Sunday, March 24, 2019

White People Caused Cyclone Idai ?????

Pindula News: White People Caused Cyclone Idai- BLF.
Black First Land First (BLF) said in a statement on Friday that Tropical Cyclone Idai  is not a natural disaster but a direct consequence of the white, Western system of ecological assault for profits.

BLF called on the African Union (AU) to demand reparations and relief from the European Union (EU) and the US for Cyclone Idai. Part of the statement reads:

    Those who pollute and destroy our ecosystems must pay ecological reparations to those who suffer as a consequence of their irresponsible actions. It’s no longer speculation – even the white man’s own science corroborates what we blacks know: Africa is paying a heavy price for the actions of the white world. The West pollutes and the West must pay. Part of driving their conspiracy of recolonisation [sic] is to profit from disasters. The West has no incentive to stop destroying our planet. The West knows only one value and that is to make profits. If the West is not stopped soon, then we should prepare for the extinction of our species.

    #CycloneIdai was created by whites and therefore the West must pay

    — Black First Land First (BLF) (@BLF_SouthAfrica) March 22, 2019
News 24 (at the link, scroll down the pop-up "support" page, click "I choose not to support News 24" and the article will appear):  White people caused cyclone Idai.
BLF called on the African Union (AU) to demand reparations and relief from the European Union (EU) and the US for Cyclone Idai.

"Africa is tired of carrying the burden of the destructive behaviour of the global white system of power and consumption," the statement read.

On Friday, BBC reported that rescue workers were continuing the search for survivors of Cyclone Idai, which destroyed towns and villages in its path.

"Hundreds of people have been killed and hundreds of thousands more have been affected by what the UN says could be 'one of the worst weather-related disasters ever to hit the southern hemisphere'," its report stated.

    #CycloneIdai was created by whites and therefore the West must pay
    — Black First Land First (BLF) (@BLF_SouthAfrica) March 22, 2019
Yes, because as we all know, Western Civilization is populated only by white people. Africa would be a conflict-free continent, if it weren't for white people.

All of these countries, living in total Kumbaya and harmony, for centuries. But along came the "whites".

History GuyCurrent Wars of Africa.

Barbra Streisand celebrates 26-year friendship with murderess Madeleine Albright.

BarbAra Joan GINORMOUS NOSE celebrates her 26-year friendship with murderess Madeleine Albright.

Sputnik News: Albright's racism toward Czechs.
In 2012, during a book signing at a Prague bookstore, Czech activists confronted the former secretary of state over the Kosovo War, to which an agitated Albright shouted "Disgusting Serbs, get out!"
Sign of The Times: Where Albright goes, death and genocide follow.

There awaits such a special place in hell for Albright Uh, not that I'm passing judgment. But if I were...

Saturday, March 23, 2019

As Expected, Liberal Heads are Exploding over The Mueller Report.

Grabien News: Full Chris Matthews... unhinged.

You Tube: (reference) Dutch Leonard.

How long will it take before the Libs once again hate Mueller?

What the Libs so delusionally and desperately want to be true...but isn't there.

SF Gate: "We're going to subpoena" Robert Mueller.
Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) told Bill Maher that the House Intelligence Committee will subpoena special counsel Robert Mueller to testify before Congress and present the findings of his report.

Hours after Mueller submitted his report to Attorney General William Barr, Swalwell said during an appearance on Maher's show Real Time that "we're going to subpoena" Robert Mueller.
"Yeah, we're going to subpoena him and Adam Schiff announced that earlier," Swalwell replied.

"You'll subpoena Mueller?"

Mother Jones: Adam Schiff prepared to subpoena Mueller’s Evidence.
"[The Departmet of Justice] should cooperate willingly, but if it doesn’t, we will have to subpoena the evidence, subpoena Mueller or others,” Schiff told CNN.
RTU.S. MSM in panic attack after failure of Mueller investigation indicts Trump.
The news dealt a devastating blow to the sensational prophesies of journalists, analysts and entire news networks, who for nearly two years reported ad nauseam [sic] that President Donald Trump and his inner circle were just days away from being carted off to prison for conspiring with the Kremlin to interfere in the 2016 presidential election.
Because watching Liberals' heads explode is so damn satisfying and enjoyable!

From the film "Scanners"

Friday, March 22, 2019

Barbra Streisand; a case of not keeping her mouth shut and letting people wonder if she's stupid (like most of us didn't already know), to saying and writing something, confirming she is clueless. And stupid.

NY Daily News: When she's not busy defending child abusers...
His sexual needs were his sexual needs, coming from whatever childhood he has or whatever DNA he has," [Barbra] Streisand told The Times. “
"[ I guess I blame the parents ]." (WTF! - D.D.)
Dan Reed, the director of “Leaving Neverland,” seemed shocked at Streisand’s comments. “'It didn’t kill them” @BarbraStreisand did you really say that?!,'” Reed tweeted Friday.

