Monday, July 22, 2019

Bernie Sanders: Transparency for everything and everyone, except when it affects him.

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont on Friday defended how his campaign pays its staff, while saying it was “improper” for workers who have griped about their wages to share their concerns with the media.
Sanders indicated the campaign would adjust pay in light of the concerns, but he did have a bone to pick with the staffers working for him

It does bother me that people are going outside of the process and going to the media,” he said. “That is really not acceptable. It is really not what labor negotiations are about, and it’s improper.”
"...and it's improper."  Ooooooooooooooh Hoooooooooooooooo!

...says the guy who wrote fictional rape fantasies and gives little to charity. Pot, embrace kettle. Hypocrisy, see your reflection in a mirror. Sanctimony, meet thyself.
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Ilhan Omar's campaign threatens those who say she married her brother and engaging in immigration and tax fraud.

Via BNL:

It's all public record. Hatred is so blind.

Biden kisses young girl (granddaughter?) on lips.

It could be his granddaughter, as someone mentioned on a thread. But who TF kisses their grown children or grandchildren on the lips? Only Creepy, Groping, Pervy, Handsy, Hair-Sniffin', Toxic, Smacking, Slow Joe.

Warning to Americans from former muslim.

Ex-muslim woman warns, "They're here to kill you."

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Sure, women can do anything a man can do...

...but not this one:

Catherine Elizabeth McCarthy, a lying Florida Democrat Attention Whore who did not personally remove 77 bullets from 32 people at the Pulse shooting. She also lied about playing college basketball.

'I personally removed 77 bullets from 32 people … It was like an assembly line,' said LIAR Catherine Elizabeth McCarthy, DEMOCRAT.

Elizabeth McCarthy told the Florida Department of Health that she had fabricated claims that she was a cardiologist who had treated victims.

'I lied. It is a false statement. I just made it up,' McCarthy said, according to an affidavit released Wednesday.

A queer [sic] Democratic politician who claimed to have treated Pulse nightclub shooting victims admitted to Florida officials that she lied about her service.

Elizabeth McCarthy told the Florida Department of Health that she had fabricated claims that she was a cardiologist who had treated victims of the mass shooting on the LGBT destination.

'I lied. It is a false statement. I just made it up,' McCarthy said, according to an affidavit released Wednesday by the Florida Department of Health and obtained by Florida Politics.
When asked why she lied, McCarthy reportedly 'apologized' and said that she was 'portraying a life that wasn't true.

She added: 'I wanted to be somebody[.]"
Florida Politics also contacted the University of Central Florida, where McCarthy said she received her medical degree in 2014 after years working as a nurse, and Florida State, where she said she received her bachelor's degree.

Neither school had any record of her receiving a degree.

University of Florida and Florida State officials also contradicted her claims to have played basketball for both their teams as an undergraduate.
Well...ya know...those DEMS...they have to live a Fantasy Life because their real lives are so DEPLORABLE.
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Saturday, July 20, 2019

Boris Johnson Blimp. Boris gets his own blimp!

From LBC:
A blimp depicting Boris Johnson as a toddler with a t-shirt with a bus and the figure £350m has taken to the skies in Parliament Square.

Always Take Risks.

Defy The Establishment. Break The Rules. Always.

Friday, July 19, 2019

Patent Granted to Facebook's shadowbanning.

Reclaim The Net: Facebook’s shadowbanning process is now patented:
It's official and patented: Facebook is that company that engages in censorship utilizing a practice known as shadowbanning. [].. the US Patent and Trademark Office has now granted the request.
In the summary of the patent case Facebook describes how shadowbanning works: comments are analyzed for content and sentiments that are prohibited by the social network, such as profanities, or racist, derogatory, “or negative” remarks.

And while such comments will still be visible to the author – and in some cases, their friends – “the social networking system will not display the comment to other users.”

Facebook added that it may also “train a machine learning classifier to block comments based on moderator actions of manually deleting comments or unblocking comments in the online forum.”
Is this Social Media AI Comment Moderation or censorship? This should be a fun one to watch. AI learning what it identifies as "negative remarks". What could possibly go wrong?

Kathy Zhu, stripped of Miss Michigan title for refusing to try on hijab and other politically incorrect reasons.

