Monday, September 30, 2019

Hillary CBS Sunday Morning; still obsessed with Trump. She can't get over her loss. And other hits.

NY Post: Hillary Clinton needs to get over the 2016 election.
All that matters is Hillary’s vindication.

Three years after the historic election of 2016, she is still grappling with defeat,” intoned Jane Pauley on “CBS Sunday Morning” by way of introducing the failed presidential candidate.

How are you doing now?” Pauley asked Hillary, her voice oozing with compassion. “And what are the metrics by which you know how you’re doing on any given day?”

It was as if she were talking to a cancer patient.
This is the great Hillary psychodrama that has consumed the Democratic Party for almost three years. No one is willing to come out and declare that she screwed up all by herself, so they are forever doomed to repeat her mistakes. She is the real human tornado — an F5 of rage, indignation, spite and pain.

Full interview on CBS Sunday Morning here, if you feel like self-inflicting pain.

Al Franken, Serial Groper. Another new accuser in FrankenGroperGate.

I was just out of college in my first job, working for U.S. senator Patty Murray. Al Franken was the guest speaker at an event in 2006. I was working the photo line, and he pulled me in. Murray said, “Let’s take the picture.” And he puts his hand on my ass. He’s telling the photographer, “Take another one. I think I blinked. Take another one.” And I’m just frozen. It’s so violating. And then he gives me a little squeeze on my buttock, and I am bright red. I don’t say anything at the time, but I felt deeply, deeply uncomfortable.
KSTP News 5New unwanted touching allegation raised against former Senator Al Franken.
An anonymous woman alleged Al Franken groped her buttocks in 2006, while she posed for a picture with him at an event two-years before he was elected to the U.S. Senate in Minnesota, according to an article published Monday in New York Magazine.

5 EYEWITNESS News reached out to Franken’s spokesperson for comment on Monday but have yet to hear back.

“Two years ago, I would have sworn that I’d never done anything to make anyone feel uncomfortable, but it’s clear that I must have been doing something. As I’ve said before, I feel terrible that anyone came away from an interaction with me feeling bad,” Franken said in the New York article about the recent allegation.

In the article, the unnamed woman who now works at a major progressive organization, said 14 years ago, she was just out of college and working for a U.S. senator Patty Murray at an event when the alleged incident took place in a photo line.

This is the ninth woman to come forward alleging unwanted contact by Franken.

The previous allegations led Franken to resign his U.S. Senate seat in 2017

Last week, Franken appeared on the Conan O'Brien Show making some of his most public comments to date about resigning from Congress after other unwanted touching allegations surfaced.

"People who know me know I'm not that guy that 36 of my colleagues demanded I go and put pressure on me that in no uncertain terms that I had to go," Franken said.

Carlton College political science professor Steven Schier said the new allegation doesn’t help Franken convince voters for a second chance if he decides to run again.

"I think it's a problem for him," Schier said. “I think Minnesota Democrats who have a strong feminist orientation --many of them---are not going to be happy about Al Franken becoming the public face of the party with these allegations still surfacing."

Franken over the weekend launched a new radio show on SirusXM radio.

"If he truly believes in his own innocence, I'm guessing this latest allegation won't do much to dampen his future ambitions," said Dr. Julie Dolan, Macalester College professor. "But for voters, I think it's a different story, especially for Democratic women. He'll have an uphill battle convincing them that he's the best candidate for the job."
Actual photo.

Leeann Tweeden, a journalist who anchors the morning news at TalkRadio 790 KABC in Los Angeles, California, is accusing Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) of fondling her while asleep and shoving his tongue down her throat without her consent.
KSTP Archived

Saturday, September 28, 2019

O'Rourke jokes about threatening to kill a kitten in fundraising email and at Texas TribFest.

Beto O'Rourke made fun of urgent, sky-is-falling, end-of-quarter fundraising pitches from his fellow 2020 Democrats by joking about threatening the life of a kitten.

"I am starting to run out of ways to show how important this deadline is," the former Texas congressman wrote in an email to supporters on Saturday with the subject line "Miss Whiskers." "Maybe I could do a Facebook live stream with a kitten in hand and say, 'You know, we wouldn’t want anything to happen to this kitten now would weSend your $5 now and Miss Whiskers will be fine.'

"To be clear, we’re not planning on harming any kittens," O'Rourke clarified. "But we do need your help."

O'Rourke bought up the same joke hypothetical at the Texas Tribune's TribFest in Austin on Saturday[.]
Where are all the couch-psychiatrists and media pundits questioning the mental health and wellness of BOB O'Rourke? The same group who, with such pious sanctimony, opined to the public a baseless couch analysis that President Donald Trump is mentally unstable and psychologically unfit to hold office.

BOB O'Rourke...who...

