Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Clay Travis: AM Radio's Joy Behar.

I'm not planning a certain number of installments or series of the New Never Trumper (NNT) Neocons vs Diehard DeSantis Supporters (DDS), but if you missed it, you can read the first post HERE.

Tuning in to "The Clay and Buck Show" for a while today is what prompted this post.

Rush Limbaugh must be perpetually rolling in his grave. I gave "Clay and Buck" 2 years, listening on and off. Buck Sexton is at least circumspect. From the start, and even before this duo replaced Rush, I never cared for Clay Travis. He's AM Radio's Joy Behar.

Recap of Clay Behar's last two years, condensed version: 

"Isn't 'Jaws' the most scariest movie ever?"

"It's a donnybrook."

"Buck, I can't believe you've never filled out a Final Four bracket!"

"Would you rather be killed by a alligator, a lion or a bear?"

"(Any possible sports analogy that can be made)."

"This reminds me of (insert name of movie here), when (insert whatever happened in the movie) and it's so scary!"

"Did you watch the game between (insert sportsball team names here) and it's just like what's happening in politics."

"But Buck, what about 'Jaws'?"


On Wednesday's program a Trump supporting caller named Jay ripped both hosts, Clay more than Buck, regarding the drumbeat of Clay Behar's status as a NNT.

Rush could take something complex and break it down into a few succinct, understandable sentences. Clay Behar drones on and on as if the more he talks the more understandable it is or that it makes him sound more intellectual.

It's easy to tell Clay Behar's NNT attitude. This is common among people who previously supported Trump but now, for whatever reasons, dislike Trump. "He can't win," they say.

Clay Behar and Buck were invited by President Donald Trump to do their program from Mar A Lago one day a few months ago. A week later, Clay Behar is dissing all over Trump. Why? Who knows. Ratings?


FWIW, yes, there are times I wish Trump would direct his energy and criticism at more deserving people and politicians rather than some of the people he targets who aren't worth the time and effort. That said, Trump is Trump. Criticism from NNTs isn't going to make Trump adjust his demeanor.

What I do know is this: The Bush, Koch and Cheney families, Mittens and Paul Ryan aren't supporting Trump. That's all I need to know to support Trump 2024.

The NNT's saying, "Trump can't win," becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Who would want these types of people coaching their child's baseball or soccer team? "You can't win, you're going to lose." How uplifting and motivational.

Had it not been for Trump's support and endorsing DeSantis, Florida might've had Charlie Crist for governor.

Does Trump's personality really matter?

Did you like his policies? 

Did you like a gallon of gasoline priced at $1.87? 

Did you like that he's the only president to tell NATO, the UN, the WHO and the EU to GF themselves? 

Did you disapprove that he withdrew the U.S. from the ridiculous Paris Climate Accord?

Do you prefer the economy and prices where they're at now, or under Trump's term? 

Did you not enjoy a relatively calm four year international break from escalating military conflicts that we have today? 

Did you dislike that Trump decreased the amount of money the U.S. gives in foreign aid?

If Trump is the Republican candidate, I'd like to believe most DeSantis supporters will bite their tongue and vote for Trump. I don't believe a significant amount of Trump supporters will turnout in high numbers and vote for DeSantis.

Which may leave us with four more years under the puppet-masters of Biden. Okay with me. Let it all burn. Fire is cleansing. The only satisfaction will be listening to the NNTs whining regret over not supporting and voting for Trump.

Welcome to your Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: Trump can't win!

Stay tuned. More to come on other days on this Epic NNT - DDS Bataille Royale.

Next time: Some of the reasons the NNTs won't support or vote for Trump in 2024.


Ponder this, gentle NNT'ers: you realize you're initiated into membership with the likes of Bill Kristol, The Lincoln Project, Hillary Clinton, John Brennan, James Clapper, Peter Strzok and...the list is endless.

Wednesday's Friday Morning Music Video

"Hey Ma Petite Fille (I'm Going Now)," Buckwheat Zydeco from 1987's On A Night Like This.

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Kohl’s Is the Latest Target.

WSJ: Kohl’s Is the Latest Target.

Kohl’s stock is down 5% on Tuesday after a social media blitz called for a boycott of the department store based on its Pride Month merchandise.

