Monday, April 6, 2020

Do farts spread the Coronavirus?

Do farts spread the COVID-19 virus? Pants work just fine to cut off novel coronavirus transmission in farts, a Beijing district disease control center announced on Sunday.

In a lengthy and seemingly humorous yet serious article on its WeChat account, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of Tongzhou district in Beijing clarified that farts, normally, do not constitute another transmission route of COVID-19, unless someone takes a good and rather close sniff of gas from a pantless patient.
The findings made some worry that the virus is too "toxic" that farts could be a new transmission route.   

Some anxious individuals also called for mass production of N95 facial mask-like protection for their bottoms.

The Tongzhou district CDC said it had clearly done their homework before writing the article, and they cited a fart experiment carried out by Karl Kruszelnicki and Luke Tennent a couple of years ago. Their findings were published on with the conclusion that pants can effectively screen out germs.

That is to say, as long as everyone is wearing their pants, there is no need to be worried that passing gas would cause a micro biological contamination risk.
Someone needs to ask Dr. Fauci about Covid-19 being spread by farts. Do we need ass-masks or do we wear pants over our head?

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Sunday, April 5, 2020

Sweden: Land of Gang Violence.

Huh...must be all those vicious, angry and violent Jews and Christians who don't like the Swedes.

Remember when President Donald Trump said, in 2017, "look what's happening in Sweden." And Sweden and American Liberals said, "What?" and laughed at Trump?

It turns out President Trump was, and is, correct. Many of us already knew what the president said was accurate. The media decided reporting on this was - um - disrespectful to "some people" and avoided covering stories like this.

Gatestone Institute: "F***ing Swede."
In Gothenburg, a criminal gang of youths forced their victim to kiss the gang leader's feet, while they filmed him. After that, they stamped on his face until he passed out. — Expressen, October 1, 2019.

"It is a way to show your power. They want to dominate places. They do that by putting fear in other youths." — Thomas Petterson, analyst for the Gothenburg police, Expressen, August 31, 2019.
"Previously, gang rapes were virtually unknown in Sweden. But since the 1980s, they have steadily increased. Since 1995, they have quadrupled. In 1999, 35 gang rapes were recorded in Stockholm alone. Today, the media reports every week or every two weeks on such violent crimes." — Ingrid Björkman, Jan Elfverson, Jonathan Friedman and Åke Wedin, in the book, Exit Folkhemssverige.
The "humiliation robberies" have recently caused much consternation in Sweden. In Gothenburg, a criminal gang of youths forced their victim to kiss the gang leader's feet, while they filmed him. After that, they stomped on his face until he passed out.

In Stockholm, two 16-year-olds robbed, punched and kicked their 18-year old victim for hours. At the end of the ordeal, they took him behind a church where one of the perpetrators urinated on him while they called him names such as "fucking Swede". They then forced him to take his clothes of while laughing mockingly at him, the victim, only known as Liam, told Swedish TV. The two 16-year-olds filmed the incident and spread it on social media.

The parents of one of the perpetrators came to Sweden six years ago from an unspecified African country, according to Swedish TV, who interviewed them in February. The parents both work and said that their son lacks for nothing. The mother wore a hijab during the interview.

Although Swedish media rarely publish details of the ethnic origins of gang members, some media research has shown that gang members overwhelmingly are either foreign-born or children of immigrants. In 2017, the Swedish mainstream media outlet Expressen did a report about the 49 criminal networks in Stockholm. The report showed the networks consisted of between 500 and 700 gang members: 40.6% of the gang members that Expressen surveyed were foreign-born; 82.2% had two parents who were foreign-born. Their main country of origin was Iraq, followed by Bosnia, Lebanon, Somalia, Syria and Turkey.

"It is a way to show your power. They want to dominate places. They do that by putting fear in other youths," said Thomas Petterson, an analyst for the Gothenburg police, in August.
Exit Folkhemssverige also has a section about gang rape, which the authors present as a different kind of humiliation crime:
The usual pattern is the same as in the gang robberies. First, the ethnic relationship is the same: the victims are Swedish and among the perpetrators, the immigrants are greatly over-represented. For example, a study on sentencing practices shows that out of 24 perpetrators convicted of gang rape in 1989–91, 21 were foreign nationals. Whether the three Swedish citizens were ethnic Swedes or immigrants is not accounted for. Second, both perpetrators and victims are getting younger. In August 2001, for example, two 13-year-old girls in Malmö were raped by six immigrant boys aged 11 to 14. The case received widespread media attention, resulting in 17 rape reports against the same gang being filed with the police in the following days... The term 'whore' for Swedish women was launched by Muslim immigrant men from the Middle East. The concept has since been adopted by male immigrants from other cultures and now seems established..."
Welcome to Diversity. It strengthens and enriches the "social fabric."

All cultures are equal? Anyone trying to convince you of that is lying.
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Saturday, April 4, 2020

Questioning Dr. Fauci has nothing to do with his political ideology.

You can search it out on your own if you'd like, it won't take long. Quite a bit of feigned hostility on the web equating criticism of Dr. Anthony Fauci as being political. Because he's a Hillary fan (search it, it's true, he is).

No - questioning Dr. Fauci isn't politically motivated. Questioning Fauci on the Coronavirus and his assessment and degree of accuracy, and wondering if his modeling is correct, is based on Fauci's own past, fairly recent - and contradictory - statements:

Click image to enlarge.

The Hill via MSN "No need to worry." January 26, 2020.

USA MacPaper: Top disease official: Risk of coronavirus in USA is 'minuscule'; skip mask and wash hands. February 17, 2020.

Breitbart: "Tedrous, outstanding person." March 25, 2020.

PBS: What Dr. Fauci wants you to know about face masks. April 3, 2020.
Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus' Past

Nazret: Ethiopia: Tedros Adhanom played a key role in kidnapping of prominent dissident.

Ethiopian News and Views: Tedros Adhanom’s latest disruptive move.

The National Interest: China helps Put Tedros in charge of WHO.

