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9/23/2017: The World Isn't Ending Today...

...but in case it does...(which it won't)......


Song: "We'll Meet Again," sung by Vera Lynn.
We'll meet again,
Don't know where, don't know when,
But I know we'll meet again, some sunny day.

Keep smiling through,
Just like you always do,
Till the blue skies drive the dark clouds, far away.

So will you please say hello,
To the folks that I know,
Tell them I won't be long,
They'll be happy to know that as you saw me go
I was singing this song.

We'll meet again,
Don't know where, don't know when,
But I know we'll meet again, some sunny day.

Don't cancel your plans for Sunday, the 24th.

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Tech News

(I've been updating less over the last few days. I just don't have it in me right now to write on current events, politics and serious stuff.)

My heart and prayers go out to those affected by hurricane Maria.

How to help those affected by Maria and the other hurricanes. 

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Extreme Tech: The World is not ending this coming Saturday, nor is it the beginning of the countdown to 'Doomsday'.

In the extreme case, yet tiny percent chance that it does happen, we know who to blame: Russia.
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I LOVE BetaNews. (It's Tech dopamine for the IT crowd.) The Librem 5 smart phone has both GNOME and Purism in its corner in developing a PRIVACY BASED cell phone.

Via: Beta News
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GizmodoEquifax Has Been Sending Consumers to a Fake Phishing Site for Almost Two Weeks.
Equifax’s response to its data breach has been a total shitshow, [sic] something the company seems determined to remind us of each and every day.

For nearly two weeks, the company’s official Twitter account has been directing users to a fake lookalike website, the sole purpose of which is to expose Equifax’s reckless response to the breach.
After announcing the breach, Equifax directed its customers to, a website where they can enroll in identity theft protection services and find updates about how Equifax is handing the “cybersecurity incident.”

But the decision to create “equifaxsecurity2017” in the first place was monumentally stupid. The URL is long and it doesn’t look very official—that means it’s going to be very easy to emulate. Fake versions of the site could be used to phish Equifax customers and steal their personal information, again. A much safer choice would have been to create a subdomain on the Equifax website ( and direct users there.

To illustrate how idiotic Equifax’s decision was, developer Nick Sweeting created a fake website of his own:
(I can't see Equifax being a viable company for much longer. And - if I were TransUnion and Experian - I'd be target marketing businesses that use Equifax and make every attempt to make that customer mine.)
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Via TechNews World,  from E-Commerce Times The Internet of Things is a Boon for B2B business. No doubt - this is a hugely untapped market.
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Attention Gamers...From PC World: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW about the new XBox One X.
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Security Week: Apple issuing security patches.   (Looks like Apple is going to give MicroSoft some competition in issuing patches):  
Apple this week announced the availability of 8 security patches for its iPhone 5s and later, iPad Air and later, and iPod touch 6th generation users, released as part of the iOS 11 platform upgrade.

- - -
 C|Net: $126,000 and change will buy you the 2017 Jaguar F / SVR. Full review of the Jag HERE.
I keep my distance until a straightaway comes up, then cross over the dashed line and unleash the 575-horsepower fury of the F-Type SVR's supercharged V8, sport exhaust turned on for maximum effect.
 It manages to mute vibration even on rough back roads, letting me enjoy the beautiful diamond upholstery on seats and door panels, along with the excellent audio quality from the Meridian-branded 12 speaker 770-watt audio system.
The Jag. Image via C|Net.
- - - a lab-kitchen hybrid in a Silicon Valley office park, [a] company called Impossible Foods has over the last six years done something not quite impossible, but definitely unlikely: Engineering a plant-based burger that smells, tastes, looks, and even feels like ground beef.
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C|Net: Facebook enabled marketers to target ads to "Jew-Haters."
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TechCrunch: Tech giants asked to remove extremism content at a faster pace.
...fining social media firms which fail to meet collective targets for illegal content takedowns has also been floated by the heads of state. Earlier this year the German government proposed a regime of fines for social media firms that fail to meet local takedown targets for illegal content.

