Thursday, January 17, 2019

Anne Arundel County Police involved shooting serving an “emergency risk protective order,” aka "Red Flag Order".

This is recently-breaking news and, so far, appears to be legit.

FOX 5 News Baltimore: Man shot being served Red Flag Order.
When officers began to serve [ Gary J.] Willis with the order, he became irate, opened the door to the residence and grabbed the gun according to police. They say, an attempt was made by an officer to take the gun away from Willis when Willis fired the gun.

A second officer fired their service weapon, striking Willis, who was pronounced deceased at the scene.
The 'red flag' legislation is already law in five states- including California, Connecticut, Indiana, Oregon, and Washington. It has been introduced in 18 states and D.C.

This is an active and ongoing investigation. Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to contact the Homicide Unit at [deleted - D.D.]. Callers wishing to remain anonymous are asked to call the Tip Line at [deleted - D.D.]
This "Red Flag" issue is already getting coverage, Standing By, Zack, The War On Guns and I'm guessing, (among many others), these folks will weigh in on this issue in the days ahead: 90 Miles, WRSA, Phil, Irish, Bunk, ExTex, GeeeZ, the GBBL and other fine writers at the Blogroll; see right-hand sidebar.
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Typos fixed; 01/17/2019.

Change your diet for the good of the planet.

And here we go again. Shanghai Daily: Diet to save you and the planet.
If the world followed the “Planetary Health” diet, the researchers said, more than 11 million premature deaths could be prevented each year, while greenhouse gas emissions would be cut and more land, water and biodiversity would be preserved.
[.] average consumption of foods such as red meat and sugar should be cut by 50 percent, while consumption of nuts, fruits, vegetables and legumes should double.
Good luck with that global diet plan. Let us know when Al Gore, Junior, Xi Jinping, leaders of the EU and all the other Eastern countries and other Alarmists embrace the diet for a sustained period of time, setting an example.

BTW - the "changing your diet for the good of the planet and to save you" propaganda...You know they don't really GAF about you, right? They're just being polite. For now.

Meanwhile...(and grab two bags of Reese's Peanut Butter cups and other sugary good stuff)...

Image: Golb Salt

Will there be backlash? 'I select on penis length,' says female coach of German men's team.

AFP: BV Cloppenburg female coach Imke Wuebbenhorst replied that she's a "professional" and bases her selections on "penis length".
When German newspaper Welt jokingly asked whether she sounds an alarm on entering the dressing room, to ensure her players cover themselves up, the tough-talking blonde gave a cutting answer.
"Of course not, I am a professional -- I base my selections on penis lengths," the 30-year-old replied sarcastically.
"The only fear I have is that a relegation would be blamed on the fact that I am a woman," [she said].
Oh...if it had been a male coach of an all-female team responding he bases his selection "on tits", everyone would accept his reply in the worldly, civil, patient, unoffended, understanding, forgiving, good-humored, worldly peoples we is, huh?

Pelosi cites "security concerns" for delaying POTUS SOTU Address

USA MacPaper: Nancy Pelosi cites "security concerns" as reason to postpone State of The Union.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi asked President Donald Trump to reschedule his State of the Union address...
"Sadly, given the security concerns and unless government re-opens this week, I suggest that we work together to determine another suitable date after government has re-opened for this address or for you to consider delivering your State of the Union address in writing to the Congress on January 29th," Pelosi wrote in a letter to Trump on Wednesday.
"The point is security," [said Pelosi].
CBS News: Pelosi adamantly opposes Border Wall:
"I'm not for a wall," Pelosi said repeatedly at the press conference [...]. "Insistence on the wall is a luxury the country can no longer afford."
Think I'm safe in saying Nanny Pelosi is completely unfamiliar with the definition of "security."

Fake editions of Washington Post Circulated in DC; claim Trump resigned.

Chicago Tribune: Fake Editions of The Washington Post handed out in D.C.
Fake editions of The Washington Post claiming that President Donald Trump was leaving office were handed out Wednesday morning at multiple locations in Washington, D.C.
...the fake newspaper's lead story said that Trump had left a resignation message on a napkin in the Oval Office and left Washington for Yalta, the famous Crimean resort as the site of a meeting of Allied heads of state during World War II.
Liberal activist group Code Pink posted a video on Facebook of the organization's founder, Madea Benjamin, passing out copies of the paper at what appears to be a Capitol Hill office building.

In the video, Benjamin tells people, "The crisis is over - Trump has left the White House." Later, she adds, "You gotta believe in the Washington Post."
Thursday's real front page of the Jeff Bezos Peoples' Republic is below.

Contributing author: Anthony Curtis

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

The 1963 Jeep Wagoneer

A little peek into the past; a brief diversion from all the headlines. This is a scan from a newspaper I ran across. I've always loved Jeeps. Drove many, none of them ever let me down. Made the change to Dodge Ram years ago and love them as well.

The '63 Wagoneer was hot. Anyone own one? Anyone still have one?

From the ad: 
The first Jeep Wagoneer was brought out in 1962, as a 1963 model. Jeep advertised it as having the biggest cargo area and largest tailgate opening of any wagon in its wheelbase class; it could handle seven foot long ladders, lying flat. It also has the lowest tailgate of any four wheel drive wagon for easy loading.

White the old Jeep Utility had started with a base four cylinder, Wagoneer launched with a single "Tornado" six cylinder engine, complete with still-new tech 35-amp alternators. Oil changes were advertised only at 6,000 mile intervals, with major lubrications spaced at 30,000 miles, a substantial savings over many vehicles of the time.

