Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Caps Ice Penguins; Preds Shut Out Jets

My Monday NHL picks:

Pens 4;  Caps 2 - this series goes the full seven games.

Jets 3;  Preds 2

Actual Final Scores:

Pens 1;  Caps 2 in OT

Jets 0;  Preds 4

Well...the Pens/Caps series ISN'T going the full seven games while the Jets/Preds series IS, with the Preds shutting out the Jets and bringing the series 3 - 3.

The Caps outplayed the Pens, it's that simple. The Pens had moments of momentum, but Washington took advantage of every Pens error and beat the two-time consecutive Stanley Cup Winners. I've never seen a game where the puck became so often airborne, or that rolled on its side or bounced off the ice so much. It could have been a basketball.  Hmmmm...was the puck deflated ? 🏒 🤣

Next, the Caps face TBay, game date and time to be decided.

Nashville shut out and shut down the Jets. Preds goalie Pekke Rinne chalked up 34 saves, some of which were incredible. The Jets' usually top-notch defense looked weak against the Preds.

Game 7 for the Jets/Preds is Thursday, May 10, in Nashville at 8PM EST. The winner of game 7 will square off against the Las Vegas Knights.

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