OPride: The Case against Tedrous Adhanom Ghebreyesus.
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Breitbart Archived
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Elizabeth Warren edges ever closer to the padded room.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is demanding the racial data of those contracting the novel coronavirus, contending that it is “critical to ensuring an equitable and just response to this crisis across the board.”

While the virus appears to be no respecter of persons, infecting more than one million people globally, Warren believes it is “critical” to have racial data to properly respond to the pandemic.

“Our health care system is rife with racial disparities. Racial data on coronavirus will be critical to ensuring an equitable and just response to this crisis across the board,” she wrote in a tweet, referencing an article from the Atlantic.

“But we don’t have that data—yet,” she added.
Maybe Liz should put her 9-year old trans child Cabinet member in charge of obtaining this information that she "demands".

I am sick and tired of hearing Democrats making "demands". They will get nothing and like it.

U.S. Military command teams in charge of protecting homeland security isolated in Cheyenne mountain bunker.

The command took such steps to ensure personnel can monitor the COVID-19 pandemic around the clock as the disease spreads around the world[.]
Should the staff working at the bunker become ill, there is a third team of high-ranking military officials working another 'secret' location[.]
'Our dedicated professionals of the NORAD and NORTHCOM command and control watch have left their homes, said goodbye to their families and are isolated from everyone to ensure that they can stand the watch each and every day to defend our homeland.[']
The NORAD base lies behind 23-ton blast doors and is arguably the most secure place on earth. A warren of tunnels was blasted out of Colorado granite in the 1960s and is now teeming with high-tech surveillance and monitoring equipment.
The bunker lies 2,000 feet under Cheyenne Mountain outside Colorado Springs. It can be sealed off by two giant blast doors made of concrete and steel, each 3½ feet thick.
It takes 45 seconds for built-in hydraulic machinery to close the blast doors. If the hydraulics fail, two people can close them by hand.
The Daily Mail article is quite interesting with great photos of some of what is contained within Cheyenne Mountain.

Along with all those working in the medical field, those protecting the public (law enforcement, fire-fighters, first responders, etc), the truckers, delivery drivers, volunteers putting in time without pay to help others - say a prayer for those who protect our nation. All of these people are putting our lives ahead of their personal interests and their personal lives. We owe them BIG TIME.
Daily Mail Archived

Back to days like this.


Friday, April 3, 2020

Mask or No Mask? And no ice cream - WTF?

To mask or not? Good luck finding them retail. I haven't checked online. I hate online shopping and avoid it like the plague. The Boss is checking online, I guess.

The Philadelphia Inquirer: Should you wear a mask in public?
...researcher, Jeremy Howard, pointed to findings in dozens of scientific papers that indicate even the most basic of masks can be an effective tool in reducing virus transmission. A simple mask can be made without sewing by tying together two layers of a cut-up cotton blend T-shirt and covering the face and nose with it, being sure to wash the covering after each use.
Jeremy Howard was also on Laura Ingraham's program tonight and a segment featuring DIY paper towel masks. Take two or three sheets of paper towel, keep folding it length-wise until narrow, staple the ends together including a rubber band being attached with a staple (or two). Unfold it, put rubber bands on your ears, cover your mouth and nose and there ya go, a disposable face mask.

A few days ago in one of the supermarkets - why, I don't know - the cheese aisle was virtually empty. Cheese? Cheese. Is this a precursor to some future cheese-hoarding-crowd mentality?

TP disappeared a while back, re-appeared and was scooped up like it was gold and now is being restocked and is usually available. Shelves of disinfectant, hand sanitizer, bleach or hydrogen peroxide are empty.

Haven't seen Vitamin C anywhere for well over a week. I think taking extra C is great, but I can't believe how it vanished so quickly, probably by many who until this moment, never believed in its benefits. Panic and frenzy sells; the Herd usually moves in predictable ways.

On the way home, I had to stop at a big-box store that sells groceries. The Mrs. called, asked me to buy her some vanilla ice cream. None to be found. WTF? The ice cream freezer aisle was virtually empty. The few actual ice creams available were oddball flavors like cotton candy and sprinkles, and I knew she didn't want that. I phone her, tell her no vanilla, she says to forget it. Being the Trophy Husband that I am, I went to another store that had ice cream in stock, (not a lot, but enough), and vanilla, so I brought some home.

What's the next commodity the public will enter into Frenzy Mode that will disappear off the shelves? I want to be ahead of the curve. Eye drops? OTC spray for jock itch? Green food dye # 3? Bac-Os?

One shortage I haven't yet seen anywhere is in the cereal aisles. So far, they've been fully stocked, everywhere. Go figure.

I'm conscience of not touching my face, keeping distance from the gen pop as much as possible (always have, too many idiots) and use hand-sanitizer. I'm not sold on wearing a mask. Are you? Any items out of stock that normally aren't (other than the usual TP, OTC cold medicine, etc). Ice cream?

Joe Biden now supports China Travel ban he previously opposed. And he made his own Coronavirus face mask.

The day after Trump announced the ban in late January, Biden posted a tweet claiming actions need to be taken in the name of “science,” and not with Trump’s alleged “record of hysteria, xenophobia, and fear-mongering.”
During a campaign event in Fort Madison, Iowa, on January 31, Biden referred to the action as “hysterical xenophobia,” according to Grabien.

But now, Biden’s campaign said he supports the ban.
Breitbart News previously reported a Pew Research Center survey found 95 percent of respondents said “restricting international travel to the U.S.” was necessary to curbing the spread of the virus.

The restriction has the support of 94 percent of Democrat voters, according to the poll.

Friday Morning Music Video

Advisory - language.

Thursday, April 2, 2020

German cruise ship sinks Venezuelan warship.

It's always helpful to the strong image any country wants to project when one of its warships is sunk by a German passenger cruise ship.

BERLIN – A Venezuelan navy ship fired shots at a German-owned cruise ship on March 30 and rammed into the passenger vessel, leading to the sinking of the warship in the Caribbean.

