Thursday, May 31, 2018

Stanley Cup Game 2: Caps Even the Series 1 - 1 with Vegas;
Braden Holtby's Amazing Stop of Alex Tuch's Shot

Game 2 last night was incredible. 

The Caps won game 2 last night, in LV, tying the series 1 - 1.

My pick for game 2:

Caps 4;  LV 2

Actual Final Score:

Caps 3;  LV 2

Game Stats.

More on game 2.

The return of Caps' Evgeny Kuznetsov for game 3 is being tightly guarded by the Caps. ESPN:
Evgeny Kuznetsov is day-to-day with an injury, according to coach Barry Trotz -- who wouldn't elaborate on the nature of the forward's injury.
[Las Vegas] defenseman Brayden McNabb hit him hard along the boards with a check. Kuznetsov fell to the ice in pain, clutching his left hand.
Holtby Save; Getty Images

And then...there was that incredible save by Caps' goalie Braden Holtby.

More on Holby's save.

Here's that amazing save, LV's Alex Tuch's shot, stopped by Holtby.

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LV moves to Washington for Games 3 and 4, game 3 Saturday at 8PM EST.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

NHL Tuesday, May 30; Caps v LV Game 2 of The Stanley Cup 2018; NHL Game 1 Recap LV - Caps

Just one word describes Monday night's game one for the Stanley Cup between LV and Washington...

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Wow, indeed. (Game one Recap).

EDIT NOTE:  I had TBay on the brain when thinking of the Caps, thus the reason for the strikeouts and fixes. 

LV leads in this best of seven series, 1 to 0.

If you watched part or all of game one, you know what I mean. If you didn't, you can watch tonight's game 2, with Washington playing in LV and find out if the NHL is to your liking. You won't be disappointed. (See here  for the listing of tonight's game).

Monday's game had its share of player fights, pucks bouncing off both the goalie posts and bars, in what normally woulda/ shoulda been a goal, pucks that crossed the red line that really redefines long shot  and both teams' goalies (Caps' Braden Holtby, and LV's Marc-Andre-Fleury) making saves that, really, seemed to reach far beyond anything capable of human anatomy and physiology --- it was edge of your seat hockey. Stats and real-time references Here.

More Caps - LV Game 1 Highlights Here, on YTube.  (link working as of publishing).

At the most, six games remain. At the worst, 3 games remain. I'll mark it that I think this series will go six games. (Note to self Remember this, Dave).

My prediction on Monday's game:

TBay 3;  Caps 2

Caps 2;  LV 0

Actual Final Score:

TBay 4;  Caps 6

Caps 4; LV 6

Yep, it was that kind of game, 1-0; then 1-1; then 2-1; then 2-2...and so one, one team up, the other would tie. Incredible, fantastic hockey with passes and plays that were just so intense and sports poetry in motion. Come...come to the NHL...Come. (I have no vested interest in the NHL so no sales pitch here.)

It's just one of the most physically, active/action (constantly moving) sports to watch, all full time action, like rugby and soccer. And then -  - and add...this round chunk of vulcanized rubber,- -  and the bounces and rolls and dings off the post or a player's skates of the puck defies any logical geographical points.

The NHL is not slow and deliberate NFL, MLB or the NBA where, really, only the last two minutes of any NBA game is what anyone needs to see.

Game 2 is tonight,  at 8PM EST on NBCSN, CBC, SN, TVAS. And again, here.

At publishing time, Odds Sharks predicts a final score of: Caps 2.8;  LV 2.5

My pick:

TBay 3;  LV 1  scratched

TBay 4;  LV 2 (final)

EDIT FIX: meant Caps, not TBay:

Caps 4;  LV 2

I know I get visitors from Canada, some from LV and also eastern U.S; and I'm kinda thinking 😀there are a few hockey fans, so leave a comment with your thoughts, predictions, takes, whatever.

"Smooth...real smooth."

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Very poorly proofread prior to publishing 5/30/2018
Fixed errors replacing TBay when I meant Caps

Monday, May 28, 2018

Stanley Cup Game One; Capitals vs LV

Game One for the Stanley Cup begins at 8PM EST tonight. Vegas hosts games one and two.

Odds Sharks predicts  a final score of: Caps 2.7;  LV 2.6

My pick:

Caps 2;  LV 0


Memorial Day

Credit: El Mambo King



It is the Soldier, not the minister
Who has given us freedom of religion.

