Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Matt Gaetz spars with Loyd Austin. U.S. pier Gaza Coast.

Matt Gaetz: Secretary Austin Reveals to Rep. Gaetz High Likelihood of Shooting Warfare Between U.S. Troops and Gaza Forces.

Rep. Gaetz: what do we do that's like so now want to move to the likelihood that we think someone from land and Gaza might shoot at our service members on this pier? Do you think that that's a likely scenario?

Secretary Austin: That's possible? Yes.

Rep. Gaetz: This is a very telling moment, Mr. Secretary, because you've said something that's quite possible. That could happen right? Shots from Gaza, on our servicemembers, and then the response our Armed Service members shooting live fire into Gaza. That is impossible outcome here so that we can become the Port Authority and run this period. Right.

Secretary Austin: That's correct. And I expect that we will always have the ability

Rep. Gaetz: You think that counts as boots on the ground? President Biden told the country that we weren't going to have boots on the ground in Gaza.

Secretary Austin: and we won't.

Rep. Gaetz: okay, but you guys parse the distinction between like when Americans think boots on the ground, they think Americans in harm's way, are engaged actively in a conflict. You guys seem to be sort of saying that boots on a pier, connected to the ground, connected to servicemembers shooting into Gaza doesn't count as boots on the ground.

Secretary Austin: It does not.
Rep. Gaetz: So how many 100 million dollar paperweights Do we own?

Secretary Austin: I would not categorize the F 35 as a paperweight.

Rep. Gaetz: Well if it's not mission capable. What do we just stare at it and admire?

Secretary Austin
: We continue to work to make sure that we we get our aircraft operational and continue to[.]

Austin, possibly the dumbest, and therefore dangerous, Secretary of Defense the U.S. has ever had. Hit the link, read the entire exchange, it's not a long story.

- - - 

Daily Mail: First photos of the $320 million US aid pier off Gaza; fury from Republicans and criticism that food is blocked on land.

The estimate is about double earlier estimates.
'The cost has not just risen. It has exploded'.
The US and Israel Defense Forces engineers are partnering to get in more aid. ["partnering," yeah, the U. S. will do ALL the heavy-lifting, as aways.-DD]
'How much will taxpayers be on the hook once - or if - the pier is finally constructed?' Wicker asked.

'For every day this mission continues, the price tag goes up and so does the level of risk for the 1,000 deployed troops within range of Hamas' rockets.'

This is a farce. The aid will never be allowed to make it inland very far. This is an attempt by Biden's handlers to regain the support they lost from the American-Muslim voters. It won't work. It will work as a reason the Neocons, RINOs and UniParty want; for U.S. Military involvement in another designed war.

All this because Satanyahu blocks humanitarian aid, deliberately and sadistically starving Palestinian civilians to death.

Sprawling 'tent city' appears on Dublin streets.

LBC News: Sprawling 'tent city' appears on Dublin streets as UK and Irish ministers row over return of migrants.

Dozens of tents have appeared in Dublin near the International Protection Office - and the encampment has been labelled a ‘tent city’ buy the Irish Examiner.

Several of their tents have been daubed with messages that read 'we are not subhuman' and 'homes for all'.

The pictures emerged as UK Government ministers today rejected Dublin's demands to take back asylum seekers crossing from Northern Ireland.

Rishi Sunak has said the movement of migrants across the border shows that Downing Street’s Rwanda plan ‘is working’ - and he has said he is "not interested" in any sort of returns deal.

ISRAEL’S 9/11: A Khazarian-Directed Clown Show Performed By All The Usual Suspects.

SOTN: ISRAEL’S 9/11: A Khazarian-Directed Clown Show Performed By All The Usual Suspects.

A Long Planned And Transparently
Staged False Flag Terrorist Operation
Perpetrated By The MOSSAD And IDF
Using Israel-Created Hamas As The Patsy
In other words, there is no real war taking place here.  It’s an outright slaughter of the most defenseless and powerless group of Muslims and Christians in the Middle East.

Tuesday's Friday Morning Music Video

Advisory - Err on safety, NSFW (glimpses of teh female nekkidness, mature themes and some kinda violence).

"Radio" from 2019's Untitled by Rammstein.