Others were equally outraged.
 ...we know she hasn't taken time reading The Constitution:

We'll see if her comments regarding Michael Jackson and blaming the victims of abuse has SNL ban this skit from rebroadcast and her music banned by radio stations.

Friday Morning Music Video

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Bernie Sanders Wants to Confiscate our guns.

And other knee-jerk reactions to the New Zealand mosque shooting because knee-jerk reactions are always the wisest reaction:

TownhallBernie Sanders "more gun laws; go after the NRA."
[Following New Zealand's ban on all military-style semi-automatic weapons] Democrat presidential candidate and socialist Bernie Sanders endorsed the move right away and said it needs to happen in the United States. He wants to strip Americans of their Second Amendment rights overnight.
The IndependentSanders, "This is what real action looks like."
“This is what real action to stop gun violence looks like,” [said Sanders]  on Twitter. “We must follow New Zealand’s lead, take on the NRA and ban the sale and distribution of assault weapons in the United States.”
Conservative ReviewNZ's knee-jerk gun ban is EXACTLY why we have the Second Amendment.
That’s just one thing that’s so great about having a Constitution that’s hard to change by design and has language specifically protecting the right to keep and bear arms. Every human being is born with the intrinsic right to defend themselves. Period. Our Founders knew this and wisely put a backstop in place that keeps reactionary impulses from trampling over that right.
Washington Examiner: Democrat's celebrating New Zealand gun ban exposes the Left's authoritarian impulses.
Democrats cheered the actions of the government of New Zealand. Even as liberals often insist that nobody is talking about taking away guns, many applauded the decision of a government to quickly confiscate weapons from law-abiding citizens without any debate or legal arguments.
BreitbartBernie Sanders calls for NZ style gun ban in U.S. 
...the DOJ released a study showing handguns are the weapons of choice for criminals. The study looked at roughly 300,000 federal and state inmates, finding that 18 percent of them used handguns in the commission of their crimes while 1.4 percent used rifles of any kind. The percentage of “assault weapons” used would have necessarily been even lower than 1.4.

But Sanders and other Democrats want to ban commonly-owned semiautomatic rifles under the guise of keeping us safe.
The Guardian via MSN by Lois Beckett:  25 years of inaction in U.S. gun laws. (Lois be smokin' some potent nugs):
In the US, where conservative politicians have blocked even moderate gun control for 25 years, New Zealand’s swift action was greeted as a powerful inspiration – and a reminder of how far behind the country is.
Freedom Outpost: 50 Years of Federal Gun Tyranny.
One of the biggest infringements upon the rights of the people regarding arms is the 1968 Gun Control Act.  It's been fifty years since that unconstitutional piece of legislation was foisted upon the American people and we are still under its tyranny.
ATF: A 243-page pdf of U.S. Federal Firearms Regulations; (2005 edition).

Sanders/Gun Confiscation HT: Blazing Cat Fur

The View Daytime Emmy nominations for "Makeup, Hairstyling".

Clearly, there's a slacker employed in the makeup/hairstyling department regarding one member of "The View".

Alexandria Ocasio-Kotex

In an earlier post, Ocasio-Cortez mocked media pundits for being “outraged” that people of color pronounce their own names correctly.

“‘How dare they refuse to say their name in a wrong accent & not mangle their own family name so that I can feel more comfortable instead of look inside myself & examine why something as small as *a person’s name* makes me uncomfortable in the first place?? This is an outrage!’” she wrote.
Speaking of outrage...Business InsiderNew Yorkers blame "Villian" Cortez for killing Amazon jobs.
A poll of registered voters in New York found that more than a third blamed Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez for Amazon's cancellation of its plans to build a second headquarters in the Long Island City neighborhood of Queens.
Ocasio-Cortez ... celebrated when Amazon announced it was pulling out of New York.

Tech News

Ars Technia: 4Chan, 8Chan and other sites blocked by New Zealand and Australia for mosque shooting video.
[ISP Vodafone] decision to block access to websites was controversial as they acted to censor content without instruction from either the Australian Communications and Media Authority or the eSafety Commissioner, and most smaller service providers have decided to keep access open," The Australian Financial Review wrote.
- - -
C|Net: Facial recognition may ban you in stores you've never been in.
...with facial recognition, getting caught in one store could mean a digital record of your face is shared across the country. Stores are already using the technology for security purposes and can share that data -- meaning that if one store considers you a threat, every business in that network could come to the same conclusion.
Privacy advocates fear that regulations can't keep up with the technology -- found everywhere from your phone to selfie stations -- leading to devastating consequences.

