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Friday Morning Music Video Selection

... back to the usual fare...

Whew, what a fast 29 minutes...
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So - here's one more video, audio only. As was last Friday, a departure  from the usual above fare, same for the below.

It's a song that predates MTV, so I didn't find an "official video" or a good video that had decent audio. It's kind of a hidden little gem that didn't get a whole lot of airplay compared to the other hits on the same release: "Baby Hold On" and "Two Tickets To Paradise."

Turn up the speakers.

"Wanna Be A Rock 'N' Roll Star", from "Eddie Money" by Eddie Money

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Friday, March 9, 2018

Friday Morning Music Video Selection (Grab your coffee...)

I'm (really) late in discovering The Art of McCartney where other musicians sing the music of Paul McCartney/John Lennon/Beatles (see Wiki Item 3 for track listings). I like the idea, and it's worth checking out other artists covering the McCartney/Lennon/Beatles song catalog.

What surprised me at the YouTube site of today's selection were some of the viewer comments of, "I never knew Alice  had such a great voice." Heck, he's always had, and has, a great and distinctive voice. His ballad-style songs ("Only Women Bleed" , or "How You Gonna See Me Now" ) are outstanding showcases of how subtle and nuanced his voice is and his range.

So the below clip is a slight departure (retro videos featuring tasteful and attractive ladies) from the usual fare of the "Friday Morning Music Video Selection".

The one other thing I noticed at the You Tube link of the video were comments simply saying "Auto-Tune ." I have no way of knowing if an Auto-Tune was used or not - but then, I started thinking...  Alice has been singing, incredibly successfully, and continues touring, for 50 years. He doesn't need to prove anything to anyone. "Rigby" seems to be in a key that is natural for his voice, so really, it shouldn't be surprising that he nails the song perfectly, is it? I've seen him in concert and he's fantastic. What's your take?

Besides my always liking Alice, add to a video split-screen , floating-black-multi-"block" screen technique and dissolves, fades-to-white-with-Black-Font and double-reverse mirror imagery and I'm hooked.

One other interesting note; his political views... pretty darn good, and funny, IMHO:
Cooper's philosophy regarding politics is that politics should not be mixed with rock music. Cooper has usually kept his political views to himself, and in 2010 said, "I am extremely non-political. I go out of my way to be non-political.["]
... in the run-up to the 2004 presidential election, he told the Canadian Press that the rock stars campaigning for and touring on behalf of Democratic candidate John Kerry were committing "treason against rock n' roll". He added, upon seeing a list of musicians who supported Kerry, "If I wasn't already a Bush supporter, I would have immediately switched. Linda Ronstadt? Don Henley? Geez, that's a good reason right there to vote for Bush."


Monday, March 5, 2018

Tech News

From Digg: Splitting ten decks of cards with a hydraulic press:

 The real fun starts at 2:48 into the vid.
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Facebook frequently uses surveys to gauge user opinion about features, changes and ideas. One recent such survey raised more than a few eyebrows as the social network asked whether it was OK for a man to ask a child for sexual pictures.
Seriously?  WTF?
- - -
Having components spring from the edges of electronic devices isn't new. Its history extends back to flash bulbs on analog cameras[.]
- - -
WIRED: Just because you're not paranoid and not being secretly spied upon...doesn't mean you're not.
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From WebOPedia. But, you ask, "WIIFM?" A darn good, comprehensive list of text and chat abbreviations.
- - -
The big three social media giants, Google, Facebook and Twitter, are in process of purging en mass popular anti-media personalities and materials.
This delights the Technocrat steam-roller because all they need to do is point to those journalistic indiscretions as they crush them, as the rest of the world cheers them on. It doesn’t matter how much truth was presented along the way, they are banned for their non-truths.
So...we should leave "fake news" and journalistic indiscretions (like ex-NBC News anchor Brian Williams?) only to the ABC? CBS? NBC? NPR? NYT? WaPoo?
- - -
DARPA is kicking off a new research program aiming to explore how molecular biology could be used to slow the speed of living systems, thereby extending the window for treatment after a traumatic injury and increasing the wounded's chances of survival.
- - -
Online privacy, from Extreme Tech20 Tips to improve your online anonymity and privacy.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

"Death Wish" Review

If you enjoy the "Death Wish" genre, you'll enjoy the new "Death Wish"  with Bruce Willis. I saw it yesterday.