The Guardian reports today that the UK government would like to see the time it takes for online extremist content to be removed to be greatly speeded up — from an average of 36 hours down to just two.

That’s a considerably narrower timeframe than the 24 hour window for performing such takedowns agreed within a voluntary European Commission code of conduct which the four major social media platformed signed up to in 2016.
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NextgovFederal Agencies bewildered by Blockchain. Good!
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New Atlas: Hypersonic flight. Threat or opportunity?

Fly faster! Image: NASA
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1.9 Billion Data Records Exposed in First Half of 2017
Every second, 122 records are exposed in breaches around the globe, a new report shows. And that's doesn't even include the new Equifax breach data.

More than 10 million data records are pilfered or lost every day around the world, a rate of more than 7,000 per minute: and that's only the numbers from breaches that go public.
 - - -
WebProNews: Amazon foments bidding wars in 100 cities.
Amazon has publicly solicited bids from cities to become the location of its second home, dubbed as “HQ2.” As a result, cities are now trying their best to outdo each other to come up with enough enticing perks to woo the internet firm.
Yeah, that tiny, small market, start-up company...Amazon and it's alien-human hybrid leader Jeff Bezos, need financial business incentives and perks in order to be profitable.

Bezos. A human-appearing robot made in Westworld.
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ArsTechniaMan holds website hostage, demands $10 Grand. They don't pay so he re-directs their URL to a gay p0rn site.
An Arizona man was sentenced Monday to four years of federal probation after he pled guilty to effectively holding a corporate website hostage and redirecting it to a gay porn site for several days in 2015. The defendant, Tavis Tso, was also ordered to pay over $9,000 in restitution.
...Tso told company staffers that he could help them fix the problem—for the low price of $10,000.

When they refused, he redirected the site to a gay pornographic website. Somehow, after several days—court documents are vague on this point—the company’s site was returned to normal.
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ArsTechniaMysterious flesh-eating bacteria in Australia on the rise. Big Time.
The infections are caused by Mycobacterium ulcerans, a slow-growing bacterium that causes gaping, palm-sized ulcers. Sometimes called Buruli ulcers, the lesions seem to dissolve skin and gnaw away at tissue. The bacteria are known to lurk around Victoria, but experts don’t know where it lives or how it spreads.
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TechCrunch link fixed 9/21/2017

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Sunday, September 17, 2017

World News Links

Metro: Skunky, Potent, Gorilla Glue a Hit in Britain. Where wouldn't it be a hit?
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The Scotsman: Number of Armed Patrols increased following London train bombing.
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Herald de Paris: Indian government raids NDTV:
[The homes of the founders of NDTV were raided by the Bureau of Investigation] accusing them of failing to repay a multi-million-dollar bank loan.
- - -
Singapore Star - another knife attack attempt: 
[A] French soldier managed to subdue the suspect near a subway location.
The man reportedly shouted references to the Islamic State group while attacking the soldier and was quickly arrested.
(Solder unharmed!)
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CTV News: "Mentally Ill" verdict in Slender Man stabbing.
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Gorilla Glue.
- --
- - -
Globe and Mail: Britain subway bombing a "new normal." ("New normal"????)
- - -
World News: St. Louis bracing for more protests.
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Sidney Morning Herald: Sky-writing; "Vote No" on same sex marriage. 

Photo: AAP
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“...Why is this guy so pre…suffocated with the issue of young people, especially boys? Are you a pedophile?” Duterte asked, referring to CHR head Chito Gascon.

“Why are you smitten with teenagers? Are you? I’m having my doubts. Are you gay or a pedophile?”

Gascon did not immediately reply to a request for comment.
- - -
BBCSignificant arrest in Parsons Green bombing:
Police have arrested an 18-year-old man on suspicion of a terror offence in connection with Friday's attack on a London Tube train.

Armed police are continuing to search a house in Sunbury-on-Thames, Surrey.
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RTT News: UPS moves towards all-electric trucks made by Daimler.
- - -
NBC News: Typhoon tears through Vietnam.
- - -
The Robb Report: The Tonino Lamborghini $2,500 luxury cellphone.