The customer backlash follows a similar controversy at Target, where social media users criticized the retailer’s assortment of Pride Month products, including a transgender-friendly swimsuit. Videos tagged with #boycottkohls had about 280,000 views on TikTok as of Tuesday.

Newsweek: Kohl's Faces Boycott Calls Over LGBT+ Baby Clothes.

[ALX on Twitter] wrote: "In case you need clothes for Your Gay or Trans 3 month old, Kohl's has you covered." This message was viewed more than half a million times and received over 1,400 retweets.

The Newsweek story, by  James Bickerton, describes this as, "Right-wingers initiated campaigns against Target over its sale of LGBTQ+ inclusive children's clothes, and Bud Light in response to its partnership with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney."

I've never seen a story where a boycott promoted by Liberals is described as, "Left-wingers initiated a boycott of....", ... whatever.

Heh...The Left, the original proponents of Cancel Culture, gets a taste of its own and they snowflake out.

Liberal Tears of Unfathomable Sadness! Good times!

Tuesday's Friday Moring Music Video (FIXED)

Uploaded the wrong Cheap Trick video. This has been fixed. Sorry about that.

"She's Tight" by Cheap Trick, from 1982's One on One.

A comment on the video from You Tube: "Rick Nielson [sic] breaks out his custom 5 neck Hamer guitar for this video. He's criminally underrated as a guitar player and as a songwriter."

Guitar Player: The Story Behind Rick Nielsen's 1981 Hamer Five-Neck.

Rick’s out of his mind, but in a wonderful way. By 1981, we had already done some pretty wacky stuff for him[.], [said, Hamer’s Frank Untermeyer.]
"For this guitar, we cut apart five double-cutaway Hamer Special bodies and laminated them together, and then sanded in between the necks to get that sort of swoopy look. As I recall, routing the wires through this thing was also a huge pain in the ass.”

Monday, May 29, 2023

Target's VP of brand management is treasurer at LGBTQ group that pushes school districts to allow children to secretly change gender.

Daily Mail: REVEALED: Target's VP of brand management is treasurer at LGBTQ group that pushes school districts to allow children to secretly change gender: Company donated $2.1 million to organization.

A marketing executive at Target also serves as the treasurer of a LGBT organization which receives millions of dollars from the retailer and advocates allowing trans and nonbinary school students to keep their gender identity secret from parents.

Carlos Saavedra, 43, is Target's vice president for brand management and also volunteers as a director at GLSEN, which supports LGBTQ youth in schools.

Details of Saavedra's role at GLSEN come as Target's donations to the organization were placed under the spotlight following a backlash to the retailer's Pride month range, which includes 'tuck-friendly' women's swimwear.

Target has reportedly donated $2.1 million to GLSEN, whose policies include ensuring school staff should 'ensure that all personally identifiable and medical information relating to transgender and nonbinary students is kept confidential'.

GLSEN's policy said this should include withholding the information from 'parents or guardians... unless the student has authorized such disclosure'. Critics say the policy 'violates [a parents'] right to parent their own children]'.


No conflict of interest here between Target and Saaverda's organization and no attempts at grooming going on, not at all.

Memorial Day.

Credit: El Mambo King


It is the Soldier, not the minister
Who has given us freedom of religion.

It is the Soldier, not the reporter
Who has given us freedom of the press.

It is the Soldier, not the poet
Who has given us freedom of speech.

It is the Soldier, not the campus organizer
Who has given us freedom to protest.

It is the Soldier, not the lawyer
Who has given us the right to a fair trial.

It is the Soldier, not the politician
Who has given us the right to vote.

It is the Soldier who salutes the flag,
Who serves beneath the flag,
And whose coffin is draped by the flag,
Who allows the protester to burn the flag.

"It is the Soldier": ©Copyright 1970, 2005 by Charles M. Province

Sunday, May 28, 2023

DHL's Indy 500 Pride car fails early.

One might say it petered, or bottomed, out early. 

Yahoo: Romain Grosjean crashes out of Indy 500 for second straight season.

For the second time in as many years, Romain Grosjean’s Indianapolis 500 came to an early end.

Grosjean, in just his second attempt at the 500, was running in the 25th position when his car lost control at the exit of Turn 2 and slammed the outside wall.