It is the Soldier, not the reporter
Who has given us freedom of the press.

It is the Soldier, not the poet
Who has given us freedom of speech.

It is the Soldier, not the campus organizer
Who has given us freedom to protest.

It is the Soldier, not the lawyer
Who has given us the right to a fair trial.

It is the Soldier, not the politician
Who has given us the right to vote.

It is the Soldier who salutes the flag,
Who serves beneath the flag,
And whose coffin is draped by the flag,
Who allows the protester to burn the flag.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

NHL Game 7 - Caps Shut Out TBay 4 to 0;
Washington vs Vegas for The Stanley Cup

On Wednesday night May 23, The Caps shut out TBay, as they did in game 6, taking the series 4 - 3.  

I'd predicted
TBay winning 3 to 2 over the Caps

Actual Final ScoreTBay 0; Caps 4

First, how would you like feel a puck slam into the back of your neck? Because that's what happened to the Caps' Devante Smith-Pelly, (# 25), not quite seven minutes into the start of the game. Check out the video...FOUCH!

Fair Use Section 107 U.S. Copyright Code

He left the ice, headed for the locker room, returned later in the game, played a short while and then sat the rest of the game out. He made it onto the ice for the post-game player handshake line-up. And the shot by TBay's McDonagh (#27) wasn't intentional or meant to crack Smith-Pelly in the neck. McDonagh's shot was intended as a shot on goal. I don't think Smith-Pelly wanted this to happen either, hoping rather to deflect the shot using his back or shoulder, which at least have some padding. I hope there's no permanent injury.

The game was intense,  despite the score. It didn't begin well for TBay. Caps' Alex Ovechkin nailed one into TBay's net at nearly the outset of the game; putting the Caps up 1 to 0 after the opening minute and two seconds.

The Caps went up 2 to 0 at the 11:01 mark of period two when Andre Burakovsky scored his first goal in the playoffs. About 8 minutes later, Burakovsky got his second goal at the 3:29 mark, with the Caps ahead 3 to 0 at the end of P2.

Period 3 began with TBay down 0 to 3. My belief is that any NHL team can come back from a 0 - 3 deficit in the third period, but it must be done quickly. Once tied, try like heck for that 4th goal, but if not, go into overtime tied and fight for the win.

TBay could not catch a break that would go their way. But more than catching a break, and despite having had many "almosts" to score, whatever it takes to turn "almosts" into reality...TBay just didn't have it in them.

TBay pulled goalie Andrei Vasilevskiy with slightly less than 4 minutes remaining and Caps' Nicklas Backstrom nailed one into the empty net putting the Caps at 4; TBay 0. Good night, Tampa Bay.

The game also featured a major fisticuff between Caps' Tom Wilson and TBay's Braydon Coburn. Here's a link to videos of their brawl.

Game one in a best of seven series for The Stanley Cup  begins tomorrow night with Washington vs LV with games one and two in LV.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

NHL Game 6 Caps Shut Out TBay 3 - 0;
NHL Wednesday May 23: FINAL Game 7 Caps vs TBay;
NFL Anthem Protest Policy: Locker Room Only

My pick for Monday night's game 6:

TBay 3;  Caps 4

Actual Final Score:

TBay 0;  Caps 3

This season's playoffs have been the best and most memorable games I've watched in years. For those of you who've left the NFL, you could not find a better time to give the NHL a chance.

>> EDITNew NFL Anthem Protest policy;  confined to locker room; Standing required; Teams face penalties.  <<

The TBay - Caps series is 3 - 3 and tonight is the big, final game 7.

Monday night's game 6  was scoreless until 4:48 remaining in the second period when T.J. Oshie nailed the first goal putting the Caps up by one. This was Oshie's first goal in this series.

Period 3 saw TBay playing hard, desperately wanting to get on the scoreboard, but the Caps played almost flawlessly, denying the Lightning any opportunity of getting the puck past Caps' goalie Braden Holtby  in what is his first shut-out game since April, 2017.

Standing at 6' 3", TBay's goalie, Andrei Vasilevskiy is a big guy and he has the ability to stretch like Gumby. He made some incredible saves but just couldn't stop the Caps determination in winning this game.

At the 9:58 mark in P3, Caps' Devante Smith-Pelly nailed the second goal. Still enough time for TBay to get two goals and even the score and strive for an OT. But that didn't happen. Instead, enter Oshie scoring again, with less than one and a half minutes remaining in the game, putting the Caps up 3 to 0.

