Sunday, June 17, 2018

Happy Father's Day

The below from Here.

A father is a person who loves and respects you.
He is honest and he never neglects you.
He is the greatest that your eyes will ever see.
No other man like him will there ever be.
When you are in your bedroom and scared at night;
A father comes in to let you know that everything is alright.
Education is important so stay in school hanging out on the streets is not so cool.
Listen to me son, so the day you become a man.
Like me you will do everything you can.
A father is like no other man around
Another man like him can never be found.

© Sally B. Williams

I'd forgotten today was Dad's day. The kids (well, they're all grown) reminded me.

Happy and Blessed Father's Day to all Dads.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Tech News

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WIRED: AT&T / Time Warner deal done; now what?
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TechDirtAT&T's purchase of Time Warner brings competitive headaches.
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Martian Dust storm lets rover nap. C|NET:
NASA's Opportunity rover is stuck in a huge storm that has literally turned day to night, forcing the solar-powered robot to nap for now.
Within a week, the storm had grown to cover an area larger than North America. Just a few days later, NASA says the storm has more than doubled in size again making it nearly the size of Asia and casting a very ominous shadow on the Opportunity Rover, which is caught in the storm.
Mars Dust Storm - Image: NASA
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Tech Crunch"THEY" can see you through your walls.
...a system that can see your body through walls, recreating your poses when you walk, sit, or simply stand still. 
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(I don't know why the lower screen is like that. It's a simple copy and paste embed code. Tried a few times, couldn't get rid of it. Click lower right and make it full screen).

Morbidly obese VW bus will serve free hot dogs in NYC all summer.
 Image Source: Public Art Fund
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BETA NewsWindows 10 tales of woe. (And there was much weeping and gnashing of teeth).
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The agency found no evidence that the vehicle's crash-avoidance systems kicked in before the horrific crash[.]
"At three seconds prior to the crash and up to the time of impact with the crash attenuator, the Tesla's speed increased from 62 to 70.8mph, with no precrash braking or evasive steering movement detected," the report notes.
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GeekNerdy gifts for geeky Dads for Father's Day.
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Science News: New theory that the Easter Island (Rapa Nui) statues were pulled [using] cylinders up a ramp with ropes[.]:
No more than 15 people were needed to manipulate ropes that rolled stone cylinders, or pukao, up ramps.
The hatlike cylinders were then tipped over to rest atop statues[.]
Hundreds of [statues] [measure] up to 10 meters tall and [weigh] up to 74 metric tons.
 Image: C. Lipo

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Improving TSA

First, I've called the TSA people FAT TSA CUNTS aplenty, here and here .  But for this post, I'll feign respect and objectivity, referring to them as employees or just TSA.

And yes, I am sure the majority of TSA workers do their job very efficiently, professionally and courteously. But there are way too many TSA scandals of an intrusive TSA. Far too many. And those that defy comprehension. If I'm going to be critical of something, I also think it requires me to have answers to what I'm bitching about. And I don't know these are THE answers or solutions, but I think they are worth consideration.

* Once the TSA worker's gloves have examined my shoes, the pat-down is over. I do not want them touching any other part of my body with the same gloves that just were on my shoes and soles. If TSA wants to pat me down again after examining my shoes, they need to put on a new pair of their fancy little blue gloves.

* I want to personally see the TSA worker put on a new pair of gloves before they touch me. While TSA policy may say they require their "pat-down" people to change gloves with each person, I want to see them put on fresh gloves before they touch me. [T]he more intimate the contact, the germier it gets  and the increased infection risks at airport pat-downs.

*  TWICE IS ENOUGH: Unless during the pat-down some anomaly is suspected or out of the ordinary, two pat-downs are enough. Some TSA workers run their hands over a part of the body five, six, nine, or more times. This is ridiculous. Twice is enough. If something seems amiss, then a different TSA worker should  check out the specific area. If everything seems legit, end the pat-down and let the person leave. If something doesn't seem right, take additional steps for making a determination.

* Either screen, inspect and swab every wheelchair, "walker", cane, crutch, etc or screen none of them. It's senseless to check a "random wheelchair" and not the next seven.

* Establish a defined process for the least invasive pat-down for children under, say age 10. And there is no valid reason why the parent or adult companion of a child cannot be with or near the child during the process, PERIOD.

* Establish a defined process for the least invasive pat-down for the elderly and any person with special needs. Again, in these cases, there is no reason to deny an adult to be near or with an infirm person during the procedure. Imagine someone with Alzheimer's or other cognitive loss or physical disability (spine issues, unable to stand, lift their arms up,etc) being detained for a 5 or 6 minute pat-down. The intrusive and prolonged "pat-down" experience that happened to a 96 year -old woman  should never happen to anyone. It is disrespectful and undignified.

