poised for a rebound in Game 2?

The Blues don't need to win tonight's game, but they really do. Going into game 3 - in St. Louis - down by two, kind


Oddsshark predicts a final score in tonight's game of: Boston 3.2 - St. Louis 2.2.

I'd like for the Blues to win and tie the series tonight. The realist in me speaks differently.

My Prediction: Boston 3 - St. Louis 1

Happy Hockey!

Disclaimer: The above and future fantasy "final score predictions", are not meant to be, or intended to be, or construed as, or subconsciously suggested as, advice on which to make wagers or betting. It is simply the observation of an NHL fan. If you have even the slightest desire to gamble based on anything written here, immediately seek help from your doctor and/or call 911. You are INSANE to consider my fantasy NHL musings as a basis on which to gamble, “sportsbet” or other type of wager. I am not responsible for any losses, financial, emotional or otherwise. On the other hand, good natured comments of childish taunting, ad-hominem attacks and name-calling by hockey fans and non-hockey fans alike in the comments section is encouraged.

Creepy Joe gropes another ten-year old girl.

KPRC: Biden Calls 10-yr-Old Girl "Good Looking" & Gropes Her.
... Biden told a little girl, "I’ll bet you’re as bright as you are good-looking."

He made the comment after the child told him she wanted to be a journalist, so he led her over to meet a group of reporters who were covering the event.

After introducing the child to the media, he did one of his classic shoulder grabs and whispered a creepy nothing into her ear.

Some of the female reporters covering the event, including Felicia Sonmez from the Washington Post, noticed the exchanged and were bothered by it.

Sonmez Tweeted, "In a somewhat odd moment at tonight's AFT town hall, Biden tells a 10-year-old girl, 'I’ll bet you’re as bright as you are good-looking.' He takes her over to the assembled reporters, then stands behind her and puts his hands on her shoulders while he's talking."

Sonmez continued, "Recall that Biden filmed a video last month in which he vowed to respect women's personal space. Seems he hasn't quite gotten the message."
Biden is a molester. Period.

Pervy Joe can't keep his hands off children.

Mueller says with certainty...he will return to private life.

Washington Examiner: Mueller says he is resigning from DOJ; returning to private life. Other words more ambiguous.
"...if we had had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime we would have said so."
He threw some Red Meat to the Liberal Impeachment Chorus. Expect a new level of Triggered.

"We chose those words carefully and the work speaks for itself and the report is my testimony. "

448 pages of carefully chosen words.

Tweet from President Donald Trump:

Big Jerry gonna keep on rolling:

It's the subtext. Rather, what Mueller didn't say is what he really said.
- - -
UPDATE - Breitbart: John Brennan, "the cry for impeachment will increase."
Wednesday on MSNBC, former CIA director John Brennan predicted special counsel Robert Mueller’s statement on his Russia probe would increase the “cry for impeachment.”

Brennen said, “I think Bob Mueller’s public statement today is going to give momentum to those who want to move forward with impeachment hearings. I think there can be no doubt about Mr. Mueller’s message that the obstruction of justice issue is not resolved, and that there needs to be follow-up action on it.”
Brennan...he's up to his eyes in his own barrel of...crap.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Lyon bombing suspect identified as Mohamed Hichem M., [age] 24.

Sputnik News: French Media Reveals Alleged Identity of Lyon Blast Suspect as Algerian.
An explosion broke out on 24 May in downtown Lyon, France near a bakery at the intersection of Victor Hugo Street and Sala Street, near Bellecour Square, one of the city's attractions. More than 10 people were injured.

According to the Parisien newspaper, the key suspect in the Lyon explosion case was identified as Mohamed Hichem M., 24, who came to France from Algeria.

French officials have yet to comment on the information.

The suspect, who was arrested on Monday, had been previously unknown to police prior to the 24 May incident, when a blast broke out in the French city of Lyon, injuring 10 people.
"He is in custody. But so far, he refuses to speak," a source close to the investigation told Parisien.
The police questioned the relatives of the detainee — his parents, as well as his younger brother and sister.

Earlier, law enforcement officers had searched his home, where they found the materials needed for the manufacturing of explosives.