Both rear wheel drive and four wheel drive models were sold; they were marketed not as trucks or utility vehicles, but as station wagons (well into the 1970s) with room for six, or 1,200 pounds of cargo. Narrow windshield pillars aided forward and side vision, as did high seats. All but the rear quarter windows rolled down, including the tailgate window - for which an electric window was also available. The doors opened wide, a full 82 degrees, for easier access; and the openings were straight, without doglegs. Finally, all the 4x4 controls were consolidated into a single lever, with a clear set of indicator lights to tell drivers where they were.

The Tornado overhead-cam six was standard on Wagoneers; the only overhead cam engine made in America, it had domed pistons and closed crankcase ventilation. Power from the 3.8 liter (230.5 cid) engine was 140 hp at 4,000 rpm and a 210 lb-ft of torque at 1,750 rpm, similar to the 225 cubic inch slant sixes.

Both a manual transmission and an automatic were available; the manual was a three-speed, with overdrive optional on rear-drive models. One unique feature for a family-appropriate wagon was a Power Take-Off unit -- the snow plow and pushplate options may have been unique as well.

Theresa May survives!

BBC: May survives no-confidence vote.
Theresa May has seen off a bid to remove her government from power, winning a no confidence vote by 325 to 306.
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn argued that Mrs May's "zombie" administration had lost the right to govern.
"Zombie" administration. I get a kick out of Corbyn...he's a character.

And the vote 325 to 306? She's gotta be thinking that's too close for comfort; at least in the short term.

May? For at least today, I think she's celebrating.

Clemson players seemed to enjoy Trump's White House fast-food dinner.

TMZ: Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence Loved Trump's Fast Food.
Clemson's star QB Trevor Lawrence tells TMZ Sports he LOVED the President's McDonald's spread at the White House and can't wait to do it again!
CNBCSuccessful people who like fast food.
Trump's getting trolled for Clemson fast food dinner, but Warren Buffett and others are big fans of junk food too.
Billionaire investor Warren Buffett eats McDonald's every day. Despite his billionaire status, Buffett never spends more than $3.17 on breakfast, he explains in his HBO documentary "Becoming Warren Buffett."
Notice how CNBC made a decision to include "junk". 

This guy, too...I suspect, likes food:

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

May's Brexit Takes Hard Hit. Corbyn seeks to topple.

"Laws are like sausages, it is better not to see them being made."
- Otto von Bismarck

Or, in the case of Brexit, another episode of government, (any government), doing usually what they do best. Making newer sausages to fix badly made, past sausages.

BBC: May suffers historic defeat. Read the story, but you MUST hit the link and view the first video. The gray-haired guy, reciting the vote tally. At the 24-25 second mark when he calls out, "OoorrrrrrDER!"  Wanna bet he's a lifer Monty Python fan? The video will start auto-playing for a moment, then stop, then just click on "play video". It's a short clip. "OoorrrrrrDER!"

BBC: What happens next? As all politicians do, plenty 'o room to CY(their)A.

Unless...The Independent...Jeremy Corbyn topples May in 24 hours.

Daily Mail: Theresa May set to SURVIVE no-confidence vote. Well, good for her for looking on the bright side of life.

And you know you want see it, so fast-forward in to the 9 minute and 30 second mark for the fun! (The guy knows what he's doing).


Patrick Leahy - William Barr, "What about emminent domain?"

William Barr spars with Vermont's U.S. Senator Pat Leahy, who, turns 79 in March. And, do you realize he's been in the Senate since 1975? Think it's time, there Pat, to hang it up? 

Great responses from Barr.

Leahy is the same guy who asks this question.

Gillette's Toxic Masculinity Ad...Redux

Gillette's "Is This the Best Men Can Be?" ad at You Tube.

Market Watch: P&G said it has no plans to pull the spot in the face of some negative reaction. Gillette ad gets mixed responses.

Yeah. Mixed.

Taco Bell Vegetarian Menu "reaches out to more health-conscious diners."

WTVY: Watch the video clip.

The clip mentions "five-percent of Americans identify as vegetarians."

Taco Bell's "We're going more Vegan"  Press Release.

Now if they'd just tell us, what exactly IS their source of meat?

Explosion and gun fire at luxury Kenya Hotel

Breaking news...

Sky News: 'Scores' hurt in Nairobi hotel.
Witnesses have reported an explosion and heavy gunfire at a hotel complex in the Kenyan capital Nairobi.

The suspected terror attack is unfolding at the complex, which houses a large hotel known as DusitD2, along with several banks and offices.

Police are said to be exchanging gunfire with the attackers in the operation.
More at: U.S. News.

The Independent: "We are under attack."
Somali Islamist militant group claims responsibility, spokesman says.

Columbus Blue Jackets Fans rescue microphone-less national anthem singer.

How 'bout those Blue Jacket fans? Jackets Fan Join in Anthem.
The crowd at Nationwide Arena did a great job with the anthem and Welsh tweeted his appreciation for the fans afterward.
The scene was reminiscent of country music singer Brett Kissel's mic malfunction before Game 3 of the Edmonton Oilers 2017 Western Conference Second Round against the Anaheim Ducks. 
Video at Sports Illustrated.
Welsh tweeted a thank you to the fans after the game.

    Thank you #5thLine. Really needed you there and you came through. #CBJ
    — Leo Welsh (@LeoWelsh) January 13, 2019
This. Is. Hockey.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Brexit Tuesday? It's Tuesday across the Pond.

The Telegraph (via Yahoo): What time is Brexit?

Bloomberg: Theresa May faces worst gov defeat in 95 years.

BBC: Welsh MPs to vote down EU deal.

BBC: Scottish MPs ready.

Market Watch: Why investors outside the UK should care.

The Independent: This mess belongs to May.

The Independent: Corbyn plots May's downfall.