"Unless we really rein in this technology, there's a risk that what we enjoy every day -- the ability to walk around anonymous, without fearing that you're being tracked and identified -- could be a thing of the past," said Neema Singh Guliani, the American Civil Liberties Union's senior legislative counsel.
- - -
Technocracy: Clean, Cheap, Abundant Fusion Energy Would Wreck Globalization.
Economies are enabled by the energy required to produce activity, and the crucible of globalization seeks to create an artificial shortage of energy in order to control all economic activity.  Fusion reactors would provide cheap and clean energy to the world, effectively trashing globalization. ⁃ TN Editor
- - -
Bare speaker wire


Micro-USB 3.0
And seven others - hit the link.
- - -
C|NetSequel to "Bird Box" coming.

Did Sandra Bullock see this coming?
- - -
BrightHub: Why you should free-style rap every morning.
Scientific research demonstrates that freestyle rap might boost your brain’s creative power, too, and when it does, it can free you from boredom and stagnation and offer you a reprieve from the monotony of everyday tasks.
Well, if science says so...

"Fuck why, fish fry, black eye, no cry, bye-bye, oh my super-high. More pie, necktie, oh why-why try, Jai Alai no Lie, drinking Rye in the sky."

Yeah, it works. Add another ritual to the morning routine...
- - -
Fortune: Firefox 66 Is a Gift For Anyone Who Hates Autoplay Videos.
The latest version of Firefox can detect when a video is playing with audio, and automatically mute it. Videos that play on mute will be allowed to continue to run. If someone wants to watch a video, along with listening to the audio, they can click the play button. Firefox also offers the option to add certain websites to a list of exceptions, or to turn blocking off if they really enjoy having videos suddenly play while they’re busy at work.

The new block autoplay feature will be gradually rolling out to users, according to the Firefox 66 release notes.
Killing auto-play videos has to be one of the top three best Tech innovations ever.
- - -
TechCrunch: Morphin lets you drop a selfie into any GIF.
Upload a selfie to Morphin, choose your favorite GIF and your face is grafted in to create a personalized copy you can share anywhere. Become Tony Stark as he suits up like Iron Man. Drop the mic like Obama, dance like Drake or slap your mug on Fortnite characters.
Oh, the fun and mischief to be had!
- - -
TechXplore: Study shows people prefer wind-turbines as neighbors over other energy plants.
...the study showed...approximate[ly] two-thirds who have a preference, the local wind power project was preferred over a commercial-scale solar installation by approximately three to one.
- - -
Popular Science: Unsubscribe from newsletters all in one sweep.
If you find you've signed up for many, many email newsletters too many, don't just accept your fate—here's how to quickly unsubscribe from the emails you no longer want or need, in the most common email clients around.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

But Can You Find The Bears?

Original, unedited screen shot; reformatted only for size: 

George Conway HaZ Twinkies?

 George Conway sees dead people conceals Twinkies in his jowls.

NY Post: George Conway continues unrestrained hissy fit over President Donald Trump.
The online feud between President Trump and the spouse of top White House aide Kellyanne Conway continued into a second day Wednesday, with Trump calling George Conway the “husband from hell” and Conway calling him “nuts.
I can't help wondering if this whole Trump-Conway "feud" is planned and scripted. What a great way to distract the MSM.

Tossing a lasso around children would be deemed inappropriate today. And offensive to Millennials.

John Bercow: "Orrrrdddeeeerrrrr!"

I didn't know his name on one of the previous posts on Brexit and couldn't find the specific post looking through my tags. Way too much work.

Anyway, now I know; he's John Bercow, UK Parliament Speaker.

As I wrote in the post that I couldn't find, this guy gotta be a Monty Python fan. And I could listen to him all day long.

Our elected Libs need a lecture from Mr. Bercow on manners.

"Learn the art of patience...Deploy Zen."

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Tim Walz: "I'm done!" Whines about not getting gas tax increase.

FOX 9 News: Walz pitches gas tax increase from location he calls a, "dangerous railroad crossing.'
Gov. Tim Walz says he’s fed up with Senate Republicans’ blockade of his proposed 20-cent per gallon gas tax increase, so he’s taking the argument to their districts.
...the Democratic governor gazed into a giant pothole on Highway 47 in Anoka – a construction flagger held up traffic so he could do it – and said the real problem on that road was one of Minnesota’s most dangerous railroad crossings.
..."I am done trying to watch somebody jam an ideological peg into what is truly a practical situation that needs to be solved,” Walz said during a news conference in Anoka.
MN Gov: Timmy Walz

Well over a billion dollars, and then some, was allocated in 2018 for existing, ongoing and new road and transportation projects.

I don't know where to begin.

*  What the hell was going on, then, for the past eight years under previous DEM Gov. Richie Rich? He was all "we need to fix our roads" and to repeat, he just finished two, four-year terms. Between having back surgeries, pretending to be an "average guy" who enjoys fishing and passing out "fainting" during a State of the State Address. Dayton Rich didn't get his way with upping the gas tax. He put it behind him and moved on. Walz needs to do the same.