Monday, April 29, 2024

Ron Paul: TikTok Hypocrisy.

New American: TikTok Hypocricy; by Ron Paul.

The TikTok ban was driven by claims that, because ByteDance is a Chinese company, TikTok is controlled by the Chinese government and, thus, is helping the Chinese government collect data on American citizens. However, the only tie ByteDance has to the Chinese government is via a Chinese government controlled company that owns a small amount of stock in a separate ByteDance operation. Furthermore, ByteDance stores its data in an American facility not accessible by the Chinese government.
The head of the Anti-Defamation League was actually caught on tape complaining about the “TikTok problem.” This use of TikTok made TikTok a target for the many politicians who think the First Amendment makes an exception for speech critical of Israel.

The silver lining in the TikTok ban is it is waking up more Americans, especially young Americans, to the threat the out-of-control welfare-warfare-surveillance state poses to their liberty and prosperity. This provides a great opportunity to spread the ideas of liberty and grow the liberty movement.

The Biden Administration and its handlers are fine with China buying U.S. land, manufacturing our pharmaceuticals, buying their steel and just about everything else you can think of. But it's TikTok that needs to be controlled and regulated?

Sensitive Warning Loop.

I am just now experiencing this Loop at other blogs with the content disclaimer. It seems to show up from time to time. Then it leaves.

Israeli drones lure Palestinians, then shooting them. Netanyahu asks Biden to help him avoid ICC arrest.

Middle East Eye: Israeli drones lure Palestinians with crying children recordings then shoot them.

Israeli quadcopters are employing a "bizarre" new tactic of playing audio recordings of crying infants and women in order to lure Palestinians to locations where they can be targeted.
When they went outside to locate the source of the cries and provide aid, Israeli quadcopters reportedly opened fire directly at them.
Residents were unable to help the victims, as the "quadcopters were firing at anything that moved". However, an ambulance managed to reach the area and transport them to hospital.
"Over the past three days, there have been at least 12 injuries due to quadcopter fire. This morning alone, we rescued six people who were wounded in the neighbourhood. The injuries were serious: some were shot directly in the head.”

According to the residents, the audio recordings also included songs in both Hebrew and Arabic, including children’s songs, sounds of clashes and moving tanks, voices of Palestinian armed men, and voices of local roaming vendors of cleaning products familiar to residents of Gaza.

For over a week, the Israeli army has been carrying out an intense military attack on the northwestern part of Nuseirat, targeting individuals, homes and neighbourhoods with artillery, aerial and naval shelling, as well as quadcopter gunfire.

If ⏫ tactics like this ⏫ aren't war crimes against humanity, then "war crimes against humanity" has no meaning at all.

Who wants to comment, telling me that the people lured out of their homes are, "all Hamas terrorists"? 

- - - 

ICC may issue arrest warrants for Israeli government and military officials.

Al-Jazeera: Israeli officials eye threat of ICC arrest warrants over war in Gaza.

Israeli media reports say the International Criminal Court might soon issue arrest warrants for senior Israeli government and military officials.

NBC: Israel fears ICC to issue arrest warrants for Netanyahu.

AXIOS: Netanyahu tells Biden he's worried about possible ICC arrest.

If all Satanyahu is doing, as he claims, "is defending Israel," it's a slam-dunk case for him and his cabinet that they're acting in self-defense. So why is he afraid of ICC arrest warrants?

He's a genocidal maniac whose defenders are deliberately blinded from not only killing Palestinian children and civilians, he's also killing his own people. 

Same Recap as before:

Egypt warned Israel three days prior to the attack. Israel did nothing. They wanted this to happen in order to justify their genocide of Gaza. It's that simple.

Police CAN arrest people!?

Who knew police had this incredible power? They didn't during the antifa and blm protests. Around the nation we watched as buildings burned, property destroyed, freeways and roads occupied by mobs preventing traffic flow and "no-go" areas (think Seattle's "CHAZ" zone). 

Yet now...for some mysterious reason, police are being called by universities and are arresting what are almost all peaceful protests on college campuses. "Oh, some people are saying words that are hurtful." Boofuckinghoo. Poor Amish snowflakes.

Pretty easy to guess why these arrests are happening, really. Everyone now noticing what many of us have noticed for years.