Kathy Zhu on Twitter:

Kathy Zhu, also a University of Michigan student, was dismissed as a Miss World America pageant participant when the organization claimed the content of her social media was "offensive, insensitive and inappropriate."
The first is an incident that dates back to 2018, in which Zhu went up to a Muslim Student Association booth celebrating World Hijab Day and declined to wear a hijab when prompted. She then tweeted:

    "There is a 'try a hijab on' booth at my college campus.

    So you're telling me that it's now just a fashion accessory and not a religious thing? Or are you just trying to get women used to being oppressed under Islam?"
MSN story Archived.

Nightmare Omar at airport: Some people greeted someone. Omar labels ALL Trump supporters as "Racists".

Being nightmarish comes easily for Ilhan Omar.

Does anyone really know who Ilhan Omar is?

...a Somali forum in 2016 that made the claim that she was in a fraternal marriage. It was taken in London according to the Instagram caption.

The post says: 'He (Omar's second husband) arrived in the United States in 2008. As soon as Ilhan Omar married him he started university at her alma mater North Dakota State University where he graduated in 2012.

'Shortly thereafter he moved to Minneapolis where he was living in a public housing complex and later evicted. He then returned to the United Kingdom where he now lives.'

Today Omar's second husband Ahmed Nur Said Elmi posted a picture soaking up the view at sunny Nyali Beach Resort in Mombasa Kenya.

He is at the center of the explosive rumor of bigamy and inter-familial marriage which Omar has called an Islamophobic slur.

Elmi is a freelance copywriter and fashionista who has written adverts for Valentino handbags, No7 and L'Oreal cosmetics.
Images via Daily Mail

We don't know who she really is. She won't respond to questions asked of her by the local Liberal Minneapolis "Red Star" Tribune. There is no solid proof her last name is really "Omar". In fact, there is plenty of evidence that she entered the U.S. using the name of another immigrant family whose last name is Omar.

Is she a sleeper agent? A Manchurian Candidate?

Her replies to questions about herself and her background are that it is racist to ask her that, or, there is no response at all from her or her staff.

Anyone living in MN 5D who wants to drop a comment here providing proof of anything she's done for the people in her district?

Can anyone imagine a freshman Congressman saying they will be "Obama's worst nightmare"? In other words, Omar's agenda is promoting hatred, divisiveness and being uncooperative and uncompromising to any ideology different from her and the America-hating Liberal Narrative.

Omar's supporters don't love her. They love the hatred she has for this country and the hatred she has for others. She embodies the hatred her supporters are too afraid to express themselves.

Omar could clear up all the mystery and allegations by answering the questions she's been asked. But she won't. What's she hiding?

Read more:

AlphaNewsLoose threads in the case of Ilhan Omar.

NTDIlhan Omar Labels All Trump Supporters ‘Racists’ Amid Spat With President
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NTD story Archived 

Obama 2014: "Poverty and crime are not sufficient legal reasons for granting asylum." video of former President Barack Obama from five years ago shows just how far Democrats' goal posts have moved.

Speaking in 2014, Obama said that poverty and crime are not sufficient legal reasons for granting asylum.

"Under U.S. law, we admit a certain number of refugees from all around the world based on some fairly narrow criteria. And, typically, refugees status is not granted just based on economic need or because a family lives in a bad neighborhood, or poverty," Obama said.

Now They're Coming For Our Toilet Paper.

... the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) issued a report titled “The Issue With Tissue." The whole point was to give leading brands of toilet paper a sustainability grade and make people aware it does come from trees - lots of tree [sic].
... there is a whole other group of consumers who are turning up their collective noses at buying "recycled brands," igniting a demand for "virgin" toilet paper.
The whole point of this toilet paper revolution we are going through is to acknowledge that there is a better way to live sustainably and be environmentally conscious. In place of cutting down any more trees, we now have a choice of using three types of Toilet paper - 100 percent bamboo, as Tushy sells, toilet paper made from a mix of bamboo and sugar cane fibers, or TP made from 100 percent recycled paper[.]
MSNAmazon shoppers buy a lot of toilet paper and potato chips.

Is there an environmental-friendly link between the two?

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Driver and tourists enter Area 51 by mistake.

You can cut to the story by FF'ing 2 minutes:

Via BeeRich

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Navy takes out Iranian drone with Marine-jamming Jeep.

