Sunday, June 25, 2017

Depp Apologizes for Trump Assasination Remark, or "When is The Last time A President Killed An Actor?"

Actor Johnny Depp apologies for joking about assassinating Donald Trump: 
Bangor Daily News:
Johnny Depp apologized Friday for making flip remarks about assassinating the president. In a statement to People, the actor said, “I apologize for the bad joke I attempted last night in poor taste about President Trump. It did not come out as intended, and I intended no malice. I was only trying to amuse, not to harm anyone.”
What I'm wondering is...

ABC's 20/20 on Otto Warmbier FAILS to mention Bill Richardson worked for the Clinton Administration

Bill Richardson, North Korean Enabler

Did you watch ABC's "20/20"  Friday program on Otto Warmbier,  the U.S. Citizen recently released from a North Korean hard labor prison camp? Did  you recognize in the story the man, Bill Richardson ?

Did you catch that he was referred to as "former Governor of New Mexico"?

Did you notice they never once referred to his stint under the Bubba Clinton Administration?

No, that wouldn't sound good, would it?

It wouldn't sound good for ABC to have a "North Korean" expert like Richardson, pontificate about how he worked so hard on the Warmbier case when, that expert, in 2006 said, Kim Jong-Il cheated on the nuclear weapons framework in the Korean Peninsula.

Isn't is amazing how Liberal spin is such a degenerate's degree of faux incredulity when they can only cover their failures by pretending to be aghast when a thug-dictator "cheats" on an "agreement"?

Richardson's support of then pResidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama , and later the Obama presidency, certainly helped usher in another eight years of yet another weak, ineffectual, spineless and wimpy U.S. president. How could North Korea not take advantage of a weakling like Obama and his Admin? Great North Korean Leader Kimmy had nothing to lose and so much to gain.

2006 is also when Richardson called for, "multi-lateral pressure against North Korea."   Well, how's that working out for the world today, huh Bill? How did that "multi lateral pressure" work out for the Warmbier family?

Yeah...those Liberals and their hardball of "multi-lateral pressure." Nothing scares a tyrant more than words from an effete Liberal, especially "scary consequence" words that are never backed-up with action.

Kim Jong-Il and The Appeaser of North Korea Madeleine Albright (Right)

Prior to being Bubba's Secretary of Energy, 1998-2001, he served as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, under the Bubba Admin, from 1997-1998.

Preceding him as U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. was (drumroll....) The Butcher of Kosovo, Serbia and Iraq...  the bloodthirsty child murderer  and international appeaser of North Korea,  the one, the only,  Madeleine Albright, Satan's Little Helper.

Unless I missed it, her name wasn't mentioned in the Warmbier "20/20" story either. Yeah, the Media just cannot bring itself to mention or note Liberal failure or the person(s) responsible for it, as with Albright.

Had it not been for Warmbier's father's on-camera comments, which - to my amazement ABC did show - we probably wouldn't have know that Obama's Secretary of State, John "Can I git me a huntin' license here?"  Kerry did absolutely nothing for the Warmbier family. Nothing.

None of this surprises me, nor should it you.

And now we have Richardson, desperately trying to spin his lack of doing anything about Warmbier or North Korea, or as [a former] U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. [throw his weight around] (and hard can that job be?), into somehow rendering assistance or playing a role in the success of anything; in this case, North Korea's release of Warmbier...sadly, too late.

Yes, Richardson spun and pivoted in the "20/20" story, but he didn't fool anyone who is paying attention. Yes, Richardson has some blood on his hands from Warmbier's death. Yes, Albright is covered in the blood of hundreds of thousands of deaths, especially innocent children.

North Korea was appeased because of direct conflict with USA and China relations at the time. This is the timeframe when President Bill Clinton sold missile technology to China. 

Gee - from who do you [think] North Korea obtained their missile technology from? Iceland? The Province of Saskatchewan? Cleveland, Ohio? Or...China?

How else could the Clinton's repay all the several thousand dollar donations made to [Hillary's campaign cash] by Chinese dishwashers and busboys? It's no secret that when politicians want to bring in the big donors, the first group they hit for cash are the dishwashers and busboys. Why, they're loaded.

Richardson certainly seemed to have all the right "after the fact" questions to ask:
"North Korea has a lot of explaining to do [about Otto Warmbier]. Why didn't they notify the United States. Why didn't they notify proper medical authorities [on Warmbier's health problems], the Swedish government that represents us."
Hey, Bill - why didn't YOU do something about it when you had a chance? We know the answer from Liberals: "We tried."

Liberals "try." They don't succeed, but they "try", and they hide behind all their failures by saying "they tried."
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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Dems Win Two Losses

Nelson Muntz mocks Dems Congressional losses.

The Democrats just lost two more Congressional elections, one in Georgia, the other in South Carolina.

In our America, where Dems pretend that a loss isn't a loss - whether it's your young child's Saturday afternoon soccer game where no one keeps score (or at least claims they don't) or whether it's a federal election - they celebrate the loss as a win. Now, who can argue with such higher, institutional, educational myopia from the Dems? We shouldn't. Those of us who are - I'll use the term 'Not Dems' - should support the Dems' win of losses. Does that make sense?

The wording of headlines for these two races are very similar.

For the Georgia race, from  al-Reuters: "Republican avoids upset in costly Georgia congressional race."

For the South Carolina race, APee's headline is: "GOP holds on to House seat, but Dems surpass expectation."

It must be painstaking and numbing for the FakeStream™Media going to the lengths they do in order to avoid anything that conveys the words, "Democrat lost."

We've had a handful or so special elections for congressional seats, with each one being identified by Dems as a "referendum"...a "bellwether "... that they believe will reflect on the nation's complete hatred of the Donald Trump presidency and an election that marks an upcoming tidal wave of Dems winning back the House and Senate. Except...the Dem candidate LOST in each of these special elections.

But they didn't lose. For you see, the Dems are making "slow progress", as noted by the widely accepted political scholar Caryn Elaine Johnson Whoopi Goldberg from the widely acclaimed, non-partisan, internationally revered think-tank, "The View":

al-Reuters  informs us that: "The [Georgia] election will not significantly change the balance of power in Washington, where Republicans control the White House and both chambers of Congress."

So...the Dems shouldn't care much? Are the Dems now writing off congressional districts they feel they don't need to win? If so, then why did they pour so much money into the Georgia race? And you have to wonder why did the DNC invest so heavily in a race where, as Ms. Goldberg pointed out, has been a Republican stronghold for decades? It's typical DNC mentality...undefinable and senseless at the same time

The APee story downplays the South Carolina Dem loss noting, "[the loss] could be in part because the national party largely stayed out of the race."