They have no one to blame but themselves. 




Luke 12:2-3:

2 Whatever is covered up will be uncovered, and every secret will be made known. 3 So then, whatever you have said in the dark will be heard in broad daylight, and whatever you have whispered in private in a closed room will be shouted from the housetops.

"Shouted from the Housetops" or in this case, college campuses. Their secrets, lies  and what they've tried to hide for years is being exposed. They can't deal with this - why do you think they want to ShutItDown?

Saturday, April 27, 2024

Saturday Night Memes.

A mix. No "Sensitive Content." Nothing edgy, I don't think so. But to CMA, Viewer Discretion Advised.

Some images best viewed as-is in the page layout, some are better, and larger, when you click on the image.

Please share. Hopefully this man can connect with his group.


Tim Walz doesn't know when not to say something.

Minnesota's Tubby Tyrant, Tim "DUI" Walz

This Miserable Fat Fuck is one to talk.

- It's been long alleged (and there are people who know), years ago, while hunting and drunk, Walz shot and killed his own dog. 

- As the leader of MN, (I refuse to call him "Governor"), into his second term, he's had at least two dogs (maybe more), each named "Scout" and no one know what happened to the prior "Scouts." There's never been two Scouts together, so where did the others go?

- His cat ran away from his residence, never to be found again. His cat got sick and tired of his shit and left. 🤣

- His premature exit from the MN NG in 2005 upon learning of deployment to Iraq. He ran away.

- His embellishment of his rank and accomplishments in the MN NG. 

- Then there's his daughter, Hope, who once threatened to "beat-up" a MN State Senator. Hope also was tipping off the protesters, providing them inside info in advance of what law enforcement was planning, during the 2020 Minneapolis Summer of Love and Healing. 

- It's alleged that his delay in activating the MN NG to counter the rioting and destruction in Minneapolis (and other areas) in 2020 is because he was too inebriated during the first three days of "civil unrest."

- Timmy bullied Twin Cities Public Television into deleting embarrassing video of his wife, Gwen. And TCPT happily obliged, squishy liberal worms they are. 

- Here's Timmy's DUI; 96 in a 55 MPH:

How as a teacher, the most important lesson he taught is, "responsibility." (Ahem)...Nice Mug Shot DUI Tim! 

- There are alleged claims that when asked to do a field sobriety test, Walz faked he had a hearing problem and couldn't understand the arresting officer's words. Yeah. Sure, Tim. 

- Walz and his miserable democrat party have put MN in debt and continue spending. Businesses close, some relocate out of state, people retire and exit ASAP. 

- Like Cuomo in New York, many elderly Minnesotans died alone because of his draconian covid restrictions in care homes or hospice. 

- While running for reelection, he walked away and refused to answer a question from a voter and he calls rual MN the "land of rocks and cows."

- Running for his second term, Walz PROMISED tax rebates of $2,000 for families and $1,000 to individuals. After winning the election, with democrats the majority in the House and Senate, the amount was revised down to $520 for family and $260 to individuals. You see, the Minnesota Politburo needs the money more than you do.

This isn't anywhere a complete list of what a toady Walz is.

Sources for the allegations are easily searchable. Some are inside info, yet Walz has never denied them or has his family. They're all adult public figures, so short of defamation or libel (which none of this post contains), there's nothing they can do about it. I'll gladly strikeout any accusation that is proven demonstrably false. Good luck! The comment section is open.

While I wouldn't have done what Noem did, and I don't approve of what she did; Walz is the last person to throw stones at anyone else, on any issue.

Like other liberal states ruled by obese liberals, Minnesota is another Land of Fatmanistan.

Thursday, April 25, 2024

Slides in, nice and tight.

This rig ⏬

Unlike ⏬ 

"Family Guy"

What happened to the Word Wide Web Gun Defense Clock?

LINK: Word Wide Web Gun Defense Clock.

I hadn't visited their site for a long time (listed under 2nd Amendment sub-heading, inner-right sidebar). Clicked on it today and - it's gone. It chronicled the number of crimes deterred by law abiding citizens using guns. ⏬ It was a great site.

Searched and didn't find a new site for them. If anyone has any info on what happened, drop a comment. Thanks.

Germany sanctions sex transition of newborns.