* Any flyer who passes the defined pat down procedure should  never be denied boarding their flight because they refuse to allow TSA to see their colostomy bag , prosthesis or other devices that some people depend on to live. The people who have these devices can help themselves by  having a letter from their physician, stating simply so-and-so has a medical condition. For medical privacy, the specific condition does not need to be stated.

"Okay, Dave, but a letter from a doctor can be faked."  Yep, it sure can, as can many other documents, passports or other items and devices. How far do you want to carry this? These are colostomy bags, prosthetics, pace makers and other medical devices, not, "We suspect you're concealing a howitzer." If the goal is completely eliminating 100% of all risk in flying, the only alternative is to never get on a plane.

* An alternative to hands: What else could be used to perform the pat-down that isn't a pair of human hands? Something similar to a ruler, perhaps? An oval rolling pin? Something other than a pair of hands groping and frisking?

* The TSA worker needs to describe the reason for additional or more intimate pat-downs. "There appears to be a secret compartment in your shoe heel."  "Please allow us to confirm you're carrying an actual portable oxygen concentrator."

* Absolutely no secret watch-list  of Americans asserting their Constitutional Rights.

* Names and titles/positions of the TSA need to be provided in reports or any TSA response. No more, "The TSA says...", "The TSA replied..." - The TSA can't verbalize anything. It is an inorganic structure. Names and titles need to be included in all TSA responses and replies.

* We are also part of this problem. Parents, guardians...we have accepted and acquiesced in allowing the intrusive nature in all pat-downs, but especially those of children and the elderly.  If you witnessed any other person touching your child in the same manner of the TSA, you'd be correctly screaming, "child molester." Yet, parents sit passively while their children are groped. We can end this, but we must speak out and take action.

* It must be mandatory that after a TSA worker puts on their blue gloves, before the pat-down begins, they hand you a business card with the following information: their first and last name, TSA ID Employee Number and both a regional TSA location, address and phone number as well as the national TSA location, phone number, address and email addresses. Police officers give out a card. So does the sheriff. FBI agents give out a card. So why not the TSA?

These incidents of intrusive or OVERKILL pat-downs that go viral makes me wonder if TSA workers aren't doing this deliberately, some sort of contest,  to see who can go further than the other in dehumanizing and demeaning another individual in some sort of sick and perverted game.

A little over a year ago, the TSA warned police agencies of the latest intrusive pat-down procedures.   If you're informing police agencies nationwide that, "Hey, you might be receiving phone calls from people claiming sexual harassment, attempted rape, child molestation and elder abuse, don't worry, it's just us TSA," then the invasiveness must be pretty unsavory and humiliating. How much more leverage do you want these people to have?

Is the TSA effective? You be the judge.

This is not something that, over time, will become less intrusive on its own.

Additional reading:

Your Rights at airport screenings and checkpoints.

Does your doctor choose radiation scans or "pat downs"?

What the TSA won't tell you. 


How is this newsworthy?
 ...[ IHOb ] heralds new age of PR stunts....
 "New age of PR stunts..." - Puh-lease.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Obligatory Post on Trump/Jong Un Singapore Summit


We'll see what happens.

If a Democrat president was doing this, the Libs and Media would be falling and fawning all over themselves and their (political) party in self-adoration.

Kim Jong Un brings his own toilet to Singapore

Kim Jong Un brings his own toilet to Singapore:  FOX News:
“Rather than using a public restroom, the leader of North Korea has a personal toilet that follows him around when he travels,” [said Lee Yun-keol, a North Korean defector who was previously a North Korean Guard Command unit.]  “The leader’s excretions contain information about his health status so they can’t be left behind.”

This is not the first time he has done this. CBS News:
The restrooms are not only in Kim Jong Un's personal train but whatever small or midsize cars he is traveling with and even in special vehicles that are designed for mountainous terrain or snow," a source in South Pyongan Province familiar with Kim's Escort Command told the DailyNK in 2015. "There are multiple vehicles within the convoy so that people cannot tell which one he is in, and there is a separate car that acts as his restroom."

Return to the 2018 Stanley Cup for a Glimpse (maybe kinda inappropriate for work)

How was I not aware of this? To the individual who informed me; Thank you!

Alex Ovechkin's (and André Burakovsky) post-game victory lap after the  Washington Capitals winning the 2018 Stanley Cup.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

TSA Out Of Control and...WHO is speaking for them?

I had no idea TSA was this bad. I've managed to - so far - never experience delays or "handsy" pat-downs. I'm sure those days are over. My name probably hit all the TSA lists a few hours ago.  That's okay, though. I'll get a chance to try one of several fake IDs and passports that I have. I think I'll be Tony Abdallah-Akmahari, Green Bay, Wisconsin. It's the Packers' Cap that will fool 'em.

But this TSA shit is for shit.

There are far too many incidents in TSA situations where the Agent went Overkill on their poking, stroking, handling, cupping and running their hands over another individual.

Whether it happens to an adult or child, it's much too frequent that we hear about a TSA agent groping someone, or groping children in unacceptable methods, or an unreasonable and prolonged search of a 96 year-old lady.