Photo: Tonino Lamborghini

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Harry Dean Stanton and Frank Vincent; Rest In Peace. (Sometimes 80 and 91 years old are still just too young).

Actor Frank Vincent has died.  Some obits list his age at 78, others mention 80.

Frank Vincent

Vincent appeared in many hit films, including Martin Scorsese's "Casino," Raging Bull," and "Casino."

But perhaps he will be best remembered as ruthless mob boss Phil Leotardo in The Sopranos.

"There's no scraps in my scrap book."

THE NY Daily News:
Scorsese, [remembering Vincent said],  "... he understood the world we were portraying so well that he really didn't appear to be acting at all."
- - -
Harry Dean Stanton  has died at age 91.

Harry Dean Stanton 1926-2017

Stanton's film and television credits are many; the guy was always working. He appeared in many films of David Lynch,   playing characters that only he could do.

Lynch, paying tribute to Stanton said: EW:
“The great Harry Dean Stanton has left us. There went a great one. There’s nobody like Harry Dean. Everyone loved him. And with good reason. He was a great actor (actually beyond great) — and a great human being — so great to be around him!!! You are really going to be missed Harry Dean!!! Loads of love to you wherever you are now!!!”
From Showtimes' "Twin Peaks," - Keep The Blood scene:


[Stanton said]  "... I had to decide if I wanted to be a singer or an actor. I was always singing."
Dean's "Blue Eyes Crying in The Rain":


And, a very nice tribute to Harry Dean at Threedonia.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Tech News

The Ig-Nobel Prizes have been awarded. From ArsTechnia: Musical vaginas; are cats solids, liquids or both; and where did they find four people who are "disgusted by cheese"?
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C|NetGoodbye Cassini.
- - -
At WIREDYou need to see this video.
A man dressed as a car seat to fool pedestrians and drivers into believing his van was driving itself.
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TechCrunch: South Park's Cartman trolls Alexa. And yes, it's exactly what we expect from SP.
- - -
Mel Magazine: The history of the recliner.

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BetaNews: Hurricanes lead to drop in malware infections[.] It's not BetaNews that sounds...stupid...they're quoting from Enigma Software Group, [showing that computer infections and malware] in the Houston area showed a 52.5 percent drop from the average on August 29th[.]

Yeah - and other scientific studies, conducted over several decades, show that Water-skiing drastically declines during winter months.
- - -
PC World: If you're a Gamer, this story is for you.
- - -
Gizmodo: Google's Chrome browser will soon block autoplay videos and those annoying ads with sound. I like the idea of blocking autoplays - but - it's Google. You know it's going to have a down side.
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 Who is watching and listening to you? Do you have any real remaining privacy? TechNewsWorld: technologies became an accepted part of life.
Over time, we've been learning to accept every invasion of privacy, step by step.

Someone knows about every TV show we watch, every place we drive in our car, and every phone call we make, either wire line or wireless.
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ZD Net: It's a Penclic. A mouse that's a pen.   I like this idea.
- - -
BGR: Orbit Litter; lots of it.

via NASA
- - -
The user-activated ActiFresh technology features a high-powered fan that pulls odors from within the bowl through the rim holes, passing the air through a filter for purification. The ActiFresh filter contains active charcoal that captures odor particles — similar to the way an air filter traps dust — catching the elements that cause the unpleasant smell. Fresh air is then released back into the environment, leaving the bathroom smelling fresh and clean.
- - -
Phys.orgChina [building] the world's first unhackable [quantum computer network].
"We plan to use the network for national defence, finance and other fields," [said Zhou Fei, assistant director of the Jinan Institute of Quantum Technology].
It will be the world's longest land-based quantum communications network, stretching over 2,000 km.

Friday Morning Music Video Selection with your Coffee


There was only one person on earth possessing the perfect voice and the perfect front-man showmanship who was able to successfully step in filling the untimely void left by the late, great, iconic Bon Scott. And that person is Brian Johnson. At least, in MHO

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Cash is the Bicycle of World Finance!