The Iranian regime-allied Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro accused the captain of the RCGS RESOLUTE cruise ship of “terrorism and piracy" and sought to force the ship into a new direction on the high seas. The cruise ship, which had no passengers on board and was flying under a Portuguese flag, has a reinforced hull that enables it to sail through ice water.

“Shortly after mid-night, the cruise vessel was approached by an armed Venezuelan navy vessel, which via radio questioning the intentions of the RCGS RESOLUTE’s presence and gave the order to follow to Puerto Moreno on Isla De Margarita. As the RCGS RESOLUTE was sailing in international waters at that time, the Master wanted to reconfirm this particular request resulting into a serious deviation from the scheduled vessel’s route with the company DPA.”

According to the statement, “While the Master was in contact with the head office, gun shots were fired and, shortly thereafter, the navy vessel approached the starboard side at speed with an angle of 135° and purposely collided with the RCGS RESOLUTE. The navy vessel continued to ram the starboard bow in an apparent attempt to turn the ship’s head towards Venezuelan territorial waters.”

The cruise company said the RCGS RESOLUTE sustained minor damages, not affecting vessel’s seaworthiness, it occurs that the navy vessel suffered severe damages while making contact with the ice-strengthened bulbous bow of the ice-class expedition cruise vessel RCGS RESOLUTE and started to take water.”
Jerusalem Post Archived

Now we're advised to wear masks? Who's selling them?

CBS News: Should we be wearing masks?

I did notice an increase of people wearing a mask today than I did yesterday. Other than make one, which I could do, where are people buying these masks? Those that I saw weren't homemade.

Most were the usual surgical/dental-type white or blue PPE masks. A couple appeared to be the white N95.

I did see headlines where both Home DePot and Amazon stopped selling N95 masks to the public because of a shortage of them at hospitals.  So where are masks available? They had to be purchased retail, they didn't order them overnight. They must have stocked up weeks ago or they know someone. Do I have to talk to a friend now, to buy masks? WTF?

Pure and chaste Ilhan Omar wants flogging in the USA.

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar of Minnesota quoted the Quran on Twitter, Wednesday, to suggest that those who accuse her of infidelity should be flogged.

Omar’s suggestion came after Twitter user Retawa Agnihotri quoted a passage of the Quran that condemns adulterers beneath one of congresswoman’s tweets. Omar responded with a Quranic verse of her own that directs the faithful to “flog” those who make false accusations of against “chaste women.”

    “And those who accuse chaste women, and produce not four witnesses, flog them with eighty stripes, and reject their testimony forever. They indeed are the Faasiqoon (liars, rebellious, disobedient to Allaah)”

    [al-Noor 24:4].

    — Ilhan Omar (@IlhanMN) April 1, 2020

This exchange immediately drew significant criticism. Robby Starbuck, an accomplished music video producer and conservative political pundit chimed in, calling it “absolutely insane” that a “US Congresswoman encourages flogging those who are disobedient to Allah.”

Maajid Nawaz, the founder of a counter-extremism think tank also noted how “ISIS & other Islamists have only recently implemented such scripture with horrific results.”

How appropriate do you [Omar] think it is for you to be publicly citing this passage advocating lashing other human beings, so publicly,” he asked.

Mohammad Tawhidi, also known as the Imam of Peace, weighed in, suggesting that it’s ironic how the congresswoman seemed to characterize herself as a “chaste woman.”
It might be simpler and easier for Ill-han to provide a list of family members and married men she hasn't slept fornicated with.

If Omar is so enamored with flogging, maybe she should relocate to a country more harmonious with her 7th century savage beliefs.
Alpha News Archived

Bette Midler receives grade of D-minus. Barely passes class on how to use garage door opener.

Breitbart: Tone Deaf: Bette Midler Salutes Housekeepers Around the Globe After Getting Familiar With Her Appliances.
Bette Midler thought it was a good idea to publicly salute housekeepers and express gratitude for her kitchen appliances — objects she claims she has gotten to know better as the coronavirus pandemic ravages the nation.

I never knew my appliances as well as I’m starting to know them,” the left-wing activist said. “So grateful to #Kenmore and #Maytag. This is no joke. I salute housekeepers around the globe, doing your best to keep your families well, safe and alive.”

    I never knew my appliances as well as I’m starting to know them. So grateful to #Kenmore and #Maytag. This is no joke. I salute housekeepers around the globe, doing your best to keep your families well, safe and alive.

    — bettemidler (@BetteMidler) March 31, 2020
I heard Midler received an "incomplete" in ironing class. Comprehending the heat settings eluded her. 

Ahhhhh...the day-to-day difficulties and hardships endured by vacuous celebrities with a net worth of $250 Million.

Life is hard.
I support the housekeepers of the world who work for, and deal with, their wealthy, Liberal, pampered, self-absorbed employers. It has to be an unbearably stressful job depending on the diva.

Quaratine madness in Naples, Italy. Naked lady runs down street.

Advisory - NSFW / Adult Content:

Via Live Leak

I wonder if her name is Rosie?

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Planned Parenthood requests donations of PPE during Covid-19 crisis.

Planned Parenthood is requesting donations of personal protective equipment (PPE) for its staff as the group demands elective abortions continue during the coronavirus crisis in the United States.
In an email message to supporters, Sue Dunlap, president of the group’s Los Angeles affiliate, wrote Planned Parenthood needs:

    Supplies for our clinics –– In order to keep our patients, staff, and sites moving through this emergency, we need all of the same supplies you are hearing about on the news.  As gloves, masks, and medications run low, we are doing all that we can to procure supplies for the essential care our community is depending on us to provide.

The abortion giant is also requesting donations for “hardware like laptops, phones, and hotspots that we hope will remain functional in the worst of scenarios” to ramp up its “remote call center.”

Additionally, Planned Parenthood is requesting donations to its “Emergency Relief Fund for our almost-500 coworkers in order to help them cover groceries, child care, or any other expenses they are incurring while working and supporting Planned Parenthood patients through this difficult time.”