World News

BBC: Polish mayor dies after being stabbed.
The mayor of the Polish city of Gdansk has died in hospital, a day after being stabbed at a charity event.
- - -
BBCGround Zero artwork with Saudi flag removed.
Following the complaints, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey confirmed that it is moving all 20 sculptures from its current site in the World Trade Center complex.
- - -
SMHAustralian woman texts "Help me"; detained by Thai government.
A week after she was due back in Sydney, Claire Johnson messaged a friend saying she was "so scared" and asked her to contact the consulate.
- - -
Daily Star: A no-deal Brexit would force over 1 million Brits to retake driving test.
The Department for Transport (DfT) has warned overseas motorists they need to exchange their UK licences for a European one before March 29.

On Tuesday British Prime Minister Theresa May is facing a crunch vote to get her Brexit deal through Commons.
BBCTheresa May says Brexit opponents not acting in the interests of the people.
She said her "absolute conviction" was that the UK and EU would be able to finalise their future relationship by the end of 2020, meaning the backstop would never be needed.
- - -
People's Daily: Detained Canadians in China and diplomatic immunity.
China on Monday said Canada's criticism on China's detention of two Canadian citizens is groundless, noting one of them has no "diplomatic immunity."

Chinese Foreign Ministry confirmed earlier that coercive measures have been taken against two Canadians suspected of jeopardizing China's national security.
- - -
BBC: China sentences Canadian man to death for drug smuggling.
Robert Lloyd Schellenberg was originally given a 15-year jail term in 2018 but after an appeal the court said the sentence was too lenient.

Monday's ruling comes weeks after Canada arrested Meng Wanzhou, a top official at Chinese telecoms giant Huawei, on a request from the US.
- - -
NPRGays purged in Chechnya.
Around 40 people have been detained and another two killed in the latest crackdown on Chechnya's LGBT community, Russian activists say.

The "new wave of persecution" started at the end of December, the Russian LGBT Network say in a statement on Monday.
- - -
Tech entry - Ars Technia: Get paid to Hack this Tesla.
Now in its 13th year, [Pwn2Own has been the foremost hacking competition] ... is adding a new category—a Tesla Model 3, with more than $900,000 worth of prizes available for attacks that subvert a variety of its onboard systems.
The biggest prize will be $250,000 for hacks that execute code on the car’s gateway, autopilot, or VCSEC. A gateway is the central hub that interconnects the car’s powertrain, chassis, and other components and processes the data they send.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

World News

EU (still) Making Sausages Reforms in Copyright Laws

This is a Must Read by, and at, Julia
Article 13 is almost finished – and it will change the internet as we know it.

... EU copyright reform law have resumed: After missing the original Christmas deadline, negotiators for the European Parliament and Council are now aiming to finalise the text on January 21, 2019.

The negotiators have reached agreement on the core of Article 13, which will change the internet as we know it: They want to make internet platforms directly liable for any copyright infringements their users commit.

What remains to be decided: Exactly what lengths will platforms need to go to to avoid or limit their liability? Just how much they will need to restrict our ability to post and share our creations online?
- - -
NYTNew caravan forming in Honduras.
More than 300,000 Central Americans entered Mexico last year, most of them illegally, and an estimated 80 percent of them were bound for the United States border, Ms. Sánchez Cordero said.
- - -
Reuters: PG&E multi-billion dollar bankruptcy?
PG&E, which carries a hefty debt load of more than $18 billion, is expected to soon disclose a large financial charge related to liabilities resulting from catastrophic November blazes.
- - -
France 24Macron looks to calm the Yellow Vests.
Macron's initiative comes after nine weeks of protests by the "yellow vests" -- named after the high-visibility jackets they wear. The disparate anti-government uprising has wreaked havoc in Paris and French cities, shaken the economy and challenged his authority.
BBCYellow Vests disable 60% of speed cameras.

Good for them!
- - -
Sky NewsPolish mayor stabbed on stage.
Pawel Adamowicz, who is the mayor of Gdansk, was attacked in front of hundreds of onlookers in the city during an event in aid of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity.

Doctors said he underwent five hours of surgery for wounds to his heart and abdomen but that "the next hours will decide everything".
According to Polish broadcaster TVN, the suspect shouted from the stage and claimed that he had been wrongly imprisoned by the previous government.
Sky News: Stage of stabbing attack.

- - -
The DiplomatChina's interest in Antarctica, space, the moon AND Antarctica.
China views exploration of outer space as part of its overall national development. Its space-based BeiDou 2 system aims for global coverage by 2020. Furthermore, China aims to have a human-crewed space station by 2020-22 and a space-based solar power station by 2050, all to protect China’s national interests. Comparable to its actions in Antarctica, Chinese nationalistic goals and somewhat imperialistic advance will likely determine the shape of future conflict.
- - -
INGWhy a Brexit delay is likely.’s worth noting that there are at least two ways the law-making process alone could force a Brexit delay.
BBC"Brexit Box" survival kits flying off shelves.
"People from all over the UK are buying it and those that can afford more are purchasing more than just the Brexit box, perhaps the three-month or six month packs."
BBCTheresa May says no Brexit more likely than no deal.
Labour has vowed to table a vote of no confidence if Mrs May loses.

Its leader Jeremy Corbyn said Labour would vote against the deal and would start moves to trigger a general election if it is voted down.
Daily MailBoris stirs up the anti-Mays.

9 NewsMay says no deal means catastrophe.
- - -
GLB NewsThe already overcrowded 2020 declared Dem presidential candidates.

Easier to raise hands if you're a Dem and not running for president.
- - -
SMH: Australia, where some workers choose lifestyle over pay.
- - -
Singapore Straits: Stowaway bird appears 12 hours into flight.
Business-class passengers [were] greeted by [ a mynah birdabout 12 hours into the flight. A typical Singapore-London flight takes about 14 hours.
My mind is completely blank. Can't think of a one-or-two-liner on the stowaway bird. Anyone?