Relaxed, unhurried average reading time:  7-8m -  and I'm sorry about that. Originally this was two paragraphs and two links. It kind of took off on its own.

What's developing in the world of a cashless society? Would you want to give up using cash? I would hate a cashless society. Paying with cash is so easy and fast. Cash brings anonymity. Why does the government, or a business, need to know, to the penny, what we spend our money on? Going cashless is a giant step into a one-world government. Yeah, yeah...I know...I know...I know...

This is not a conspiracy. Why would anyone put 100% of their method of paying for things into one digital basket? Even more, why into cryptocurrency / digital cash? JP Morgan's Jamie Dimon says Bitcoin is a fraud that will blow up. (The Guardian, September 13, 2017).

Some excerpts from (the second link to) The Guardian:
“Cashless society” is a euphemism for a “bank payments society”, in which every transaction must be passed through a complex of banks, card companies, phone providers and payments apps.
Ask a room of people to raise their hands if they wish to be able to use digital payment, and most will do so. But if you reframe the question as “Do you want to not have the option to use cash?” people are more hesitant. We like new options, but we don’t like having options removed.
The digital payments industry tries to cast cash as the horse-drawn carriage of payments; but cash is the bicycle, more flexible, resilient and convenient in certain settings, especially informal ones.
States having access to your payments data opens up potential for economic censorship.

[.]  Corporations too are drooling over the potential to monitor customer payment data.
" the sitter in Bitcoin."
"I'm doing the transaction right now!"

How much more of your personal life do you want to voluntarily turn over to corporations? Are we not market-profiled enough already? Is it that maybe Google or Facebook doesn't know enough about you?

Paying with cash is always quicker. Always. We've all been there, standing in the check-out line while someone at the register keeps passing their card into the slot, it beeps, for some reason payment is being rejected. 

Then comes the question everyone standing in line knew was coming from the confused (that deer-in-the-headlights look) payer, "Duhhhhhhhh, do I press 'debit' or 'credit'?"  Well, just how fucking long have you been using the card, and you still don't know which button to press, debit or credit? On the other hand, the person paying by cash is in and out for only as long as it takes to ring up the sale and make change, if required. "Next!"

The other day I linked to the Technocracy article on cryptocurrency and how it will enable Global Elitists. They're not going to limit themselves to one, single form of currency or means of exchange. But they will want the rest of the world to do so.

The Big Lie being told in trying to sell the public on government blockchains  goes something like this. GovCheck:
Blockchain is among the “next big, transformational technologies” being eyed for use by government in its ongoing quest to provide residents with easy, online access to services and transactions[.]
You caught that, right? Government blockchain control will provide citizens with easier online services and transactions. 

When has government ever done anything that made things easier? (I'll give you the electronic filing of income tax). When has government ever done anything that simplified our interaction with them?

When the government says what they're doing for us will make life easier, we can bet it will do just the opposite.

Anyone or any institution telling you blockchains are infallible is lying.

The cloud-based ledger ensures that records can’t be duplicated, manipulated or faked, and increased visibility in parts of the supply chain promotes an unprecedented level of trust.
Everything above said by the WEF is a lie. Why would anyone believe the WEF? They're the United Nations of world economy. Their vested interest in blockchain is controlling all global finance.

Blockchains are considerably safer than other electronic means of transactions, but - this is a semantics thing, some people don't like to admit blockchains can be "hacked" - they can be infiltrated, compromised and falsified. Huh - sounds like "hacked" to me.  

Of course vulnerabilities exist within blockchains, they're created by humans. Humans have flaws, and thus, anything created by humans will be flawed. In technology, all it takes to compromise a network is one, tiny exploitable flaw. In the time it takes you to read this post, I can assure you that MicroSoft will have issued two patches for a security flaw in one or more of its Operating Systems or for Internet Explorer.

Image: WikiCommons

Does the name Marcus Hutchins ring a bell? What about the name MalwareTech? He's the guy who stopped the WannaCry malware virus that attacked computer systems from Europe to the U.S. earlier this year.