"...the Democratic governor gazed into a giant pothole."  I'm attempting to exercise some diplomacy here, but WTF? Walz's Wiki bio says he was born in Nebraska. Married in 1994. Didn't see anything about WHEN he moved to Minnesota. But he's never seen a fucking POT HOLE before? He allegedly lives here, represented Minnesota in the U.S. Congress, claims he's familiar with the Midwest, and he's never seen a pot hole? Nebraska, what did Minnesota do to you that you inflict this guy on us?

I already miss Richie Rich. Walz has been in office for about three months and he's already been in front of a camera more than eight years of Richie. Listening to Rich, on camera or speaking publicly, was at least enjoyable because you didn't really have any idea what he was talking about or saying. That's because he didn't know either. And his slurring manner of speech and deer-in-the-headlights look is always entertaining. Walz? He whines like a little bitch Lib. He told everyone, as a candidate, he'd push for increasing the gas tax. I'll give him a passing grade on honesty on this one item.

MSN: Walz in love with gas tax increase.
Senate Republicans have dismissed the notion of raising the gas tax as a non-starter, especially with a $1.5 billion surplus.
Yeah, MN Repubs, please DON'T FOLD ON THIS! Keep your spines in place and deny Walz his gas tax increase and his other grandiose plans he desires at the expense of taxpayers.

- - -
Fixed link to Dayton Fainting 3/19/2019


From the Barrel of a Gun: This doesn't mean they want our guns.

The Vulgar Curmudgeon: He never saw it coming(?)

Liberty's Torch: Quick! Re-furl that flag.

Scratching To Escape: Almost forgotten.

By Other Means: Where is Francis?

Alan Krueger; add another name to the Arkancide list.

Trib Live: Alan Krueger, former White House economist commits suicide.
He died by suicide over the weekend, according to a statement released Monday by his family. The family did not provide additional information.
He served for one year under President Bill Clinton as the Labor Department’s chief economist, and he was an assistant treasury secretary from 2009 to 2010 during President Barack Obama’s administration. In the wake of the global financial crisis, he tried to boost the economy through stimulus measures such as a credit fund for small businesses and the “cash for clunkers” program, which offered rebates for new-car buyers.
Man, that Cash for Clunkers served as an economic bonanza. We are all so much better from it. 

The Clinton Dead List.

Another list of dead Clinton associates.

The Obama Deadpool list, while puny compared to the Clinton list, still is impressive.

More Obama Deadpool here.

Colonel Mustard, with the lead pipe, in the Conservatory? Or maybe in Fort Marcy Park, with carpet fibers all over his clothing and not wearing shoes?

Or perhaps...the Billiard Room.

New Zealand gun owners voluntarily turning in their firearms. Andrew Cuomo flashes "White Nationalist" hand gesture.

Newsweek: New Zealand gun owners turn in their rifles; "We don't need these."
...gun owners have been turning up at local police stations seeking to have their own semiautomatic rifles—the weapon believed to have been used in the shootings—destroyed.
"Until today, I was one of the New Zealanders who owned a semiautomatic rifle," one gun owner, farmer John Hart, wrote on Twitter. "On the farm they are a useful tool in some circumstances, but my convenience doesn't outweigh the risk of misuse.

"We don't need these in our country," he added[.]
Well...these rifles aren't misused unless the intention to misuse and abuse them exists. The intention to misuse/abuse anything exists only within the person using them.

NY PostNew Zealand ‘shooter’ flashes ‘white power’ symbol in court.
[Suspect Brenton Tarrant, 28] who was handcuffed and clad in a white prison jumpsuit, made an “OK” hand gesture during his appearance — a symbol used by white nationalists and racist internet trolls[.]

This hand gesture then begs the question, is NY DEM Governor Andrew Cuomo a "White Nationalist" or a racist internet troll? Or both?

H/T and Image via Philthy-Delphia

CNN: Trump Never "Let's things go."

CNN: Trump's old fights burn bright.
President Donald Trump just can't let old feuds die.

Time and again he revives past battles like an old warrior who is consumed by the fights he's already waged, offering a glimpse into a personality that is built on conflict, the search for an enemy and an insatiable quest for personal victories.

But Trump's refusal to let bygones be bygones is also a political device. He's used the endless personal battles to stir up his base and give them something to unite against.
That is fcuking rich! CNN has just described every Democrat and every Liberal elected representative. The Dems/Libs cling to every actual, imagined or false narrative of their political opponents.

Libs dig up Richard Nixon every chance they get. They'll reach back decades to a statement, an act, a falsehood, of their political opponent - and perpetuate it, grinding it into the ground again and again as often as needed.