Brad Hoylman, Gay DEM NY Lawmaker Angered That Franklin Graham Is Helping Save Lives in NYC. de Blasio also "very concerned."

The tolerant and inclusive Brad Hoylman.

An openly gay and anti-Christian New York state senator has condemned Franklin Graham and Samaritan's Purse for wanting to treat coronavirus patients.

Samaritan's Purse set up an emergency field tent hospital in Central Park at the request of city officials. The respiratory unit, which will be supervised by Mount Sinai Hospital, can accommodate 68 patients.

"It's a shame that the federal government has left New York with no other choice but to accept charity from bigots," State Sen. Brad Hoylman said. "You know those medical tents being constructed in Central Park? They’re being set up by notorious anti-gay bigot Franklin Graham."
It's unthinkable that anyone, much less a state lawmaker, would bully a bunch of Christians who simply want to provide medical treatment to critically ill New Yorkers.

"We don't discriminate against anybody" Graham said. "Our doors are open for all New Yorkers - regardless of their race, ethnicity or their sexual preference. We treat everybody the same."
Mayor Bill de Blasio told the New York Post that he was troubled over the ministry's commitment to traditional religious beliefs regarding marriage and sexuality.

We’re going to send people over from the Mayor’s Office to monitor” the park facility, de Blasio added. “So I’m very concerned to make sure this is done right. But if it is done right, of course, we need all the help we can get.”

Even some in the city's LGBT community thumbed their nose at the Christian ministry's charity.
de Blasio Kaiser Warren Wilhelm, Junior, can't find a camera or microphone fast enough these days in which to stick his face and shed tears about how New Yorkers are dying and need help. Yet he doesn't seem to appreciate the help of Christians. Um - what is the Alphabet Brigade doing to help anyone?

As far as DEM NY State Senator Hoylman, wow, don't tell him he's not earning his salary and doing the work of the people. He tirelessly tackles the really big issues like risks to children from tanning beds.

We all know who the real haters and bigots are, here. They tell us who they are every time they speak. 
Townhall Archived
Hoylman story on Tanning beds Archived

Another Day in (pre?) The Reset.

Which Reset? Or should that be pReset?

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Are hospitals busy? #FilmYourHospital.

St. Luke's, Denver @ Brandon Bowser.

In the thread below, the following obvious and valid point is made and discussed: you can't judge what's going on in the inside by only seeing the exterior. Excellent point, makes sense. However, as you read through the thread you'll find Tweets from people who claim to have knowledge of what's going on inside. Many of them state the MSM are greatly over-exaggerating the hospital overload and some claim they've been asked to take time off and leave early some days, because things are so slow.

I haven't driven by a local hospital in quite some time. Have you? Does it appear busy or overwhelmed? Leave a comment.

Here's the full thread #FlimYourHospital@Brandon Bowser.

Some excerpts:
JUCCII MANE@JucciiMane -22h
Replying to @brandonBowser10
I work in a Radiology department in a hospital. My hours have been cut and I showed up to work today and have been told to not show up the rest of the week. It’s absolutely dead in our hospital. The media is LYING, AGAIN!

JUCCII MANE@JucciiMane -22h
The worst part of all this is I now believe that our hospitals are run by the same groups that run the media. We have 30 potential covid patients, I think only 3 are positive. But they won’t tell us which ones are the positives.

82ndVet@82ndVet -Mar 30
Replying to @brandonBowser10 and @JimDelRey
I’m furloughed tomorrow. So I will be doing the same here in CT tomorrow. I’ll be see the war zone for myself. [sic]

Q-baby@SuperPowersT -17h
Replying to @brandonBowser10  and @TruthSeekerQSD
Brandon, took your cue. Canton GA Northside Cherokee Hospital. March 30 2020. Crickets. This is a 544 bed university hospital that services north Georgia rural areas as well.

WarDamnEagle@Wardamn5 -22h
Replying to @brandonBowser10
Either they’re awaiting some randomly predicted #ChineseBioterrorism apocalypse incoming soon.. or.. there something MUCH bigger coming that they are preparing for that we the people don’t know about!

Robert Stones@Hontorstones -22h
Replying to @brandonBowser10
Same with many hospitals in Utah. Things could change but for now very little is going on and staff are having hours cut.

Candy THE END IS NIGH Truong@CandyTruong0122 -15h
Replying to @brandonBowser10
My brother's wife is a surgical nurse at Beaumont in Detroit. I was kinda shocked when she posted today she is going to be sent home because there's "no work".  2 days ago, this hospital was "almost at capacity"?

ChrisCunningham@Chris22748242 -14h
Replying to @brandonBowser10
I work at 2 hospitals in Minneapolis MN and both have been ghost towns for the past couple weeks.

Bill Pearlman@BillPRealtorPRO -20h
Replying to @brandonBowser10
I live in NY and this stuff is REAL.  I hope and pray it doesn’t come your way but don’t bet on it and don’t let down your guards. follow all guidance quickly.

Davidpingree101@davidpingree101 -18h
CA is not bad. I’m a firefighter here and hospitals are cleaner and emptier than I’ve ever seen them. Our call volume is down 60% also.

Randomness@Random2012756 -14h
Replying to @brandonBowser10
My sister in law’s hospital she works in is empty too - Jacksonville FL.

Josh Gondeiro@GondeiroJosh -22h
Replying to @brandonBowser10
My sister works at a hospital in fort worth, she said its slow there as well. In fact they were sending nurses home due to lack of patients. Dont believe every thing you hear from the msm.
@Brandon Bowser (truncated) Archived

Magnetic Clay and Tesla Auto-Charge.

Fredo Cuomo has The Covid.

Fredo Cuomo, CNN propagandist.

Heavy: Chris Cuomo Has Coronavirus.
Chris Cuomo, the CNN anchor and brother to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, has coronavirus, he confirmed in a tweet on March 31, 2020.