As for the TSA's limp attempt to explain that alot of things can be hidden with someone in a wheelchair, well - then you better check every single fucking wheelchair because what sense does it make to check one, but not the next seven?

If the intent of the TSA is preventing terrorism associated with what can be affixed to wheelchairs, then add a line in all the airports specifically designated for all wheelchairs, all subject to the same method and standard of pat-downs and the same time taken for each.

And why is it so rare for a name associated with the TSA when the TSA "says" something? Whenever situations like the above occur, we'll read only, "The TSA responded by saying, ..." blah blah blah.  Well - who fucking said it. Name the person.

The TSA is a fucking inorganic entity. It consists of buildings, rooms and material used in its construction and its creation exists on a piece of paper, neither of which is capable of speaking. The TSA can't "say" anything. So why the reluctance or secrecy in rarely providing a name when one of these issues arises?

We know the names of the people in charge of the FBI. CIA, NSA. IRS and other agencies. More often than not, when one of these agencies "says something",  the name of the person speaking for the agency is given.  What's the reason for such secrecy in avoiding naming the person speaking for the TSA?

Image from: RantVentRant

What the FAT TSA CUNTS are doing doesn't surprise me, but it's the degree of invasiveness that is reprehensible.

From CBS News, on the story of the 96 year-old lady in the wheelchair, the weak attempt from the TSA in justifying the almost-six-minute physical elder abuse:
In a statement to CBS News, the agency says "TSA is committed to ensuring the security of travelers, while treating all passengers with dignity and respect.
The passenger was very cooperative and gave no indication that she was agitated or in discomfort. She received a pat-down and was cleared for her flight."
Again with..."the agency says"...a non-living entity speaks. Fucking amazing.

What the fuck kind of rationale is that? What did they expect she might do, leap  up and sprint away? The TSA had a captive individual.

"She gave no indication that she was agitated or in discomfort."  The "entity" who said this is a fucking moron piece of shit CUNT. I want to know who said this.

Watch the footage again and...

... starting at 54 seconds, LOOK AT HER FACE. Does she look happy? It's the face of someone who has resigned herself that she is going to suffer indignant treatment in public, the extent of something she has probably never encountered in her 96 years.

Note how she closes her eyes, probably wishing it will end soon, feeling humiliated. Who wouldn't under the same circumstances?

WATCH HER from 2:43 to 3:32. Look at her face at 4:15 to 4:41 and to the end.

Watch the numerous "pat-downs" from armpit to under her breasts. The lady is disgusted by it. That she has to endure this  - that ANYONE has to endure this - is nothing but public humiliation.

"She gave no indication that she was agitated or in discomfort." 

Well, there ya go. The inorganic, non-living TSA agency that SPEAKS can, with total certainty and accuracy, assess a person's emotional and physical feelings from watching a video clip.

She's clearly uncomfortable during the whole almost-six-minute grope. Anyone would feel the same.

There are hours and hours of YouTube TSA inappropriate and unacceptable pat-downs. Like I said, I had no idea it is this bad. This is epidemic, not opioids.

THIS GUY HERE? Whoa. Total fucking badass. Thank God for the TSA.

Here's a MALE FAT TSA CUNT.  (See, I said I'm an equal opportunity offender of who I call a Cunt).  How many fucking times do you need to run your hands up and down someone's thighs or calves before you determine the only things under the clothing is their fucking thighs or calves?

Here's one with a TSA FAT CUNT who didn't want to be recorded because she didn't feel comfortable being recorded. Awww, is that not the shame of shames? What a Cunt. And This TSA FAT CUNT doesn't do her job and another TSA lackey does it for her. Pathetic.


These poor can't miss THIS VIDEO.
[For]  a woman who had a prosthetic breast and a man with a colostomy bag malfunction, the pat down can be a nightmare.
I haven't yet been able to watch THIS TSA INCIDENT... to the end. The FAT TSA CUNT MUST "swab" the wheelchair of a 9 year old girl.  And the CUNT lies, saying recording the "pat-down" is prohibited. Fuck you Cunt.

Nine-year old boy with a PACEMAKER suffers TSA Hell.

Another, disgusting molestation of a child by a TSA CUNT.

Another entry of a FAT TSA MALE CUNT who (appears to enjoy patting down children far too much) prevented an obvious threat by doing a thorough "pat-down".  
And - Le pièce de résistance:  (I knew this was out there and I'd run across it and I did. And I didn't even search for it).

Yes, "we, the inanimate TSA that can speak are investigating the allegations."  Well, at least this time we know TSA "officials" said this, presumable some living, organic entities having the ability to communicate in a language understood by humans.

Their background check didn't include reviewing social sites of potential employees before hiring them?  I bet buying a handgun has a rigorous background check. But not so much for the TSA. Surprising? Not at all.