They had to love doing this. BadAss Toys are the best!

The drone-jamming and controlling system picture here is similar to the kind seen mounted on the deck of the USS Boxer as it transited the Strait of Hormuz (Dalton S. Swanbeck / Marine Corps)

... the amphibious ship USS Boxer was in international waters conducting a planned inbound transit of the Strait of Hormuz,” reads the statement from the Chief Pentagon Spokesperson Jonathan Hoffman. “A fixed wing unmanned aerial system (UAS) approached Boxer and closed within a threatening range. The ship took defensive action against the UAS to ensure the safety of the ship and its crew

The Pentagon’s statement differs in language from the wording used by President Trump, who claimed that “the drone was immediately destroyed” after receiving multiple calls to stand down. According to CNN, US defense officials claim that the drone was disabled not by bullets or missiles (“kinetics,” in the jargon) but by jamming.

Specifically, it was almost certainly jamming via MRZR LMADIS, or a Polaris MRZR vehicle sporting a Light Marine Air Defense Integrated System. While a Corps official said as early as May 2019 that the deployment of the system to the Middle East was winding down, observers online noted that a MRZR LMADIS system was visible on the deck of the USS Boxer for its transit through the Strait of Hormuz in pictures uploaded earlier that day.
Watch over and protect our Troops, Lord. Say a prayer for Them tonight.
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Mirren feigns Triggered; is "in tears" over her 7-year old sister watching Trump Rally.

Someone named Mirren on Twitter claims tears.  

Captain Hindsight and Doug TheOriginal not buying her narrative:

Send Her Back! Send Her Back! Omar's feelings hurt, calls Trump a "fascist." Biden hops on the bandwagon in Afterthought moment.

Omar's Mug Shot from 2013 Arrest

Financial Review: Donald Trump disavows 'send her back' rally chant. (With emphasis made to bring her voice to her words):
[Ilhan] Omar blasted Mr Trump as a  "FAAATH--EEESSST."

"As much as HEEETH spewing his FAAATH-EEEST" IDEEE-OLO-GHEEE on stage, telling US SEEE-TAH-ZEENS to go BHHHACCCCCK because they don't agree WEEEETH HITH detrimental poli-CEEEEEES for HH-OUR CON-TREE, we tell PEEEE-POL that HHHHEEERE in the United States: dissent is patriotic," the Minnesota Democrat told reporters outside Congress.
In a Latent Mental Lapse Afterthought Moment due to aging, Slow Joe Biden hopped on the bandwagon. Washington Examiner: Biden slams Trump for "send her back" chant.
Joe Biden criticized President Trump for escalating his feud with four minority congresswomen during a rally in North Carolina on Wednesday.

During a campaign stop in Los Angeles, the 2020 front-runner called Trump's rhetoric "despicable." He also talked about the Greenville audience's "send her back" chant, which was aimed at Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar, comparing it to the words of segregationist George Wallace.
...Says the guy whose party was birthed from the Klan:

How quickly The Left forgets and doesn't sincerely apologize to, 'the deplorables', for their 'get in their face', for 'Trump is...Hitler...A Nazi...' or for a laundry list of invective and insulting statements they've made.

The Race Card and The Outrage Card still being played by The Libs. This is what they do, it is all they do.

Which DEMS denounced this image? Name them...

Rashida Tlaib chums around with pro-Hezbollah activist Abbas Hamideh and DEMS say nothing.

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72 different emojis to represent gay, straight & lesbian couples in 5 races.

If I wanted an emoji to look exactly like me, I’d just send a photograph. But then, unlike Apple and Google, I understand that they are a symbolic shorthand, not a racist tool of oppression that ignores my identity.
Seventy-two new iOS emojis of couples holding hands, instead of a generic symbol. Thus, a blonde woman with a blond man, a blonde woman with a tan skinned man, a blonde woman with a light-skinned black man, a blonde woman with a dark-skinned black man, a dark-skinned black woman with a light-skinned black woman, a white man with a moustache with a white man without a moustache, and so on and on and on.
Various emojis via RT

So, anyone feeling excluded?

Illllllllhan Omar and RasheeeeeeDA Tlaib want to visit Israel.