It's not "The Godfather"  or "Lawrence of Arabia",  then again, it isn't meant to be, and how many films are THE GF or LoA?

"Death Wish" doesn't waste any time, it's taut, well-paced and - and - it deftly uses split screen techniques, something that I personally like a lot. And it certainly doesn't hurt that a certain song is used during one of the more enjoyable split screen sequences.

Dean Norris  is in it, (he played Hank Schrader) in "Breaking Bad."  He's always good.

And Bruce Willis...I dunno, I've always liked him. He keeps getting better as he ages. He knows when to underplay, and the role is perfect for him.

At the Wiki link (the first of this post), in the "Critical Response" section, it is reported that...
...[Reviewer at] The Chicago Sun-Times's Richard Roeper [calls the film] "...essentially revenge porn."
Uh, yeah - - - it's not. It's a Vigilante Film. And there's nothing wrong with that.

The film is set in Chicago and there are some beautiful landscape and other sweeping scenes of the city.

It runs just shy of one hour and fifty minutes.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Parkland School Security Footage on 20 Minute Delay

[Average reading time less links: 3min 30sec]

Why on earth would there be a 20 minute delay...20 minutes! police watched surveillance camera footage at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School?

From WTBK, LaCrosse News 8000:
When officers arrived on the scene of the shooting, he said, they wanted to gain access to the security footage to learn what happened and where the perpetrator could be.

But last Wednesday the footage was rewound, [Coral Springs Police Chief Tony] Pustizzi told reporters. At some point, there was a miscommunication and officers believed they were watching real-time footage.

"The issue was more of a communications failure on who was reviewing the tape, letting our guys know that it was a 20-minute delay in what they were reviewing," Pustizzi said.
The Broward County School district said in a statement that its security system footage could be reviewed in both real-time or be rewound to see events that were previously recorded.

"During the immediate response to the event, the system was being viewed in real-time and the recorded footage was being viewed to retrace the actions of the shooter," the statement said, adding that the district no longer had access to the footage or the server it was stored on because investigating authorities have it.
[Coral Springs Police Capt. Brad McKeone said,] " I expected to be in a gunbattle. "
While watching the footage, Captain McKeone concludes he expected to be in "a gunbattle" ... and then, at some point, realized the footage they are viewing is delayed by 20 minutes? Am I (we) understanding this correctly? If so, something is very strange here.

"... the district no longer had access to the footage or the server it was stored on because investigating authorities have it." - Well, we'll never know the truth now.

People at Reddit are saying  Broward Sheriff Scott Israel ignored 3 dozen calls to Nikolas Cruz’s home.

Yeah, I know..."Dave, you don't believe stuff on Reddit, do you?" No more or less than I believe anyone knew, or didn't know, that the surveillance footage was delayed by 20 minutes. Or that I know, or don't know - for certain - if there was a second shooter at Mandalay Convention Center.

Besides, it's not only Reddit.

It's unclear if, prior to the shootings, the surveillance footage was on a 20 minute delay, but if so, the is no reasonable explanation for this.

Further, if police viewing the surveillance camera footage thought that they were watching footage in "real time", but the footage they were viewing had been rewound, who rewound it, when and why?


In related news, school resource officer Scot Peterson has resigned and retired. From WPTV - West Palm Beach:
Peterson took a position but "never went in" as the onslaught occurred, citing security footage.
Peterson was "absolutely on campus" he was armed he was in uniform during the shooting.
"But what I saw was a deputy arrive at the west side of Building 12, take up a position, and he never went in," the sheriff said.

Asked what Peterson should have done the sheriff said: "Went in, addressed the killer. Killed the killer."
Are we to understand, then, that Officer Peterson was unsure of what action to take because of either or both real-time and/or delayed security footage? Delayed or not, isn't that the task of law enforcement in a situation like this - to confront the active shooter(s)?

Numerous reports abound  about awkward encounters with Mr. Cruz long before February. The FBI admits they failed to investigate Cruz. 

The 1990 Crime Control Act, (introduced by Democrat Joe Biden) and yes, I know, signed by President George H.W. Bush (I've made no secret of my dislike of his politics), which designates schools as "Gun Free Zones" has simply identified easy targets for those who want to inflict carnage on defenseless people.