The above from Aangirfan: (scroll down a bit on the linked page)

And a SECOND pièce de résistance:
Airport police got a call to come deal with a madman roaming around the terminal shouting, “I am God. I am in charge!”, as innocent bystanders stood watching in horror.
Have you guessed yet? Yep - the Madman was a TSA CUNT who had recently finished his shift. 

And from the same link:
A group of TSA agents were caught “using drugs after hours”, with at least one testing positive and getting the sack.
Oh - that explains all the gropings, then?

The TSA needs to be reigned in, and fast.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

TSA Overkill: Two FAT TSA Cunts at Washington Dulles International Airport

I keep my blog in a, relatively, mostly "PG-13" (or sometimes "R"), category. But there is an exception to everything, and I don't have any problems departing from the PG-13/R standard when certain situations require it. This is one of those exceptions.

Hence the title of this post. If use of the "Cunt" word offends you,'ll probably get over it. If not, I won't lose any sleep over it.

And ladies, I do not apply the term "Cunt" only to women, it's not a sexist thing for me. I've called plenty of men "Cunts" too. If the TSA agents in the video were men, I assure you, I'd be applying the same term to them.

I will say this for the fat Cunt who's doing the TSA pat-down on a 96 hear old woman in the wheelchair; she is at least being very polite. Probably a recently hired agent who was told by her supervisor - the OTHER FAT CUNT who attempts to block filming with her WIDE ASS - to do the pat-down. Actually, the one doing the pat-down probably thinks what she's doing is absurdly over-the-top.

The footage is disgusting. It's abhorrent. How many fucking times do you have to pat down the SAME AREAS on a person before you're satisfied there is nothing hidden? Twice? Seven? Nine?

And using the "wand" to check for traces of explosives? Are you fucking fucking kidding me?

This is blatant, TSA OVERKILL and ABUSE. I'd argue these TSA Cunts and their superiors should be charged with elder abuse.

And to boot, an almost SIX MINUTE search?

I hope the daughter got both first and last names of the TSA CUNTS.

I wish I could copy and paste the footage here, but I can't.

=> Here's the LINK to the video.
"My 96 year old mother being extensively searched by TSA.
"The 3 of us were all in wheelchairs. Only my 96 year old mother was subjected to this prolonged, repetitive search."
- -  Jeanne LaBrier Clarkson is at Washington Dulles International Airport.

To paraphrase RCMP Assistant Commissioner Mike McDonell, I guess the 96 year-old lady in the wheelchair getting repeatedly frisked by the TSA Cunts isn't considered a member of the "Broad Strata of Society."

More on "the Broad Strata of Society" HEREHERE and HERE.

Stolen Valor Dan Rather Still Considers Himself Relevant.

One of the early pioneers of fake news is Dan Rather. He must still consider himself relevant? BWA-HA-HA.

Perhaps Dan's experiment  (allegedly just one time) with Chasing the Dragon maybe had permanent, long terms effects? 

This fossil from the CBS Mummified Museum went on a an epic rant on Facebook over President Donald Trump.

Aww, that's so sad. But the only time Liberals are truly happy is bitching about anyone who is not part of the exclusive, elitist, members-only Insane Liberal Clown Posse.

Dan is a fiction writer. His Killian Documents story was rife with fiction, untruths and plain old Liberal Lies. Fonts that didn't exist at the time. A style of spacing on Selectric Typewriters that was vacant from Rather's faked letters. Timelines that could not be tied to actual events or incidents. Well, what else can we expect from Liberals?

As recently as 2015, Dan "stands by his story." Well, Dan, you just keep standing by and telling that to yourself.

Dan Rather, not a Marine. Never was.

But what's this? Dan claimed to be a Marine. But he wasn't. Dan fabricated his claim of being a Marine.

What it really is, is a case of Stolen Valor. Accuracy in Media
Rather left the Marines before completing boot camp and the photo was obtained under questionable circumstances.
It has been known for years that Rather was discharged before he finished basic training. Those facts were established by investigator B.J. Burkett in his book Stolen Valor. took the story one important step further.
That is the photo that Rather somehow obtained to use in his book so he could claim to be a “young Marine.”
“Dan Rather has written several biographical books over the past 40 years, but this was the first time the Texan climbed out on a limb and portrayed himself in print as a onetime member of the Corps,” reported “It was a risky move, as Dan knows he didn’t graduate from boot camp.”

What's Dan's opinion on Liberal Media Bias? The Daily Dot
"Liberal media bias [is] vastly overstated [and] usually reflects the bias of the person making the accusation."
Wow, talk about delusional.

"What's the Frequency, Kenneth?"