On Monday, French police arrested two suspects in connection with the investigation into the Lyon explosion, which took place on 24 May not far from a bakery at the intersection of Victor Hugo Street and Sala Street, near Bellecour Square — one of the city's main tourist attractions.

Dog.exe reboot or low battery?

It must've been a Monday?
(No audio / View in full screen mode):

Your iPhone is spying on you while you sleep.

No one saw this coming. No one.

The Jeff Bezos Peoples' Republic via 9to5Mac: Washington Post finds 5,400 app trackers sending data from an iPhone.
Monitoring software used by The Washington Post on an ordinary iPhone found that no fewer than 5,400 app trackers were sending data from the phone – in some cases including sensitive data like location and phone number.

    "It’s 3 a.m. Do you know what your iPhone is doing?

    "Mine has been alarmingly busy. Even though the screen is off and I’m snoring, apps are beaming out lots of information about me to companies I’ve never heard of. Your iPhone probably is doing the same — and Apple could be doing more to stop it."
     [The] biggest concern is transparency: If we don’t know where our data is going, how can we ever hope to keep it private?
The same story at OregonLive mentions one additional detail not noted in the above article:
[My iPhone] was receiving a message that included my IP address -- once every five minutes.

Measles Outbreak covers 26 States. Is Rat Lungworm next?

Three more cases of rat lungworm disease have been confirmed by the Hawaii Department of Health, a disease that could damage a victim's brain or spinal cord in some cases. One case occurred last year after a visitor reportedly ate a slug on a dare, bringing the 2018 total up to 10 confirmed cases.

The other two cases occurred earlier this year, with one person getting sick in late February. Officials believe they may have been infected by consuming produce "straight from the land." Another person fell ill in January, though it's unclear how they contracted rat lungworm disease.

Five people have been diagnosed with rat lungworm disease in Hawaii in 2019[.]
Rat Lungworm disease. It'll go well with the measles outbreak.

US News: 60 new measles cases spreads over 26 states.
The United States recorded 60 new measles cases last week, taking confirmed cases for the year to 940, the worst outbreak since 1994 and since measles was declared eliminated in 2000, federal health officials said on Monday.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported a 6.8% increase in the number of measles cases in the week ended May 24 in an outbreak that has now reached 26 states. The agency has been providing weekly updates every Monday.

Experts warn that the outbreak is not over as the number of cases edges closer to the 1994 total of 958. That was the highest number since 1992, when the CDC recorded 2,126 cases.

California shoreline closed due to sewage flow from Mexico.

Daily Mail: California officials close ENTIRE shoreline because of Mexican sewage flowing north and contaminating water.
The entire shoreline of a Southern California city is closed to swimmers after sewage-contaminated runoff flowed into California from Mexico's Tijuana River.

The San Diego Union-Tribune reports that the San Diego County Department of Environment Health issued the order Sunday.

They are expanding on the closure that has been in place for months for part of the Imperial Beach coast - which now encompasses the whole shoreline in the city.
Officials say more than 110 million gallons (416 million liters) of toxic storm water has flowed north from Mexico since April[.]

Chicago Memorial Day Weekend: 34 shot, 5 fatally.

Chicago Tribune: 34 shot, 5 fatally, so far in Chicago during Memorial Day weekend.
By Sunday evening of Memorial Day weekend, Chicago police had responded to the shootings of 34 people, five of whom died of their injuries, officials said.
CLTVViolent Memorial Day weekend leaves 5 dead, at least 35 wounded.

I am perplexed.  How come so much gun play in Chicago, Jussie Smollett's MAGA Country?

Oh. Wait. Forget it. Blame the guns. Not Blue Chicago, where DEM demagogues and politicians have spent several successful decades combating violent crime in the Windy City. Oh. Wait. Forget that too.

Monday, May 27, 2019

Three dead in stabbing attack in Japan. 17 others injured.

Daily Mail: Schoolgirl and a man die and 17 others are injured after knifeman on stabbing rampage slashes commuters at a bus stop near Tokyo before slitting his own throat.
A schoolgirl and a man are dead and 17 others are injured after a mass stabbing near Tokyo on Tuesday morning.