McJesus Controversy

The Independent: "Art" of Ronald McDonald as Jesus, in Israel's Haifa Museum sparks protests.
Violent clashes between hundreds of Arab Christians and police erupted in Haifa on Friday after a protest over a piece of art showing a crucified Ronald McDonald titled “McJesus".
It said the work was part of an exhibit on consumerism that “references mega-corporations’ cynical use of religious symbols.” 
Ma'an News: Haifa Museum displays other offensive "art".
Jesus Christ was depicted as a clown and as a Ken doll, while the Virgin Mary was depicted as a Barbie doll.

The “McJesus,” which was sculpted by Finnish artist, Janei Leinonen, and depicts a crucified Ronald McDonald, went on display in August as part of the Haifa museum’s “Sacred Goods” exhibit.

The display also featured a number of other pieces depicting Jesus Christ, including one as a Ken doll, while the Virgin Mary was depicted as a Barbie doll.
Patheous: Asked to remove the offensive art, Haifa Museum instead addresses violent reactions.
One of the protesters complained that the government was slow to react to their concerns because they were from the Christian minority.

    "If they put up [a sculpture of] Hitler with a Torah scroll they would immediately respond." Thursday, Culture Minister Miri Regev sent Haifa Museum director Nissim Tal a letter calling for the sculpture’s removal."

    "Disrespect of religious symbols sacred to many worshipers in the world as an act of artistic protest is illegitimate and cannot serve as art at a cultural institution supported by state funds."
...the Haifa Municipality put up a sign at the entrance to the exhibit explaining it contains potentially offensive content.

The museum also condemned the throwing of the molotov cocktail and said any objection to the piece must not be expressed violently.

    "A discourse about art, however complex it may be, must not spill over into violent territory and must be respected – even in charged situations."

Conservative Men Are Obsessed With, and are Convulsing in Anxiety, as AOC rises to influence. Yeah, that's the reason.

It's more like fascination with what outrageous AOC act or statement will occur next. While others have different opinions. And science. Can't forget the science. 

Laura Bassett, Senior Politics Reporter at the HuffPoPoo states science tells us why Conservative men are "obsessed" with AOC. HuffPoPoo:
Conservative writer Ed Scarry posted a photo of [Cortez's] backside on Twitter, questioning whether her black suit was befitting of a “girl who struggles.”
A Republican strategist referred to her as “the little girl” on Fox News, which runs segments about her constantly.
The obvious explanation is that men have literally never seen a woman in her 20s in the halls of Congress before. She’s attractive, telegenic and good at social media. She dances outside her Cannon House office. Conservative men are confused at being drawn to this bright rising star in the Democratic Party while loathing everything she stands for.
...what you might call “AOC Derangement Syndrome.” Indeed, some experts say conservative men are obsessed with Ocasio-Cortez because they’re threatened by her. (ARFKM? - D.D.)

Conservatives tend to respond to fear more strongly than liberals do, according to Bobby Azarian, a neuroscientist whose expertise in anxiety has led him to examine political behaviors. His research has found that the brains of conservative people are likely to display the same attention biases as the brains of people with anxiety.
"Conservatives tend to respond to fear more strongly than liberals do." Please. Liberals fear everything. Even a border wall. Their entire political ideology is rooted in keeping themselves and their supporters in various states of fear. It's called fear-mongering.

The writer and neuroscientist are mistaking humorous reactions to AOC's real life antics as anxiety. I'll give the prognosis a shot from basic, Psych 101: When an adult acts childish and immature; "correction" (as in pointing out the multitude of factional errors AOC has stated) is how you can expect to be treated. And sometimes parody, satire and making fun of adult buffoonish behavior comes with it. Life is Hard.

I'd think a "telegenic, social media-aware, girl in her 20s" would know this, but maybe not. She turns 30 in October, not that it matters. Although I don't know anyone who refers to an almost-30-year-old as being "in their twenties." Except for the HuffPoPoo writer.

Her media interviews, her Tweets, her disrespect of past, SENIOR members of her own party, all warrant admonition and correction from others. She goes out of her way in calling attention to herself (I think she's attention-starved) and provides multiple daily episodes of her cluelessness. Of course people will react, correct, and yes, parody her.

Let's all pretend that the HuffPooPo story and Bobby the Neuroscientist are infallible. Damn, that sure says A LOT about "us Conservatives and men", huh?

We'll await a future column at the HuffPoPoo with Bobby the Neuroscientist's infallible conclusion analyzing why AOC's fellow Dems are CTSD (Current Traumatic Stress Disorder) and apoplectically anxiety-ridden over her behavior. You know...something more than the already DSM - 5 diagnosis of Biological LiberTardism.

If AOC was a Republican, she'd be referred as the term so often applied to the adversaries and targets of Minnesota's disgraced and resigned U.S. Senator, Al Franken, "an Idiot." She dishes it out, she's going to be on the reciprocating side as well. AOC is a public figure and an adult.

And, in what can only be some gross, inadvertent, unawareness and oversight on the part of the HuffPooPo, I could not find a single story on Ed Buck. What has happened to journalism?
- - -
UPDATE: January 13, 2019: This is a story at the Huff on Ed Buck.
Good for you, Arianna. Now, just continue keeping clear of plagiarism.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

With a Headline like NPR used, EVERYONE knows what to expect from me.

NPR: Massive Fatberg Blocking Sewer.
A giant obstruction made up of hardened fat, oil, wet wipes and other waste items – called a fatberg — has been found in the sewer of a seaside town in England.
NPR "Preview" Ad:

What readers who visit here expect from me:

I strive to please those that visit. Thank you to all!