Yeah, Dan got beat up on October 4, 1986. Wiki:
Bill Tager was born in the year 2265. Bill Tager is from the future. Bill Tager is not from our planet. Well, technically he is from earth but not from our earth.
On Tagers earth the Vice-President of the world is a man named Kenneth Burrows, who just happens to look exactly like Dan Rather. [.]  Tager ... was paid a visit by Vice-President Burrows and was told that he had a transmitter implanted in his brain and if he chose to remain in the section of time/space that he was being sent to and didn't return at the designated time, he would be barraged with messages to return until he came back and reported on his mission. Then, and only then, would the transmitter be removed and he be given his full pardon.
The constant voices were driving him insane. He wasn't even able to sleep at night. If there was any way Tager could find out the precise frequency that was being broadcast to his brain he could possibly override the voices and be able to sleep at night until he was able to make his return trip.
As he walked the streets of New York late on the evening of October 4th, 1986, Tager saw a man who he thought was Vice-President Kenneth Burrows. He quickly came to his senses and knew that Burrows would never make the risky trip himself and figured it must be Burrows' double on our earth. However, he thought, what were the chances that out of over 5 billion people on this planet, he would meet the twin of the man who had been sending hostile messages directly to his brain for over two weeks.
Tager called out to the man, "Kenneth! Kenneth Burrows!". To his surprise, the man, whom we know to be Dan Rather, turned to see who was yelling and was knocked to the ground. Tager repeatedly kicked Rather as he lay on the ground and yelled "What's the frequency Kenneth?" hoping to learn the frequency of the signal being broadcast to his brain and stop the voices.
Ah, the good old days. You should have just told him the frequency, Dan. Any frequency. But you were caught off-guard so quickly you didn't have time to concoct a lie. Probably one of the few times you weren't able to fabricate a reply.


- - -
6/9/2018: This post was originally dated 6/10/2018 for some reason. Guess I should quit "Ambien blogging."

Also noticed typo of missing the second "E" in the name Kenneth on the second image. Again, I'll blame Ambien. I'll adopt a Dan Rather "belief" about that - that Kennth only has one "E" and I'm standing by that statement. (How many times have I said I can't proofread my own stuff?) :)

Friday, June 8, 2018

Caps Stanley Cup Winner over Vegas;
It Was Goalie vs Goalie

My prediction for last night's Game 5 for The Stanley Cup was:

LV 5;  Caps 4 in OT.

Actual Final Score:

Caps 4;  LV 3

Final series game total; Washington 4; Vegas 1.

And...I predicted a six-game series, but the Caps closed it down in five. Just another of my many inaccurate predictions. Eh ... I got a few right.

Game 5 definitely came down to Goalie vs Goalie; the Caps Braden Holtby and Vegas' Marc-Andre Fleury.

Neither team scored in the first period. After that, the pucks and goals started flying.

In the second period, with 13 minutes 36 seconds of play time remaining, Caps Jakub Vrana put Washington on the score board giving the Caps 1 to a yet-to-score Vegas.

Vegas answered Vrana's goal slightly over three minutes later when Nate Schmidt tied the game 1 - 1. The tie was short-lived. About 45 seconds later, Alex Ovechkin put the Caps up by another goal. The one goal advantage for the Caps didn't last long. Not quite three minutes later, David Perron scored and put the game at 2 - 2. And with 30 seconds remaining in period 2, Vegas scored again with Reilly Smith, ending P2 with Vegas at 3, Washington at 2. Smith's goal would be the last goal for Vegas.

Not quite ten minutes into P3, Devante Smith-Pelly scored as he fell to the ice and with a sweep of the stick, slid the puck past Fleury. Three and a half minutes later, Caps' Lars Eller scored putting the game at Caps 4; Vegas 3 - the final score of the game.

It was an incredible game.

 2018 Stanley Cup Winner: The Washington Capitals

Ovechkin was awarded MVP, and deservedly so.

When P3 ended with the Caps win, Ovechkin was ready for some beers.

The game had its share of skirmishes, but not as physical as I'd expected. 

Ovechkin became the first Russia-born captain to lift the Stanley Cup[.]
The game clock died, or for whatever reason was unavailable, in the final minute of the game. That added a few moments of confusion and suspense, but the clock re-booted or returned.

After 44 years of being an NHL team, the Caps won their first Stanley Cup. In their first season, Vegas earned their way into the Cup finals. You couldn't have planned for a Stanley Cup playoff with two such disparate teams.

Holtby and Fleury were so evenly matched - the game could have gone either way. But Holtby stopped one puck more than did Fleury.

This was a hell of a playoff series and Cup games.

NHL Training Camp for the 2018-2019 season begin mid-September with pre-season games starting a few weeks later.  

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Washington Caps Win 2018 Stanley Cup in Game 5;
Final Score - Caps 4; Vegas 3

Washington Capitals 2018
They deserve it.

"Epic comeback..."- CBS Sports: 
The Capitals bring the Cup home to Washington D.C. after an epic comeback win in Game 5.
 USA MacPaper:  "Stanley Cup mania in DC."

SB Nation:  "How the Capitals beat history."

NHL: Full Coverage

Game Stats

NHL Game 5, June 7: Caps at Vegas;
Does Washington Win The Cup Tonight?