A man wielding two knives slashed a group of commuters, mostly primary school girls, at a crowded bus stop during rush hour in Kawasaki, Japan. 

The wounded were rushed to nearby hospitals, and one girl has been confirmed dead, according to local station NHK.

Police have confirmed the suspect, believed to be in his 40s or 50s, has died after slashing himself in the neck.

A bus driver who witnessed the incident told officials the perpetrator had been holding a knife in each hand when he walked over to the bus stop and began slashing children.  

One witness told the New York Times the knifeman was shouting 'I will kill you.' 

The young children are believed to be first-grade students aged six to seven who were boarding a school bus when the man unleashed his attack.
ABC News reports 19 wounded:
NHK TV in Japan is quoting police as saying the suspect in a knife attack that wounded at least 19 people at a bus stop just outside Tokyo has died.

Police wouldn't publicly confirm the reports and it wasn't clear how many had died in Tuesday's attack.
Some Japanese media outlets are reporting at least three deaths, while some are saying two, including the attacker.

Baby Joe Biden hurt by NK's Kimmy comment that he's a, “fool of low IQ” and a “snob bereft of elementary quality as human being.”

Gropin' Joe, Sleepy Joe, Creepy Joe, Uncle Joe, Pervy Joe.

Add Baby Joe. If there's one thing we can agree on, it's that Baby Joe always takes the diplomatic route in his behavior.

Baby Joe Biden

I'd say Kimmy hit a Grand Slam, especially with the "snob" lob.

Baby Joe's feelings were hurt by Kimmy's comment and that Trump agreed. Oh, Dat's. So. Sad.

Big League Politics: But it's okay for Baby Joe, three months ago in Germany, to call America an embarrassment because of Trump.

It's normal behavior for U.S. Liberal politicians to defecate on The United States when they're on foreign soil. They can't help themselves.

Biden: "I was wondering where that thumb went. It was up my ass so long I thought I'd lost it forever."

And let's not forget Baby Joe's little on-off-on again-BFF love-affair with Vladimir Putin and his numerous policy contradictions flip-flops on Russia and Putin.

March 2011 - The Pitt News: Biden, Putin; Best Friends Forever.
...according to CNN, Putin shocked Biden by opening up their meeting with a proposal that “his country and the United States abolish visas between them.”

Naturally, without thinking, Biden answered, “That it was a good idea,” and then — after realizing exactly what he was agreeing to — he quickly backtracked.
March 2011 - CS Monitor: Biden in Moscow, reaffirms US-Russia "Reset".
US Vice President Joe Biden, the man who coined the phrase "push the reset button" in reference to US-Russia relations, stopped by the Kremlin this week to check how the program was loading and propose some upgrades.
And, just last month, April 2019 - Conservative Review: Biden wanted to establish a ‘Biden-Putin commission’ to cozy up to the Kremlin.

Do you get the feeling that Biden will say and do anything, pander and contradict his own words, whenever it is politically expedient for him and his family? Like, if you met him and told him vanilla was your favorite flavor for a milkshake, he'd agree with you. If another person told him chocolate was their favorite flavor of milkshake, Biden would immediately concur. That kind of thing.

Four Arrested in Lyon, France Terrorist Attack. Main suspect a 24-year-old Algerian IT student.

The Guardian: French police arrest four over Lyon bomb blast.
French police have arrested four people over a package bomb explosion in the heart of the south-eastern city of Lyon last week that injured 13 people.

A police raid was also under way in a building in the Oullins suburb just south of the city, authorities said. The suspected bomber, a 24-year-old Algerian IT student, was among those arrested.

The man’s parents were also arrested and taken in for questioning, as was a second Algerian student who is a family relation, according to the Paris prosecutor’s office, which has jurisdiction over terrorism cases in France.

The suspect was previously unknown to police, Lyon’s mayor, Gérard Collomb, said.
World Atlas: The ??????? religion in Algeria dominates its demography, with around 99% of the population being followers of the faith.

2019 Stanley Cup: Game One, Blues v Bruins.

Game One of The Stanley Cup starts tonight on broadcast NBC ("free"..."FREE !!" "FREE !!!"), at 8PM Eastern Time.