In a tweet, Christopher Cuomo wrote, “Sooooo in these difficult times that seem to get more difficult and complicated by the day, I just found out that I am positive for coronavirus. I have been exposed to people in recent days who have subsequently tested positive and I had fever, chills, and shortness of breath. I just hope I didn’t give it to the kids and Cristina. That would make me feel worse than this illness! I am quarantined in my basement[.]"

Monday, March 30, 2020

Pelosi in Chinatown, "Everything is fine," on February 24 after WHO declared Coronavirus a threat on January 30.

@ Lola Netty (second video):

KPIX documented Pelosi’s February 24 visit to a fortune cookie factory and retailers:
[Pelosi] has been going around to show that it is perfectly safe to be here,” Makovec said.
Pelosi said to reporters as her entourage packed the sidewalk. “We want to be careful about how we deal with it, be we do want to say to people, ‘Come to Chinatown. Here we are. We’re careful, safe. Come join us.'”
ABC NewsCoronavirus declared global health emergency by WHO after 1st person-to-person US case reported.
By Erin Schumaker
January 30, 2020

The World Health Organization declared coronavirus a public health emergency of international concern at a news conference Thursday in Geneva.
CBS NewsCDC confirms first case of coronavirus in the United States.
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has confirmed the first case of coronavirus in the United States.
On January 17, the CDC and the Department of Homeland Security's Customs and Border Protection implemented "enhanced health screenings" at the three U.S. airports that receive most of the travelers from Wuhan: San Francisco (SFO), New York (JFK), and Los Angeles (LAX) airports.
"We expect additional cases in the US," [said Dr. Nancy Messonnier, director of the CDC's National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases].
First published on January 21, 2020 / 2:56 PM 
NBC NewsNBC Rep. Velazquez has presumed COVID-19 infection, was near Pelosi.
Rep. Nydia Velazquez [D-NY] said Monday that she's been "diagnosed with presumed coronavirus infection," three days after she spoke on the House floor and stood near 80-year-old House Speaker Nancy Pelosi during the signing of the $2.2 trillion coronavirus stimulus bill.
Breitbart Archived
ABC News Archived
NBC News Archived
CBS News Archived

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Pelosi sinks to new low. Calls President Trump's Coronavirus response "deadly".

Nancy Pelosi on CNN's State of The Union with Jake Tapper. Pay attention to her face and eyes. She's about 30% lucid. The rest of her...deranged, drunk, on drugs or early-to-mid stage dementia:

Absolutely disgusting behavior on the part of the fossil Pelosi, who, with her comrades spent the past three years fiddling, doing nothing other than wasting time on a partisan witch hunt.

The only deadly person here is Pelosi.

Read more at Business Insider.

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Netherlands recalls 'defective' masks bought from China.

DW: Netherlands recalls 'defective' masks bought from China.
The Dutch government has ordered a recall on around 600,000 masks out of a shipment of 1.3 million from China after they failed to meet quality standards.

The defective masks had already been distributed to several hospitals currently battling the COVID-19 outbreak, news agency AFP and Dutch media reported. The Dutch Health Ministry has kept the rest of the shipment on hold.

An inspection revealed that the FFP2 masks did not protect the face properly or had defective filter membranes. The fine filters stop the virus from entering the mouth or nose. The masks failed more than one inspection.

"A second test also revealed that the masks did not meet the quality norms. Now it has been decided not to use any of this shipment," said the health ministry said in a statement to news agency AFP.
China is sending millions of masks and medical supplies to countries across the world to combat the COVID-19 outbreak. Countries which are receiving China's supplies include Serbia, Liberia, France, Philippines, Czech Republic.

Minnesota golfers as selfish and stupid as Spring Break students.

The Guardian: The spring breakers now regret partying.
...the University of Tampa has confirmed that at least five of those [Spring break] students have tested positive [for Covid-19].
KSTPPetition to keep golf courses open during stay at home order gains thousands of signatures.
Most golf courses are closed as part of the stay at home order, but many Minnesotans argue it's an activity that should be allowed.
[John] Potter is the director of instruction at Prestwick Golf Club in Woodbury. He started a petition to open courses during this order, and it generated about 15,000 signatures in less than two days.
"With this virus going around we can obviously maintain safe distances, where I hit the ball, especially, no one goes," [said said Tom Moore, who lives in Woodbury.]
Potter hopes the voices of the golfers are heard.

"There's no reason to be closed, let's get it open," Potter said.
The preferred golf ball of PGA champions.

I really don't see why golf courses can't be open (with some restrictions for indoor areas), but that won't stop me from playing Devil's Advocate.

We can reach at least two reasonable conclusions:

1) Mr. Potter has a vested financial interest in petitioning against Minnesota's  "shelter-in-place" order issued by DEM Gov. Timmy "Ham-Head" Walz.

2) Mr. Moore can't golf worth a shit and his ball ends up in the rough more times than not.

Golf, cough, sneeze, get Covid-19 and please...drop dead anywhere other than on the green or you'll delay the golfers playing the hole behind you.

Your corpse in a bunker or sand trap would be nice. At least some golfer might be able to bounce their shot of your bloated body and onto the green instead of chipping out.

Just a reminder in this Chinese Wuhan Corona Virus pandemic...Wash your balls. Golf balls.

Herpes face actor Michael Rapaport is the Corona Virus Police. Also called Melania Trump a ‘Dumb FKC’ and a ‘Dumb Animal’.

Michael Rapaport, actor. Who? Yeah...exactly.

Nice Herp 1 chancres 'ya got there on the mouth and upper chin, Champ.

MSN: Michael Rapaport shares expletive-filled coronavirus PSA.
The 50-year-old comedian/actor/entertainment personality recorded an expletive-packed COVID-19 public service announcement and shared it Monday, encouraging people to stay home with some colorful language.

Get your f---ing a-- in the house, you little selfish m-----f-----, you,” Rapaport concluded the message. Those were only two of the 24 f-bombs he dropped in the 2-minute, 20-second video, among numerous other obscenities.

Rapaport said someone had approached him to record a more family-friendly PSA, as many other celebrities have. But the podcaster and “True Romance" actor wasn’t having it and decided to do things his own, more flamboyant, way.