Let's see now, the Dem in South Carolina lost in part because the national (DNC) party stayed out of the election while the Dem in Georgia lost with the national party heavily involved in that election and pouring gazillions of dollars into a losing race. It is perfect Liberal Illogic at its finest.

It sound[s] like the Dems feel they have such a majority that they can write-off certain districts and yet somehow, come 2018, regain the majority. Well, reality isn't a place where the Dems spend their time.

How does this make the grassroots Democrat voter feel? Well, how would you feel if your national political party leaders, and its media, tell you, "ahhhh, we don't need your district. We can write it off. You don't count or matter."

This is the same strategy used by LOSING Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton; taking Blue states like Wisconsin for granted , not campaigning there...and then LOSING the state.

APee writes: "The Democrat [Archie Parnell] even won one county, Chester, that went for Donald Trump in the fall."

Wow! Isn't that great! He "even" won one county that was Trump county in the November 2016 presidential election.

This must be the "slow progress" strategy embraced by Ms. Goldberg and the DNC.

I'm all for this. I support the Dems and their 'slow progress strategy.' I support them spending absurd amounts of money on races in districts that are, and have been, Republican strongholds.

May the Dems continue writing-off more and more districts. By losing, they're actually winning, and who am I to take this away from them?
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Saturday, June 17, 2017

J. Edgar Comey's testimony Similar to those of "victim status"

Fired FBI Director James Comey testified that answering to Trump was akin to women being harassed in the workplace.

Oh, that's so sad! This man who stands 6 feet 8 inches tall felt uncomfortable with the Trump, shall we say, lack of overboard Political Correctness?

Comey did not want to be left alone in the only company of President Trump. 

Writing in the New York Times, theater critic and op-ed writer Nicole Serratore said Comey’s testimony reminded her exactly of:
“the experience of a woman being harassed by her powerful, predatory boss.
"So Comey told Jeff Sessions he didn't want to be alone with Trump,” tweeted Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.). “Women across the country can relate." much for the past three or four decades of women telling us they have "empowered themselves," but appear to be the weaker, fragile and more easily imagine gender inequality where it doesn't exist. Typical Liberal ideology: just because something doesn't exist doesn't mean someones feelings may be hurt.

Now, why does the N.Y. Daily news have a theater critic writing about politics?

And why, other than the Left Fringe Insane Clown Posse, does anyone take Maxine Waters seriously?

Was long term former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover a cross-dresser who attended orgies? 

Or is it all bogus folklore or a cover story concocted in order to give the pubic a red-herring? (The previous link is to "The Straight Dope" and who says they have the final word on any issue?)

Was Hoover a closet homosexual?

We know Comey had a "frosty" discussion with former AG Loretta Lynch regarding Hillary Clinton's private email server.

But...nothing to see here with the Clinton Crime Family Foundation.

And J. Edgar? I'm thinking if he were still alive and running the FBI, we'd see at least Hillary Clinton wearing orange clothing for a long time.

J. Edgar Hoover, not a pretty woman he makes. Well, not everyone can be James Comey.
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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Democrat Fingerprints on James Hodgkinson's Guns

The full blame and responsibility for the shootings of Republicans, Wednesday morning, at a baseball field in Alexandria, Virginia, can be squarely laid at the feet of every single Democrat. Every Democrat politician, every Democrat party member, every Democrat voter.

If you are a Democrat, and you vote Democrat, but you won't speak out against the Fringe people and Fringe elements that have hijacked your party, your fingerprints are on the guns used by James Hodgkinson.

If you are [a] Democrat who protests policies of which you disagree with, and you cause injury to others or damage property during your protests, your fingerprints are on the guns used by James Hodgkinson.

The Left hides behind the First Amendment and Free Speech in order to diffuse and reduce the severity of what can be termed Hate Art...a violent form of art, no different from the term and definition of Hate Speech. We saw this with the 2006 movie, "Death of A President," a movie about the "fictional assassination" of then-president George W. Bush.

Hate Art is what we saw in the photo of Kathy Griffin holding the decapitated and bloodied head of a prop that was intentionally made to resemble Trump.

Do not allow media or Democrats the opportunity to downplay the seriousness of how unhinged they have become by placing the ballpark shootings under the guise of "political animosity," for the ballpark shootings are far, far, far more dangerous and injurious than "political animosity".

Recall how The Left initially tried to paint Harvard Graduate Theodore "Ted" Kaczynski, the "Unabomber", as a Right Wing kook, living out in a cabin in the middle of nowhere.

Then we learned the truth about Kaczynski, that he is a Democrat who supported Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. We learned that  Kaczynski taught undergraduate courses in geometry and calculus at U of Cal Berkeley. He was no right wing whacko; he was a total, Looney Tunes Liberal. 

In his own words, Kaczynski said, " I got involved in political issues because I was driven to it, so to speak." the same manner as James Hodgkinson was driven. Kaczynski used bombs and Hodgkinson used guns.

GQ attempts to justify Shakespeare in the Park, with Julius Caesar intentionally resembling Donald Trump:
Any Shakespearean scholar will tell you that any of his plays can be staged with any number of diverse goals—and look and feel extremely different as a result.
Perhaps, but there is no diverse goal that can be accomplished in a Caesar that is obviously portraying Donald Trump.

Uber-Liberal Nancy Pelosi, on Wednesday, the day of the ballpark shootings, could not restrain herself from making a joke about the shooting, that it was the first time she ever agreed with Republican Paul Ryan.

When people like Rosie O'Donnell, Whoopi Goldberg, Bill Maher, Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin, Sarah Haines, Steve Colbert and other venomous Liberal celebrities vent their hatred of Trump, what they are really doing is subtly suggesting to their political base that someone take violent action against those who believe in a different political philosophy.

Behar is famous for justifying any violent action towards anyone who does not believe what she believes, or what Liberals believe, by saying, "it's just a joke."

Well, I'd like to kidnap Joy Behar, torture her, murder her husband and children in front of her and bury her alive to die. Oh, I'm just making a joke. It's a joke. Can't she take a joke?

Do you see where the slippery slope begins and then slides so quickly we can no longer get a grasp on it?

If Hate Speech is separate from Free Speech, and if Hate Speech is considered not protected under the First Amendment, does that make Hate Art - and art is definitely and certainly a form of communication - as odious and repulsive as Hate Speech?

Democrats have been on a mission, and are still on that mission, for the sole purpose to divide us. A perfect example is Obama's, "argue with neighbors, get in their face." Argue...get in their face. Not, "have a calm rational discussion with an attempt to persuade the other person." No..."argue [and] get in their face."

MoveOn, Think Progress, Media Matters, David Brock, Democrat Underground, whatever tiny remains exist of Progressive Radio, Al Franken, Pelosi, Obama, Joe Biden, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine, CNN, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, CBS, PBS, BBC, AP, Chuck Schumer, John Kerry...along with every other Democrat and Liberal organization have been fomenting violence against anyone who doesn't believe exactly what they believe.