Now the Libs get a taste of what they've dished out for ages. Too fcuking bad.

Adam Schiff+Ed Buck

Adam Schiff, self-righteous LiberTard pictured (below) with Big $$$ Dem Donor Ed Buck who likes to inject Black men with crystal meth and have them wear white long-johns.

WeHo Times (from August 2017): The death plague known as Ed Buck.
It was clearly obvious after 2007 that [Ed Buck] had a serious personality disorder,” [said former West Hollywood City Councilmember, Steve Martin].
Asked if he and his colleagues suspected drug abuse as a potential cause of Buck’s allegedly hostile behavior the former councilman was definite in his reply.

Everyone knew it,” Martin said. “It’s bullshit if they say they didn’t. It was like a family; you know, everyone in the family knew it. There were people who embraced it and they were, frankly, members of city council. They knew Ed had a lot of problems; they knew Ed was a controversial member of the community.”
"If there was ever anybody in West Hollywood whose bed you expected a dead body to turn up in, it was Ed Buck,” [said Martin].
 Congressman Adam Schiff (DEM), Ed Buck (DEM), Dem Party Chair Eric C. Baum/ Screen grab Fb via WeHo Times.

"Ed Buck had HAS a lot of problems." The understatement of all understatements.

L.A. Blade: Another Black man found dead in Ed Buck's WeHo apartment.
In the Gemmel Moore case the coroner’s report noted “24 syringes with brown residue, five glass pipes with white residue and burn marks, a plastic straw with possible white residue, clear plastic bags with white powdery residue and a clear plastic bag with a ‘piece of crystal-like substance,’” according to the LA Times.
Perhaps DUSTING all the drug paraphernalia for FINGERPRINTS might reveal Buck played a role in the deaths of these men?

"Oh, those drugs and paraphernalia...they're not mine. The other guy, who's now dead in my apartment, brought them."

Who carries on their person, and brings with them, 24 syringes, five glass pipes, plastic straws and multiple plastic bags when "visiting a friend"?

Clearly, the DEMS are circling their wagons, protecting their own, Ed Buckmelter - one of their mega-donors.

Who is arrested and taken into custody? A man, peacefully protesting outside Ed Buck's apartment. From WeHoVille:
As the vigil wound down, Dennis Gleason, the policy director for Los Angeles City Councilmember Joe Buscaino, moved to the center of Laurel Avenue and sat before a candle as a protest.  Gleason was approached by Sheriff’s deputies who asked him to move.

I get it. I’m a threat to public safety, so you’re going to have to remove me,” Gleason said. “Why haven’t you removed Ed Buck?

Gleason was handcuffed and taken to the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station.

The Obsolete Man.

Anything ring familiar?

Wiki: "The Obsolete Man"; Twilight Zone

Monday, March 18, 2019

Elizabeth Warren calls for, "full blown conversation about reparations," and ending the electoral college.

Now...if she'd call for banning that Trivago guy, I'd giver her candidacy some serious consideration.

The world universe revolves around Meg Griffin Meghan McCain

Meg Griffin Meghan McCain

It does, you know - - - everything revolves around Meg Griffin Meghan McCain:

Hey, who doesn't love a guy who leaves his disfigured and handicapped wife for a WEALTHY and much younger woman?
Within a year of meeting [future second wife] Cindy, the still-married McCain, then 43, asked the 25-year-old Cindy to marry him.
[Said McCain's first wife Carol Shepp], "He was looking for a way to be young again, and that was the end of that. I didn’t know anything about it, I had no idea what was going on, I was pretty much blindsided and it broke my heart.”
NewsOne: Cindy McCain steals vicodin and percocet from her own charity. I wonder if she swilled them down with Budweiser?

John McCain was...I'll be nice and not call him a POS...a miserable, bitter, envious, tiny little man.

The Phoenix New Times describes McCain as the Most Reprehensible of the Keating Five.

ShadowProof: John McCain lives the Keating Five Lush Highlife.

Business Insider: McCain the one who received the phony Steele dossier. And man, did McCain "run" with this report out of his hatred for President Donald Trump.

I hear he's been bestowed Sainthood.

Pudgy Meghan? She's not missing any meals or at risk of eating too few calories per day:

Clueless Joy Behar: "What are we gonna to do?" Who has time to mourn when there's Trump-bashing to do!

Opening clip from Friday, March 15, 2019 "The View" Hot Topics. Following that, the second clip of Joy Behar BeTard discussing "no deaths from guns in Australia" from February 16, 2018 of "The View".

Behar BeTard: "What are we gonna to do?" Feh...must get back on point in Trump-bashing. And that's exactly where she and her cohorts steered the conversation (first link in post).

Sunday, March 17, 2019

BOB O'Rourke has racist wrought iron window guards AND door locks!

