Friday, May 5, 2023

The "Royal Wood?"

NY Post: Giant penis mowed into lawn at King Charles’ coronation bash site.

Cocky pranksters mowed a giant penis onto the famous grounds of the Royal Crescent in Bath, England, where a significant coronation party is set to be thrown in just two days.

Residents awoke Thursday to morning wood, with the glaringly obvious penis trimmed into the lush grass overnight, SWNS reports.

It’s unclear if law enforcement is handling the case.

Fancy homes that date to the 18th century form a crescent on this street, known worldwide for having a “perfect lawn.”

King Chucky isn't amused. Perhaps the image gives him an inferiority complex?


Matthew W said...

PRANK OF THE YEAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Drake's Place said...

Matthew, Sure is! Whoever did it did a great job!