And the First National Bank of Omaha decided to end its relationship of their NRA-affiliated bank cards.

Well, I can think of at least two things that will happen with that last item.

1) Customers of the First National Bank of Omaha who are NRA members will be closing their accounts there and moving to a NRA-friendly bank, and;

2) Legal Gun sales by law-abiding citizens will again be on the upswing. And I fully support that.

The Blame Game here is wide open and I'm not pointing fingers at any specific person(s) or incidents, although I think reasonable people can conclude and agree there was at least one shooter and we know his name. But blaming the NRA is psychological displacement.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Joyless Behar Remains Clueless

Joyless Behar

( Average reading time 5 minutes; less links and video. )

A few words regarding the below clip from "The View".

The "View" excerpts and clip are from the Friday, February 16, 2018 program. In the segment, the subject is the Parkland Florida tragedy and the inevitable conversation on gun-control, mostly from Joyless Behar and Sunny Hostin, who display a fundamental lack of knowledge on what they speak. (You're not surprised by this, though).

They'll never read or be made aware of this post on my limitedly viewed blog, but if Joyless and Sunny think it's easy to legally acquire a handgun or longarm (aka long-gun), then I challenge them to experience the process of legally obtaining one, especially any type of handgun, revolver, semi, or other.  Please Mss's Behar and Hostin - undertake the process of legally purchasing a gun, especially a handgun. Afterwards, let us know if it was EASY.

Neither Joyless or Sunny will do this - I fear they would find truths that drastically conflict with their anti-gun rhetoric and incorrect and pre-formulated, sacredly-held beliefs.  Oh, and one big deterrent for Joyless to actually experience the gun-purchasing process is that she'll have to provide her age and date of birth; something she probably avoids at all cost.

And pretending for a moment that the Second Amendment and hunting have anything to do with each other, which they don't, do note (I duplicated it a few times) when Sunny Hostin physically displays a "rat-a-tat-tat" semi-circle firing "spray" approach - implying this firing pattern is adapted or used in hunting. No true, respectable hunter (of which 99.99999% are) hunts in this manner. On a battlefield, armed and fighting for your life, yes, you may indeed fire off a sequence of shots in a pattern she demonstrates. Applying her method to hunting is abhorred by legitimate, respectful hunters.

Yes, I'm sure somewhere, some time, some rogue or inexperienced hunter, or a poacher, fired off a few rounds attempting to kill prey like that, but there is always a tiny fraction in anything that abuse, misuse and/or deliberately ignore the sportsmanship of  [ fill in the blank ]. To be redundant, no respectable hunter would ever hunt, or fire off a series of shots, as "demonstrated" by Ms. Hostin.  It's extremely dangerous to others in your hunting party and to anyone else in the area, hunting or not. Experienced hunters know that, at most - you have two shots to fell your prey. Not "Tommy-Gun-rat-a-tat-tat" style. Ms. Hostin has seen too many gangsta movies.

Regarding Ms. Hostin's comment of why don't hunters use a shotgun; many hunters do use a shotgun. The selection of shotgun or rifle and gauge or caliber depends on what it is one is hunting and its size.  I know deer hunters who use a .12 gauge (with a slug) for deer. Other, more powerful rifles are often preferred because the IDEA IS to fell and kill the prey as quickly and painlessly as possible. No respectable hunter wants to see their prey suffer. A clean "kill" shot is always preferred - always.  Why? If the bullet strikes a larger animal, a deer, or an elk, hitting it in its hind-quarters, it often continues running or limping  along, bleeding out and suffering. A quick kill helps in preserving the flesh from trauma that comes from suffering. The more prolonged the dying process, the more the tissue damage. The more tissue damage, the higher degree of trauma of edible meat, rendering it "tough" as opposed to smooth and "steak"-y.  I don't believe in hunting any animal that you do not plan to eat, or at least have processed and give to others to eat. I don't believe in trophy hunting. need the head of a tiger, elephant or boar hanging on the wall?  Now, if you mount a deer head with a 26-point antler-rack that you killed and consumed, I have no issue with that. Or, the taxidermy of animal or fish, again, as long as it is used as food.