The Forward: Netanyahu Will Decide If Tlaib And Omar Will Be Allowed To Enter Israel.
Democratic U.S. Congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib are planning a visit to Israel and the West Bank in the coming weeks, but Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will have to decide whether they would be let in to the country, over the support they have voiced for the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement.
Israeli law allows authorities to deny entry into the country by individuals who support boycotting the country.
Breitbart: Omar, Rashida Tlaib Introduce Bill Supporting Antisemitic BDS.
Reps. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib introduced a resolution [July 17, 2019] aimed at supporting the antisemitic Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, which targets the Middle East’s only democracy.
...Omar went so far as to compare boycott movements like the anti-Israel BDS campaign to the Boston Tea Party.

Epstein bail denied.

A judge denied bail Thursday for jailed financier Jeffrey Epstein on sex trafficking charges after prosecutors argued the jet-setting defendant is a danger to the public and might flee the country.

The federal judge's ruling means Epstein will remain behind bars while he fights charges that he exploited dozens of girls in New York and Florida in the early 2000s.

"I doubt that any bail package can overcome danger to the community," U.S. District Judge Richard Berman said Thursday.
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Abort, import, disarm. Obey!

The Liberal Mantra

Puerto Rico protests, riots, take to streets against Governor Ricardo Rosselló.

CBS News: Thousands call on Puerto Rico's governor to resign in massive protest.
Thousands marched to Puerto Rico's Governor Ricardo Rosselló's residence in San Juan as part of a massive protest that included musicians Ricky Martin, Residente and Bad Bunny. One protester told CBS News' David Begnaud the group chat scandal was the "straw that broke the camel's back."

The crowd ranged from teenagers to retirees, with some waving the island's flag printed in black and gray rather than red, white and blue to symbolize their discontent with a government they call corrupt and unresponsive to its people.
...Rosselló's former education secretary was arrested and accused of steering millions in improper contracts to politically connected contractors. Then hundreds of pages of online chats between Rosselló and members of his administration leaked, revealing the men mocking women, the disabled and victims of Hurricane Maria.
People (via Yahoo):  Puerto Rico's Governor & Aides Deriding Many - and Mocking Ricky Martin's Sexuality.

Pink News: Rosselló referred to others as "cocksuckers".

Whoa! This Rosselló guy must be a Homophobic Gay-Hating Gender Loathing Corrupt Right-Winger!

Oh wait, hold the Liberal Outrage. From Governor Ricardo Rosselló Wiki page:

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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Trump in NC tonight, another, "Go home to mommy" moment with soy boy protester ejected.

In the second (right) panel, he seems to be in some degree of discomfort as he's led out of the area. That's. So. Sad.

Soy Boy protester escorted out of Trump NC Rally tonight.

The moment happens about 1 minute, 45 seconds into the video. It's all Classic Trump!

Biden's Twitter Account full of Fake Bots?

From @Geoff Golberg:

President Trump fires up crowd at North Carolina Rally.

WTVD ABC 11: President Donald Trump fires up lively crowd at campaign rally at ECU.
President Donald Trump returned to North Carolina on Wednesday night for a campaign rally in a likely presidential battleground state that he won in 2016.

Trump rallied Republican supporters, harshly criticizing four fiery, left-wing congresswoman of being un-American and claiming they are the face of the Democratic Party that will ruin the country.
Standing Room Only. Some selected, actual quotes:


Watch it live on RSBN on YTube.

Bernie Battles The Media. (Smart money on Media).

Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) presidential campaign continues to express frustration at members of the media and pollsters, accusing them of going out of their way to dismiss him and his second bid for the presidency, according to a Wednesday report from the Hill.

While the Vermont senator has consistently polled in the top tier of candidates – often coming in second or third place – his campaign believes he is being treated as the political equivalent of a B-lister, with greater attention going to presidential campaign novices like Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Kamala Harris (D-CA). Instead of changing tactics, however, the Sanders campaign is hitting the media directly.
Is that B-lister, or Blister - as in feelin' the Bern?

Migrant student, 14-years old, breaks teacher's jaw.

Free West Media: A 14-year-old Syrian immigrant seriously assaulted his Swiss female teacher because she asked him the "wrong" questions.
The youth from the town of Möriken-Wildegg in Switzerland, talked a lot about the Quran, and during recess instructed girls to dress more modestly.