Linwood Kaine, son of Tim Kaine, the Democrat Vice Presidential candidate of 2016 (Hillary Clinton's running mate), was arrested on suspicion of second degree riot at a rally for President Trump. From the same previous link, the story notes:
Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton’s running mate in the 2016 election, and his wife, Anne Holton, did not comment on the specifics of their son’s arrest but gave a brief emailed statement to The Washington Post through a spokeswoman.

“We love that our three children have their own views and concerns about current political issues,” they said. “They fully understand the responsibility to express those concerns peacefully.”
No - they don't know how to express those concerns peacefully. At least Linwood doesn't.

Don't forget the antics of the violent Left in St. Paul, MN during the 2008 Republican Presidential Convention: 
...the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign’s March for Our Lives set off. They were carrying bags of urine, feces and bricks and “were identified in crowds as they began to set up to disrupt a peaceful protest down at Mears Park,” Harrington said.
The Left is not peaceful. Democrats love only themselves and their ideology. They do not demonstrate tolerance of opinions that differ from their own. Their faux-Kumbaya posturing on Wednesday due to the shootings will be quickly jettisoned and they will return to their (ab)normal agenda of deceit, trickery, the blame game (blame anyone other than themselves), the Victim Card, the Gender Card, the Race Card...the Anything Card. Whatever helps propel their big government, intrusive agenda where, if you do not fully agree with them, you are the enemy.

The Republicans playing baseball Wednesday morning met the Real Democrat Devil face to face in the personna of a man named James Hodgkinson. His horrific actions are a culmination of years of what the Democrat party represents. It is ugly, very ugly...and this "pause" by Democrats in response to this tragedy is only temporary. Remember that.
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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Losing Presidential Candidate John McCain Still Angry, Still Bitter; Confused, but claims is "still Emperor of The North Pole"

It must be sad being Pretend Republican John McCain. He so desperately wanted to be the president. But not everything in life that is wanted is obtained.

McCain told The Guardian that, America's standing in the world was stronger under Barack Obama than under Donald Trump.

Can anyone say "dementia"?  Here are some songs to sing along with for people with dementia. I think McCain should settle down and sing along with the songs. Who can resist that siren song, "My Darling Clementine"? Certainly not John McCain.

In other news, McCain did reaffirm and re-establish his self appointed role as Emperor of The North Pole.

McCain jumped from one issue to another, telling the Wales newspaper, "No one better try to take the North Pole away from me, damn it, or there will be hell to pay, I kid you not oh my Darling Clementine. Those aren't my boots. When do we leave for our vacation to Mesopotamia?"
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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Pittsburgh Penguins are the 2017 Stanley Cup Winner!

"Hey, Ho...Let's Go!"

The parade for the 2017 Stanley Cup Winners (back to back wins 2016 and 2017) is scheduled for Wednesday in Pittsburgh.

I decided not to spend my time ripping the haters that I wrote about earlier. 
Why waste my time ripping those who see success only through a prism of jealousy, envy or anger? Why waste my time, and yours, dissin' on the haters, the whiners, the Pens haters, the Crosby haters...they're just insecure, jealous "never-beens." They shouldn't be watching hockey.

The Penguins genuinely won Game 6 Sunday night. They did not "survive," they won. And of course one must survive to win, but Sunday night, both teams were playing top-notch hockey, the very best of their abilities, and Nashville was beaten by a team with previous Cup Finals, and wins, under their belt.

Nashville played a great game. It just wasn't quite good enough.

Heh - Vegas already is saying that The Pens are the favorite to win next season's Stanley Cup. 

Oh my, some Pens fans are celebrating the victory by eating raw catfish. Doesn't sound appetizing to me, but, to each their own.

Anaheim, Minnesota, Ottawa, NY, Edmonton, Pittsburgh, Nashville, St. Louis, Chicago, Montreal, Washington, Toronto and Columbus all reached the playoffs. They didn't get there by luck. All of these teams played some damn fine hockey.

And despite the dreamy world of Liberals where "everyone wins and no one loses...", well, that's something that exists existentially and metaphysically. Dream on, Libs, dream on.

This may be my final "Another Long Boring NHL Post" for the 2016-17 season. We'll see what news develops, if any, over the next week or so.

If the Pens are invited to the White House, they've confirmed they will attend.

Savoring the win, back to back. It doesn't get much better than that.

Training for the 2017-2018 season is only a little over three months away. And before you can rhetorically ask, "how did summer fly by so fast," - the puck will once again be dropped on the ice.

Congrats to the all the teams that made the playoffs. The Pens and The Preds had a great series. Honestly, one puck sailing into the net for the Preds instead of bouncing off the metal post and it would have been an entirely different Stanley Cup.
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PITTSBURGH PENGUINS ARE THE 2017 STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS! And Fuck Jeff Bezos and His Piece of Excrement Newspaper.

2017 Stanley Cup's Pittsburgh Penguins

The Penguins Win 2017 Stanley Cup; Two in A Row.

Wow - what a game number six, huh?  I should have figured that a game six wouldn't have a final score as I predicted, Nashville 6, Pittsburgh 5 in double OT.

The reality was Penguins 2,  Predators 0.  That's more akin to a final score than my prediction of 6 to 5. Then again, Oddsshark and Vegas Insider had Nashville 12, Pittsburgh 11.

Game 6 Sunday night was everything any hockey fan could ask for (I hate  ending with a preposition). I know..."for which any hockey fan could ask."

This is The Pens second win, back-to-back, thereby erasing the Detroit Red Wings back-to-back Cup wins from 1997 and 1998, the last team to do this.

I'm going to write more later on this game, but I'm in disbelief at how many stories, at legit sites, are downplaying The Pen victory and making excuses for Nashville's loss.

Look, it was a win or die for The Preds. They died. Their play was immaculate and spectacular for the entire game, except, The Pens managed to get the puck into the net of The Preds, twice...and that is that.

I am appalled at how so many stories are downplaying the Pens victory. May I REMIND YOU they beat the Preds last Thursday SIX to ZERO.

The most egregious story , by Neil Greenberg, completely downplays the Pens' strength and their win, is from -- no surprise -- The Jeff Bezos Daily Turd:
Article headline: The Penguins were badly outshot during their Stanley Cup run. Here’s why they won anyway. [ "Anyway" opposed to what "other" way? WINNING???!!! - DD ]
You could argue the Penguins survived, rather than won, the playoffs. Pittsburgh lost its top defenseman, Kris Letang, to injury before the playoffs began. Goaltender Matt Murray missed the first two rounds of the playoffs before making 27 saves in the series-clinching win in Game 6, his second straight shutout. Center Nick Bonino sustained a broken tibia in his left leg during Game 2 of the series blocking a slap shot from P.K. Subban in the first period.