Vegas is gonna be rockin'.

The crowd outside T-Mobile'll be massive.

Also in NHL News, the NHL is reviewing brutal hits and concussions.

There's a video at the link with a series of examples of some really, harsh hits that occurred, and yeah, some are brutal.

Biiiiiiiiiig Game 5  tonight. The Caps lead the series with three games to LV's one win, game 1.

The Cup will be in the House. If the Caps win, they'll roll it out (it really is a good looking trophy, isn't it?) and the Caps become the 2018 Stanley Cup winner, their first time in a 44 year existence.

Everything depends on one thing: is your goalie "in the zone"?

The performance of Caps' goalie, Braden Holtby, for the past two games, has been in the zone and deep, deep in the zone matrix in games 2, 3 and 4; the Caps winning each game

LV's Marc-Andre Fleury, a talented, tenured, fantastic, remarkable goalie who, before LV, was the goalie for the Penguins, has not been in the zone the past two games. 

This is the first time in the entire playoff series, from Round One to the present, where LV has lost two consecutive games.

Odds Sharks predicts: Caps 4.2; LV 1.2

I'm expecting the Caps will win tonight, but my pick is different.

I don't see LV winning three games in a row, not that it hasn't happened in past years with other teams. But I think LV has one more game in them, and that's tonight.

My pick:

LV 5;  Caps 4 in OT.

Note to self:  my prediction this series goes six games. LV wins tonight. The Caps win game six and The Stanley Cup...AT HOME, on Sunday June 10. Final best-of-seven series: Caps 4; LV 2.

8PM EST on regular NBC.

Disclaimer )

Trivia: The LV Knights aren't LV's first professional hockey team. Before them, were The Gamblers.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Tech News

It resembles a mini-MRI machine, but it's actually a rotating cat poop prison. C|Net:
[It's] a rotating cat toilet/washing machine/kitty litter tray to deal with your animal's mess.
Is it just me, or has too much tech and innovation been devoted to cats? It's only a matter of time until we read where someone tried to see if this device worked on their baby.
- - -
ArsTechnia: [Over] 92 million MyHeritage users were exposed in a cybersecurity breach on October 26, 2017, the popular genealogy company reported Monday, June 4, 2018.
MyHeritage said that it only learned of the breach earlier that day—more than seven months after the fact—when an unidentified “security researcher” sent the company’s chief information security officer a message. The researcher said they had found a file containing users’ data on a private server and passed a copy of the file along.
"We only learned of that Monday." Yeah - who believes this?
- - -
The electric 2020 Porsche Mission E Prototype is just around the corner. C|Net:
"If you're having some fun on the track," said [Detlev von Platen, Porsche board member and former CEO of Porsche Cars North America], "waiting 6 hours to recharge would bother you. That's why we are working so hard on a technology that would charge the battery in 15 minutes."
2020 Porsche Mission E
- - -
IMO, this is not good: MSoft, Guugle and Twatter seem to be acquiring everything. From WIRED:
Microsoft officially announced Monday that it will acquire the code repository site GitHub for $7.5 billion in stock. The platform is an important resource for some 28 million developers and home to billions of lines of open source code.
Microsoft will soon need to formally decide what will happen to the many GitHub repositories that conflict with its own interests. The tech giant will face similar content moderations challenge that peers like Facebook and Google have, but with code instead of speech.
Yeah, we thought free speech moderation would be problematic, how do you think MS will rule on GitHub? I'm guessing not in the best interests of GitHub.
- - -
FCC email redactions? Why...this can't be. TechCrunch:
You may remember the FCC explaining that in both 2014 and 2017, its comment system was briefly taken down by a denial of service attack. At least, so it says — but newly released emails show that the 2014 case was essentially fabricated, and the agency has so aggressively redacted documents relating to the 2017 incident that one suspects they’re hiding more than ordinary privileged information.
Oh, that FCC - their Sharpie pen budget must a budget-buster.
- - -
The Google Chrome Swamp Monster keeps growing. Computer World:
Mozilla's Firefox landed on a slippery slope last month and may face a slow demise as users desert the browser for Google's Chrome.

According to California-based analytics vendor Net Applications, Firefox lost a quarter of a percentage point of user share in May, ending the month at 9.9%. It was the first time Firefox has fallen below the 10% marker since November 2016.
Eight years ago, Firefox accounted for more than a quarter of the globe's browser share. That's fallen to less than a tenth.
Apple's Safari, Internet Explorer (IE) and Edge are also in decline. Guugle is going to own the world soon. This is not good.
- - - Streaming Culture is Diseased. And this is being noticed...just now?
...ordinary folks hooking up their cameras to the Internet and letting the world watch them play video games, take their clothes off, disseminate conspiracy theories or just live their lives. Services like Twitch, YouTube Live and Periscope attract millions of viewers and the most popular users can become self-made millionaires.