The No. 28 DHL Honda then slid down the racetrack and came to a rest in the infield grass area. Grosjean climbed out of his car unhurt but, once again, his dreams of being an Indy 500 champion were dashed.

Mayhem at the diner.

Don't know the backstory. Added the audio. Note the guy getting hit on the head with a chair at ~.41 seconds. He's hurtin'! 

Saturday, May 27, 2023

What can go wrong?

Uber: Teen accounts on Uber.

Teen accounts are the only authorized way for teens aged 13-17 to use the Uber platform with consent from their legal guardian. Guardians who add a teen account to their Family profile will be notified every time their teen requests a ride—and they’ll get real-time alerts plus live trip tracking so they can follow their teen’s ride in the app, from pickup to dropoff.

Before a teen can request their first ride, they must complete a safety onboarding process that teaches them about the safety features that are available to them on every ride.

Guardians will receive tips on how to prepare their teen for their first ride after the teen sets up their account. Guardians will also have access to live trip tracking and will receive status updates for every trip their teen requests. They’ll also be able to contact you directly during the trip.
To help you easily identify teen rides, your offer card will read “UberX Teen.” If you see this, it means the trip request is from an official teen account holder—so there should be no surprises at pickup.

Notifications, an onboarding process, real-time alerts and live trip tracking. 

Well, there it is. An un-hackable idea and program that can't be manipulated by bad actors. 

The driver kidnapper confirms possession of your teen in real-time. "Thank you for choosing Uber as the abductor of your child."

Thursday, May 25, 2023

A BIG scary habbening this weekend?

Found this on "a message board" last night: 

It must be true

NOTHING will happen.'s our Cat Overlords a'comin for us...we're doomed...


Aliens are here says Stanford prof.

News Australia: Stanford professor says aliens are ‘100 per cent’ on earth, US is ‘reverse-engineering downed UFOs’.

A Stanford professor who has researched unidentified aerial phenomena for the US government says he believes extraterrestrial intelligence has not only visited earth but “it’s been here a long time and it’s still here”.

Dr Garry Nolan also claimed that whistleblowers who have worked on “reverse-engineering downed craft” had recently given classified testimony to Congress, creating a “hornet’s nest in Washington”.
During the session, moderator Alex Klokus, founder and managing partner of Salt Fund, asked Dr Nolan, “Do you believe that extraterrestrial intelligence has visited planet earth?

“I think you can go a step further — it hasn’t just visited, it’s been here a long time and it’s still here,” Dr Nolan replied.

The CSM told us this long ago. 不

Thursday's Friday Morning Music Video

"Diddy Wa Diddie", Leon Redbone from 1977's Double Time.

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

DeSantis declares presidential bid during Twitter glitch fest!

Breitbart: Technical Difficulties Plague DeSantis, Musk Twitter Spaces Campaign Launch.

Technical issues plagued the beginning of highly anticipated presidential campaign launch of Gov. Ron DeSantis[.]
This is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to a presidential candidate and it’s not close. Just hold a rally.

— David Marcus (@BlueBoxDave) LINK

Yeah...I know. The population of the New Never-Trumper Neocons (NNTs for short) is growing. The same people who voted for and supported Trump in 2016 and 2020 who now are filled with TDS. Why? That's a future post. The NNTs have their ..."reasons."

The Bush and Koch families, Paul Ryan, Mitch McWorthlees, Mittens and other RINOs supporting DeSantis is a warning sign.

FWIW: I like DeSantis. But it's Trump 2024.

Stay tuned. More to come on other days on this Epic NNTs - DeSantis Bataille Royale.

Sunday, May 21, 2023

Biden tells reporters to shush-up.

Biden was asked about the debt ceiling: 

Why isn't The Diaper King wearing his wedding ring? Did he lose it? Did he eat it? Something amiss in his wedded bliss with Tamale Jill?

Oops. Human error turns Nassau County Republicans to Democrats.

NBC New York: Human Error Turns Every Registered Nassau County Voter Democrat.

A spokesperson called it "an isolated event, but we apologize for our mistake, especially to Nassau County officials, who bear no responsibility for this problem[.]"

A mistake listing every Nassau County registered voter as blue had many — especially Republicans — seeing red.