I needed to move on with publishing a couple (rather easy) updates on Tech and one on News after publishing the post about my late brother. I didn't plan on updating anything for a while after the two updates following that one. But I realized that it is exactly one year today that I spent the day with my late brother who had ordered a S&W 9mm which had arrived.  I rode along and we spent that afternoon at a gun shop. His transaction took about twenty minutes, all paperwork previously approved. We spent about three hours looking at other merchandise and my brother spoke with every customer and employee there. Slightly unusual because he was rather reserved. I kept thinking, he doesn't know these people, and he's carrying on lengthy conversations with all of them - when are we going to get out of here? Those moments meant a lot to me at the time, but I wanted to get the heck out, but he kept striking up one new conversation with one person and then another. And then it became fun to watch and see who he would next talk to and about what. So today I hold those moments even more significant and, in a way, appropriate for an update today, on this subject.

Joyless also, knowingly or unknowingly (my money is on "unknowingly") attempts to use the annual amount of U.S. gun sales as the dollar amount of political contributions from the NRA as representing the dollar amount  used as lobbying by the National Rifle Associate ( She is, of course, wrong and grossly off-point.  What else have we come to expect from Joyless? Joyless also states, "some of these guys..." [ I'm interpreting her words as "politicians receiving NRA money" ],  "...get $3,000.00."  Somehow, a $3 Grand campaign donation is not that much of an amount considering the large dollars of campaign contributions from other organizations.

Your thoughts / comments?
[Spelling error fixed 2/20/2018]

Thursday, February 15, 2018

World News - February 15, 2018

I just recently saw the below story on BBC News:

Merco Press: Scientists on trip to examine chunk of ice cube that broke loose:
[the] British Antarctic Survey (BAS), heads to Antarctica this week (14 February) to investigate a mysterious marine ecosystem that’s been hidden beneath an Antarctic ice shelf for up to 120,000 years. The iceberg known as A-68, which is four times of London, calved off from the Larsen Ice Shelf in July 2017.
(Think they'll find the Antarctic Underground Nazi Bunker?)
- - -
Britian's Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson on Brexit.   Sri Lanka Guardian:
In his half hour address, Foreign Secretary, Johnson aimed at those who felt “alienated and angry” about the Referendum result and find ways of explaining the Government action.
“Leaving the European Union is a cause for hope, not fear, selling our aim for uniting the country as exit day grows closer”.
“Brexit is not some great “V” sign from the cliffs of Dover”.
- - -
This is a great story at CBCTrucker saves moose calf.
- - -
NY1News: NY Councilpersonman favors bill capping credit card minimums at $10.00.
- - -
Global News: Jeep ad upsets Trout Unlimited.

And, fyi: Trout Unlimited.
- - -
OnePageNews: If you use Snapchat, you'll want to read this.
- - -
The Korea Times: General Motors threatens Korea government.
GM abruptly announced Tuesday it will close its Gunsan factory in North Jeolla Province in May, saying it will decide soon on the remaining three factories. The step came just a day after the country's industry minister required the U.S. car giant to present a self-rescue plan before requesting support from taxpayers' money.
Another factor is the militant union of GM Korea, which has demanded bonuses despite big operating losses amounting to billions of dollars over the past few years.
- - -
This is terrible..Woman dies after being scalped, hair got caught in a go-cart. The Hindustan Times:
[Her] hair got struck in a wheel and because of the high speed, her scalp got separated from her head, said police.
[She] was rushed to a private hospital in a critical condition, from where she was referred to General Hospital, Sector 6, Panchkula. However, she was declared brought dead.
- - -
Courthouse NewsFracking...said to Interfere with the Songbirds' love lives. Well...Ain't that a Shame.
- - -
Canberra TimesUnderworld boss executed mob-style:
...ambushed as he sat in a four-wheel-drive[.]
- - -
Canberra Times: Injuries from trampolines increase.
- - -
The Copenhagen Post - (...I'd never heard of this until now): Fastelavn.
Before the Reformation in Denmark in 1536, the country was a Catholic nation and celebrated Lent. Fastelavn was the last celebration before the 40 days of fasting. In old Danish this festival week was called fastelag, which meant ‘et muntert lag før fasten’ or ‘in good company before fasting’.
Many towns liked to change the games from year to year, sometimes challenging riders to collect rings or grab the neck of a goose, while it was hanging upside-down. The neck of the goose was coated in soap, and the rider had to rip the animal’s head off the body, so the event was both challenging and gruesome.
So, Fastelavn wasn't only entertaining, it was educational.
- - -
This is why you choose paint over ceramic tile. From The Glasgow HeraldSubway Authority requests removal of convicted pervert from mural.
...[convicted sex offender, former Labour councillor {sic} David Fagan], is pictured in a 40-foot ceramic mural that appears in a Glasgow subway station.
He was included in the work - five years before his offence [sic] - because he was instrumental in commissioning it while vice chair of SPT. 
- - -
Evening Telegraph: Man brandishing Hans Solo 3-D toy gun at Dundee Campus gets police reception.
“The person, a member of university staff, was quickly traced and it transpired this was a toy gun.