With that final 90 seconds remaining, shot stats taken tallied TBay 21 and Caps 33. This is a big discrepancy - not the only one in determining who wins and who doesn't, one doesn't necessarily dictate the other - but it's a significant difference.

If TBay wants to win tonight, they have to fire out more shots. They need to return to what they can certainly do, but sometimes lose focus of, controlling puck possession, of which they didn't do nearly enough in Monday's game. When they did, they did it well - they just couldn't, or manage to, sustain possession for sufficient amounts of time. If TBay can bring this talent back to the surface tonight, they will win.

If you watched Monday's game, then you witnessed Caps' Alex Ovechkin wrist shots that must clock in at near 100 mph. The guy is amazing. A wrist shot, mind you - SNAP - and the puck momentarily becomes invisible to the naked eye. He makes the puck soar. Another reason to watch tonight's game.

Tonight, Game 7, at 8PM EST and playing on TBay home ice.

The winner tonight plays Vegas for The Stanley Cup.

Odds Sharks predicts a final score of Caps 3.7;  TBay 1.7

My pick:

If there's going to be an OT game, I'd think tonight will be the night, but I'm not going to make that part of my prediction.

TBay 3;  Caps 2

( Disclaimer )

Monday, May 21, 2018

Vegas Beats Jets;
NHL Monday, May 21

My pick in last night's game:

Jets 3;  LV 1

Actual Final Score:

Jets 1;  LV 2

Vegas won game 5 putting the Jets on the tarmac until next season. The Knights now poised to play for the Stanley Cup against the winner of the Tampa Bay - Washington Capitals series.

Game 6 is tonight with TBay playing at Washington, TBay leading this series by 3 - 2.

Odds Sharks predicts TBay over the Caps, 2.7 to 2.6.

I wrote yesterday that I think this series will go the full seven games, so...even though I think TBay is likely to win tonight, I have to go with predicting a Caps win, right? Otherwise, my words are hypocrisy, and I can't have that. 😲

Game 6  starts at 8PM EST.

My pick:

Caps 4;  TBay 3

( Disclaimer )

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Caps Zapped By Lightning;
NHL Sunday, May 20

My prediction on last night's TBay - Caps game:

TBay 3;  Caps 2 in OT

Actual Final Score:

TBay 3;  Caps 2

Well, I had the score right, but...not the OT.

TBay's win last night gives them the edge in the series, 3 - 2.

Game 6 is Monday, TBay playing in Washington. Did I predict this series will go the full seven games? I forget - I'll say it will.

Today, a crucial Game 5  with LV playing in Winnipeg, this series is LV 3;  Jets 1.

Can LV close it down today and move into the Stanley Cup bracket, awaiting the series winner of either the Caps or TBay?

Odds Sharks predicts today's game: LV 4.0;  Jets 1.4

I don't see the Jets going out this easily, this early.

My pick:

Jets 3;  LV 1

Game time 3PM EST on regular/broadcast NBC.

Disclaimer )

Saturday, May 19, 2018

NHL Saturday, May 19;
Critical Game 5 Lightning vs Caps


Been away for a couple of games; my last prediction was Wednesday's LV - Winnipeg game.

I had picked:

Jets 2; LV 1 in OT

Actual Final Score:

Jets 2; LV 4

Wednesday's win brought their series from one game apiece to LV 2; Jets 1.

Game 4 of LV - Jets was last night and LV won 3 to 2, bringing the series to LV 3; Jets 1. The key Game 5 is tomorrow with LV playing at Winnipeg.

I also missed out on Thursday's TBay - Caps game # 4, won by TBay 4 to 2. Their series now even, 2 - 2, with a critical Game 5 tonight.

Image Via Giphy

Tonight: Game 5  of TBay - Caps playing in TBay, game time 7:15PM EST and is broadcast on "free" (over the air) NBC.

Odds Sharks predicts a rather confusing final score of TBay 2.8;  Caps 2.8

My prediction:

TBay 3;  Caps 2 in OT

There's gotta be an OT game in here somewhere. I'm going to guess that night is tonight. 

Disclaimer )

Lest We Forget THE Royal Weeding

Image: Gareth Fuller / AP

How can anyone ignore an event of such vital and worldly significance and importance.

I give it three years. I mean, she is an actress.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Lightning Zaps Capitals;
NHL Wednesday, May 16

Drum roll, please...and add the trumpets as well...