Many voters in the GOP-leaning Long Island county got their voter ID cards in the mail on Tuesday, and a half-million who got their cards saw a pretty glaring typo: All the cards say voters are registered Democrats, when in fact they might be Republican, independent or members of another political party.

And with the primary a month away, the mistake is sparking confusion.

[...] now the mistake has led to many unhappy people.

"There’s a lot of confusion, there’s a lot of people emotionally upset about this," said [Nassau County Executive Bruce] Blakeman.

So who is to blame? Blakeman pointed fingers at the printing company, Phoenix Graphics out of Rochester, which was hired by the county’s Board of Elections.
The printing company said it was a human error and is now apologizing. A spokesperson called it "an isolated event, but we apologize for our mistake, especially to Nassau County officials, who bear no responsibility for this problem."

State Department apologizes for causing pronoun butthurt.

Washington Free Beacon: State Department Offers Counseling To Misgendered Employees Triggered By Email Pronoun Debacle.

The State Department will offer counseling to any employee "who feels hurt or upset" by a system-wide email glitch that temporarily assigned random and often incorrect gender pronouns to staff.

The State Department is offering free therapy to "any employee who feels hurt or upset as a result of this unfortunate mistake," according to an internal email that went out to employees on Friday. Many State Department employees were "triggered" on Thursday, when emails from colleagues suddenly began to include random pronouns, like, "She/her/hers" and "He/Him/His" in the "from" line.

The pronouns were randomly assigned, with men being given female pronouns and vice versa, due to a "pronoun glitch" in the department’s system, the Washington Free Beacon first reported.

Those upset by the misgendering are encouraged to contact the State Department’s Employee Consultation Service "to speak to a professional counselor."

"I want to stress that the intent behind making this feature available is to make our systems more inclusive and provide employees with options—not to make decisions for them," Kelly E. Fletcher, the State Department’s chief information officer, wrote in the email. "I recognize that this error had the opposite effect, and again, I am very sorry."

RT: US State Department offers counseling to staff after ‘pronoun glitch’. 

In a tweet later on Thursday, State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said that “issues with user profiles on Microsoft Outlook” had caused the error.

State Department blames MS Outlook user profiles? 不 Sure, why not?

I'm very upset over this misuse of pronouns. Where do I go for my free therapy and, hopefully, benzos?

Boys know what to do with tampon dispensers in their bathrooms.

Not The Bee: This high school put tampon dispensers in the boys' bathrooms. You'll be so proud of how the boys responded.

Boys don't menstruate, so it's silly and ridiculous to put tampons and other female products in their bathrooms. Transgender activists have been pushing for this for years, though, because it helps spread the gender ideology cult, particularly among young people.

But the boys at Lakeridge High School in Lake Oswego, Oregon, want you to know that they are not going to put up with it:

Boys in the boys restroom at Lakeridge High School in Lake Oswego, OR are showing the school how they feel about having feminine hygiene dispensers in their space. Honestly, what did the @ORHouseDems and the school expect? This is a complete joke and a waste of education funds,…

The school, meanwhile, has been reduced to pathetically whining about the whole thing:

    In the last weeks, we have been combating vandalism in the boy's bathrooms. Students have been taking the tampon dispensers down and placing them inside the toilets. We would like your help in stopping this form of vandalism.

Twitter link and Thread.

Awwwwwww. Poor school administration snowflakes.

Give these fine young men a round of applause!

Saturday, May 20, 2023

Saturday Night Random.

A cavalcade of, mostly, unrelated-related Memes...sometimes. Some vintage retro tech with a splash of this, that and nonsense.

Disclaimer: Some of the Memes after the page break may be considered Sensitive Content and/or politically incorrect. If you are easily triggered, DO NOT pass the page break.

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You have agreed to click the below page break? Great, that means you've been advised of potential Sensitive Content and/or politically incorrect nature and you consent, holding this blog and its author harmless.

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Armed Forces Day. Armed Forces Day.

Among the many military holidays celebrated each year is Armed Forces Day. Celebrated the third Saturday in May, Armed Forces Day falls during Military Appreciation Month and joins Memorial Day, Military Spouse Appreciation Day, and Victory in Europe Day (V-E Day) as another May military-themed holiday.