Reduxx: Germany Passes Gender Self-Identification Law Allowing INFANTS To Transition, Imposes Massive Fine For “Deadnaming”.

The German Parliament, or Bundestag, passed one of the world’s most far-reaching sex self-determination policies on April 12, despite protests from women’s rights campaigners. The Self-Determination Act (SBGG) establishes ‘gender identity’ as a protected characteristic and allows parents to change the sex marker on their children’s documents from birth.

Supported by Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s three-party coalition and promoted and supported by the Social Democratic Party (SDP), the SBGG also creates the potential for citizens to be fined up to €10,000 (approx. $10,800 USD) for revealing a person’s given name and birth sex without their permission – an action that trans activists staunchly oppose and refer to as ‘deadnaming.’
If parents choose to do so, they may alter the identifying information of their children from birth. The SBGG stipulates that the consent of a child is necessary from the age of five, and, “from the age of 14, minors can do it themselves, but require the consent of their guardians.”

However, should parents refuse to provide legal permission, “a family court would decide based on the best interests of the child,” thus allowing the state to overrule the wishes of parents or legal guardians.
Tessa Ganserer and Nyke Slawik were elected to Germany’s Bundestag in September 2021 as representatives for the Green Party, taking positions that were reserved for female political representation.

In 2013, Ganserer, under his given name of Markus, was elected as a member of the Landtag of Bavaria, representing the constituency of Middle Franconia on the Alliance ’90/The Greens list.

A 2019 article published by Welt states, “Markus Ganserer ceased to exist on December 12, 2018. Then Tessa Ganserer gave Markus’ clothes to a friend.” He has for years been campaigning to introduce sex self-identification policies in Germany, and has claimed that “a penis is not a male sexual organ” and “there are women who have penises.”

Obstetrician: "Congratulations, you have a boy!"

: "We wanted a girl so the birth certificate will show he's a girl and when she turns 14 years old we'll begin the physical transition mutilation."

Give it time and look for other countries, including the U.S., to enact similar legislation. God, help us.

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"Go Wings Go" by Alice Cooper, an off-track feature song from 2021's Detroit Stories.

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Biden admits he and democrat party can't be trusted.

NY PostBiden asks how many times Trump has to prove ‘we’ can’t be trusted in latest gaffe.

Biden, in his latest gaffe on the campaign trail, on Tuesday questioned the number of times former President Donald Trump needed to prove that “we” can’t be trusted.

“Folks, in a sense, I don’t know why we’re surprised by Trump,” Biden said during a stop in Florida. “How many times does he have to prove we can’t be trusted?

Speaker Mike Johnson demands Biden deploy NG to Columbia U.

Politico: Johnson demands Biden send in National Guard during raucous Columbia visit.

NEW YORK — Speaker Mike Johnson said he will call Joe Biden and demand the president send the National Guard to Columbia Universityan escalation after protesters constantly shouted him and other Republicans down during a visit to the campus Wednesday.

Johnson, flanked by GOP lawmakers from New York and elsewhere, repeated his calls for the university’s embattled president to step down. But protesters shouted “who are you people?” “Mike, you suck!” and chanted “free Palestine,” making it almost impossible for the gaggle of reporters and others to hear the speaker.

This is dangerous. This is not the First Amendment, this is not free expression,” Johnson said.

"This is dangerous. This is not the First Amendment, this is not free expression." YES, it is!

No one threatened or assaulted Johnson. He didn't like their words so they're, "dangerous - [and] - not free expression." I didn't think it was possible to out-cuck a Kevin McCarthy or Paul Ryan but RINOs and the UniParty have a new Champion with Johnson.

Tackling university protests backfires badly.

The Economist: Efforts to tackle student protests in America have backfired badly.

In a letter posted on Columbia’s website Minouche Shafik, Columbia’s president, wrote that she asked the NYPD to intervene after other efforts failed, adding that she did so “out of an abundance of concern for the safety of Columbia’s campus”. The move only inflamed matters. “The irony is that in trying to quiet things down and assert control over the encampment, the administration unleashed this firestorm,” says David Pozen, a law professor at the university.