My prediction for last night's game:

TBay 4; Caps 2

Actual Final Score:

TBay 4; Caps 2

This is the first time I've gotten one right in a while. Eh...even a blind squirrel finds an acorn now and then.

TBay won game three last night, bringing the series to TBay 1; Caps 2.

I'm short on time, so we're going full blast ahead to tonight's game 3 with Winnipeg playing at LV. The series is 1 - 1.

This is a very critical game 3 for both teams, especially psychologically. One game up for the Jets in LV will pump them up. LV, of course, wants to win this game, their first game of this series on home ice.

Odds Shark predicts LV 3.2;  Jets 2.4

My pick:

Jets 2; LV 1 in OT

The puck hits the ice at 9PM EST.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Vegas Rolls Win over Jets;
NHL Tuesday, May 15

My prediction on last night's LV / Winnipeg game 2:

 Jets 4;  LV 3 in OT

Actual Final Score:

Jets 1;  LV 3

It was as if the two teams changed jerseys from game 1 and game 2. LV played well (not great, but well), and the Jets played nothing like they did on Saturday.

Their series is now 1 game apiece. Games 3 and 4 are in LV and game 3 is tomorrow, Wednesday the 16th.

Tonight, game 3  (and 4) with TBay at Washington; Washington leading the series 2-0.

TBay knows they need to win tonight. Well, okay, they don't NEED TO WIN, they can go down 0-3 and win the next 4 games in a row but...

I've always believed that playing at home meant something, but maybe that's old-fashioned? Most of the teams in the playoffs have had at least one atrocious home game, if not two.

All the Puck Fun begins at 8PM EST.

Odds Sharks predicts  Caps 2.8;  TBay 2.6

Heck, I don't know - TBay dropped the first two games and they were at home. Tonight, in Washington, they are going to have to play entirely different in order to grab a win on Caps' ice. Can they? Yes. No. Maybe. Please insert cash now or select another method to pay. Change is dispensed below. Please take your receipt.

My pick:

TBay 4; Caps 2

( Disclaimer )

John McCain - Bitter Until Death?

How can one remain so bitter at the end of their life? If one believes in an afterlife, and I believe that John McCain does, and you have a terminal medical issue and your time is limited; how can you hold on to, and foster, such bitterness until the very end?

I've never been a supporter of McCain, a RINO who disappointed Republicans by siding with Dems far too often.

I appreciate his service to our country. Was he "Songbird John" as some suggest? I don't know. Maybe, maybe not. There's a limited number of people who know if he was or wasn't. Does it matter at this stage?

"It doesn't matter, he's dying anyway,"  the remark from White House press aide Kelly Sadler. Whether it was said or meant with invective or not, so what? It's not like this remark triggered bitterness in McCain, as if prior to the remark his entire lifetime demeanor was "Mister Holly Jolly Christmas."

Are "distasteful remarks" now the new standard of judgment? If so, let's not pretend that this is the only distasteful remark made by a politician. There are plenty of distasteful and/or disrespectful remarks made by EVERYONE. Chances are, that since you woke up this morning, you've made a distasteful remark about someone or some thing. Is this how you want to be judged?

When people remember John McCain after he passes, does he want the first recollections of him to be, "bitter until the end," or, "Oh, that Maverick McCain, he sure gave Trump the 'fuck you' when he said he didn't want Trump at his funeral."

McCain meddled in affairs in which he had no business being involved, the least egregious being The Keating Five.

His major pissing points appear to be not being elected president and Trump's remark of "I like people who don't get captured."  His thumbs down vote against repeal of ObamaCare was nothing more than another "fuck you" to Trump.

His presidential campaign sucked and he is solely responsible for his loss, not Sarah Palin, not this or that or anything else. In his first presidential debate with Barack Obama, McCain came across as an angry, bitter old fuck. Is this someone I want as my president? Nope. I sat that election out and have no regrets.

You're dying Senator - - do you really want to hold onto bitterness until your last gasp?

Monday, May 14, 2018

NHL Monday, May 14

My pick for Saturday's game between Vegas & Winnipeg:

LV 5; Jets 3

Actual Final Score:

LV 2;  WPeg 4

The series is Jets 1; LV 0.

I did not watch last night's game of Washington vs Tampa Bay; but the Caps beat TBay 6 to 2; the Caps leading the series 2 games to zero. Game 3 is tomorrow, May 15, and is in Washington as is game 4.