Hutchins noticed the flaw; that all the WannaCry traffic was directed to an unregistered web domain. As soon as he purchased the domain - registering it as an active, "living" domain rather than the dormant domain it was - the malware was inactivated. The kill-switch was activating the domain. Pretty damn good critical thinking on his part, huh?

Some may argue it's inaccurate in comparing a viral  flaw to a blockchain flaw. Well, a flaw is a flaw. Virus, blockchain, power steering, canoe...if it's flawed, it's flawed.

This is one of the best articles (LINK RESTORED. I've LOST THE LINK, AM WORKING TO FIND IT AGAIN-DD)  that I've read on blockchains. It's a long, long  article, but it's darn good. I encourage you to do everything you can to make it through that article. It is worth downloading and reading at your leisure or to have for future referral.

The legend goes, that once a transaction is logged and completed within the blockchain (think of it as one 'cell' of many within a digital a ledger), that it cannot be modified, changed or imitated. But that's not true. A "cell" has been  retroactively changed. Or...hacked. It's much more difficult to compromise blockchain than our current technology in digital monetary security, but it's not fail-safe. Some of the more rigid and inflexible IT crowd cringe at "fail-safe", instead preferring the term "fault tolerant."

The biggest flaw - you already know this - is human fallibility. People are going to have to trust other people in any blockchain transaction. As in any situation involving humans, the degree of trustworthiness and the honesty of others always must be considered. And add human error to the can't not happen.

Moving to a cashless society makes Asset Forfeiture  (already an all-too uncomplicated action) even easier and more pervasive. From BLF (Bigger Law Firm):
On July 19, the DOJ under Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the resumption of federally adopted forfeitures, whereby local and state law enforcement to use federal law to seize cash and other property from people suspected of crimes, even if they are not charged.
Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein defended the [Asset Forfeiture) program to reporters.

“This is not about taking assets from innocent people," [said Rosenstein].
[Criminal defense attorney and professor at Virginia Commenweatlh [sic] University Matt C. Pinkser] states:

“No one objects to criminals losing their ill-gotten gains from their criminal activity. The problem is that for civil forfeiture, there is no requirement that a person is charged with a crime, let alone convicted.”

Pinsker explained that prosecutors need only show it is more likely than not that the asset being seized was involved in, contributed to or acquired through criminal activity.

 From The Sovereign Investor:
Seizures can be based on mere rumor, gossip, a police hunch, or self-serving statements from disreputable people with an axe to grind like anonymous paid informants[.]
It seems eliminating cash, and moving to only a digital form of currency, would expand the Black Market.

Will we have to depend on criminal elements and drug cartels to keep cash alive?

We've seen in movies and television a drug lord being paid by a bank-to-bank transfer or "wire". This is an entirely different animal than an electronic funds transfer (EFT) based on virtual currency.

In other words, what's being transferred isn't the dollar or the Euro or the pound. A cashless digital transfer is an amorphous exchange of a form of currency devoid of physical representation taking place in the ether ., writing about cryptocurrency, points to the encryption "keys" needed by the parties involved in digital currency transactions:
A private key is a tiny bit of code that is paired with [algorithms] for text encryption and decryption.
As the term suggests, private keys are intended to be secret, and is shared only with the key’s initiator, ensuring security.
Insider trading isn't supposed to happen, but it does. Why? People can't keep secrets.

A digital key "secret" code is secure only up to the point of a bribe or a criminal, embezzler or hacker threatening the other party. "We've abducted your family/son/daughter...give us the code or watch your family die." Gee, how long do you think that that code will remain "secret"?

Where, when and how this ends, I don't know. If I did, I guess I could parlay that info into becoming a wealthy man. Personally, I don't think any of the Seven Trumpets of the Book of Revelation have blown, signaling the coming of the Mark of The Beast, but who knows?