Yet Coach Mike Sullivan stuck with his game plan that allowed the Penguins to capitalize on chances despite often watching their opponents dominate possession. The secret was making sure his forwards, rather than the team’s defensemen, were putting quality shots on net. And as we can see clearly after back-to-back Cups, shot quality has trumped shot quantity.
Okay...written by Greenberg. I have to presume he's a kike (probably a Liberal one), who has never laced the skates, hit the ice and played any hockey.

..."survived, rather than won,?"  What does that mean? If Hillary Clinton had won by winning one more electoral vote than required, would that have diminished her victory any less? Of course not. Still ecstatic she LOST.

"Yet Coach Mike Sullivan stuck with his game plan[.]" What the fuck does that mean? That Sullivan should have abandoned what is very carefully planned over an agonizing amount of hours by any coach playing for The Cup?

More bullshit, this time from From!!!!!

Headline: 5 Reasons why Pittsburgh Won the Stanley Cup. There's only one reason Pittsburgh won = They Were The Better Team last Sunday night.

Reason number 1 listed is: "1. SIDNEY CROSBY TOOK OVER." Actually, he really didn't and I'll go into this more on a later post.

Headline: "5 Reasons: Why Predators were eliminated." There's only one reason they's because they DIDN'T WIN.

There's no shortage of "Sidney Crosby hatred" showing up in story comments and downplaying his role. Even a Village Idiot knows enough not to diminish the incredible talent of Crosby. don't like Crosby because he's young and his name will be spoken  along with other, legendary names when the name of other NHL greats are talked about:  Hull, Hull, Howe, Orr, Shore, Esposito, Esposito, Lemieux, Gretzky, Dryden, Clarke, Chelios, Lidstrom, Bucyk. Do I need to continue?

So your life didn't go as planned and now all the Crosby-haters are crawling out of the woodwork like the blood-sucking ticks they are. Well isn't your sad, miserable fucking life just too bad?

Let me're a diehard Red Wings fan and it just killed you to see your 1997-1998 double Cup win crushed by The Pens. Oh...that's so sad. Leave a comment with an address. I can send you a box of Puffs.

"Futureworld"; Bezos, circuitry matrix upgrade required.

Bezos, one of the first successful cross-breeds between bug-eyed aliens and some sort of semi-human-animal zygote, now has his newspaper playing politics in the sports section. - reading their stories today - were obviously leaning towards Nashville winning The Cup this year.

Well, that didn't happen.

More on The Cup later on Tuesday.

In the meantime --- ALL you PENS-haters and Crosby-haters = suck it, you lost. Let it live rent-free in your heads for the rest of your lives.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Hillary for President in 2020!

Let me be the first to announce that I hope Hillary Clinton runs for the 2020 presidency. I mean, it is her legacy...she's owed it...right?

Joe Biden is 74 years old. I don't think at 78 years old Joe will be tossing his straw hat into the presidential race.

Yeah, Hillary for President in 2020.  She'll only be 73 years old. Just what we need in the American Body Politic, more 70, 80 and 90 year olds in the Federal government.

But what's being said and written is that the Dems would like her to go away. Vanity Fair:
But we can’t stay friendly to Hillary forever. There’s a fine line—or maybe not even so fine a line—between boosting morale and monopolizing the spotlight. One reason Bill Clinton was able to make a name for himself decades ago was that previous candidates had the grace to get out of the way.
In April, 2017, Maureen Callahan , writing at the New York Post posited, "Why Can't The Clintons just go away."
How is it that Hillary routinely walks into standing ovations at Broadway theaters? Where is the realization that Hillary is to blame or the rational rejection of a two-time loser?
Every mistake made in her 2008 run was compounded in 2016: the paranoia, the staff infighting, the underestimation of the intra-party wild card, the self-righteousness, the failure to connect with average voters, the belief that because it was her turn the presidency would be hers.
Nelson Muntz Mocks Hillary's presidential loss.

Hey, I have neither hemorrhoids or herpes, but Hillary is just like the answer to the joke, "What do those two ailments have in common with Hillary?"

Answer: Both are very painful, irritating and never stay away for a long enough time.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

NHL Game 7 , Game 6, 7 , SIX on Sunday Night...or Do I watch The Tony Awards?

My deeply conflicted quandary: Do I watch the NHL game and record The Tonys for viewing later, OR, do I watch The Tonys and record NHL Game 6?

I'm certain that forcing someone to watch the fabuluth Tony Awards  is against the Geneva Convention.

Hmmmmm, let's see...The Tonys hosted by late night park cruiser Kevin Spacey or...NHL Hockey. Yeah - real tough decision.

I want the Penguins to play like tonight is Game # 7, even though it's actually Game # 6.

Those who watched Game # 5 Wednesday Thursday night saw the Penguins playing as they should be playing...shredding the Predators Six to Zero,

Penguins goalie Matt Murray is slated to start tonight.

Huge Kudos to Murray for not allowing one, single puck cross the crease. He played fantastic on Wednesday night.

Evangi Malkin has eyes like a hawk. He was Wednesday night's MVP, even though the NHL doesn't designate an MVP per game.
Malkin had a huge game, posting a Gordie Howe hat trick — a goal, an assist and a fight — in just 14:03 ice time, but what made his comments perfect were how it seemed to ignite the rest of the Penguins.
His goal is available to view and it's just magnificent. The guy has eyes like a hawk, like a hawk I tell ya.

Game # 5 Predictions - let's see how "we" fared:

Dave Stevenson at Fansided, had not made a prediction on Game 5 at the time of publishing.
Both Oddsshark and Vegas Insider predicted a Pens win over the Preds with a final score of 10 to 9

My Prediction for the final score of Game  # 5:  Pens 5,  Preds 3
Yeeesh. With Game 5's final score of Pens 6, Preds 0 ... no one came close on predictions.

I did get the Bonus Question right: "Will a catfish be tossed onto the ice tonight?"  I predicted "yes" and it happened.  I want to say that two found their way onto the ice, but my memory is sketchy. Luckily, the one - and if there were two the same applied - they hit the ice whole and not filleted and gutted like it was in Game 1.

Nashville goalie Pekke Rinne was benched after the Pens sailed the puck past him into the net three times out of NINE shots. Every goalie has their off day. He was pulled from the game and replaced with Juuse Saros, who seemed to handle himself quite well.

I'd like to write more on Game 5, but time is short.

Preds v Pens
On to Game # 6 Predictions:

As of publishing this post, there was no Game 6 prediction I could find at Fansided.