World News

Patch News: GoFundMe U.S.-Mexico Border wall donations will be returned to donors.
...a GoFundMe spokesperson said:

    "When the campaign was created, the campaign organizer specifically stated on the campaign page, 'If we don't reach our goal or come significantly close we will refund every single penny.' He also stated on the campaign page, '100% of your donations will go to the Trump Wall. If for ANY reason we don't reach our goal we will refund your donation.'

    "However, that did not happen. This means all donors will receive a refund."
- - -
BBCFacing jail, Egyptian actress, Rania Youssef, accused of "inciting debauchery" for "revealing" dress.
A complaint against her was filed by two lawyers, Amro Abdelsalam and Samir Sabry, known for taking celebrities to court
- - -
Belfast TelegraphMasked gunman shoots at Sinn Fein office.
The office targeted belongs to Sinn Fein's West Belfast MLA Pat Sheehan. Mr Sheehan's office was also attacked in a shooting incident in October.
Hit the link for video of the shoooting.
- - -
Zimbabwe News: Pedestrian wearing earphones run over and killed.
The deceased's head was crushed showing the intensity of the accident[.]
[The] pedestrian was to blame for plugging earphone piece [sic] on possibly full blast on one of the suburb's busiest roads.
- - -
Zimbabwe News: Food delivery driver fired for being caught masturbating on camera.
[T]he driver hands food to a customer and, after she walks away, exposes himself and masturbates openly.
This event would go unnoticed in the streets of San Fran. As a matter of fact, I think San Fran requires residents do this under the ordinances for "street performers".
- - -
The Local: Avalanche pays visit to hotel. (But it didn't have a reservation).
Rescue services on Friday continued to search the area near where an avalanche struck a hotel in eastern Switzerland on Thursday just in case anyone had been buried by snow. 
Photo: Kantonspolizei Appenzell Ausserrhoden
- - -
...Hikvision - which is the world's largest surveillance technology company and based in Hangzhou in eastern China - has supplied the equipment and software used by an American force that polices a population of about 8.6 million people.
- - -
Philly.comNarco cops faked reports. Hundreds of convictions could be challenged.
[The] August 2018 Internal Affairs report obtained by the Inquirer, was a scheme to flip low-level suspects into off-the-books confidential informants through a process that would evolve into falsifying paperwork, as well as hiding information from the District Attorney’s Office.
- - -
Singapore StarThe Indian Army will not recruit LGBT.
The Indian Army is a "conservative" force and adultery and homosexuality are "not acceptable," Army Chief General Bipin Rawat asserted despite these being decriminalised by the Supreme Court.
- - -
Portugal NewsFour men arrested at Lisbon airport for smuggling eel larvae.
The [intercepted four men were] escorted to police premises, where they found the elver packed in suitcases, which would have been transported by passengers “who are simply couriers paid for the purpose”.

Tech News

9 NewsTwo Huawei employees arrested in Poland; spying allegations.
Poland has arrested a Chinese employee of Huawei and a Polish [Huawei] cyber business specialist on allegations of spying.
- - -
Information Week: How to manage the Internet of Things (IOT).
Once data is collected in central storage, analytics on the entire body of data can be run to produce the most inclusive and holistic picture of the business.
- - -
MIT Review: When China decides to really hack the rest of the world.
Many thought the internet would bring democracy to China. Instead it empowered rampant government oppression, and now the censors are turning their attention to the rest of the world.
Or North Korea. Or Russia. Or those godless Tuvaluians.
- - -
TechDirtFacebook not helping Vietnamese government censor critics quickly enough.
...the government is going to do other vague things ("necessary economic and technical measures") to hurt Facebook and "ensure a clean and healthy network environment." One "necessary economic measure" is somehow blocking Facebook from collecting money for "hatred advertising," whatever the hell that is.
WTH is "hatred advertising"? Anyone wanna take a shot at defining it?

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO/Censor.
- - -
Following an anonymous tip, TechCrunch commissioned a report from online safety startup AntiToxin to investigate. The results were alarming.
Alarming is an understatement. Stop using Bing. Over on the far-right sidebar, scroll down and look for "Search Engine Alternatives To Google." Start using any of them and make Google and Bing history.
- - -
Tech CrunchSpaceX to lay off hundreds
- - -
US cable providers still do not even support live 4K broadcasts, but CBS Sports is going to try out its 8K cameras at the Super Bowl anyways.
- - -
The blame falls on the current US federal government shutdown [...] Consequently, government websites are dropping like flies, with no one being on hand to renew TLS certificates.
- - -
Earlier this week, AT&T said it "only permit[s] sharing of location when a customer gives permission for cases like fraud prevention or emergency roadside assistance or when required by law." But the Motherboard investigation showed that the data was being re-sold on the black market, allowing pretty much anyone to get the location of other people's phones.
- - -
It looks like "It's" here. TechnocracyIBM launches Quantum-Computer-In-A-Box.
The 20-qubit IBM Q System One represents the first major leap for quantum computers of 2019[.]
Quantum in a Box

Friday, January 11, 2019

Average U.S. Hourly Wages

Trading Economics: $23.05.
Wages in the United States...reach[ed] an all time high of 23.05 USD/Hour in December of 2018.
U.S. Department of Labor Bureau StatisticsTotal (average) private industry: $27.48.

AP NewsThe typical federal employee makes $37 an hour.

The Daily Star says Dwayne Johnson rages at snowflakes but Johnson says, "never happened."

The Daily Star: The Rock hits out at snowflakes.
[The Daily Star] By Jack Andrews, Exclusive / Published 11th January 2019.

He "laid the smackdown" on PC softies in an exclusive chat with the Daily Star.
“So many good people fought for freedom and equality - but this generation are looking for a reason to be offended, [said Dwayne Johnson].

“If you are not agreeing with them then they are offended - and that is not what so many great men and women fought for,” [he said].