I don't know about you, but on this issue of a cashless society, if I have to depend on drug lords, cartels, criminals and hackers, I'll take any ally I can get who wants to keep the bicycle of world finance alive and well.
- - -
Although this has been proofread several times, grammar/punctuation/ typos may occur. Consult your doctor if these symptoms persist.
- - -
Grammar clarifier; fixed typo 9/15/2017

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No Update, No need to click.

I didn't realize the number of embedded vids I had, so I removed a bunch of them. They took up too much screen space.Left a few in place that are still relevant re: Harvey and Irma.

Delusional Hillary Clinton "won 4 million more popular votes" than Trump, she tells "The View"

Average reading time (excluding links):  2m 15s

I sometimes watch "The View" so you don't have to.

Today's special guest was LOSING Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

The number of her popular votes keeps increasing.  She said her popular vote exceeded 4 million.

Well, she's lying. When isn't she?

I'll use the liberal site, The Ring of Fire Network, as my source for the popular vote, because, we all know, Liberals NEVER embellish or exaggerate statistics.

Total popular vote from Ring of Fire Network
I did the math three times. WITH a calculator. The difference between the two above popular vote totals is: 2,833,220; a far cry from "over 4 million."

She blamed her loss on the usual crowd: Sexism, voter suppression, misogyny, James Comey, the Russians, James Comey, the Russians, James Comey, the Russians, James Comey, the Russians, James Comey, the Russians, James Comey, the Russians, Bernie Sanders, the Russians, and James Comey. 

And James Comey - did I mention him? I wouldn't want to accidentally exclude him. And James Comey. And The Russians. And misogyny - yeah - that misogyny will get ya every time, eh Hillary?

If you want to view a state by state list of the popular vote, lists them all, and they use data from The New York Times as their source. I always use a Liberal source as a reference so no one can accuse me of using "skewed, Right-Wing sources" for information.

It was quite nice finding the site, "The Ring of Fire." It's a veritable "Who's Who" of has-been, miserably failed Liberal Radio Talk hosts.

One of the personalities listed on "Ring of Fire" is The Rotting Corpse Mike Malloy,  Big Time Failed Lefty "talker". If you ever wanted to hear someone who is completely, mentally unhinged and full of hate, it's The Rotting Corpse. He's no longer actually "on-air". He's been relegated to only podcasts. Oh - that's so sad.

I like to think this fossilized sorry-ass excuse for a human being is sitting in a tiny room, talking into the round cardboard insert from a roll of paper towels pretending it's a microphone. Of course, the photo on their site of Malloy is...oh, from 50 years ago or more? His road-map-wrinkled face makes scrotal skin seem as smooth as a baby's ass.

"Ring of Fire"? "Sinking Ship of Has-Been Fools" is more appropriate.

The Rotting Corpse Mike Malloy

Broadway Show "Lard" Unpopular and Hemorrhaging Money

Broadway's one-man-show "LARD"  is not popular, and is in a downward (financial) spiral [and has] paltry sales. Daily Caller:
["Lard"] is in a downward spiral [with]  paltry sales.
"LARD", Broadway's One-Man-Show, fails to capture audience.

Tech News

From BGR, just in time for Oktoberfest, Adidas markets beer and puke resistant sneakers. Really!
- - -
MARK OF THE BEAST, ANYONE? This is not a conspiracy. This is real, this is happening. It must be stopped. From TechnocracyGlobal Elites' Scheme for crypto-currency:
...crypto-hysteria is distracting you from a scary truth no one is talking about. There is every indication that governments, regulators, tax authorities, and the global elite are moving in for the crypto-kill. The future of Bitcoin may be a dystopia in which Big Brother controls what’s called “the blockchain” and decides when and how you can buy or sell anything and everything.

Furthermore, cryptocurrency technology could be the very mechanism used by global elites to replace the dollar based financial system.

- - -
Security WeekBashware; vulnerable Win10 feature for Windows Subsystem for Linux may transfer malware. Don't worry, Windows will release another patch.