Both Oddsshark and Vegas Insider Predict Nashville 12 and Pittsburgh 11.

I don't know on what basis both Odds and VI are predicting their final scores, but their predictions for past games have also been a tad bit high when it comes to final scores.

I have been saying this series will go the full seven games and I'm sticking to that.

My Prediction for tonight's final score:  Nashville 6, Pittsburgh 5 in 2 OT's.

Game 8  7 (if the Pens lose), returns to Pittsburgh on Wednesday, June 14.

Bonus Question: Will a catfish be tossed onto the ice tonight?  My prediction: Yes.  How many?  Three! 

Happy Hockey.

Disclaimer: The above is purely guesswork on my part and is not in any way to be taken as advice on sports betting or engaging in gambling or wagering; legal, illegal or other
- - -
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Jimmy Fallon Cannot Sing, Dance or Really Do Anything Requiring Talent

I'll "date" my age group by saying the last time "Saturday Night Live" was actually funny was when Phil Hartman   was a cast member. His preternatural instinct for comedy, from A to Z, defied definition. Hartman was a genius.

If I happen to see SNL, it's usually by accident. I've seen Alec Baldwin's impression of President Donald Trump, and it's funny -- but it's worn out its welcome. "Leave the audience wanting more...", apparently doesn't enter into the ego of Baldwin.

But last night, I watched the opening with host Jimmy Fallon, who used to be a regular cast member of SNL.

Jimmy Fallon cannot sing.

Jimmy Fallon cannot dance.

Jimmy Fallon is not a "performing" artist.

Jimmy Fallon, no matter how hard he tries, will never be Black.

Jimmy Fallon is a sad, desperate man, afraid of anyone who may overshadow him. I'd say, "overshadow his talent," but he doesn't have any talent.

The opening sequence had Fallon break into song with David Bowie's "Let's Dance."  WARNNG: IT IS NOT PRETTY.

Fallon has no business, none - attempting, or even considering singing any song, especially, "Let's Dance."

There are two, and only two people who should be authorized to sing "Let's Dance." David Bowie, obviously - and Freddie Mercury, had he so desired to sing it at some point in his career. I'm not aware he ever did.

Behind Fallon was a group of "dancers" - and I use the term loosely. If these "dancers" received any choreographical instruction or rehearsals, it was absent and unnoticed.

The few times I've stumbled across the "Tonight Show", or seen a promo for it, Fallon is incapable of allowing a guest to perform solo. He just has to do a duet with a singer.  He just has to grab a guitar and join in with a guest band. He just has to join another comedian in a some sort of skit.

The Gold Measure of The Tonight Show began, and ended, with Johnny Carson.
Jay Leno gave it life for ten or so more years.

But Fallon? A pathetic, confidence-lacking, inferiority complex-ridden performer who simply cannot allow a guest to shine in their own moment.

The brilliance of Carson and Leno is they both knew when to step back and the the guest riff. Fallon lacks this, and he'll never possess it. He's too insecure.

I miss you, Conan O'Brien. You were the heir apparent for The Tonight Show, and, had NBC supported you, today you'd be ruling the night time talk ratings.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

BatMan, Adam West, 88 dies

Adam West is the only BatMan that matters.

Mr. West passed away on Friday at the age of 88.

Besides "BatMan", West never seemed to lack for work, working consistently year after year in other roles, film and television.

So many actors want to "divorce" themselves from a character that they played; they don't want to be hassled with,"Hey, [insert actor name], you were [ fill in name of the character they are most strongly known for]", and some actors want to disassociate themselves from the character that made them so popular.

Not West. He embraced Batman. And that's why he is "The Only Batman that Matters."

William West Anderson, September 19, 1928 - June 9, 2017
Rest easy in Bat are most well deserving of it.

Friday, June 9, 2017

The Dems' Comey Dog and Pony Show...Minus Dogs and Ponies.

Well, much ado about nothing. This is what the Dems excel at...desperately attempting to manufacture something that does not exist and is not there. It is the typical Dog and Pony Show Dems put on every time they need to grandstand and perform their vomit-inducing fake "holier than thou" image for the television cameras.

Do you think we'd see any of this had Hillary Clinton been elected? Never. "Days of Our Lives" would never be pre-empted for any investigation related to Russia hacking the election in favor of Clinton.

To this day, there is no conclusive piece of solid evidence of anything.

Months prior to the election, Barack Hussein Obama poo-poo'ed the idea that Russia could influence a U.S. presidential election. Conservative Tribune:
...President Barack Obama had a few words to say about rigged elections, and they’re not something you’ll find the mainstream media reporting anytime soon.

Speaking at a news conference in October, the president reacted negatively when he was asked about the possibility of a rigged presidential election. He suggested that such thinking undermined the country’s democratic traditions, and then went on to say that anyone, namely Trump, who suggested such a thing wasn’t fit for the White House.
As for what I watched today of The Dems' Comey Dog and Pony show, I wondered why that cretinous creature, California's Liberal Senator Dianne Feinstein, at 83 years old was doing as part of the Intelligence Committee? She's 83, people. I'm not ageist, but at are NOT able to have the mental acuity of someone who is 65...or 55...or 45.

We need to establish an age where one is no longer able to continue to serve in the House or Senate; a forced retirement it what you want. But we have way too many 70, 80 and some closing in on 90 year old people in significant levels in the Federal Government. This has to stop.

Pretend Republican John McCain's questioning of Comey  bordered on watching someone attempt to put words together while in a obvious state of dementia. He blamed it on his watching the Diamondbacks game which ran late, but that's really not much of an explanation for his deer-in-the-headlights performance.

And what's up with Pretend Republican Susan Collins from Maine? Does she have Parkinson's disease or suffer some degree of neuropsychiatry disorder? I'm not poking fun at her. She appears seriously ill. Something is wrong with her health.

Collins' spoke haltingly. One. Word. At. A. Time. Which. Eventually. Formed. The. Structure. Of. A. Sentence. Or. Question. Did you notice how her head bobbed and shook from side to side?

And California Liberal Senator Kamla Harris' questions were designed to be asked in a way where what the answer was, was already pre-determined by the question. In other words, whoever wrote the questions she asked of Comey, the answers to those questions - or what they expected those answers to be - were determined first; and then the phrasing of the question was plotted so that the answer she wanted was given. She's a cunt.  And the "junior" member on the committee, and it shows.

This Russia-Gate is bullshit. This is not Watergate...not even remotely close.

The Dems are doing what they do best. Grandstand and put on their "we're so ethical and hold ourselves to such high standards" when everyone knows the Dems are just a notch above child molesters.