The superstar thinks that while the world has become a more tolerant and better place, whining snowflakes are draining positive change through their constant moaning.
MSNJohnson slams "fabricated quotes".
"Earlier today online, an interview dropped ... where I was [apparently] insulting and criticizing millennials. The interview never took place, never happened, never said any of those words. Completely untrue. 100 percent fabricated," he said in the video, adding that he "quite baffled" [sic] by the story.
Guess we'll see if this escalates and IF The Daily Star has proof of what Johnson allegedly said. Fake News? Or a PR Stunt? Or...?

Enhanced Interrogation non-Geneva Convention Style

Within twenty seconds, I'd spill my guts and tell you everything.

Detroit's Disasterous DUMB Dangerous Democrat Debbie Dingell. (Making Alliteration fun!)

Dumb Debbie Dingell

Michigan's U.S. Congresswohman Debbie Dingell, who has lived a life of wealth and privilege, will introduce legislation requiring installation of breathalyzer-ignition interlock devices in EVERY vehicle. Washington Free Beacon
Before starting a car, drivers would have to self-submit to a breathalyzer test. If a driver's blood alcohol content is above the legal limit, the car will not start.

Dingell suggested in a speech on the House floor that her measure would be successful if it prevented a single death resulting from a drunk driver.
"I know some will say this is too much of a burden. ‘It won’t work. Why should we have to do that?'" Dingell said. "I’m going to look them in the eye and tell them why no community should ever have to feel what our community is feeling this week."
Fine Debs, and I'll look you in the eye and tell you breathalyzer-ignition interlock systems are easily defeated by having someone sober breath into the device. So - then what?

I know what I'd like to see. A breathalyzer test deployed, that every elected politician must pass, before they are permitted to cast a vote. ANY vote. And they should all be drug tested as well, holding them the same standard that U.S. employers drug screen job candidates.

However, Debs isn't on the same page of her sophistic "if it prevents a single death" on building a border wall. Debs also gets the highest Baby Killer rating a politician can receive from NARAL. ONE HUNDRED PERCENT.

Too bad Rose Kennedy's 1967 Oldsmobile lacked a ignition-interlock device on July 18, 1969.

Rose Kennedy's 1967 Olds. Failed as a boat.

Back to DUMB Debbie Dingell's draft decree demanding mandatory ignition-interlock systems in all vehicles. This bill will never see the light of day. Besides the financial burden, passed onto consumers by the auto makers, of adding this to every single vehicle, how does she plan to retrofit all the existing, operating vehicles currently in use? And I guess every police car, fire truck, ambulance and other government vehicles will also have this device if she were to have her way. We can't just assume those drivers will be sober, can we? Not if it will save one life.

Her idea is DUMB. I'd say the exact same thing if she was a Republican. Or any other political affiliation. People like Dingell are dangerous because their ideology seeks to make everyone a criminal where there is no due and reasonable cause.

Who dis Cortez? AOC plays "big people" job.

AOC provides an endless amount of material to ridicule. Daily Mail:
Freshman lawmaker Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez dropped a hammer on Joe Lieberman on Thursday, after the onetime Democratic vice presidential candidate said he feared her brand of high-tax socialism could doom the party's chances for long-term dominance in Congress.
The 29-year-old Ocasio-Cortez retweeted the 76-year-old's sentiment with a four-word rejoinder: 'New party, who dis?'

But hey - AOC gets to play "big people" job.

Jake Thomas Patterson is Suspect ID'ed in Closs kidnapping

Jake Thomas Patterson

Chicago Tribune: Sheriff IDs suspect in abduction of Wisconsin teen Jayme Closs and killing of her parents.
Douglas County Sheriff Thomas Dalbec said at a news conference Friday that Jake Thomas Patterson was arrested Thursday after Jayme Closs was found near Gordon, where Patterson lives.

Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald says investigators believe Patterson killed Jayme's parents because he wanted to abduct her, and that Patterson "took many steps to hide his identity."
A live television news conference ended a short while ago. The expressions of joy and relief among all family, friends and others concerned with this case was overwhelming.

Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald, who has been working so hard and so long on this case, was almost moved to tears during the news conference. This guy is a model sheriff. God Bless him and his department.

Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald during the news conference.

Boy recovering from surgery reunited with his dog; from 2,300 miles away.

We need more stories like this.

Good News Network: Long-haul driver logs 2,300 miles to reunite boy with dog.
8-year-old Perryn Miller and his parents had been visiting family members in Utah for Christmas when the youngster started having headaches. His parents brought him to the emergency room only to hear that their son had a brain tumor as a result of stage 4 glioblastoma multiforme, a rare and aggressive form of brain cancer.

The very next day, Perryn underwent a 7-hour surgery to have the tumor removed.
The Millers are originally from Wilmington, North Carolina. Since their home was destroyed by Hurricane Florence last year, they have been living with local family members while they rebuild.
...while the Millers are staying in Utah for Perryn’s recovery, the boy expressed how much he missed his dog: an 8-month-old German shepherd named Frank.

News reports of Perryn’s longing for his canine companion traveled across social media until it caught the eye of former long-haul trucker Bob Reynolds.

Reynolds was so moved by the tale, he volunteered to drive Frank all the way from North Carolina to Utah. The trucker then traveled 2,300 miles across the country in just 52 hours so he could deliver the joyous pup into Perryn’s awaiting arms.
People like Bob Reynolds? There's more folks out there like him that we'll never hear about. And there's more folks out there like him than not like him. It just seems sometimes the opposite.