The case has caused shock in the country. Last week, the Argauer Zeitung published the news, that the student from the school broke the jaw of a teacher by punching her repeatedly with his fist.

He did this when she wanted to find out if the Syrian secondary-school student was once again carrying a knife — as he had already done in the past.

This time the issue was taken up by the Weltwoche journalist Alex Baur. According to his research the assault revolves around the 14-year-old “M”.

He allegedly comes from a Syrian family with numerous children, who had arrived in Switzerland five years ago and lives on welfare. The immigrant youth is described as “quite intelligent, self-confident and quick-witted”.

“M” however constantly talks about the Quran. He also requested — “in Allah’s name” — that the girls from the area dress and behave more modestly.
[The teacher did not touch] the student, and only told him to show her the contents of his pockets. Because of that, the teen attacked her, and, according to eyewitnesses, he hit the 62-year-old female teacher five to six times with a his fist and the edge of his hand.

Additionally, while she was trying to escape, he allegedly kicked her. The teacher, a mother of two adult sons was about to retire. Weltwoche reported that she was still in shock.
André Schärer, the school district deputy, neither confirmed nor contradicted the report from the Aargauer Zeitung based on anonymous sources contacted by Weltwoche. He could only confirm that the Syrian had stood out from the beginning.

Schärer had also heard that “M” had allegedly told the girls in the recess court to dress more modestly: “There are clearly certain signs that he doesn’t agree with the way we are living our culture.”

It took a week before the incident was made public. The school district deputy insists nevertheless that nobody wanted to sweep the case under the rug[.]
[P]arents have been complaining that the school wanted to hide the incident. “This isn’t correct. We wrote a letter to the parents during the week following the Youth Festival. Our hands are tied, because of the investigation by the juvenile prosecutor. Even if we wanted to give out more information, we are not allowed to,” Schärer said about the complaints.
Free West Media story Archived

Wet, lather, rinse, repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

President Donald Trump nails it again:

Racism is only racism when it's not racism. "They" don't want you.

Endless repetition of lies. Accusations that have no foundation. Analogies none of them can prove exist. The Race Card. The Fear Card. Pandering. Divisive. Fomenting sexism, racism and every other ism in the book. If you don't fully agree with them, YOU are racist. YOU are the enemy. "They" don't want you.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Show Me The Racism!

What did the President Tweet that's racist?

Here's The Racism.

Here's More Racism.

And More Racism.

And More. And More.

And some Failed, Self-Inflicted Racism.

And let's toss in some Anti-Semitism non-Anti-Semitism.

The DEM card with no expiration date.

Dangerous ride...

...for a kid. Somewhere in Indonesia:

Don't do this.

St. Louis Park Council votes to reinstate Pledge of Allegiance.

According to KSTP reporter Brett Hoffland, the council unanimously voted to return the recitation of the pledge at its Monday night meeting.

The pledge debate wasn't even on the agenda for Monday night, but that didn't stop a few hundred people from cramming into city hall to share their opinion on the issue, many coming from St. Louis Park and all across the state.
The backstory of eliminating The Pledge, here.

This entire issue was tax-payer money and city time well spent.
KSTP story Archived.

Monday, July 15, 2019

1,000 show up to meet ten DEMS at the Iowa Cornfeed. 1,000!

Radio Iowa: 1000+ at Progress Iowa Corn Feed hear 10 White House hopefuls:
Leading contenders like Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala (COMMA-luh) Harris and Bernie Sanders did not attend the event. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio had been on the speaking schedule, but flew back to New York after a major power outage in the city. Washington Governor Jay Inslee, another candidate on the speaker’s list, didn’t make it due to a flight delay.
Whoa...those poor Iowans who attended the annual Corn Feed met and listened to the ten players of the Y Team. Hickenlooper was there. Oooooohs! Ahhhhhhhhs! And Amy, too! Wow-hoo-whoo!

Anyone from Iowa who left the Corn Feed impressed with what they heard?

President Trump Rallies, population more than "1,000+":

Trump rally, inside.

 Trump Rally, outdoors.
Radio Iowa Archived
Sioux City Journal Archived

Lib supporter advertises her p*ssy for illegals, cartoon, soy nuts, Cortez discovers water, on election day, media hypocrisy.

Awwwwww, she's so generous!