The Russia-hacking and election interference is fake news. But I wonder...if this isn't just a red-herring thrown out by President Trump, created by President Trump, to keep the Dems occupied with a "nothing investigation" while he's doing what he wants and is getting it done.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

NHL Game 5, Penguins v Predators

Of course a post on the Stanley Cup playoff takes precedent over the Comey trial. Damn, I know what really matters in life.

Game Number 5 is tonight, just a few hours away. Pittsburgh is back on their home ice tonight and it's always better playing at "home".

Political pundit Nate Silver's fivethirtyeight site writes about the NHL!? Who knew? Silver is the one who was way off on the presidential election. He couldn't make an accurate prediction of rain in a downpour. His presidential election prediction was for Clinton. So much for "fivethirtyeight". Pffft. Garbage.

Pens coach Mike Sullivan confirms Matt Murray is tonight's starting least at the time of this publishing. Preds goalie Pekke Renne also slated to start tonight.

The Penguins have to win tonight's game if they have any hope at all of winning the Cup in two back-to-back seasons. If the Pens lose tonight, they must win the next two games to win the Cup.

Nashville will be looking to capitalize on any slight Penguin error or flub. Pittsburgh  has to play - to strive for - an error-less game. Murray will have to be totally in the zone and in the moment.

Conversely, Renne is an amazing goalie. I have nothing against Nashville winning the Cup -- I'm pulling for the Pens only because I want to see a team repeat win for two consecutive years.

The only motivational inspiration that I can think of for The Pens, on these last three games of the Cup series, is the above quote of Herb Brooks from the Miracle on Ice.

Okay - on to Game 5 predictions:

Dave Stevenson at Fansided ,at the time of published, had not made a prediction. At least I couldn't locate any story he'd written with a Game 5 prediction.

Both Oddsshark and Vegas Insider are predicting a Pens win over the Preds with a final score of 10 to 9.

Both of those sites have had rather high number final scores. I can't see any of the remaining games with final scores as high as those predicted by Odds and Vegas.

The Pens Fans are going to be rocking the foundation of the PPG Paints Arena. I imagine it will be deafening.

My Prediction for the final score of Game 5:  Pens 5,  Preds 3
Pens, you were born to be a player, you are meant to be here, this moment is yours. You are meant to win back-to-back Stanley Cups. This is MEANT TO BE. If not now, when will a future opportunity arise for you to win two years straight? Pens - this is your Stanley Cup.
Happy Hockey!

Bonus Question: Will a catfish be tossed onto the ice tonight?  My prediction: Yes.

Disclaimer: The above is purely guesswork on my part and is not in any way to be taken as advice on sports betting or engaging in gambling or wagering; legal, illegal or other.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Environmentalists Seek to Starve Wild Elk

Those wacky, animal loving hating, earth loving EnviroTards are at it again.

I wonder if these are the same kind of people who made death threats to Knut, the German polar bear cub?

You remember Knut...the adorable polar bear cub that animal rights' activists wanted to KILL?

December 5, 2006 – March 19, 2011
Well, make way, here come The Elk Haters. Courthouse News Service:
Four conservation groups claim in court the U.S. Forest Service’s approval of a revised permit to allow the continued feeding of wild elk in Wyoming’s Bridger-Teton National Forest is endangering the herd and elevating its risk of getting and spreading a chronic wasting disease.

In a June 5 complaint filed in Washington, the Sierra Club, Wyoming Wildlife Advocates, Western Watersheds Project and the Gallatin Wildlife Association say that the negative effects of feeding the wild elk hay in centralized locations are well-known. [ Yet, in the story, these wildlife "associations" are unable to articulate any specific study or research; or link and causation, for their not wanting the elk to be fed. - D.D. ]

Artificial feeding stretches back to the early 1900s and continues today to discourage wild elk from pillaging privately-owned haystacks on private land, the 28-page complaint notes.
There is no trace of lethal chronic wasting disease in the Jackson elk herd yet, but it has been found in deer about 40 miles away. If it reaches the herd, the conservation groups say the disease could contaminate and devastate the entire ecosystem.
“Although the specific mode of transmission has not been identified[...]
Don't you just love the lack of synapse firing and the illogical reasoning used by EnviroTards and their lawyers?

"There is no wasting disease......YET!" How can these groups claim the feeding is, "endangering the herd and elevating its risk of getting and spreading a chronic wasting disease," WHEN THEY DO NOT YET KNOW?!?!?

And while they "haven't identified the mode of transmission...they suspect it has something to do with Mercury being in retrograde during a full moon when, and only when, a rising sign is in the House of Jupiter on an odd numbered day in a neighborhood when you can only water your lawn on an even numbered day. See addendum on how to deal with this during Leap Years." Then, and ONLY THEN, can the feeding of wildlife be permitted that would not be available if not for humans providing it.

Image via:

I'm not against NOT feeding wild animals. Doing so can bring a dependence on artificial feeding that is not natural for any wildlife.

But here's the trade off: I deer hunt. Well, not so much anymore, but I did for years and so did my Dad, brothers, uncles, friends and many others.

Inevitably during deer season someone would say, "oh, it's so sad to shoot a deer."

Well, would you rather have one starve to death? Because one reason states have hunting seasons on certain species is, in part, preventing overpopulation.

What about you, Mister, Misses and "Mizz" EnviroTard? Would you rather starve to death or know you could be put out of your misery by the shot of a rifle?
The conservation groups accuse the U.S. Forest Service of violating the National Environmental Policy Act by discounting the danger of lethal chronic wasting disease, failing to consider alternatives, precluding public comments before signing off on the extended permit, and ignoring the 2007 Bison and Elk Management Plan.
No one knows if chronic wasting disease (CWD) has infected, or will infect, the elk. This is so incredibly typical of the EnviroTard Liberal mindset:  Although the EnviroTards have no conclusive proof of - in this case CWD - interject a solution not only where one may not be needed, but where any reason to do so is unknown, or at the very best, inconclusive. Kind of sounds like the global warming climate change crowd, doesn't it?

You know who wins in a case like this? The lawyers.

You know who has the most potential to lose? The Elk.

This incessant obsession with (some) humans to interject a human element into something that should run a natural, non-human course called Nature is what, in the past, has shown to fail over and over again.

I'd like to see the Elk and the EnviroTards trade places. Imagine, you're driving on a road in a rural area and you see a group of EnviroTards gaunt and starving in a field. They have nothing to eat because U.S. Wildlife and the Forest Service are banned from feeding them. Damn, how do we make this happen?

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Penguins Flail on ice in Game 4, NHL Cup

Nashville again dominated their home ice in last night's Game 4 of the Cup playoff winning  4 to 1 against Pittsburgh.

Let's get the ugly and woefully incorrect predictions "we" made for last night's game out of the way:
Fansided: Predators 4, Penguins 2

Oddsshark and Vegas Insider: Predators 8,  Penguins 7

My Game 4 prediction:  Pens 8, Preds 7 in one OT.
Fansided came the closest.