Both the Jets and the Caps play has been incredible in these Conference Finals. I wouldn't write off either LV or TBay just yet, both teams have been able to regroup and return to their better play. 

Tonight, Game 2 Jets vs LV:

Odds Sharks predicts  Jets 3;  LV 2.9

Tonight's game is in Winnipeg, so I'm going to go with the Jets' home ice advantage. I think the Jets will start strong again (as they did in Saturday's game), and I think LV will adjust, and we'll see a much tighter game than we did on Saturday.

My pick:

Jets 4;  LV 3 in OT

( Disclaimer )

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Happy Mother's Day!

A Blessed Mother's Day, and every day, to all Moms.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Caps Strike Lightning;
Game 1: Vegas at Winnipeg Tonight

My prediction for last night's Game 1 between the Caps and TBay:

TBay 4; Caps 3 in OT

Actual Final Score:

Caps 4;  TBay 2

Yeesh - TBay didn't score until the third period. Caps led 2 - 0 at the end of the first period, scored two more times in the second period, leaving TBay down 0 - 4 at the start of period three. Finally TBays' Steve Stamkos an Ondrej Palat nailed two goals but the remaining game time was against them.

Game two is Sunday in TBay.

Tonight: 7PM EST on "free" broadcast NBC.

Game 1 with Vegas playing in Winnipeg. SB Nation:
The Winnipeg Jets are 0-2 over their last two home games since going 13-0 in their previous 13 games at home. The Jets hope to get back into the win column at home this Saturday night when they host the Vegas Golden Knights in the Western Conference final.

Winnipeg is a -140 NHL betting favorite in Saturday’s Game 1 at sportsbooks monitored by Vegas is going off at +120 to steal home ice with a win on the road.
Odds Shark predicting Vegas 3.8; Jets 2.4

My pick:

LV 5; Jets 3

( Disclaimer )

Friday, May 11, 2018

Jets Soar Over Preds in Game 7;
Game 1: Caps at TBay Tonight

My pick for Game 7:

Jets 4;  Preds 2

Actual Final Score:

Jets 5;  Preds 1

Last night's game did come down to a battle of goalies. The Jets scored twice within the first twelve minutes on Preds goalie Pekke Rinne and Nashville Coach Peter Laviolette pulled Rinne, replacing him with Juuse Saros who finished out the game.

Tyler Myers started the Jets off on their streak being the first to score in period one. Then, the Jets' Paul Stastny and Mark Scheifele sent the puck into the Preds net, both with two goals:  Stastny in periods one and three and Scheifele in both the second and third period.  The only Preds goal came from P.K. Suban in the first period.

The Jets played damn fine, looking nothing like the team that the Preds shut out in Tuesday's game.

Considering the Preds performance over the past four seasons, we'll see them in the playoffs again. If they continue playing as they have and make a few adjustments, tweaks and/or player trades, they're probably not far off from winning The Cup in a future season.

Conference Games:

And then there were four

The conference finals have the Jets facing off against Vegas and TBay playing the Caps. The winners of these two series vie for The Cup.

The Caps are on TBay ice for games 1 and 2; game 1 tonight at 8PM EST.

The LV - Winnipeg series starts Saturday, 7PM EST with games 1 and 2 in Winnipeg.


Odds Shark predicts TBay over the Caps tonight by 3.2 to 2.2.

My pick:

TBay 4; Caps 3 in OT

Friday Morning Music Video


Thursday, May 10, 2018

NHL Thusday, May 10: Game 7 Winnipeg Jets vs Nashville Predators

The final game of the Jets/Preds series - the big Game 7 where the puck hits the ice at 8PM EST.

Predicting a winner? Flip a coin - see if it lands on its side. This game is going to be tough and, perhaps, a bit ugly in the degree of how physical both teams attack each other; both teams doing whatever it takes to win.

Winning will, obviously, be dependent on who is the better goalie tonight, the Jets' Connor Hellebuyck or the Preds' Pekke Rinne. Both have played a solid, phenomenal season and playoff series.

Odds Shark predicts Nashville 3.6; Winnipeg 2.4.

My pick:

Jets 4;  Preds 2

Dog Shoots Iowa Man

Idiot, simpleton, fool, moron... ABC News:
Richard Remme, of Fort Dodge, told police he was playing with his dog, Balew, on the couch and tossed the dog off his lap. He says when the pit bull-Labrador mix bounded back up, he must have disabled the safety on the gun in his belly band and stepped on the trigger.