- - -
This is the stuff that makes Tech-files drool. BetaNews12 Terabyte HD, 7200 RPM disk speed. But it's pricey.
- - -
We've all heard the term Big Data. What is it? InfoWorld tells us all we need to know.
- - -
As long as we're talking about Big Data, attention business owners: Your analytics are all wrong. Information Week:
"Analytics are viewed as how many tools or dashboards you have, or how many reports you generate, " said Isher Kaila, CEO of management consulting firm Sapphire Nine Consulting.  "No one is anchoring that to the amount of insights you are delivering, and by extension, what those insights translate to in terms of business outcomes.
Exactly. But try and tell that to your boss.
- - -
ZD Net: The inadequate tech protection is why Equifax was hacked.
- - -
Here comes the MARK OF THE BEAST AGAIN. This time, it's in the form of ... the iPhone X. Geek:
The biggest reason I’m immediately turned off by the iPhone X is [the]  FaceID facial recognition technology.
But no, Apple, the iPhone X can’t have my face.
- - -
Speaking of Facial ID recognition, NextGov asks what will become of your facial scan, who can access it, and some very other pertinent legal questions.
- - -
TechCrunch: "Animoji are dumb and I detest them." I could not agree more.
- - -
NewAtlas: Change the view from your house...your revolving house.
- - -
Gizmodo: Slash-In-A-Box.
- - -
The designs on the arm are not a Swastika.

It is not a swastika - it's not even close - but because some say it kind of looks like one, people are all upset. ArsTechnia:
"It's come to our attention that a gauntlet [an armor item] in Destiny 2 shares elements with a hate symbol," Bungie wrote on its official Twitter channel. "We are removing it. Our deepest apologies. We renounce [sic] hate in all forms."

The item in question, which was still live on the game's official site as of press time, is a piece of arm-and-shoulder armor named "Road Complex AA1." Its lime-green color and iconography, with solid lines offset by opposite-facing letter K shapes, look quite similar to elements on a flag for a fictitious nation dubbed "Kekistan." The full flag design, which has flown at recent neo-Nazi rallies across the United States, looks very similar to a German Nazi flag. Differences include the color swap to lime green and a mix of Ks and lines instead of a swastika. (The flag also commonly includes 4chan's heart-shaped logo.)

The "flag" of a fictitious nation. "Similar" to(??), but NOT a swastika.

No one who is affiliated with a true hate group is going to incorporate into their logo or hate symbol the four 4Chan hearts. No offense to 4Chan (they are an informative site) - it's just not a design that a hate group is going to drop into their logo.

Should I, as a Christian, be offended by the above flag because of the "cross" symbol which is similar to a crucifix?

What about the military-style short buzz haircut that so many guys sport? Are they sporting a "neo-Nazi" haircut? Should we ban short, buzz-cut haircuts? The Swastika predates Nazism by thousands of years and was used as a spiritual and religious symbol.
The word ‘swastika’ is a Sanskrit word (‘svasktika’) meaning ‘It is’, ‘Well Being’, ‘Good Existence, and ‘Good Luck’.
It is ironic, and unfortunate, that a symbol of life and eternity that was considered sacred for thousands of years has become a symbol of hatred.
The flag has four letter "K's" back to back; the "K" for Kekistan. Kekistan does not exist. It is not a real country. We, as a society, need to clearly establish and define true symbols of hate from those that kind of look like, but are not, a hate symbol. The lines have been blurred so much by the Politically Correct Police that soon, a single, solid, bold "line" drawn on a piece of cloth will be misinterpreted as a hate symbol or said to "resemble or have elements similar" to an actual hate symbol.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Hurricane Irma Live Feeds; Radar/Satellite Images; Beach and Earth Cams; Traffic; Road Conditions; Weather; News

God Help Us. Pray for those affected by the hurricanes and the flooding.

Some sites may be slow loading; refresh browser often.

> > > (Just noticed when I embedded the code, I had all the sound on all of the vids "muted" so I didn't have to listen to them. So - you may have have to "un-mute" the sound icon and check the volume on one or more vids).< < <

Florida Highway Traffic and Road Conditions 

Georgia Highway Traffic and Road Conditions

Atlanta Traffic Report Real Time 

South Carolina Traffic and Road Conditions

Louisiana Traffic and Road Conditions

Florida Traffic Cams Real-Time

Fort Myers Sanibel Harbour Yacht Club Live Cam Click refresh for current image(s).