“The individual apologised [sic] for any alarm caused and no further action was taken.”
Hans Solo Toy Gun
- - -
Pravada: Russian Court rules that a woman with no breasts is a man:
A local court found that the woman, Yulia Savinovskikh, was in the process of a sex-change surgery. In a nutshell, the court ruled that the woman became a man. As long as same-sex marriage in Russia is prohibited, the court ruled that she no longer had parental rights for her children, because marriage in Russia is a union between a man and a woman.
- - -
News International: Public hangings used to deter crime.
ISLAMABAD: The Council of Islamic Ideology on Wednesday officially conveyed to the Senate that the government and the courts can go ahead with public hanging of a convict without amending any law.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Tech News

Well ... let's see what's up in Tech.

Ars Technia: Some states are diverting stealing telephone 911 fees in order to pay for other services:
The FCC's latest annual report on 911 fees, covering calendar year 2016, said that New Mexico, Rhode Island, Illinois, New Jersey, and West Virginia "diverted" 911 funds totaling $128.9 million.

Besides those five states, "another seven didn't even bother to respond to our inquiry to examine their diversion practices," O'Rielly and Rosenworcel wrote. "None of this is acceptable."
- - -
Geek: Smile...Facial Recognition Cameras At Texas-Mexico Border:
It’s a very busy stretch of road, which isn’t a surprise given that it’s “the most direct, safe, and efficient route” linking the Rio Grande Valley to Mexico.
- - -
Beta NewsGoogle fined $21 Million by India for search bias.
- - -
Extreme Tech: Who manufactures the most reliable Hard Drives?
- - -
Are you using a popular Netgear router? READ THIS if you are. Security Week:
One of the high severity vulnerabilities has been described as a password recovery and file access issue affecting 17 Netgear routers and modem routers[.]
- - -
Ubergizmo:  Twitter says they are "NOT the arbiters of truth." 
- - -
WIRED: Google Autocomplete continues "vile suggestions":

Image excerpt from WIRED
- - -
Computer World: Take this test and determine your knowledge and savvy on web browsers. (To move forward through the test see the " > " symbol on the upper-right side of the story):
On the 25th anniversary of Mosaic – remember that? – take our quiz on the history and technology of browsers and see how much you really know.
- - -
It's..."Monty Python's Flying Circus..."  ... the Amazon Treasure Truck:

Image: via TechCrunch
Amazon is gearing up to compete directly with UPS and FedEx [and] to offer shipping services to basically any other business, too – with the goal of undercutting both UPS and FedEx on rates.
Neither UPS nor FedEx seem to be especially taken aback by this[.]
- - -
Engadget: Florida man claims Apple Airpod started smoking while in his ear - and later exploded. 

Saturday, January 27, 2018

An Update

I haven't updated since October 3, 2017. The reason is one of my brothers died. It was unexpected and out of the blue. It blindsided all of us. Priories, time, effort, inspiration and life all have changed.

I don't know if I will continue this blog at some future time or if this is the last post I publish. If the desire returns to resume, I'll recognize that time when it comes. If this ends up being the final update, then that's what it is.

I've published the comments that were submitted at the time of my departure,  but please accept my apologies for not replying.  The comment(s) section is open, btw.

I'll check in a couple of time over the next few weeks, but after that, this site will rest in limbo. I do plan on visiting my Blogroll on a regular basis. I have missed that very much over the past almost four months.