St. Louis Blues vs Boston Bruins; the Blues easily the underdog in this match-up.

Oh, the factors...

Boston on home ice, always nice. For the Blues, nothing better than that feeling of winning the first "away" game; really a boost for both morale and endorphins.

USA MacPaper: NHL injury list lists three players for the Bruins listed as "Probably Monday" while one Blues player, defenseman Vince Dunn is definitely out for tonight's game.


Blues Goalie Jordan Binnington has done a wonderful job in the playoffs.

Bruins Goalie Tuukka Rask is everything any team wants guarding the net. 

Here's a side-by-side comparison of Binnington and Rask at Daily Face Off.


OddsharksBlues 2.3 - Bruins 3.1.

My Predictions:

* This series goes the full seven games.

* Tonight's Game One: Blues 4 - Bruins 3 in OT.

Happy Hockey!

Disclaimer: The above and future fantasy "final score predictions", are not meant to be, or intended to be, or construed as, or subconsciously suggested as, advice on which to make wagers or betting. It is simply the observation of an NHL fan. If you have even the slightest desire to gamble based on anything written here, immediately seek help from your doctor and/or call 911. You are INSANE to consider my fantasy NHL musings as a basis on which to gamble, “sportsbet” or other type of wager. I am not responsible for any losses, financial, emotional or otherwise. On the other hand, good natured comments of childish taunting, ad-hominem attacks and name-calling by hockey fans and non-hockey fans alike in the comments section is encouraged.

Memorial Day

Credit: El Mambo King


It is the Soldier, not the minister
Who has given us freedom of religion.

It is the Soldier, not the reporter
Who has given us freedom of the press.

It is the Soldier, not the poet
Who has given us freedom of speech.

It is the Soldier, not the campus organizer
Who has given us freedom to protest.

It is the Soldier, not the lawyer
Who has given us the right to a fair trial.

It is the Soldier, not the politician
Who has given us the right to vote.

It is the Soldier who salutes the flag,
Who serves beneath the flag,
And whose coffin is draped by the flag,
Who allows the protester to burn the flag.

"It is the Soldier": ©Copyright 1970, 2005 by Charles M. Province

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Theresa May's resignation births epic memes.

Daily Mail: Theresa May's resignation on Friday sparked a series of Memes and Tweets.

Homes Under the Hammer (a British renovation and auction television series)

Hit the Daily Mail link for more Tweets.

Now, an avalanche of May-related Memes spawned by the below Eylon Levy Tweet.

[May's] crying face was splashed across the front pages of newspapers as she tearfully told the British public that she bears "no ill-will" at vacating her position, and, as she broke down in tears, said she has "enormous and enduring gratitude to have had the opportunity to serve the country I love".

It all began with a well-meaning tweet.

News anchor Eylon Levy, upon learning of May's resignation, tweeted a picture of her crying and wrote:

    "This is such a haunting photo. Whatever you think about Theresa May's record as prime minister, it's impossible not to feel sorry for her has a person."

And the Memes began:

Hit the Indy100 link for more Memes.

NHL Stanley Cup (Not a really long boring NHL post).

St. Louis v Boston
Game One, Monday May 27, 2019

The Puck hits the ICE in about 24 hours from now for Game One of the NHL Stanley Cup.

This year, it's the St. Louis Blues vs the Boston Bruins. Games one and two are on Boston home ice.

In past years, I wrote more often during the playoff series. This year, I kind of lost interest after some of my favorite teams were eliminated early on. The Penguins, NY Islanders, Colorado Avalanche, Nashville Preds, the Washington Caps (last year's Champ) and the Columbus Blue Jackets...I thought they'd make it further than they did.

Click image to enlarge.

The interesting development with St. Louis is that for most of the season, they ranked last, or second to last. St. Louis started 2018 Pre-Season games (see September 30 image #4) in the Number Two slot! Soon into regular season, they sank. They couldn't get anything right and wins were scattered. The Blues got a few things going in January 2019, one being a win against the Caps. No one saw that coming. Their play in March started to simmer, their playing improved, they found a cohesive plan and strategy.

Still, the Blues struggled in the Second Round of playoffs against the Stars. They fought their way through and won. And I didn't expect the Blues to win their series against the Sharks.