It appears BOB O'Rourke has some degree of home security protection. Why would he do this? Is he trying to keep people OUT of HIS HOME?

I notice wrought iron bars affixed to the exterior of his home windows and doorway. Why are they there? Who is he trying to keep out?

It also appears he has at least two locks on his door. Is he trying to keep people OUT of his home? Is he trying to prevent access to his home from...???...from strangers? From people he doesn't know? Why would he employ and utilize such racist devices?

Other symbolism, of which I'm not fully familiar, appears to be a crescent moon on the shorts of the child in the middle. The pajama bottoms worn by BOB's daughter seem to be decorated with what could be either occult-like and/or Illuminati-like symbols.

Note the upside-down flowers on her PJs. Symbolic of witchcraft? Now, in no way am I saying, or implying, his daughter is "into" witchcraft.

Occult and satanic clothing for children is big business:

Satanic clothing for kids.

Occult clothing for babies and children.

Celine Dion line of children's clothing described as "Satanic".

When items or symbols are inverted from their usual position or direction, they represent the opposite of tradition. U of Illinois Extension:
If the flowers were given upside down then the meaning was the opposite of the traditional meaning. Just how the ribbon was tied had meaning. Tied to the left, the flower symbolism was in reference to the giver. If it was tied to the right, the symbolism was about the give. Flower symbolism was not for the unobservant.
The shirt worn by the child in the middle, the Nike symbol, is based on the Greek goddess Nike.

The designs on the wrought iron window and door guards are full of other occult symbols.

Also note the electrical "timer" (bottom, left), presumably used for the lights on what appears to be a Christmas tree behind them. I guess BOB enjoys the conveniences of fossil fuels.

What about BOB's red shirt? The color red represents power, danger, the "Blood Oath". Then again, red may represent energy and passion.

And yeah, his dog, Artemis, does look really depressed and mournful. Blink twice for "help", Artemis...we'll get the ASPCA and rescue you.

One. Last. Item:

ForbesAmy O'Rourke may not be a "billionaire" heiress, but she's a millionaire heiress. Amy's dad is a real estate/developer tycoon who used eminent domain to enrich himself and his business. Surely Cluck Schumer will call for investigations into this eminent domain...I mean, Cluck isn't a hypocrite, is he?

Washington Times: BOB O'Rourke twice as wealthy as Ted Cruz.
...O’Rourke had a 2015 net worth of about $9 million, ranking 51st out of 435 House members, according to the non-partisan Center for Responsive Politics.
O’Rourke and his family live in a hilltop, Hacienda-style, 4,700 square-foot home in El Paso[.]
Another wealthy, white guy running for president who's a Lib. The "diversity" among the Dems is so transparent.
- - -
UPDATE: One more thing. Maybe you already noticed, BOB is barefoot. Wow. Cool! How groovy is that?! I guess things can always be worse. At least it's not Bernie's bare feet.

Jeb Bush pretends people care about what he says.

CBS News: Jeb Bush wants a Republican to challenge Trump.
Former presidential candidate Jeb Bush says he thinks a Republican should challenge President Trump in next year's presidential election.

"I think someone should run. Just because Republicans ought to be given a choice," said [Jeb Bush].
Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, a popular Republican governor in a blue state, isn't ruling out a challenge to Mr. Trump[.]
Larry Hogan? Who dis?

Who, outside of Maryland residents have heard of, or know, Larry Hogan? Show of hands, please? Yeah, I thought so.

Mercury NewsFEC fines Jeb Bush PAC for accepting foreign donations.
The Federal Election Commission found that the super PAC that supported Jeb Bush’s 2016 presidential campaign violated a federal ban on the involvement of foreign nationals in donations to political committees when it accepted $1.3 million from a company owned by two Chinese nationals.

The FEC ordered the super PAC and the company to pay a combined $940,000 in penalties – one of its largest fines to date, according to FEC records.
Hey, Jebby - why don't you run? I'd love to watch President Donald Trump again make Jebby look like the asshat that he is.

John Podesta in New Zealand and Australia days before mosque shooting.

One of Satan's minions, John Podesta, just happens to be in New Zealand and Australia days prior to the mosque shootings. Conspiracy? I'm not saying that at all. Eerily coincidental? Yes. Note timestamp of March 13 at bottom of below Podesta tweet:

 Podesta in New Zealand on March 10. From Stuff: Podesta calls NZ Ardern's election a "bright spot."
One of the United States' top political advisors has described Jacinda Ardern's ascent to prime minister as a "bright spot" at a time when populist movements were winning political success across the world.

John Podesta, who served as chief of staff for President Clinton, was a top advisor for President Barack Obama and was chairman of Hillary Clinton's unsuccessful 2016 election campaign made a short visit to Wellington as part of events for Global Progress, an alliance of "progressive" political movements.
[Podesta] warned that the use of social media could whip the public into a "frenzy", making politicians who exploited it an ongoing danger, risking democratic values.