The History of Armed Forces Day:

On Aug. 31, 1949, Defense Secretary Louis Johnson announced the creation of an Armed Forces Day to replace separate Army, Navy and Air Force Days. The single-day celebration stemmed from the unification of the armed forces under one agency -- the Department of Defense.
The first Armed Forces Day was celebrated by parades, open houses, receptions, and air shows. In Washington, D.C., 10,000 troops of all branches of the military, cadets and veterans marched past the president and his party. 

National Today: Armed Forces Day, May 20, 2023. 

Armed Forces Day is a special holiday for people all over the world to come together and thank the men and women of the United States Armed Forces. First conceived by President Harry S. Truman, the holiday was established in 1949. The creation of a single day celebration for all five branches of the United States military made sense due to its recent unification under the Department of Defense. Today, Armed Forces Day is celebrated on the third Saturday of every May, this year falling on May 20. Be sure to mark your calendar & support our military!

Three stories from the Daily Mail. Ice cream truck near Auschwitz provokes fury, Cocaine dealer freed by Obama shoots woman leaving her brain dead, $2B wasted by U.S. on Coof vaccines.

Daily Mail: Ice cream van sets up... outside AUSCHWITZ: Fury over 'disrespectful'.

An ice cream van has sparked outrage after setting up shop outside the former Nazi death camp Auschwitz.

The van which also sells waffles has been condemned as 'tasteless and 'disrespectful' by the Auschwitz Museum after it appeared outside the camp's main entrance known as the 'Death Gate'.
However, it is located outside the protection zone of the Monument to the Holocaust, so unfortunately we have no influence on it.

Some selected comments from the DM story:

It's fucking ice cream, not Waffle Cones in the likeness of Hitler and the van is set-up outside the protection zone

We'll probably learn that the ice cream van is owned by a Jew and all the kvetching will be for naught, just as it was when Jews had a fit over the auction of Hitler's wristwatch only to be silent when it was revealed that it was a wealthy Jew that bought it for over $1M.

- - -

Daily Mail: Cocaine dealer whose life sentence was commuted by Obama in 2015 is charged with shooting female passenger during road rage incident and leaving her BRAIN-DEAD.

A convicted cocaine dealer, who was given a second chance when his life sentence was commuted by former President Obama in 2015 is back in prison on attempted murder charges after he shot a woman, leaving her brain-dead, cops say. 

Alton Mills, 54, last made the news when Obama cut short his life sentence in 2015 after serving 22 years in jail for what were small time drugs offenses.

He received an sentence after being arrested in 1993 on federal conspiracy charges as part of a crack cocaine conspiracy.

His two previous convictions of possession of less than five grams of crack cocaine led to prosecutors filing a sentence enhancement, which saw him sentenced to life in prison without parole.

But he is now looking at another possible life sentence following an expressway shooting early on Sunday morning in the suburbs of Chicago. The victim, who has not been identified, is not expected to survive.

No surprise Total POS Dick Durbin (D-IL) had his fingers in this; the man who called U.S. Soldiers, "Nazis," and compared them to the Gulag and Pol Pot.

- - -

Daily Mail: More than $2 billion of US taxpayer cash has been wasted on unused Covid vaccines.

More than $2 billion has been wasted on unused Covid vaccines throughout the pandemic, data suggests.

More than 300million doses of four brands of vaccine - Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson and Novavax - have been discarded or donated to other countries.

There are multiple reasons for the wastage, including vaccine hesitancy and overspending by the US Government.

Yet despite the figures and dwindling demand, the World Health Organization has called for new Covid shots to be developed for this winter that target mutated variants.

Friday, May 19, 2023

Found a new hobby!

Gonna be AFK for a looooooooooooooooooooong time. 不

Follow me for more, "Could easily be staged, but providing ideas for problems that may not yet exist," advice!

Friday Morning Music Video

Up your volume a bit.

"You're the First, the Last, My Everything" by Barry White, from 1974's Can't Get Enough.

Various bios and articles on Barry note he smoked between 7-8 packs of cigarettes/day. Man...I give him nothing but Props for that.  IMHO, one of the Top Ten greatest voices to grace the music industry. He totally owned the deep bass-baritone voice.