420 Mile Post signs being stolen

U.S. News: People Can't Stop Stealing 420 signs.
Stoners and other pranksters have been stealing the mileposts for years, and that has forced states to get creative with their signage.
The Seattle Times [says] the state has over 8,000 mile markers. Of those, she said the department has had to replace 608 signs since 2012, and almost 200 mile markers are currently missing.
It's not just milepost 420. Robbers with a juvenile sense of humor are notorious for stealing markers for mile 69, a number with an overt sexual connotation. States have tackled the issue in a similar way, creating posts for mile 68.9 or 68.5 instead[.]
Below left, an unknown 420 mile marker. Top right, Bong Recreational Area in Wisconsin. Bottom right, Bong Bridge, which connects Minnesota and Wisconsin. I've visited Bong Rec and driven over Bong Bridge many times. Everyone seems to enjoy the Bong experience.

Friday Morning Music Video

Blitzkrieg Bop by The Ramones, from their album, Ramones.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Flying Cars Coming Soon!

Because we all are such attentive and considerate drivers on freeways and roads, why not bring it air-bound?

...a partner in the Uber Elevate flying car initiative, showed off its new air taxi concept called the Nexus.

While it may fly, make no mistake, the Nexus looks more like a car than an airplane.
...the adoption of flying cars still faces major regulatory roadblocks.

“The legal hurdles related to small flying machines are arguably a bigger challenge than mastering the technology. These issues will make it hard for personal or compact commercial aircraft to take flight, and even harder for a substantial number to offset ground traffic,” [said Karl Brauer, executive publisher of Cox Automotive].

Missing Wisconsin Teen Jayme Closs found alive.

Breaking news.

Chicago Tribune: A 13-year-old northwestern Wisconsin girl who went missing in October after her parents were killed has been found alive, authorities said Thursday.
The Barron County Sheriff's Department said on its Facebook page that Jayme Closs has been located and that a suspect was taken into custody.

Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald said the sheriff's office in Douglas County, about 70 miles north of Barron County, located the girl. A suspect was apprehended a short time later. The statement did not say where Jayme was found or give any further information about the suspect.
Jayme Closs has been missing since her parents, James and Denise Closs, were found shot to death Oct. 15 in the family's home near Barron.
Star TribuneJayme Closs found in Northern Wisconsin.
[Jayme’s grandfather, Robert Naiberg, said late Thursday], “All I know is that they got her and that they’re checking her out at a hospital. She’ll be reunited with some family members after that.

“I’m going to hug her. Squeeze her,” Naiberg said, his voice cracking.

"There were days when it was hard to hold onto hope. I’ve been in the dumpster for three months,” he said.
Full details have not yet been released. Local news is saying Miss Closs was running alone down a road or street and saw a lady and asked her for help. Miss Closs reportedly told the lady she had "been kidnapped after they killed my parents."

FOX 9 NewsFound in Gordon, missing from Barron.
A suspect was taken into custody at 4:54 p.m., also in Gordon. Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald told FOX 9 he believes more people may be involved. The Closs family was told the name of the suspect, but they did not know them.

Muslim Group Sues Maryland over "No Boycott of Israel" Executive Order

Arab News: Maryland’s ban on contracting with businesses that boycott Israel tramples on the First Amendment rights of a software engineer who advocates for Palestinians, a Muslim civil rights group claims.
The Council on American-Islamic Relations’ federal lawsuit seeks to block the state from enforcing an executive order that Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan signed in October 2017.

The order requires contractors to certify in writing that they don’t boycott Israel. The group’s suit claims the order has an unconstitutional chilling effect on First Amendment-protected political advocacy supporting Palestine.

CAIR says 25 other states have enacted measures similar to Maryland’s, through legislation or executive orders. CAIR attorney Gadeir Abbas said other federal lawsuits have challenged measures in Arizona, Arkansas, Kansas and Texas.
In December, the Arkansas Times weekly newspaper sued to block a similar measure. That state law, which took effect in August 2017, requires contractors to reduce their fees by 20 percent if they don’t sign a pledge not to boycott Israel.

Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge’s office argued that boycotting Israel is not activity protected by the First Amendment.

“It is neither speech, nor is it conduct that is inherently expressive, nor associational activity that is afforded constitutional protection,
” wrote attorneys representing Rutledge’s office.
These suits filed by CAIR (which I refer to as standing for "Can't Antagonize Islamic Radicals") will be interesting to monitor.

I don't have a lot of knowledge of how government-private business contracting works. I do know a government institution can require certain conditions be met for certain employers, like minority and women-owned companies. And, believe it or not, I understand the essence of CAIR's lawsuit. But to claim some type of disadvantage, or discrimination by using the First Amendment to support their basis? I'm not an attorney or a judge, but this issue seems to fall under contractual law. If you dislike the terms of a contract, don't sign it. I don't see the slightest foundation for CAIR's argument based under Freedom of Speech. Governments discriminate every day against every one. CAIR needs to learn this.

Wisconsin Judge Blows .129 Alcohol Breath Test; not charged. Legal limit: 0.08

KSTP News: Wisconsin judge not arrested; driving under the influence.
A Wisconsin judge, who had bloodshot eyes and smelled of alcohol, was not arrested for drinking and driving late last year despite failing a field sobriety test and blowing well over the legal limit, according to police video and records obtained by 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS.

Judge Eric Lundell can be heard on police dash and body cameras asking for special treatment during the traffic stop in Hudson, Wisconsin.

"Where's the ol' police courtesy," he asked one of the officers.
...Lundell again asked for special treatment.

"Just give me one police courtesy one time in my whole career. If you want to ride with me home, fine. C'mon, Brad," he said, again addressing the sergeant by his first name.

Officer Luke Radke explained why the judge's request was problematic.

"I'm going to handle this like I would for anyone else," Radke said. "I understand you want some police courtesy right now, but if I get caught, or it gets released to the media that I didn't do my job because of who you are, my career is over."

