Saturday, May 27, 2023

What can go wrong?

Uber: Teen accounts on Uber.

Teen accounts are the only authorized way for teens aged 13-17 to use the Uber platform with consent from their legal guardian. Guardians who add a teen account to their Family profile will be notified every time their teen requests a ride—and they’ll get real-time alerts plus live trip tracking so they can follow their teen’s ride in the app, from pickup to dropoff.

Before a teen can request their first ride, they must complete a safety onboarding process that teaches them about the safety features that are available to them on every ride.

Guardians will receive tips on how to prepare their teen for their first ride after the teen sets up their account. Guardians will also have access to live trip tracking and will receive status updates for every trip their teen requests. They’ll also be able to contact you directly during the trip.
To help you easily identify teen rides, your offer card will read “UberX Teen.” If you see this, it means the trip request is from an official teen account holder—so there should be no surprises at pickup.

Notifications, an onboarding process, real-time alerts and live trip tracking. 

Well, there it is. An un-hackable idea and program that can't be manipulated by bad actors. 

The driver kidnapper confirms possession of your teen in real-time. "Thank you for choosing Uber as the abductor of your child." 🤣

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