An interesting life. White began serving his first jail sentence at age 16 for stealing $30K of Cadillac tires. He had fathered two children by age 16. He did not know how to read or write music. Turned his life around after release from jail.

Source: ...the BBC recalled "the rich timbres of one of the most distinctive soul voices of his generation, about which it was once said: 'If chocolate fudge cake could sing, it would sound like Barry White.'"

Thursday, May 18, 2023

I didn't say this Ford Raptor Ad is gay.

A poster on a message board where I found this clip commented, "this ad is gay." I'm only the messenger, not the message.

Don't be distracted by the rainbow colored word Tough at the end of the ad in reaching any conclusion. You decide.

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Bud Light can't give away beer!

HITC: Bud Light offering $20 rebates to flog beer after controversy.

Bud Light is practically giving away beer with $20 rebates at certain stores as they try and sell crates following the controversy.
[... and] backlash for partnering with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney.
People have seen the notices at Meijer, Kroger, and other stores, and have taken to Twitter to share photos of the rebates.

Here’s one:

    I've been sober for almost a decade, so I'm not sure on this, but ain't a case like $20 most places?

    Things can't be going great if they're basically giving it away…

    — Ed Latimore (@EdLatimore) May 13, 2023

And another:

    Stopped by my local Kroger tonight and they had a $10 rebate on cases of Bud Light and no one will still even touch it.
    — Scott Burns (@SeminoleScott) May 12, 2023
The Bud Light marketing team must still be all women if they think a coupon will get a man’s attention,” she amusingly wrote in the caption.

What’s a coupon?” one man joked in the comments.

Another said: “We hate rebates, too much work.”

Literally never used a coupon in my life, so yeah this checks out,” a third person added.

In other business news: Adidas has decided to sell Kanye merchandise after deciding not to sell Kanye merchandise.


A great time to be alive in an era of Bad Marketing and PR!

Monday, May 8, 2023


We ought to revive this tradition.

Hilton Hotel manager arrested for waking up guest by sucking on his toes.

David Neal

A Hilton Hotel manager was arrested and charged Friday for entering a guest’s room and sucking on the customer’s toes.

David Neal, 52, was charged with aggravated burglary and assault for entering a male guest’s room and sucking on his toes Thursday, March 30.

Nashville Police were dispatched shortly after 5 a.m. to 121 4th Avenue South, where a Hilton Hotel resides, a spokesperson for the city’s police department stated.

While investigating a complaint, officers discovered that Neal, working as a night manager at the time, made a key card and entered the guest’s room.

The guest then woke up to find Neal sucking on his toes, which he immediately confronted.

The guest recognized Neal because the day before, he came into the room with another employee to fix an issue with the television, the spokesperson informed.

Neal claimed that he entered the room because he smelled smoke and was checking on the victim. However, the night manger did not report this issue to security. Furthermore, no other resident reported smelling smoke.

When officers asked where the room key was, Neal replied that he threw it away, the spokesperson said. The room key was never recovered.

Nashville Police Central Precinct detectives led the investigation and issued warrants against Neal.

He was arrested at his Lebanon, Tennessee, residence.

Neal is currently in jail, to be released on a $27,000 bond.

"The guest then woke up to find Neal sucking on his toes, which he immediately confronted." As opposed to what...waiting 10 minutes? 不

This is why you block the hotel door using an improvised mechanism in addition to the existing lock devices. And, of course, have near you various self-defense items some of which may or may not be non-lethal. Follow me for more hotel room safety tips!

Monday's Friday Morning Music Video

"Been Caught Stealing" by Jane's Addiction, from 1990's Ritual de lo Habitual.

Friday, May 5, 2023

The "Royal Wood?"

NY Post: Giant penis mowed into lawn at King Charles’ coronation bash site.

Cocky pranksters mowed a giant penis onto the famous grounds of the Royal Crescent in Bath, England, where a significant coronation party is set to be thrown in just two days.

Residents awoke Thursday to morning wood, with the glaringly obvious penis trimmed into the lush grass overnight, SWNS reports.

It’s unclear if law enforcement is handling the case.

Fancy homes that date to the 18th century form a crescent on this street, known worldwide for having a “perfect lawn.”

King Chucky isn't amused. Perhaps the image gives him an inferiority complex?