I want to thank those who contacted me back in early October, offering if there was anything they could do for me, not knowing the reason for my abrupt absence.  You have no idea how much that meant to me then and still means now. Some of the finest people I've never personally met are on my Blogroll and the reason they are there is because they are the finest people. 

I want to thank everyone who visited this blog, who took the time and effort to comment and exchange comments, who emailed me and who added this blog to their Blogroll, and I thank those who linked to something here they found I wrote that was link-worthy. My heartfelt thanks to those who helped me out and provided answers and guidance when I had some tech questions. I appreciate it

There isn't anyone on my Blogroll that doesn't have a special meaning for me, otherwise they wouldn't be a part of my Blogroll. So no one is to feel left out, but I must mention special thanks (for so many reasons) to Paul, Phil, Mike, Zack, David (Here) and also Here, and  The MJ (Here) and also Here.

Commenter BB of Idaho: Thank you for sharing so much insight and knowledge on so many topics. I always learned something from you.

Molson...Thank You for years of being an avid commenter and reader, both here and the old site. I plan to keep in touch with you via email.

I've had some fun here - I hope you did too.

Love one Another, Do Unto Others and Walk with Christ.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Future Updates

Because of extenuating circumstances there will be no new posts or updates for the foreseeable future.

I will return at some point. However, I am unable to say when that will be.

Due to this I have, (for the time being), turned the comment function off.

To those who have left comments that haven't been published, I will publish them when I return.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

World News Links - October 1, 2017

News Asia: Two killed by knife attack in Marseille, France. Suspect shot and killed; witnesses say he shouted "Allahu Akbar".
- - -
NDTV: More on the two stabbings in France.
- - -
UPROXX: Multiple terrorist attacks in Edmonton Saturday night.
...a driver apparently used two different vehicles to carry out mayhem spread over three different crime scenes. The 30-year-old male suspect conducted his first attack outside the Commonwealth Stadium during a Edmonton Eskimos game. There, he slammed a Chevy Malibu into a traffic-control barricade, and in doing so, he struck a police car, exited the Malibu, and stabbed a cop multiple times.
The Edmonton Journal reports that an ISIS flag was found in the Chevy Malibu used within the first attack.
- - -
NDTV: British Prime Minister Theresa May said she's sorry her Conservative Party lost seats in June[.]
- - -
Pravada: Op/Ed shreds Theresa May:
She may occasionally make a foray into a fashion magazine and order a pair of shoes online or some ghastly trouser suit which makes her look like an alien that has been dragged through a swamp before being thrown into a wind tunnel but after an encounter with a shredder.

A bit like a pot-bellied crossdresser[.]
...but tell us what you really think of Theresa May?
- - -
TASS: Russian backlash against Theresa May for her comments on "Russian aggression."
- - -
Italy News Net: Libya asks Europe for help in fighting migration.
- - -
Daily Mail: Mafia don Gennaro Panzuto extradited from UK back to Italy:
The leader of the Neapolitan Piccirillo gang ran his murder, extortion and drug trafficking outfit from his small in home in Catterall, near Preston.
Panzuto's UK home.
- - -
Business Standard: UAE initiates "sin taxes":
The United Arab Emirates has begun collecting new "sin" taxes on tobacco products, energy drinks and soft drinks.

Beginning today, tobacco and energy drinks will be taxed at 100 per cent and soft drinks at 50 per cent.
[.]... includes Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia
- - -
RTT NewsJACKPOT in Nevada with legal marijuana.
- - -
Business StandardChina's crackdown on Bitcoin.
Beijing's decision to shut down bitcoin trading platforms has left investors scrambling to cut their losses[.]

"The authorities don't understand anything about bitcoin!" fumed Zhang Yanhua, founder of an investment fund that was dead on arrival after Beijing started tightening the screws at the start of the month.

In mid-September, the central bank- the People's Bank of China- told virtual currency trading platforms based in Beijing and Shanghai to cease market operations.

The bank has focused its sights not just on bitcoin but also ethereum and any other electronic units that are exchanged online without being regulated by any country.
- - -
RTT NewsCity on Mars by 2024 says Elon Musk.
- - -
I expect better from Courthouse News than something that reads like a rambling, adolescent-written manifesto one might find on the Deep (not Dark) Web (then again, it's more likely I should drastically lower my expectations of Courthouse News):  
I have a friend, a native-born U.S. citizen, an honest, smart and ardent communist, who voted for Donald Trump because he thought Trump would bring about the destruction of our political system. I’ve got to say he called it.