"The natural tendency [of social media] … is to move people into the extreme, to support, inflame and influence people through social media channels."
It seems that Podesta, the purveyor of prurient art, conveniently and deliberately forgets the relentless media manipulation and rhetoric driven by, and from, The Left.

Yeah...The Left never uses social media to move people to "extremes". Never.

Friday, March 15, 2019

Islamic State recruiter Neil Prakash sentenced to seven-and-a-half years' jail in Turkey.

ABC Net: Australian Islamic State recruiter Neil Prakash sentenced to jail in Turkey.
Melbourne-born Islamic State recruiter Neil Prakash has been sentenced to seven-and-a-half years' jail in Turkey.

Prakash has been held in a maximum-security jail in Gaziantep, in southern Turkey, since he was captured in October 2016 while trying to sneak across the border from Syria using fake identity papers.

He is believed to have left for Syria in 2013, where he changed his name to Abu Khaled al-Cambodi and was put on a US kill list.
...the self-confessed Islamic State member was "the principal Australian reaching back from the Middle East into Australia," former attorney-general George Brandis said.

Senior counter-terrorism officials have said Prakash was a pivotal figure and had appeared in IS propaganda urging attacks in Australia.
He has been linked by the FBI to a failed plot to attack the Statue of Liberty in New York.
Before his time as an IS terrorist, Prakash was a gang member with a drug problem and a failed hip hop artist.
Neil Prakash; Image: ABC Net

Friday Morning Music Video

Thursday, March 14, 2019

New Zealand mosques attacked, active shooter(s).
One suspect in custody. Breaking news...

Breaking news at 9:25 MST:

Australian Broadcasting  Corporation (ABC): Hunt for shooters; murderous rampage.
Police say a second gunman could still be on the loose after attacks at two mosques in Christchurch. Multiple people have been killed and one man is in custody.
ABC NetSeveral dead. Uncertain if other threats or potential danger.

SMH: Advisory not to attend mosque.
Police commissioner Mike Bush has urged New Zealanders to not go to mosque on Friday.

"We urge anyone thinking of going to a mosque today in New Zealand to not... to close your doors [and stay home]," he said in a press conference ahead of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern addressing the mdia [sic].
- - -
UPDATE - NZ HeraldGunman livestreamed shooting.

Shooting captured on camera. Warning: Graphic. Make sure to turn the volume on at the links, Here, Here and Here. Watch it while you can. There are calls for the video to be removed from Twitter which is the only outlet I've found where it's running.
- - -
UPDATE - Video below; Graphic:

- - -
UPDATE - assertions that shooting a "False Flag":

You Tube: New Zealand shootings false flag.

8 Chan: False Flag / Conspiracy theories abound.

Reddit: "Staged Event" theories.

Reddit: More conspiracy theories.

153NewsAnalysis of Mosque shooting; likens to Port Arthur incident.

Who dis Robert Francis O'Rourke?

BBC: "Bob" O'Rourke launches presidential campaign.
Mr O'Rourke, 46, is the 15th Democrat to declare his bid for the White House.
USA MacPaperO'Rourke embodies everything the left says it hates.

Twitchy: Bob's DUI registers 0.136 (legal limit 0.08), crashes car, attempts to flee scene in 1998.

The Jeff Bezos Peoples' Republic: Burglary charge in 1990s; married, three children.

THREE CHILDREN? Bob must really hate our planet.

Wind gusts topple semi-truck in Texas.

Flips it like it's made out of paper. The driver banged up, but survived.

BriefGate: Strong winds topple semi-truck.
Video from the incredible moment was captured by Amarillo’s KVII-TV. The truck was one of several rigs that were toppled over by extreme wind exceeding 70 mph in north Texas and New Mexico on Wednesday[.]

Jussie Smollett pleads not guilty to 16 counts of disorderly conduct.

"Empire” actor Jussie Smollett pleaded not guilty Thursday in Cook County court to 16 counts of disorderly conduct for allegedly staging a phony attack and claiming he was the victim of a hate crime.
The actor, who is African-American and openly gay, has said he was walking from a Subway sandwich shop to his apartment in the 300 block of East North Water Street about 2 a.m. Jan. 29 when two men walked up, yelled racial and homophobic slurs, hit him and wrapped a noose around his neck.

Smollett said they also yelled, “This is MAGA country,” in a reference to President Donald Trump’s campaign slogan of “Make America Great Again.”

Police initially treated the incident as a hate crime, but their focus turned to Smollett after two brothers who were alleged to have been his attackers told police that Smollett had paid them $3,500 to stage the attack, with a promise of another $500 later.

Reference"Ready for close-up".