The gun fired, striking one of Remme's legs.
Heh..."must have disabled..."  Gee, ya think?

Way to go Richard. Hey, next time you play toss the dog with a gun nearby, down a few shots of Bacardi 151 and smoke some meth. Heck, toss a few Tide pods in your mouth. Maybe add juggling some really sharp, large knives into the mix to make it really challenging? You won't even realize you've been shot.


Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Caps Ice Penguins; Preds Shut Out Jets

My Monday NHL picks:

Pens 4;  Caps 2 - this series goes the full seven games.

Jets 3;  Preds 2

Actual Final Scores:

Pens 1;  Caps 2 in OT

Jets 0;  Preds 4

Well...the Pens/Caps series ISN'T going the full seven games while the Jets/Preds series IS, with the Preds shutting out the Jets and bringing the series 3 - 3.

The Caps outplayed the Pens, it's that simple. The Pens had moments of momentum, but Washington took advantage of every Pens error and beat the two-time consecutive Stanley Cup Winners. I've never seen a game where the puck became so often airborne, or that rolled on its side or bounced off the ice so much. It could have been a basketball.  Hmmmm...was the puck deflated ? 🏒 🤣

Next, the Caps face TBay, game date and time to be decided.

Nashville shut out and shut down the Jets. Preds goalie Pekke Rinne chalked up 34 saves, some of which were incredible. The Jets' usually top-notch defense looked weak against the Preds.

Game 7 for the Jets/Preds is Thursday, May 10, in Nashville at 8PM EST. The winner of game 7 will square off against the Las Vegas Knights.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Knights Slay Sharks - Lightning Zaps Boston;
NHL Monday, May 7 - two Game 6's

My uncanny and inaccurate predictions of yesterday's games:

TBay 3;  Boston 4 in OT

Sharks 5;  LV 4 in 2 OT

Actual Final Scores:

TBay 3; Boston 1

Sharks 0; LV 3

TBay advances and will play the winner of the Penguins - Capitals series and LV will play the winner of the Nashville - Winnipeg series. All four of these teams play tonight in game 6 of their series.

Watching yesterday's games, it was a bit surprising that TBay won. They played...uhhh...kinda sloppy, but won, and that's all that mattered.

Gotta hand it to the LV Knights, they have a great team. Having Marc-Andre Fleury (former Penguin's goalie) as your goalie is a huge asset. The Sharks played decently, having opportunities to score - but didn't. They hit the goalie posts and bar at least 3-4 times making audible "dings" - but the puck just did not get past the red line. Sharks' goalie Martin Jones did his utmost, but was "out-goalied".

Tonight's games:

Washington plays in Pittsburgh and Nashville plays in Winnipeg.

The Pens should win at home, they need to, they must in order to continue on in the playoffs. Nashville is in the same boat.

Caps lead the series with the Pens 3 - 2, and it's the same for Winnipeg and Nashville.

Odds Shark predicts the Caps over the Pens: 3.0 to 2.4.

Odds Shark predicts a Jets win over the Preds: 3.8 to 2.2.

My picks:

Pens 4;  Caps 2 - this series goes the full seven games. 7PM EST

Jets 3;  Preds 2 - 9:30PM EST

( Click here for Disclaimer.)

Sunday, May 6, 2018

NHL Sunday, May 6

Yesterday's picks:

Pens 5;  Caps 3

Jets 4;  Preds 2

Actual Final Scores:

Pens 3; Caps 6; Series: Caps 3 - Pens 2

Jets 6; Preds 2; Series: Jets 3 - Preds 2

And, because it's easier to predict Powerball lottery numbers than NHL winners and scores, my PBall numbers prediction were: 1,7,21,32,34 and PB 5. 

Actual Powerball numbers:  14, 29, 36, 57, 61 and PB 17

Add one more correct pick for me with the Jets over the Preds, which brings me to...oh, I don't know - I've lost track. No doubt my correct picks are vastly out-numbered by actual results.

Today's games:

Boston at TBay, game # 5; series TBay 3, Boston 1 at 3PM EST (on "free/broadcast" NBC).

Vegas at San Jose, game # 6; series LV 3, Sharks 2, 7:30PM EST.


Odds Shark has TBay 3.9; Boston 1.7

Odds Shark has LV 3.6; SJ 2.8

I'd like to see TBay close this series and beat Boston, but I don't think this will happen. I think this series will go six games, Boston winning today and TBay winning game six.