Boston maintained solid play all season. They're going to be hard to beat, but considering how the Blues spun 180 degrees from looking like they had no chance of going anywhere against any team, they may pose more of a challenge than the Bruins see coming.

The Blues haven't been in a Cup game since 1970 - and coincidentally it was against the Bruins - and they've never won the Stanley Cup. Boston won The Cup in the 2010-2011 season and they have six Cups to their name.

The Blues have momentum and desire. The Bruins have history and a solid, well-played season. This should be a good series.

Christine Pelosi rips "despicable" doctored video making mom Nancy a slurring drunk.

AOL (who dey?): Nancy Pelosi's daughter rips 'despicable' doctored video smearing House speaker.
On Thursday, Christine Pelosi accused the GOP and its allies of “pumping this despicable fake meme for years!”

Now they are caught,” she wrote, adding, “Madam Speaker doesn’t even drink alcohol!”
Who would refer to their mom as "Madam Speaker", even if their mom is the Speaker? Pompous Elitism; like mother - like daughter.

If Nance is a teetotaler, then why the need for all the booze on her flights?

The Pelosi-owned Napa Valley winery makes her the fourth richest Californian in Congress.

Any search on You Tube of "Nancy Pelosi slurring" and "Nancy Pelosi gaffes", results in tons of clips spanning many years of the near-octogenarian Speakeress botching her words, fumbling and confusingly attempting to complete a sentence, among other anomalies. Her words and actions resemble not so much someone drunk, but someone displaying the effects of several TIA's that occurred over a period of many years.

A small selection of Pelosi You Tube videos where her speech and actions are very incoherent, to say the least:

* Pelosi wishing reporters "Happy Thanksgiving" on Valentines Day.

* Pelosi repeatedly stumbling over pronouncing Lin-Manuel Miranda. Okay, not as easy to say as "John Smith", but not that difficult of a name to pronounce. Phonetically, it's pretty simple: "Lin Man-well Mi-ran-da".

* Pelosi saying, "The Roman Post Office delivered Paul's letters to the Churches."

* Pelosi cackling.

* Pelosi Dingbat Montage.

* Pelosi on a mumble-jumbling roll.

If Nance truly doesn't drink alcohol, then whatever her problem is, it is a much scarier health concern.

Yeah, Christine, Republicans have been altering videos of your mom for years. It's all part of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy. On behalf of the VRWC, what took you so long in discovering our nefarious plot?

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Meteor Lights-up The Sky In Australia

Meteor Lights-up The Sky In Australia - The Weather Channel - You Tube:

View in full screen.

More global warming alarmism; U.S. cities and landmarks COULD be 2100.

(Big sigh...)

Business Insider: Disturbing before-and-after photos show how US cities — and their famous landmarks — could be underwater in 80 years.
A few years ago, the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predicted that the world's sea levels would rise an additional 3 feet by 2100. But earlier this week, a study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences more than doubled this worst-case estimate, predicting that sea levels could rise by around 6.5 feet in the same time frame.

For coastal cities like New York and San Francisco, this spells bad news for low-lying waterfront neighborhoodsand the many landmarks within them.

Climate Central's Google Earth plug-in shows what US cities would look like in the most extreme cases of sea-level rise.
And we know we can completely Trust in the accuracy of Teh Googel, right?

Statue of Liberty - current.

 Statue of Liberty - underwater.

 Palm Beach, FL - current

 Palm Beach, FL - underwater

Significant reduction in street vehicles and pedestrian traffic!
More places accessible by boats! More boating! Yay!
Long drives to the beaches eliminated!
Home-to-work commute by water-sking!
Fishing easily available almost everywhere!
Can play "Waterworld" for real!
Reductions in home and business fires!
Porpoise Lassoing finally legalized and recognized as a sport!
Fun times at High Tide!
Finally a reality to living under the sea.
Ski-jetting everywhere!
Big decrease of lawns to mow and maintain.
Good deterrent to Zombie attacks.
More Hydroponic alternatives.
Fewer seasonal allergies.

Extra water.
Possible increased risk of Cthulhus.

Did I miss any?