The 71-year-old judge declined to perform at least one of the field sobriety tests, citing his age, but eventually agreed to stand on one leg – a test he failed.

At that point, Radke and Kusmirek agreed not to arrest Lundell.
However, the officers did ask the judge to take a breathalyzer with the understanding he would be allowed to drive home if he blew under a .04.

"Well, if you're not going to arrest me, then sure,"
Lundell said.

The judge then blew a .129. The officers allowed him to call for a ride home.
Hudson Police Chief Geoff Willems defended his officers' handling of the traffic stop, and said the judge was not given the police courtesy he requested.
"Anytime you have different officers, different experience levels, different training, you have a potential for a different outcome," he added.
WHAT?  "Anytime you have different officers, different experience levels, different training, you have a potential for a different outcome." 

The judge blew a .129.

Wisconsin's BAC definitions:
"Per Se" BAC Limit     0.08 Percent
Zero Tolerance (Underage) BAC Limit     0.02 Percent
Enhanced Penalty (Aggravated) BAC Limit     0.15 Percent
Implied Consent to Submit to BAC Test?     Yes
0.08 versus .129. Yeah, the judge was granted special favor. The Police Chief and the officer need to be fired.

"Where's the ol' police courtesy" - Eric Lundell.

Man Shot By Dog

I'm not poking fun at this story, even though I kind of am with the image. If this happened to me, I'd have no problem with anyone doing a similar image. The man lived, although one of his legs was amputated. I truly feel for the guy. If I could, I would've taken the bullet for him. I'd do that for anyone. I would.

An American hunter has lost a leg after being shot by a dog while on a hunting trip. That's according to a close friend and hunting companion of Matt Branch who warned others to be "the utmost careful when it comes to gun safety."
Branch was struck by a shotgun blast when a dog who was with his group jumped into the back of their Ford Ranger and stepped on the weapon's safety, setting it to fire mode, while also managing to pull the trigger.
The story contains a GoFundMe link to help with medical expenses. If you can help, please consider doing so.

Yeah, "the utmost care when it comes to gun safety." Wonder why they ignored that? You can't ignore it, not even for one second. And when you're hunting and have a dog or dogs with you, the intensity of "utmost gun safety" becomes magnified even more. There always exists the unpredictability of what could happen with a person handling a loaded weapon. Deer hunters have suffered heart attacks and fallen from their stands. Their rifle has sometimes fallen along with them and discharged, other times, not. The unpredictability factor of what dogs might do during hunting is a complete "unknown". Even the best trained hunting dog can do something unexpected and unanticipated.

There are only two places where a loaded gun can be when it comes to utmost gun safety. A loaded gun is either being held or holstered by the person in possession of it. OR, it is inside a locked gun safe. That's it. Some may argue the second option I listed is inappropriate. My reply would be, yes, you make a STRONG ARGUMENT to unload the gun before placing it the safe.

The primary, never-ever-EVER rule to overlook, not even for a split second, is leaving a loaded gun unattended. You can't do it. I've hunted, shot at the range, sat around with other experienced gun handlers and every time, without fail, if a gun is being passed around for others to look at, every single person does the same thing: they check to make sure it is NOT LOADED. Even though they know it's unloaded and was checked by the person before them. And the really smart ones check it twice and three times. THAT is what you must do. One cannot check an unloaded gun too frequently.

Many of us, including myself, have been hunting and ya gotta take a whizz. Yes, I've set my rifle or shotgun down, usually as close to the ground as possible - depending on if the ground is leaves, wet or snow. Yes, I've left it loaded but with the safety on. Did I violate the number one primary rule I stated above? Technically, yep, I sure did. And I'm lucky, in retrospect, that no freak accident occurred. One could have, and I would have been pissed that I'd not adhered to the primary rule.

I hope Mr. Branch recovers fully. The loss of his leg is so tragic. His life is forever changed. The aftermath, a result of a split-second moment in thinking a loaded gun could be left unattended. Responsible gun owners know not to do this. From the story, Mr. Branch and his hunting party certainly seem to be just that; responsible gun owners. But that one, momentary lapse - that one "it's only for X time" - of leaving a loaded gun unattended, is a momentary lapse that we can't ever allow happen.

Never leave a loaded gun in the pick-up bed, or car trunk, or back seat even if you're driving six feet down the road. Make sure you've emptied it. If you're out in the boonies, and feel like leaving it out of the case for that six-foot trip, I'm not going to harsh on that - just make sure it's not loaded.

I, and those I've hunted and shot with, have been 1) exceedingly careful and 2) very fortunate, as none of us have experienced an errant shot, an unintended discharge, a shot fired in error. I attribute that to being well-schooled with guns. Gun safety was part of Boy Scouts. I hunted with my dad, brothers, uncles and cousins. Every single one had gun safety strongly and indelibly drilled into our heads. Instead of "hands-on" gun safety starting at an early age, and continuing it into teens and young adulthood, has society changed into a "fear guns" mentality? Is this why there seems to be an uptick in reports of "accidental shootings"? Readers, gun owners...please pitch in an leave a comment.

Small Boat vs Huge Crusie Ship

BBC: Watch below or hit this link for a video clip of an inflatable boat that came way too close for comfort with a cruise liner.

Mystery radio waves from far outside galaxy.

VOA News: Astronomers in Canada have detected a mysterious volley of radio waves from far outside our galaxy.
Fast radio bursts (FRBs) flash only for a micro-instant, but can emit as much energy as the sun does in 10,000 years.

Exactly what causes these high-energy surges of long waves at the far end of the electromagnetic spectrum remains the subject of intense debate.
“FRBs, it seems, are likely generated in dense, turbulent regions of host galaxies,” [said] Shriharsh Tendulkar, a corresponding author for both studies and an astronomer at McGill University.
Maybe in space, your screams are heard.