The Preds win evens the series with two games apiece. So, they start all over again, all coming down to three final games. Game 5 is Thursday, June 8 in Pittsburgh. I'm going to hold off on any predictions until Thursday.

I think the Refs and game Officials tended to favor the Preds in the first two periods BUT I am someone who does believe you can't blame losing on the Refs, in any sport. Maybe, if the game score had been 4 - 3 and in its second OT, and the Preds won, I'd say there was preferential favoritism towards them. But not with a final score of 4 - 1.

Nashville's Frederick Gaudreau's goal was reviewed for perhaps not being a goal where the puck did not fully cross the goalie crease. After review, it was ruled the puck fully crossed, and awarded another point to the Preds. And it was downhill for the Penguins  for the rest of the game.

I can't see this series going less than the full seven games; three remaining. And if I were a betting man - which I am not - I'd put money on The Pens. I have to believe in my hockey heart of hearts, they have a unfathomable burning desire to win two Cups in a row, which hasn't occurred since 1997-1998 season by the Detroit Red Wings.

Last night, as they looked on Saturday night, the Pens couldn't put anything together. They played like hell, but nothing happened. They lacked focus. They looked like they didn't know what to do on the ice (I've said this before).

I have to think the Pen will win game 5 at home.

Pens Coach Mike Sullivan isn't saying which goalie will start Thurday night; the 'new kid" Matt Murray or Marc-Andre Fleury who hasn't seen ice since game 3 of the Penguins loss to the Ottawa Senators.

I really enjoyed seeing former NBA star Charles Barkley in the booth between the second and third period. Hell, I think he should replace Mike Milbury!

Game 5 will be an intense and hard fought game. Again, I have no horse in this race, but I would like to see the Pens repeat.

Here's some advice for The Pens from one of the greatest NHL luminaries of the game, Herb Brooks: 
His most notable achievement came in 1980 as head coach of the gold medal-winning U.S.Olympic Hockey team at Lake Placid. At the games, Brooks' US team upset the heavily favored Soviet Union team in a match that came to be known as the 'Miracle on Ice'.

Before the game, Brooks read his players a statement he had written out on a piece of paper, telling them that...
"You were born to be a player. You were meant to be here. This moment is yours."
Pens: "You are meant to be in this year's Cup Final. This back-to-back championship is yours."

Disclaimer: The above is purely guesswork on my part and is not in any way to be taken as advice on sports betting or engaging in gambling or wagering; legal, illegal or other.

Big Fat Al Gore

My Lord, did you see Big Fat Al Gore, Junior, his gi-normous head, and a face that goes straight down into his torso...he has no's all fat from the jowls down.

He appeared on Sunday, June 4's "Meet The Press" with Chuck Toad.

"Jowls" Gore on Meet the Press 6/4/2017
Man, he's getting far more than Three Squares a Day.

Maybe he's chowing down 24/7 on the ENDANGERED SPECIES CHILEAN SEA BASS of which he is so fond and which he had served to hundreds of people at his daughter's wedding. 

Big Fat Al is back in the limelight, making the rounds preaching his tired "sky is falling" eco-mantra.

You see, because President Donald Trump pulled us out of the Paris "Climate Change" scam, the following will happen to "the Children", oh deary me, "the Children"...dear god think of the children. 

See, those of us who think global warming climate change is a hoax, well - we can't wait for dirty water and filthy air.

If those of us who don't buy into Fat Al and his fellow EarthComrades had our way, we'd wave a magic wand and tomorrow, when your child turned on the water tap for some water; out would come this thick, mud-like, brownish liquid with chunks of unprocessed sewage floating in it.

Those of us who don't buy into anthropogenic climate change CAN'T WAIT until "the Children's" only choice is but to drink and swim in water like that of the below photo:

Sewage water; coming soon to a faucet and swimming pool near you!

We can't wait until every pond, lake, sea and ocean looks just like the above rusty, polluted water.

And don't get me started on air quality. We can't wait until "the Children" - all of "the Children" everywhere on the planet - are forced to breathe filthy, polluted, soot and smoke filled air like Beijing.

Beijing air pollution. Soon to be covering all towns and cities.

Those of us who find the entire global warming climate change hoax a hoax and nothing more, can't wait until every village, town, city, county, state and country has air as filthy - or more filthy - than that of Beijing.

By now, according to Big Fat Al, a considerable amount of coastal cities around the world would be covered with water due to glacial melting. He preached this almost twenty years ago and at the time said we only had about ten years to do something about this. Well, it's almost twenty years later and those coastal cities are doing just fine, thank you.

P.T. Barnum does NOT take a backseat in any way to Gore in the field of hucksterism.

This site  notes some of the dire warnings Big Fat Al gave in 2009:
Al Gore said in his “Inconvenient Truth”: The polar icecaps will melt sending 20-plus-foot flood waves into coastal cities worldwide. [...]

“Did you know that he bought a property in San Francisco near Fisherman’s Wharf, only four feet from the ocean? I would say that if he believed that the seas were going to rise 23 feet, he would not have invested a great deal of money in such a property.”
Gore's eco-terror story has made him an extremely wealthy man, a net worth of $300 Million. Nice work, if you can get it. Or "scare" the dimwits...ah, forking over money to his ridiculous, specious, unscientific tale of gloom and doom.

This bloated gas bag was called a "pervert" and a "sexual predator" by a masseuse in 2006.
"He turned from Mr. New Age into a pervert," [the masseuse] said. "He grabbed me in a big bear-hug embrace from behind and began mauling my breasts."
I can just picture Big Fat Al doing exactly the above.

Let U.S. water turn filthy, muddy and sewage-chunked and our air as black as that of coal mine dust. We have an earth to pollute and destroy. We better get busy.

We have to leave a legacy of polluted water and air for "the Children." It's our right, damn it, and it's about time we did something about it.

Endangered Chilean Sea Bass. But okay for Al Gore and Crew to eat.

- - - 
Grammar fix 6/6/2017

Monday, June 5, 2017

NHL Stanley Cup; Game 4 - Monday June 5

We are about 35 minutes from Game 4 of the Nashville Predators against the Pittsburgh Penguins. Tonight, as was Game 3, is at Nashville.

All Game 3 Predictions were way off:

Fansided predicted: Predators over Penguins 3-1.

Oddsshark and Vegas Insider both predicted a Predators win over the Penguins 6 - 5.

My Game 3 prediction:  Pens 5 , Preds  4

Nashville won 5 - 1.

The Preds must be reading my NHL posts. They honed in, "playing in the moment and only in the moment", and outplayed The Pens not long after the 1 - 1 tie, which was the closest the Pens would get for the rest of the night.