I'm prepared for LV winning today, but the Sharks are playing at home and know this is the end of the road if they tank.

TBay 3;  Boston 4 in OT

Sharks 5;  LV 4 in 2 OT

( Click for Disclaimer at the end of this post. )

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Tampa Bay Beat Bruins in OT; Knights Sink Sharks;
NHL to Bruins' Marchand: No More Licking!

Yesterday's picks:

TBay 5;  Boston 4

Sharks 6;  LVegas 5 in 1 OT

Actual Final Scores:

TBay 4;  Boston 3 in OT

Sharks 3;  LV 5

Bruins' Brad Marchand continued his disgusting habit and attempts to agitate opponents by LICKING FACES.  This is just so disgusting. He was supposedly "warned" to cease this behavior by Bruins coaching and management - supposedly... He has a history of licking and forcibly kissing opponents and team mates.

From above link:
... the Bruins’ Brad Marchand squared off with Tampa Bay’s Ryan Callahan. The two were jawing at each other, and got in each other’s face. That was not close enough, as Marchand appeared to try to bait Callahan by getting very close — a lick, perhaps? — to Callahan’s face.
After the game Callahan said he did not know the difference between licking someone’s face and spitting in it.
There is no "perhaps" about it. See the video clip below.

Finally, the NHL weighs in on Marchand's licking. ESPN:
NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly told ESPN via email that the league will inform the Bruins that Marchand must stop licking the faces of his opponents. "Yes, we will be communicating with the Club. We don't expect it to happen again," he said.
"I hope the league looks at it," [the licking] said Callahan said after the Lightning's 4-3 overtime win. "I don't know if there is discipline for spitting in someone's face. But for me, it's worse, if not the same."
"There is absolutely no place in our game for that. I don't get it. I don't understand it," said  Lightning coach [Jon Cooper]. "How would you feel if I walked over to you right now and gave you one big lick from the chin up?"
TBay leads the series 3 - 1.

Here's Marchand's licking of Callahan:

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On the Sharks/LV was the other San Jose Sharks that played last night.

SJ was behind 0 to 3 at the end of the second period and I called it a night. Reading about the game this morning, I was surprised that SJ managed to get 3 goals in period 3 (but only after LV had them down 0 - 4), but it was too little, too late. LV closed out the game 5 to 3, ahead in the series 3 to 2.

Two "Game #5's" on tap for tonight.

The Penguins play on Capitals' home ice, series tied 2 - 2; 7PM EST. This game is being broadcast on "regular" NBC, so viewable to all. 

Winnipeg is in Nashville, series tied 2 - 2; 9:30PM EST.

All teams in the playoffs have been going all out, giving it their all. But this Nashville-Winnipeg series has been incredible. Correctly predicting a winner, or score? It has to be easier picking tonight's Powerball lottery winning numbers (1,7,21,32,34 and PB 5). I suppose I should buy a ticket because if I don't, those numbers will roll out of the lotto machine.

Here goes nothing based on just that:

Pens 5;  Caps 3

Jets 4;  Preds 2

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Friday, May 4, 2018

NHL Friday, May 4

Argh. I got backlogged in updating which only leaves me confused on staying current on my picks.

My picks for the two games on Wednesday were:

Boston 4;  TBay 1

LV 4;  SJ 2

Actual Final Scores:

Boston 1;  TBay 4

LV  0;  SJ 4

I didn't think the Sharks had it in them to win, and I'll be more than happy to eat my own words of writing them off if they win this series. Kudos San Jose; you played to win Wednesday night and played wonderfully.

And TBay just killed...they just chewed up Boston. Boston didn't even look like Boston. They usually are speedier than anyone they're playing in any game, but they looked tired and played slowly - something you almost never see in them.

Thursday Game Results:

I didn't make picks or even watch the games last night, but the results were:

Game 4: Pens 3;  Caps 1 - series tied 2-2.

Game 4: Preds 2;  Jets 1 - series tied 2-2.

Going back to TUESDAY'S game between Pittsburgh and Washington, the NHL suspended the Caps Tom Wilson for three games for his vicious, ugly and intentional shoulder to the head of the Pens Zach Aston-Reese, giving him a broken jaw and concussion.  Clip below (for longer videos of the below just do a search on "Wilson-suspension-Aston Reese jaw"):

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Yeah - that's a deliberate intent to injure.