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George cLooney Likes "To Pick Fights."

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Please get out your prayer bench and join me in worshiping the wonderfulness of "celebrity" George Clooney. I use the term celebrity very loosely because referring to him as an actor makes me laugh so hard and so much that I can't type.

cLooney says he "likes to pick fights." MSN:
...Clooney described [Steve Bannon ] as a "failed f--ing screenwriter."

"I like picking fights," Clooney said, according to Entertainment Weekly.
I don't give a rip about Bannon or who hurls insults at him, be my guest. Bannon is a non-factor.

More, from the MSN story:
[Clooney said], "You know, they say I'm out of touch. You want to call me a Hollywood liberal? Come at me. I sold ladies shoes, I sold insurance door to door, I worked at an all-night liquor store, I cut tobacco for a living. I can change the fan belt on my car. I grew up in that world in Kentucky. I know every bit of that world, and I know my friends and what they believe. And I know this is not a moment in our history that we'll look back and be proud of. So if I'm not standing on the side I believe to be right, I'd be ashamed."
Please pause and thank our Almighty Creator for having blessed us with such an admirable, genuine, sincere and humble "regular guy."

Maybe, like me, you are thinking that people who work on oil rigs, and in coal mines, lumberjacks, butchers, fire-fighters, law enforcement officers, farm laborers, prison guards, roofers, railroad laborers, those serving in the Military and commercial laundry workers - to name a few - are simply awed by the incredible challenges, difficulties and hardships cLooney endured to become one of the most over-rated celebrities in history.

No one has ever worked as hard as you, George; no one.

cLooney obviously has had some of the most arduous jobs in the history of mankind. He sold ladies shoes, door-to-door insurance, worked the graveyard shift in a liquor store AND...cut tobacco for a living. I don't recall the judgmental, anti-smoking crowd chastising him for this. He aided and abetted tobacco companies. Shouldn't he be forever excoriated for this atrocity?

Any welder or mine worker, or someone who repairs heavy machinery, reading the above, must now realize just how cake their job is when compared to those of cLooney.

cLooney would still be at any one of those very tough jobs he had, but it was being the nephew  of Rosemary Clooney  that gave him the shot at fooling the public that he possesses talent and can act. His aunt had talent. He does not.

Aerial view of one of cLooney's several homes. Image: FameFlynetUK/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES
Image: FameFlynetUK/FAMEFLYNET
Image: FameFlynetUK/FAMEFLYNET

No, this isn't wealth envy or any type of jealousy on my part.

THIS is what it's about
"I can change the fan belt on my car."
No, you can't.

I don't know what year or model car he's driving...(gee, do you think he has more than one vehicle?)...but HEY...GRANDPA...NEWS belts haven't been around in DECADES. Unless he's driving some retro/custom "oldies" car.

No, he can't change the fan belt on his car. Not unless it's a simple single loop belt that fits over no more than two pulleys.

Beginning in the late 1980's and early 1990's, car makers tossed the fan belt aside and serpentine belts became the norm. The first serpentine belt was used in 1979.

I defy George cLooney to change a serpentine belt, on camera, without having researched it, having instructions or someone teaching him how to do it.

I don't think cLooney could identify the oil pan if it was on his dashboard.

I'm unable to provide proper attribution to those who said the following because I've heard and read these phrases from several different sources. And they both apply to cLooney in spades:
"If you want to know what God thinks of money, look at who he gives it to."


"It's those who work the shitty jobs that keep the world running."
I don't care that he's a Liberal, and that because of who he is, he has a place on the world stage on which to pontificate.

It's that he is such a Grade A Asshole. "I like to pick fights." Does adult behavior get more infantile than that?

We'll be waiting for cLooney's press release on when he'll be changing that serpentine belt.
- - -
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