Why did the Pens collapse Saturday night? They looked as if they were playing too fast. Way too fast to think about executing a play or simply setting up their offense taking shots on goal awaiting a puck rebound that they could sail into the net. They kept up with the speed of the Preds, but the Pens seemed to be "speeding" around on the ice without any idea of what they were doing.

I've never seen a hockey team whose skating speed kept up with their opponent but did nothing with it. That's what Pittsburgh did wrong.

What did they do that was right? Well...they took their "Spank Us And Make it Hurt so Bad it Leaves Red Marks" out of the way, hopefully for the remainder of this series.

Pittsburgh has had at least one game in each playoff series where they have been ridden hard and hung up wet. (Sorry if that's too descriptive for you). But that's what happened to them Saturday night.

The Pens looked lost from the middle of the second period to game end. They kept up with the pace and speed of the Preds, but the Pens were unable to put together any coherent strategy and execute it. Their offensive attempts were met with a strong Nashville defense and goalie Penne Rinne played one of his best games in the series with amazing Gumby-like stretchability. He was in such a deep groove with such intensely, I don't think he would have noticed the Goodyear blimp - or a helicopter - crashing into the arena.

Nashville Predators v Pittsburgh Penguins, 2017 Stanley Cup.

Okay - Game 4 Predictions...let's see how wrong we can all be:

Fansided predicts: Predators 4, Penguins 2

Both Oddsshark and Vegas Insider predict Predators 8,  Penguins 7

The Pens do not do not do not do not in any way, want to go home with a 2 - 2 series for Game 5 in Pittsburgh. I think tonight we'll see the Pens return to playing like the championship team for which they're known.

My Game 4 prediction:  Pens 8, Preds 7 in one OT.

Happy Hockey!

Disclaimer: The above is purely guesswork on my part and is not in any way to be taken as advice on sports betting or engaging in gambling or wagering; legal, illegal or other.
- - -
Grammar fixes 6/6/2017

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Saturday Night NHL

Game 3 of the NHL's Stanley Cup Playoff is set for tonight.

The game is at Nashville, as is Game 4. They have no wins and are down by 2 games against the Pittsburgh Penguins, four time Cup Winners who are looking for a win this year and their second consecutive Champions Championship.

No one came close to being right on their score predictions for Game 2:

Fansided predicted:   Preds 3; Pens 1
Vegas Insider:   Pittsburgh 4, Nashville 3
Oddsshark:     Penguins 4, Predators 3.
Yours Truly:   Pens 5, Preds 4 in one OT
Repeating game 3 predictions that were made Thursday: 
Fansided predicts:   Predators beat Penguins 3-1.  (Fan had not made a prediction last Thursday).
Both Oddsshark and Vegas Insider maintain what they predicted on Thursday; a Predators win over the Penguins 6 - 5.
My Game 3 prediction is:  Pens 5 , Preds  4
Pred goalie Pekke Rinne is expected to start tonight. He was pulled from the net during the third period on game 2's Nashville 4 - 1 loss.

We'll have the score results around seven hours from now.

I kind of expect to see a high-scoring game that takes one or two OT's during this playoff, but maybe not.

I still think Nashville's biggest problem is psychological; they are not playing "in the moment, for the moment." They seem to be chasing after the second Period the minute the puck hits the ice at the start of the game. Instead of looking far-range, they need to micro-focus. If not, the Pens will make this a 4 - 0 series.

Now how's that for not being yet Another Long Boring NHL Post?

Happy Hockey.


Kathy Griffin at her Funniest when Crying and Whining Tears of Unfathomable Sadness.

It's her best work, ever:

He [Trump] "broke me." ???

This is not a bunch of white guys trying to silence her.

No one is trying to silence her.

Her fans holding tickets for her future shows have nothing to fear.

It is not censorship on the part of CNN to fire an employee.

She is lying when she says she would never "want to hurt anyone, much less a child." (See below, under the South Park clip).

She brought this on herself. She made a free-will and conscious choice in agreeing to participate in a pre-planned photoshoot where she should have had at least a slight inkling of intelligence that the picture would be controversial. Seriously, when is the last time she made news? Ever? She could have said "no".

But she didn't. She did. After massive blowback she apologized. Now - she plays The Victim Card. Who didn't see this coming? And I had no intention of exerting one keystroke on her or this story. Until she played the Victim Card.

And why does she need an attorney at her side for a Q & A session?

This isn't about pushing the envelope of edgy comedy. It's a bad choice because of the chosen subject, President Donald Trump. And YES - I would hold to the same standard anyone doing Griffin's stunt with fake and bloodied heads of Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Bush 1 and 2, or any other living president.

I like edgy comedy even if it's in bad taste because it's something the Left does and I reflect that back on them. I suppose a mock beheading falls under Free Speech, the problem is that President Trump was the intended target. It is a threat to the President of the United States.

People will make the argument that the First Amendment does not give one the freedom in prohibits you from  yelling, "fire" in a crowded theater. No it doesn't. Go ahead - you can indeed yell "fire" in a crowded theater. It is the law after that fact that you break, which has nothing to do with the First Amendment.

Beheadings don't contain a large pool of humor from which to mine material. And beheadings kind of loose lose all humor value if you are familiar with Daniel Pearl, may he rest in peace.

Maybe if Griffin had been holding the head of the President of ABC, it wouldn't have generated attention. Unfortunately, all threats made against a sitting U.S. President are taken seriously.

Kathy, your "tears of unfathomable sadness, mmmmm- yummy...yummy!"

If you think I'm being too harsh on Griffin, this is not her first attack on Barron; consider this.
During her speech in Boston on Wednesday night, loudmouth so—called comedian Kathy Griffin decided to target young Barron in her act, saying to the crowd that the child is “dead behind the eyes.” This wasn’t her first attack towards Barron. Immediately after Donald Trump won the election, Griffin openly stated that Trump’s youngest son, who is only in fourth grade, would be one of her main targets.

“…I’m happy to deliver [a] beat down to Donald Trump — and also to Barron,” Griffin said in December [2016], according to Vulture. “You know a lot of comics are going to go hard for Donald, my edge is that I’ll go direct for Barron. I’m going to get in ahead of the game.”
By her own words, Griffin has had the intent to"go direct for Barron," on her mind much before this beheading antic.

Her little antic certainly supports the broad and sweeping generalization that "celebrities" are people who are a long way from being the sharpest knife in the drawer.

It's funny...The Left is the first group to the microphone to lecture on anti-bullying, speaking out about being bullied and verbally abusing children, yet this is exactly what Griffin did.

Kathy, your "tears of unfathomable sadness", make me laugh. You are not a victim. You are a perp.
- - -
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