Disabled Students Exploited by Parents of Stupid, College-bound Liberal Kids.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...the sweet effect of Full Circle Liberalism. From the Liberals who pontificate that the "playing field" must be somehow politically leveled so that everyone has equal access to [whatever]. Equal access for everyone...except for themselves.

U.S. News: The affluent exploit disabled students.
"For every student admitted through fraud, an honest and genuinely talented student was rejected," [said U.S. Attorney for District of Massachusetts Andrew Lelling].
...parents were told by the witness, referred to as CW-1, who founded the Edge College & Career Network, also known as The Key, to have their children "purport to have learning disabilities" so they could get the medical documentation and then request to take the exam at one of two test centers the witness controlled
A list of some of the high powered names who resorted to bribery and scamming in order to get their not-so-intelligent LiberTard kids accepted into prestigious colleges.

And oh! The whining of (at lease one) Liberal politician. No one saw this coming (ahem...)

Consider DEM Congressman Yimmy Gomez. Well, Mr. Gomez is "pissed off." Newsweek:
Rep. Jimmy Gomez from Los Angeles said he was “pissed off” at the college admissions scam, of which two of the stated schools — UCLA and USC — are in his backyard.

Frankly, I’m pissed off!

I worked 2 jobs and went to a #CommunityCollege so I could go to @UCLA and the @Kennedy_School.

How many kids who share my story were robbed of THEIR opportunity by parents who bribed their way through the system?”
But - - - Liberals are Entitled, Mr. Gomez. You know this.

I haven't searched around Teh Social Media, but condemnation of those involved in this scam from the SJWs must be loud, vocal and outraged. Kind of like the outrage displayed at the initial reporting of The Covington Catholic Students. These "voices" must be screeching at the same level of objection, right? Why...the "Outraged Crowd" wouldn't be a bunch of hypocrites...would they?

It's sad when a Liberal feels "robbed", isn't it? We all feel their pain.

Sometimes, it's not only okay enjoying teh Schadenfreude, it's spooky ghost ecto-plasmic spontaneous enjoyable Schdenfreude.

Here's to good times...

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Plastic surgeon fired after sharing patient genital photos on Instagram.

Daily Mail: Inadvertent things happen from time to time...I guess?
Dr Christopher John Salgado was recently let go as the section chief of UHealth's LGBTQ Center for Wellness, Gender and Sexual Health.

According to a petition, Salgado, 50, shared photos on the Instagram account @sexsurgeon that violated patient privacy policies and that contained 'racist, transphobic, homophobic comments and hashtags'.
"This CT scan on the left shows a very large dildo of a transman that inadvertently released
into this person's butt/rectum requiring surgical removal."

Yeah, but how 'bout that healthy-looking spine, huh?

And now, a reminder about breakfast, the most important meal of the day: 

Tech News

ZD Net: U.S. to share less intel with Germany unless Huawei banned on 5G.
According to The Wall Street Journal, United States Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell told the German government in a letter on Friday that allowing Chinese vendor equipment across 5G networks would reduce US cooperation with intelligence agencies in Germany.

Grenell pointed out that Chinese law requires Chinese companies to support China's security agencies[.]
More - Security WeekGermany will define their own standards, says Merkel.
"We will define our standards for ourselves," [German Chancellor Angela] Merkel told reporters at a Berlin press conference with Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel.
- - -
WIRED: How the FAA decides when, and when not, to ground airplanes.
...the FAA is notoriously safety-conscious. Planes in search of an airworthiness certificate must meet stringent standards; the certification process usually takes years. And it gets results: Just one person has died in American airspace on a commercial airplane since 2009. But, it seems, the agency has not yet found reason to ground the new 737.
- - -
Beta NewsChrome browser assists in filtering out toxic comments.

TechSpot: Tune browser AI to filter toxic comments.
- - -
C|Net: Jaguar's station wagon faces uncertain future in U.S.
The car nerds of the internet tend to love them, and because we're a loud bunch, once in a while a manufacturer will take a chance and try to sell one here. Inevitably this lasts a couple of years, few people buy them new, and they go away[.]
I'm guessing its uncertain future has to do with the words "station wagon" following "Jaguar".
- - -
TechDirtJames Woods - 1, Defamation lawsuit - 0.
The lower court did take a couple of shots at Woods during its dismissal of the suit, pointing out he was as uncooperative as possible when the plaintiff, Portia Boulger, tried to serve him.
And we would expect no less from Mr. Woods. Congrats!
- -
Phys.orgWhat scientists found after sifting through solar system dust.
So far, no evidence has been found of dust-free space, but that's partly because it would be difficult to detect from Earth. No matter how scientists look from Earth, all the dust in between us and the Sun gets in the way, tricking them into thinking perhaps space near the Sun is dustier than it really is.