As my favorite Republican columnist David Brooks wrote this week for The New York Times
Yeeeeahhhh --- writer Robert Kahn loses any slight credibility he may have had when he says, "my favorite Republican columnist David Brooks..."

Yes, David Brooks is a columnist for The NY Times, but describing Brooks as a "Republican"? Unless this is an attempt by Kahn in writing satire, and "attempt" is the key word here.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

World News Links - September 30, 2017

From the Syrian Observatory For Human Rights:
[In] 39 months of its “Caliphate”, the “Islamic State” organization executes about 2750 civilian citizens in its controlled areas in Syria[.]
[The number of executions] reached 2747, the number of civilians, including 105 children and 148 women, who were executed by the “Islamic state” organization by shooting, beheading, stoning, throwing off high place or burning[.]
- - -
The GuardianBoris Johnson, UK Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, accused of "incredible insensitivity".
...he recited part of a colonial-era Rudyard Kipling poem in front of local dignitaries while on an official visit to Myanmar in January.
Britain colonised [sic] Myanmar from 1824 to 1948 and fought three wars in the 19th century, suppressing widespread resistance.

Johnson’s impromptu recital was so embarrassing that the UK ambassador to Myanmar, Andrew Patrick, was forced to stop him.
In London last year [Johnson] stood alongside former US secretary of state John Kerry and was asked about describing Hillary Clinton as looking “like a sadistic nurse in a mental hospital”.
Boris gets it right 50% of the time. Give him a break.
- - -  
IBT: Michael Bolton, no, not the singer, banished by entering over 1,400 UK supermarkets:
A 51-year-old man from Surrey has been banned from shopping in more than a thousand supermarkets across the UK after a magistrate found that he had "engaged in behaviour that caused or was likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress" to others.
On top of the ban, the criminal order also prohibits Bolton from exposing his genitals or urinating in public[.]
Heh - the wording of the story makes it sound as if, except for Bolton, it's okay for everyone else to do what he did.
- - -
Metro: Female gangs going through garbage.
Gangs of women pictured going through people’s bins are suspected of trying to steal documents and paperwork.
Two women appeared to be working together (Picture: Terry Harris/PaperPix)
- - -
The Daily Star: Guys, just click the link. You'll be glad you did.
- - -
The Independent: Man beats daughter's boyfriend to death.
An Oklahoma man has been arrested for allegedly beating to death his daughter’s abusive boyfriend, police said.
The victim’s family said the couple were expecting a child next month.
- - -
Radio Australia:
Barcelona resembles a war zone ahead of banned independence vote[.]
Thousands of national police are patrolling Barcelona's streets as the city prepares to defy the Spanish Government's orders not to vote in an independence referendum this weekend.
- - -
The TelegraphThis shows the radioactive cloud if NK were to detonate a nuke in the Pacific.
"Hypothetical atmospheric burst" Credit: @SinaZerbo/Twitter
- - -
- - -
Trump is scheduled to attend the multi-day event on 1 October but it is unclear if he was not invited to attend with the other presidents or busy with White House meetings.
If we don't know if Trump was or wasn't invited that day, it's really a stretch to claim the Ex Pres' avoided him.
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The Atlantic: The Software Apocalypse is coming.
It’s been said that software is “eating the world.” More and more, critical systems that were once controlled mechanically, or by people, are coming to depend on code. This was perhaps never clearer than in the summer of 2015, when on a single day, United Airlines grounded its fleet because of a problem with its departure-management system; trading was suspended on the New York Stock Exchange after an upgrade; the front page of The Wall Street Journal’s website crashed; and Seattle’s 911 system went down again, this time because a different router failed.
Our software (& a lot of hardware) infrastructure is old and needs to be updated.
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The humble Traffic Cone serves multiple purposes. From The Daily Mirror:
...a group of drunken male university students dressed just in their underpants try to break into a female-only halls of residence run by nuns.
Earlier in the week freshers at the University of Leon in northern Spain were filmed stripping off and dancing naked during a mock student election.

Topless girls were videoed cavorting on stage with their hands covering their breasts.

Men also got involved, with one completely naked while others covered their modesty with traffic cones.