That firestorm has now spread, with tent encampments popping up far beyond Columbia. The demands by student protesters are largely the same: divest endowments of Israeli firms and any weapons manufacturers that sell there; end academic partnerships with Israeli institutions; and condemn Israel’s actions in the war.

If the college protestors are defined as "hating Jews, America and Israel and are anti-semitic Hamas supporters", then define these ⏬ people ⏬ ? 


Democrat Donald Payne Jr. Dies After Hospitalization for 'Cardiac Episode'.

Newsweek: Democrat Donald Payne Jr. Dies After Hospitalization for 'Cardiac Episode'.

New Jersey Democratic Rep. Donald Payne Jr. died at 65 on Wednesday after he was hospitalized with a "cardiac episode."

The New Jersey Globe first reported the news of Payne Jr.'s death, noting that he served in Congress for six terms.
Earlier this month, Payne Jr.'s office issued a statement announcing that he had been hospitalized with a "cardiac episode."

No more, "Cardiac 'Events" or "Died Suddenly"? 

"Cardiac Episode" is the new euphemism? Okayeeeeeeeee. It  must have been caused by soil exposure.


Monday, April 22, 2024

Monday Night Memes; Short Stack.

A few to flip through before bed.

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Monday's Friday Morning Music Video

Advisory - language.

"Man In The Box" by AIC, from 1990's Facelift.

Sunday, April 21, 2024

"I want to be just like Joe Biden," said no one, ever.

Reuters: Some young people see Trump as an answer to their economic woes.

For Democratic incumbent Joe Biden, who overwhelmingly won the youth vote in 2020, an erosion of his support among young voters could potentially dampen his hopes of a second term.
There are also signs young people are slowly warming to the Republican Party, despite Biden's efforts to keep them on side by trying to cancel student debt, expand affordable housing and reverse curbs on abortion rights.
"I make decent money and I can't afford a home on the salary I make now," said Steve Wendt, 26, a security guard at a nearby hospital.
"I don't really like what we are doing with Ukraine," [Collin Crego, 19] said. "When I hear him (Trump) talk, he's very patriotic, very 'America First' and I like that."

11 year old cracks home invader with a machete.

A black home invader told an 11 yr old to hide in the closet while he robbed the boy's home.

"He turned his back and I grabbed a machete and I went into the Livingroom, and hit him on the back of the head".


No, the link (video) doesn't contain any gore.

Biden: "Are you ready to choose freedom over democracy? Because that's America!"

Via: RNC Research 

U.S. Foreign Aid Taxpayer Giveaway reactions; Social Media & Memes.

100 Percent Fed Up: The RINOs Who Voted YES On Ukraine Aid.

"Eyepatch McCain" is on the list, surprising no one.  

Disclaimer: Content after the page break may be considered by some as  "Sensitive" or mature content. Content isn't intended as gratuitous. In some cases it's the opinion of others, in other cases it's news and/or dank/dark humor.
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Sunday Morning Dogs. (VIDEOS)

Puppy, duckling, butterfly

Tac Dog:

Saturday, April 20, 2024

Under the wire!

There's still time. Happy 4/20!

US House passes $95 billion Ukraine, Israel aid package and TikTok ban.

Goes to Senate where the UniParty will slobber all over it, drooling anxiously to vote "YES!"

Aren't there any options a handful of Republicans can do to kill this bill? When Democrats are the minority, they manage to pull-out ancient procedural BS to kill, delay or reduce bills by the Republicans.

Zero Hedge: House Passes $95 Billion Aid Package For Ukraine, Israel And Taiwan - But Not US Border.

In total, the foreign assistance package totals $95 billion - which only passed after Speaker Mike Johnson cut a deal with Democrats in order to force it through by a vote of 311 to 112.

Breitbart: Betrayal Complete: Mike Johnson Passes $61 Billion Ukraine Aid, Violates Hastert Rule Again.

Breitbart: Ukraine’s Zelensky ‘Personally’ Thanks Mike Johnson for $61 Billion Gift from U.S. Taxpayers.


NPR: House approves sell-or-be-banned TikTok measure, attaching it to foreign aid bill

100 Percent Fed Up: Tucker Carlson: “Weak people just become a host for evil… And that’s exactly what’s happening to Mike Johnson.”