I’m not asking ‘please,' I’m telling m-----f------ stay your little punk dirty s---stained a-- inside,” Rapaport said. “Parents, go outside grab your f---ing kids.”
Actor Michael Rapaport viciously attacked First Lady Melania Trump on Sunday, calling her a “dumb animal,” in response to her coronavirus PSA in which Mrs. Trump suggested safety tips and said “while many of us are apart, we are all in this together.”

Look at this DUMB FKC!!! She thinks this is SEXXXY TIME? Dumb FKC! You dumb animal @FLOTUS, Michael Rapaport said in his rant posted to Twitter on Sunday.
“MAGA!!!! Look at what you’ve done!!!” he said.

    Look at this DUMB FKC!!!
    She thinks this is SEXXXY TIME?
    Dumb FKC! You dumb animal @FLOTUS
    MAGA!!!! Look at what you’ve done!!!

    — MichaelRapaport (@MichaelRapaport) March 22, 2020
Michael Rapaport has spent years taking cheap shots at the president and members of his administration. He was particularly triggered in October 2017, belting out a profanity-laced rant about climate change.

“Deviant Donald Trump. There’s no global warming, right? Look at your ice skating rink, you fucking dummy,” Rapaport said at the time. “It’s 80 degrees in October, but there’s no global warming. Fuck you, fuck your ice skating rink.”
The actor insisted last July that President Trump dreams of being a dictator, and also smeared Ivanka Trump.

Dick stain fuck… let me tell you something on your stupid fucking independence day parade,” the Prison Break star said about the president’s proposed July 4th parade. “The only thing we want independence from is you, you fucking dog you. “You wanna be a dictator you ain’t no dictator, you’re just a dick.”
Untreated syph causes irreparable brain damage. Maybe his problem is that, not the Herp?

Rapaport needs a refill on his Acyclovir meds. Quarantine yourself, dick-stain!
UPDATE:  I didn't even know who this asshat was until recently.

TMZ: (December 21, 2018) Barstool Sports Fires Back He Cracked Herpes Jokes About Himself!!!
Michael Rapaport has no business suing anyone for saying he has herpes ... because he himself has said it ... according to the countersuit Barstool Sports just filed against the actor.
Barstool points out Michael commented on a 2015 photo of himself, saying, it "looks like" I have "a herpe."
For the record, Michael said in his lawsuit he "does not suffer from herpes."
Yeah...well, saying you don't have herpes is one thing. Providing independent medical evaluation supporting your claim is an entirely different matter.

Maybe those zosters on his mouth and chin are just healing scabs of syph pustules?

Boy, Golly, Gee, I sure wouldn't want to be sued by Herpes Face Michael Rapaport. He seems like such a tolerant person. You can tell by his diplomatic and tolerant behavior towards others.

So I'll go on record agreeing with Meester Rapaport that he does not have Herpes. It just looks like he does.

ADDED: A Google Gallery of Rapaport images with not-herpes on his face.

Illegal Aliens DEMAND $1,200 Federal relief checks.

Breitbart: Coronavirus: Illegal Aliens Demand $1.2K Each in Taxpayer-Funded Checks.
Illegal aliens are demanding they too receive $1,200 in federal checks from the government as part of a Chinese coronavirus crisis relief package.

Open borders organizations like the George Soros-funded United We Dream, the National Immigrant Justice Center, and the National Immigration Law Center — all of which represent the roughly 11 to 22 million illegal aliens living in the United Statesare pleading with the federal government to cut federal checks to illegal aliens who have Individual Tax Identification Number (ITINs).

Currently, Trump’s coronavirus relief package includes $1,200 federal checks for American citizens with Social Security Numbers (SSN) or those considered “resident aliens,” like permanent lawful residents in the U.S. on green cards.

Illegal aliens, therefore, are excluded from receiving the federal checks, a provision that has outraged the open borders lobby.
Illegal alien advocates are asking the public to urge lawmakers to provide federal checks to illegal aliens in the midst of the coronavirus crisis.
Uh, relief checks for Illegals? NO, NO and FUCK NO! 

To clarify further...(adult language advisory): 

Friday, March 27, 2020

Three Near Earth Objects; All Swings and Misses.

IBT (March 26, 2020): NASA Asteroid Tracker: 3 NEOs Approaching Earth Tomorrow. (So that would be today, the 27th).

How dare they! Teasing, godless asteroids and meteors tiptoeing their unobtrusive paths around earth. Another letdown. They missed us again. A damn shame.

No SMODs on the horizon for a good collision, either. Just downright disappointing.

"Snopes Says" the story about an asteroid hitting earth on April, 29, 2020 is "False", which could mean there's a high probability of it being "True". So we can look forward to that. Whatever it takes to stop the obsessive and frenzied run on TP.

"The Inn is closed," says MN DEM Gov. Tim Walz. Ham-Head declares, "shelter in place."

What a difference a bit of time, panic, frenzy, "free" Federal money, pandering to minorities, fear-mongering and hack political partisanship makes, hey Timmy?

Minneapolis Red Star Tribune (Archived) December 13, 2019: Gov. Tim Walz to Trump on refugees: 'The inn is not full in Minnesota'.
Gov. Tim Walz notified the Trump administration Friday that the state will continue to welcome refugees, pointedly saying that the “inn is not full in Minnesota.”
 “Refugees strengthen our communities. Bringing new cultures and fresh perspectives, they contribute to the social fabric of our state. Opening businesses and supporting existing ones, they are critical to the success of our economy,” [wrote Walz].
Bring Me The News (Archived) March 25, 2020: Gov. Walz announces 'stay at home' order for Minnesota.
[MN Governor Tim Walz] announced Minnesota would become the latest state to impose a stricter "shelter in place" order, starting Friday at 11:59 p.m.

However, the order is only going to be in place for 2 weeks.
This vacuous, media-whore (Walz can't go 24 hours without sticking his head like a canned ham in front of a camera or microphone) governor is now in self-quarantine because he may have been in contact with someone infected with Covid-19.