It’s also making us into monsters.
First person that popped into my mind is "activist" David Hogg.
- - -

Beta News: Floridians have the worst cybersecurity habits in the U.S.
A study by cybersecurity company Webroot in conjunction with the Ponemon Institute finds Florida to be the worst state in the US for cyber-hygiene.
72 percent of Floridians report that they share passwords or other access credentials with others. In comparison, over half (53 percent) of survey respondents in New Hampshire claim that they never share passwords with others.
I wonder of if John Podestaphile has changed his password to something other than "password"?
- - -
One step closer to our Orwellian Utopia - Extreme TechAI Powered Psychopath named Norman created.
... the team has named “Norman” after movie psychopath Norman Bates.
The MIT team fed Norman a steady diet of data culled from gruesome subreddits that exist to share photos of death and destruction.
What Norman does address is the danger that artificial intelligence can become dangerously biased. 
- - -
Technocracy: California Gov. Moonbeam is labeled as a Technocrat.
Gov. Jerry Brown has more in common with a Technocrat than a left-wing Democrat...[.] Whatever the United Nations proposes, Brown puts into practice, which is the unspoken reason NY Times can call him a “pragmatic, results-focused technocrat”.
Brown escaped the cuckoo's nest a long, long time ago. Where is the white van with the guys dressed in white wielding the butterfly nets?
- - -
TechDirt: Australian Cops Caught Faking 258,000 Breathalyzer Tests.
Victorian police faked more than a quarter of a million roadside breath tests in what appears to be a deliberate ruse to dupe the system.
An internal investigation has found 258,000 alcohol breath tests were falsified over 5½ years[.]
- - -
Information Week: In-flight airplanes successfully hacked...from the ground.
Ruben Santamarta rocked the security world with his chilling discovery of major vulnerabilities in satellite equipment that could be abused to hijack and disrupt communications links to airplanes, ships, military operations, and industrial facilities.

Santamarta has now proven out those findings and taken his research to the level of terrifying, by successfully hacking into in-flight airplane WiFi networks and satcom equipment from the ground. "As far as I know I will be the first researcher that will demonstrate that it's possible to hack into communications devices on an in-flight aircraft … from the ground," he says.

He accessed on-board WiFi networks including passengers' Internet activity, and also was able to reach the planes' satcom equipment, he says, all of which in his previous research he had concluded – but not proven - was possible. And there's more: "In this new research, we also managed to get access to important communications devices in the aircraft," Santamarta, principal security consultant with IO/Active, says.
- - -
Ubergizmo: The 6 Gen Lenovo X1 Carbon Thinkpad.

Fixed Typo 6/6/2018

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Caps Win Game 4 of Stanley Cup 6 to 2;
Is It Over for the Vegas Knights?

Yesterday I wrote:

"Vegas isn't going to give the Caps another chance by playing substandard." 

And my final score prediction:

LV 4; Caps 3 in OT

Is there a recall on my NHL crystal ball that I didn't hear about?

One: LV played substandard.

Two: the Actual Final Score:

Caps 6; LV 2

Yeah, you can take my predictions to the bank...and shortly after to the poorhouse.

Game total in the series: Caps 3;  LV 1.

Last night is two games in a row where LV underperformed. And that's being generous and kind. To me, I didn't see their speed, their finesse or their desire. They looked tired. They came alive and got their game back half-way through P3 and that was too late.

The Caps owned period one, nailing 3 goals. Vegas sat at zero. More stats here.

John Carlson added a 4th goal for the Caps in P2 and LV remained at zero.

LV was scoreless until 5:43 in PERIOD 3 when LV's James Neal slipped the puck past Caps goalie Braden Holtby.

A short bit later, Vegas' Reilly Smith put another point on the score board and it was LV 2; Caps 4. Could LV, now with 2, hope for two more, tie and go into an OT? No.

Less than 2 minutes after Smith's goal, the Caps' Mike Kempny gave Washington their 5th goal and few minutes later, his teammate Brett Connolly nailed a 6th goal for Washington. It was over for Vegas.

A few fights broke out  here and there, especially near the end of the game. LV's Ryan Reaves and Caps' Devante Smith-Pelly had Reaves penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct, and Caps' T.J. Oshie got a 10 minute misconduct near the end of the game so his ice-time was done for the night. A whole mix of players from both teams  got a little heated. I'm surprised Reaves and Smith-Pelly haven't yet come to a full-blown brawl. It's been brewing for the entire series.

I have no vested interest in either team winning The Cup. I wanted to see the Penguins three-peat,  but that didn't happen - the Caps won that series. It'd be nice having the Caps win, after a 44-year playing history, and no Stanley Cup to claim, no one can say they don't deserve it.

Should LV manage to dig out of their deficit, - and win - they will be the first NHL team in their first year of existence to win The Cup. Kind of seems unfair compared to the years the Caps have tried and failed. But records exist to be made and broken, don't they?