Tonight's Games:

Game 4, TBay at Boston, 7PM EST - Series TBay 2;  Bruins 1

Game 5, Sharks at LV, 10PM EST - Series tied 2 games apiece

My picks:

I think TBay continues their winning streak.

TBay 5;  Boston 4

Sharks at LV, Sharks at LV, Sharks at LV, Sharks at LV.........this series has just been....something else. I know LV will be playing like a bat out of hell tonight wanting to win. And the Sharks really need to win this one, the pressure is on them. Surprise me again San Jose...

Sharks 6;  LV 5 in 1 OT
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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Caps Cap Pens; Jets Bomb Preds

My Monday  Tuesday picks: 

Pens 4;  Caps 2

Jets 3;  Preds 1

Actual Final Scores:

Pens 3;  Caps 4

Jets 7;  Preds 4

The NHL once again had two incredible games last night, and if you've abandoned the NFL because of its political/player issues and you're looking for a new sport, you could not pick a finer time to make NHL Hockey your new choice.

Despite being down 0 - 3 after the first period - and playing incredibly poorly - the Jets hit the ice hard in period two and scored four goals. The Preds kept up the pressure, playing hard, but they could not return to their first period style of play. The Jets nailed 3 more goals in period three with the Preds gaining only one for an incredible comeback for the Jets.  Jets lead the series 2 - 1 with game 4 tomorrow night.

The Pens / Caps game ended period one with each team scoreless. The Pens nailed three goals in period two, the Caps scored twice. In the third period, the Caps made their comeback tying the Pens, and then scoring once more for a win of 4 - 3. Caps lead the series 2 - 1 with game 4 tomorrow night.

Here's my take (which, of course, means absolutely nothing) on the eight teams and where I think they stand.
These are the teams I see as "playing to win." In other words, these teams are giving everything they have, even when they are down, to do what it takes to win, even though some are down by a game in their series:

Playing to win
Winnipeg Jets
Pittsburgh Penguins
TBay Lightning
Washington Caps

These teams are "winning". These teams are playing fantastic, almost error-free hockey. But they can be beaten, it just may not be in the current series they're in:

Las Vegas Knights
Boston Bruins
Writing-off (just what it means)
San Jose Sharks - I don't know what they're doing on the ice, but I don't see the desire, blood, sweat and tears in them to beat LV. I'd like to see the Sharks win, but the only thing consistent in their play is their inconsistency.
Wild Card
Nashville Predators - they could go either way; continue in the playoffs or collapse. 

Tonight's games:

Game 3, TBay playing in Boston, series tied 1 - 1; 7PM EST.

Game 4, LV at San Jose, series 2 (LV) - 1 (SJ); 10PM EST.

For all the factors considered at Odds Shark, their predictions haven't been any more scientifically accurate than mine.

Odds Shark: LV 4.3; SJ 2.1.

My picks:

Boston 4; TBay 1

LV 4; SJ 2

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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Lightning strikes Boston; Knights Chew Sharks

Monday's Picks:

TBay 5;  Boston 4

Sharks 5;  LVegas 3

(Actual Final Scores):
TBay 4;  Boston 2

Sharks 3;  LV 4 OT

TBay evened their series 1 - 1 with Boston last night. TBay earned every moment of their win. Game 3 is tomorrow and in Boston as is game 4. (I'd mixed up on a previous post on who was playing where.)

The Sharks? Their series tied 1 - 1, it's game # 3 and San Jose is on home ice and...the Sharks floated belly-up. The Sharks sucked. It's nothing short of a miracle that somehow, they scored three goals. Maybe I shouldn't be so hard on the Sharks. Maybe they don't know that it's okay - and even encouraged - to go after your rebound puck.

It sure seemed like as soon as the Sharks got the puck in the LV zone, someone would take a shot on goal, or try a pass to a  teammate - it would fail and boom - LV grabbed the puck leaving the Sharks immediately shifting back to defense. And LV actually held onto the puck for more than just one move. The Sharks are dead in the water if they don't change the way they're playing. Ugh...


Game #3, series tied 1-1; Washington at Pittsburgh - 7:30PM EST.

Game #3, series tied 1-1; Nashville at Winnipeg - 8PM EST

Odds Shark predicts Pens beating Caps 2.9 to 2.8.

Odds Shark predicts Jets over Preds 3.8 to 2.1.

My picks:

Pens 4;  Caps 2

Jets 3;  Preds 1

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