Whoever made this meme did a great job. Wish they would've included McCarthy unzipping from Pelosi. There's no difference in them.

This video is, purportedly, what current (recent) life is like in war torn Ukraine.



Earlier today:

Voting underway to give away more money the U.S. doesn't have.

Live coverage LINK

The $95B aid package for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan will pass, imho. It shouldn't, but it will. 

With cucks like Johnson, dems, RINOs and the UniParty - how can it fail? When was the last time the U.S. government gifted the American people with over $200 Billion? (... checking notes ...) ... N E V E R.

"Muh Ukraine! Muh Israel! Muh Taiwan!"

"Biblical admonition", my ass.

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Biden says his Uncle Bosey eaten by cannibals.

NY Post: Biden claims uncle eaten by cannibals.

RCP: Biden Shares The Legend Of His Uncle Bosey Who Was Eaten By Cannibals In World War Two.

Biden, for the third time in less than 24 hours, tells the dubious story about his "Uncle Bosey" and "a lot of cannibals" in New Guinea before repeating the debunked "suckers and losers" hoax.

He also claims D-Day was on a Sunday (it was on a Tuesday).

RT: Pentagon contradicts Biden's claim that uncle was shot down or eaten by cannibals

According to the Pentagon’s agency for prisoners of war and missing in action (POW-MIA), [Uncle Bosey] Finnegan was never shot down, however. Nor was it on a reconnaissance mission, as Biden claimed.

Wednesday's Friday Morning Music Video

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Netanhayu snubs Sunak.

FT: Netanyahu too 'busy' to talk to Sunak after RAF helped repel Iranian attack.

Netanyahu’s office strenuously denied that the Israeli premier was avoiding a call with Sunak, contradicting a report by Kan, the public broadcaster, earlier on Tuesday.

Bibi is afraid of answering a phone call from Sunak? 🤣 Whatever Netanyahu or his people say, the opposite is usually the truth.

We did most of the heavy lifting; Again.

The Intercept: U.S., Not Israel, Shot Down Most Iran Drones and Missiles.

American forces did most of the heavy lifting responding to Iran’s retaliation for the attack on its embassy in Damascus.
The United States shot down more drones and missiles than Israel did on Saturday night during Iran’s attack, The Intercept can report.
During the operation, the U.S., U.K., France, and Jordan all shot down the majority of Iranian drones and missiles.
Asked to comment on the United States shooting down half of Iran’s drones and missiles, the Israel Defense Forces and the White House National Security Council did not respond at the time of publication.
Israel’s statement that it shot down the majority of Iranian “cruise missiles” is probably an exaggeration.

Exaggeration? More like an outright lie, surprising no one except those parroting their vested narratives.

Which is it Satanyahu, you can defend yourselves or not? If they can, then he'll refuse the in-the-works-U.S. aid package of more billions to Israel and they can repay the U.S. for the past 50 years of our money given to them.

Meanwhile, in Ukraine, Little Z is having a breakdown ⏬.

RTUS politicians ‘don’t care’ about Ukraine – Zelensky.

 The stalling of American aid is a “disgrace,” the leader has claimed.

The behavior and attitude of these two is appalling. Name another country that's given Ukraine and Israel so much money and military hardware, I'll wait. 

So ungrateful, smug and selfish. Not even a "Thank you" but, "Give us more!" Fight your own wars. Find another Sugar Daddy. No more U.S. aid to either of these two will make Americans ecstatic. 

If you're living in America but your concern is more for any of these countries involved - and I don't care which side you support; Ukraine, Russia, Israel, Palestine, Iran, Yemen - send them your money and book a flight to your favored nation and join their military.

Tuesday's Friday Morning Music Video


"Addicted To Love" by Robert Palmer from 1985's Riptide.

Monday, April 15, 2024


IF you're writing a check to Uncle Sam or to your state today, remember that thousands of illegals - many who may dislike you a lot - along with liberals, the UniParty, rinos, Neocons, many foreign governments - especially Ukraine and Israel - Bill Gates, Klaus, Soros, the Rothschilds, Big Pharma, the Globalist Industrial Complex, Blackrock, Raytheon and the rest of the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) really appreciate you working hard so they can continue their grift and schemes that depend on our/your money. Their "Thank You" card is in the mail.