What happens after Gov. Ham-Head's two week shelter-in-place is up? I guess the Inn re-opens for welcoming back all infectious diseases and invasive species.

Minnesota - how and why TF did you elect this Big-Government, anti 2A/gun control freak,  polarizing, liberal, Trump-hating asshat? 

Wait - I know your response: "My parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, great-great grandparents all voted Democrat. So I vote Democrat." You're not doing yourselves or anyone else any favors. Maybe you will learn this if you live long enough. Maybe not. Some learn at a slower rate than others. Some never learn.

Last Call comes early tonight.

And in case you didn't know, Wash your hands...

Friday Morning Music Video

"Anxiety" from Mondo Bizarro by (the) Ramones.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Gov. Andrew Cuomo wasted money for ventilators on solar energy.

Real Clear Politics: New York's Ventilator Rationing Plan.
After learning that the state's stockpile of medical equipment had 16,000 fewer ventilators than New Yorkers would need in a severe pandemic, Gov. Andrew Cuomo came to a fork in the road in 2015. He could have chosen to buy more ventilators. Instead, he asked his health commissioner, Howard Zucker to assemble a task force and draft rules for rationing the ventilators they already had.
Cuomo could have purchased the additional 16,000 needed ventilators for $36,000 apiece or a total of $576 million in 2015. It's a lot of money but less than the $750 million he threw away on a boondoggle "Buffalo Billion" solar panel factory.
Read more at Conservative Angle: Cuomo Refused to Invest in More Ventilators for Pandemics.
Now we know that not only did Cuomo not purchase excess ventilators for emergencies but he used state funds on a solar panel boondoggle instead.

Corona Burger debuts.

A Vietnamese restaurant is selling a burger served in a bun that looks like the deadly microscopic coronavirus, according to the South China Morning Post.

Chef Hoang Tung said he started serving his burger on a crown-shaped bun resembling the virus to take the fear out of the pandemic that has infected nearly a half-million people worldwide. The bun is dyed with green tea.

“We have this joke that if you are scared of something, you should eat it,” Tung said from his eatery in Hanoi.
Tung hopes the unusual burger brings "joy to others during this pandemic.”
More at U.S. News and World Report: Hanoi Chef Spreads Joy With 'Coronaburger'.

Ancient Ruin Pelosi turns 80 today.

Well...she's certainly pushing the limit. Life Expectancy:

U.S. State Department offering a reward of up to $15 million for information related to Nicolas Maduro.

U.S. News and World Report: U.S. Announces Reward up to $15 Million for Venezuela's Maduro.
The move came as the U.S. Justice Department announced charges against Maduro and others on narco-terrorism.
CBS NewsU.S. charges Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro and top officials for drug trafficking scheme.
Attorney General William Barr announced the unsealing of superseding indictments in federal court in New York and South Florida against Maduro and other Venezuelan officials, alleging they orchestrated a "narco-terrorism conspiracy" spanning more than two decades.

"As alleged, the Maduro regime is awash in corruption and criminality. Maduro and his defendants have betrayed the Venezuelan people and corrupted Venezuela's institutions," Barr said during a "virtual" news conference in Washington, D.C.[.]
USA MacPaper: Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro charged in U.S. drug trafficking inquiry.
"The Maduro regime was propped up by a sham judiciary and a corrupt military," Assistant Attorney General Brian Benczkowski said, adding that the defense minister authorized regular and enormous shipments of cocaine destined for the U.S.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Tara Reade Accuses Joe Biden of sexual assault.

“We were alone and it was the strangest thing,” [Tara Reade] said. “There was no like exchange really. He just had me up against the wall.”

Reade went on to say that she was wearing a business skirt with no stockings because it was hot at the time. While up against the wall, Reade says Biden’s “hands were on me and underneath my clothes.

He went down my skirt but then up inside it and he penetrated me with his fingers,” Reade emotionally continued.

Reade also said Biden was kissing her and saying multiple things to her. She remembered a couple of the comments.

“I remember him saying first, like as he was doing it, ‘Do you want to go somewhere else,'” she said. “And then him saying to me when I pulled away, he got finished doing what he was doing, and I kind of just pulled back and he said, ‘Come on man, I heard you liked me.’ And that phrase stayed with me because I kept thinking what I might’ve said and I can’t remember exactly if he said ‘i thought’ or ‘I heard’ but he implied that I had done this.”
More at The Union: Alexandra Tara Reade: A girl walks into the Senate, by Alexandra Tara Reade.
I was told that Sen. Biden wanted me to “serve drinks at a event” because he “liked my legs” and thought I was “pretty,” [writes Reade].

Beer delivery by remote controlled car...because of social distancing.

While the coronavirus pandemic is affecting nearly every aspect of our lives, some are finding ways to connect with their neighbors -- while maintaining proper social distancing. Eric Trzcinski of Richfield is the perfect example of this.

Trzcinski was recently driving home from work when he had this creative idea for sharing a beer with his neighbor across the street. Trzcinski is a car guy -- and strapped a spare exhaust tip from his collection to the back of his remote control car using zip ties. The exhaust tip was exactly the right size to hold a bottle of beer.

After loading the exhaust tip with a Corona (yes, that was intended), Trzcinski called his friend Trevor Reinke across the street -- and told him to shoot video after Trzcinski's garage opened. The result is the video above -- Trzcinski's RC car driving across the street and delivering a cold one to his buddy.
FOX 6 Archived

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Connecticut is Party Zero for coronavirus spreading over states and countries.

Daily Mail: Connecticut 40th birthday gathering of 50 guests from across the US and abroad is dubbed 'Party Zero' after half became infected with coronavirus - and spread the disease across several states and countries.
A 40th gathering in Connecticut has been dubbed 'party zero' after guests became infected and spread coronavirus across several states and the around the world.

About 50 guests reportedly gathered on March 5 at a home in the wealthy suburb of Westport for a lavish buffet and celebration.