To reach The Cup series, Vegas beat  L.A., the Sharks and the Jets.

For the Caps series, they eliminated the Blue Jackets, the Pens and TBay.

The Caps have more game losses than LV in this whole playoff series.

Does having to fight harder to win make you the better team or, are you the better team because you eliminated your opponents with less losses than the team you're facing for the Stanley Cup? Can you make the argument that the Caps faced better teams and a tougher set of series than the teams LV beat?

I don't know. While game win/loss ratio trends for a Caps win, is The Cup still up for grabs? The Caps have to win only one more game and the Cup is theirs. Vegas must win all three remaining games.

And a reminder to self: I predicted a six game series. 

Game 5 is Thursday, June 7 and on Vegas home ice. Will the Caps make it the final game?

Monday, June 4, 2018

Stanley Cup Game 4 - Vegas vs Washington;
Tonight, June 4

Game 4  in a best-of-seven series starts tonight at 8PM EST, televised on broadcast (i.e. "over-the-air") NBC.

The series is Caps with 2 games, LV one game. Tonight's game is in Washington. Who will win?  Uh...Baltimore?

Of course, the Caps would like nothing better than to be at 3 - 1 going into game 5, in LV on Thursday June 7; also on broadcast NBC network.

I'm guessing tonight's first period is going to be brutal, both teams battling for that first goal. Considering the friction between some of the players, look for some fights tonight.

It's been a physical series, something at which the Caps excel. It's been working for them in the last two games and in their pre-Cup games and they'll continue playing in the same style.

LV was off a notch, in game 3, from how they have been playing the entire playoff series, which is a big part of the Caps winning game 3 on Saturday. Vegas isn't going to play subpar again.

Odds Sharks predicts Caps 3.6; LV 1.7

My pick:

LV 4; Caps 3 in OT

Disclaimer )

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Caps Take Game 3; Vegas Down One Game

My incredibly inaccurate prediction for last night's game:

LV 5;  Caps 3

Actual Final Score:

LV 1;  Caps 3

Last night's win gives the Caps a 2 to 1 lead in the road to the Stanley Cup against LV.

Period one was one of the hardest fought periods I've ever seen in the NHL, both teams desperately wanting that first goal. But, period one ended 0 - 0.

The Caps Alex Ovechkin put Washington on the score board 1 to 0 one minute and ten seconds into period two.  Ove was at the top of his game last night.

Injured in game 2, Evgeny Kuznetsov did indeed hit the ice last night and brought the Caps their second goal in period 2.

Tomas Nosek scored the only goal for LV late in the third period.

(I was so tired I hit the bed shortly after the start of the third period.)

More game coverage Here.

Game 4, tomorrow, June 4.

And...Dear NBC(SN), I don't know when your contract with Mike Milbury expires, but for all that is good and holy, please get rid of him.

Mike Douchebag Milbury

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Critical Game 3 Stanley Cup: Caps vs Vegas; June 2

Here comes Game 3 between the Washington Caps and the LVG Knights. The series is tied 1 - 1. Games 3 and 4 in Washington.

Some reports say it is a game-time decision whether or not Washington Capitals center Evgeny Kuznetsov will play tonight.

Other reports suggest he is expected to play.

Kuznetsov took a major body hit from LV's Brayden McNabb in game 2, with a little over 5 minutes remaining in the first period. Kuznetsov did not return for the rest of that game.

The game begins at 8PM EST on NBCSN, CBC, SN, TVAS. Regarding those streamed game threads, no, you don't need to download anything if a pop-up window tells you you have to in order to view. Find a stream that works for you and bookmark it for future games. (Always be alert for background pop-up windows).

Tonight's predictions:

Odds Sharks predicts:  Caps 3.0 - LV 2.4

My pick:

LV 5;  Caps 3

( Disclaimer )

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Stanley Cup Game 2: Caps Even the Series 1 - 1 with Vegas;
Braden Holtby's Amazing Stop of Alex Tuch's Shot

Game 2 last night was incredible. 

The Caps won game 2 last night, in LV, tying the series 1 - 1.

My pick for game 2:

Caps 4;  LV 2

Actual Final Score:

Caps 3;  LV 2

Game Stats.

More on game 2.

The return of Caps' Evgeny Kuznetsov for game 3 is being tightly guarded by the Caps. ESPN:
Evgeny Kuznetsov is day-to-day with an injury, according to coach Barry Trotz -- who wouldn't elaborate on the nature of the forward's injury.
[Las Vegas] defenseman Brayden McNabb hit him hard along the boards with a check. Kuznetsov fell to the ice in pain, clutching his left hand.
Holtby Save; Getty Images

And then...there was that incredible save by Caps' goalie Braden Holtby.

More on Holby's save.

Here's that amazing save, LV's Alex Tuch's shot, stopped by Holtby.

Fair Use Section 107 U.S. Copyright Code

LV moves to Washington for Games 3 and 4, game 3 Saturday at 8PM EST.