After the event, roughly half of those at the party became infected with the disease, then transmitted it to other states and the rest of the world.

According to the New York Times, guests left that evening for Johannesburg, New York City, other parts of Connecticut and the wider US.
On the day of the party Connecticut did not have a single recorded case of coronavirus, but as of today 10 people in the state have died with 415 infections.

More than 50 people currently are hospitalized with COVID-19 in Connecticut.

In Westport state officials say there have been 74 cases of infection.

The upmarket enclave remains the Connecticut community with the highest number of infections.
 Some infected individual at the party double-dipped...

Biden a deer in headlights. Coughs, confused, stumbles during ABC, CNN and MSNBC interviews. (Video)

In other words, Joe Biden as normal and expected. What a train wreck:

Grabian News: Biden Coughs, Acts Confused, Throughout ABC/CNN/MSNBC Interviews.
In a series of interviews Tuesday, Joe Biden attempted to remind America he's still running for president, but ended up providing President Trump a treasure trove of campaign fodder.

The ostensible Democratic front-runner appeared in lengthy interviews on CNN, MSNBC, and ABC's "The View," to describe how much more competent his handling of the Coronavirus crisis would be were he in the White House, but appeared confused and sick — coughing incessantly — throughout the appearances.

CNN's Jake Tapper even had to remind the former vice president that current protocol is to cough into his elbow, not his his, as he had been doing.
On The View, Biden scored an own-goal after trying to take down Trump, saying: "We have to take care of the cure. That will make the problem worse no matter what — no matter what." [Uh - Whaaaat? DD]
On MSNBC, Biden attacked Trump for being both too hard and too soft on China; watching him, Biden said, "is like a yo-yo." Immediately upon saying it, Biden blushed, appearing to think he may have said something racially insensitive. "I shouldn't have said that," he said to himself.
I can only hope that for his own safety, the safety of the Biden family, friends,  neighbors and others, that they've taken away his car keys.

Greta Thunberg may have coronavirus.

Greta Thunberg says she may have contracted coronavirus and has self-isolated at home with her father.

The teenage climate activist said she appeared to have been infected along with her dad, actor Svante Thunberg.

Both began having symptoms after a recent train tour of Europe together and so have been in isolation for the last weeks, she said.

They were travelling in Europe before lockdowns were imposed by many governments across the continent in a bid to halt the spread of the virus.

In an Instagram post today, Thunberg said she suffered shivers, a sore throat, a cough and felt tired after travelling [sic] with her father from Brussels.
I kind of wondered how long this media whore would be bumped out of the limelight due to Covid-19. Was her European train tour carbon neutral? Was it a solar or wind-turbine powered train? Why did she feel entitled to a train tour? Because she's special. How Dare She! How Dare She!!

And yeah - this story gets filed under the department of "Ask Me if I Give A Flying Fuck".

Larz, the Corona Virus Challenge Toilet Seat Licker, Tests Positive for Covid-19.

The original video: 

Challenge and Mission Accomplished, Larz (who went by the Twitter name gayshawnmendes).

A moron who is taking up a hospital bed and precious, limited medical resources for no other reason than being a complete dimwit. Larz should be at the end of the end of the end of the end of the line of people receiving treatment for Covid-19.

Larz is the same moron who "ate some ice cream and put the lid back on the container".

Twitter user @GAYSHAWNMENDES posted the video to the social media site showing him opening a tub of ice cream, scooping some out with his fingers like a psycho, offering some to the person behind the camera who did the same, having some more himself, and then throwing it back in the fridge when he got nervous.
Pardes Seleh Tweet Archived

Coronavirus spreading, with and without social distancing.

Video simulation: Make sure to watch it until all action stops on the right-hand side and view in full screen mode.

Monday, March 23, 2020

DEMS delay economic emergency aid for Coronavirus relief due to Liberal partisanship agenda.

Townhall: Far-Left Wish List Nancy Pelosi Just Blew Everything Up.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi came back to Washington D.C. last night after a week long recess and blew up days of emergency relief work done by the Senate. She wants to write her own far left bill and now we know what will be in it.

According to a source close to the process on Capitol Hill, in order to move forward with any kind of relief package, Pelosi and her far-left Democrat caucus will demand the following be included:

-Publication of corporate pay statistics by race and race statistics for all corporate boards

-A bail out on all current debt at the Postal Service

-Required early voting

-Required same day voter registration
-Full offset of airline emissions by 2025

-Publication and reporting of greenhouse gas statistics for individual flights

-Retirement plans for community newspaper employees

Obama Failed to replenish N95 respirator masks after H1N1 in 2009.

It's all fun and games until someone gets their eye poked out with a stick.
Or, until someone needs an N95 mask and can't get one.

The national shortage of N95 respirator masks can be traced back to 2009 after the H1N1 swine flu pandemic, when the Obama administration was advised to replenish a national stockpile but did not, according to reports from Bloomberg News and the Los Angeles Times.

The Trump administration is scrambling to replenish a stockpile of protective medical gear for healthcare workers and patients as the coronavirus sweeps across the nation. N95 respirator masks are one of the most needed medical supplies amid the outbreak.

The George W. Bush administration published the National Strategy for Pandemic Influenza plan in 2005, which called on the federal government to distribute medical supplies from the Strategic National Stockpile governed by the Health and Human Services Department in the event of an outbreak.

In 2009, the H1N1 outbreak hit the United States, leading to 274,304 hospitalizations, 12,469 deaths, and a depletion of N95 respirator masks.

A federally backed task force and a safety equipment organization both recommended to the Obama administration that the stockpile be replenished with the 100 million masks used after the H1N1 outbreak.
Bloomberg News reported similar findings last week, noting, "After the H1N1 influenza outbreak in 2009, which triggered a nationwide shortage of masks and caused a 2- to 3-year backlog [of] orders for the N95 variety, the stockpile distributed about three-quarters of its inventory and didn’t build back the supply.
The Magic Kenyan fucks the U.S. over once again. No surprise here.