...Wrote about running over children with his car and killing them. Textfiles:
"Then one day, as I was driving home from work, I noticed two children crossing the street.  They  were happy, happy to be free from their troubles.  I knew, however, that this happiness and sense of freedom were much too overwhelming for them. This happiness was mine by right.  I had earned it in my dreams. As I neared the young ones, I put all my weight on my right foot, keeping the accelerator pedal on the floor until I heard the crashing of the two children on the hood, and then the sharp cry of pain from one of the two.  I was so fascinated for a moment, that when after I had stopped my vehicle, I just sat in a daze, sweet visions filling my head.  My dream was abruptly ended when I heard a loud banging on the front window.  It was an old man, who was using his cane to awaken me.  He might have been a witness to my act of love.  I was not sure, nor did I care. It was simply ecstasy.  As I drove home, I envisioned myself committing more of these 'acts of love', and after a while, I had no trouble carrying them out.

"The more people I killed, the longer my dreams were.  I soon quit my job, and stayed at my house in an almost comatose state.  My dreams grew longer and more vivid.  They kept me alive and proved to be the only thing to live for. I had killed nearly 38 people by the time of my twenty-third birthday, and each one was more fulfilling than the last.

"I was never really surprised at how I evaded the police."
...Drives drunk and attempts a hit-and-run. NY Magazine:
O’Rourke was not only nabbed for driving under the influence; he caused what could have been a catastrophic accident, then tried to flee the scene. Neither detail had previously been made available to the public. The Chronicle reports:

    “State and local police reports obtained by the Chronicle and Express-News show that O’Rourke was driving drunk at what a witness called “a high rate of speed” in a 75 mph zone on Interstate 10 about a mile from the New Mexico border. He lost control and hit a truck, sending his car careening across the center median into oncoming lanes. The witness, who stopped at the scene, later told police that O’Rourke had tried to drive away from the scene.”
...O'Rourke has been Red-Flagged, hasn't he?

Washington Examiner Archived
Textfiles "Visions From The Last Crusade" Archived

This would never have happened in an Elk-Free Zone.

"People need to maintain a safe distance from elk, even if they are at a building/facility/golf course or whatever human dwelling," [said spokesman for the Colorado Parks and Wildlife] Jason Clay.

Dexter the lion.

Big cat has a good memory. Make sure you have volume up a bit. View in full screen mode.

Dexter the lion meets the man who raised him in a wildlife sanctuary.
Cory @ Twitter and The Lay Artiste @ Twitter

Friday, September 27, 2019

It's clear that the DEMS want to steal the 2020 election. Trump: "I am draining the swamp."

"I Am Draining The Swamp": President Donald J. Trump @ Twitter.

$15 Million raised; 50,000 new donors. Eric Trump @ Twitter:

When does Hillary step in and save the DEMS? She's on a listening tour.

In an email to supporters, the 2008 and 2016 [Hillary Clinton, the]  presidential candidate said, “I’d like to hear what you’re thinking.”

While she isn’t talking about running for president a third time, Clinton said that she has been talking to people about key issues, including immigration reform and electing Democrats “at all levels” in 2020.

I’ve been traveling and talking with folks around the world about their plans for the rest of the year. Some members of this team are doubling down on issues from voting rights to immigration reform, while others are focused on electing Democrats at all levels in 2019 and 2020. Like you, they’re all thinking about how we can best work toward making our country a place where the values we share are front and center — in our policy and in the way we treat each other,” she wrote for her group, “Onward Together.”

Clinton has recently been weighing in regularly on President Trump, just this weekend mentioning the reports he asked Ukraine’s president to look into consulting done in the country by Joe Biden’s son.

What’s more, she will soon embark on another national tour, this time to promote a book she and her daughter Chelsea wrote about women titled The Book of Gutsy Women: Favorite Stories of Courage and Resilience.
There's a decent amount of chatter out there that it's Hillary bringing down Biden. If true, it makes sense. While the DNC claims they want nothing to do with her as a 2020 candidate, why would anyone believe the DNC. Or Hillary. Or that they wouldn't be colluding to take-down the current DEM front-runner candidates and steps The Always-Been A Yankees Fan, saving their party and saving our democracy. Who wouldn't enjoy a second Hillary vs President Donald Trump rematch? Well, I guess the DEMS and Hillary Rodham maybe not so much.

 What parent wouldn't list their child's name first on a book they "wrote"? Only Hillary. Note the resurrected 'Rodham'.

I'll go out on a limb here. Not a word in the book was written by Chelsea or Hillary. Except the Acknowledgment page to all their sycophants and partners in crime. I wonder if they gave a shout out to John Podestaphile?

CBS (via Yahoo): Hillary Rodham Clinton calls President Trump a "corrupt human tornado." (There's a reason 'The Rodham' is back. This is more than optics).

Hillary Tweets Trump is a "clear and present danger."

Hillary is the one who, during the presidential debates, said that anyone not accepting the results of our election is a threat to out democracy.

She needs some Pelosi Spackling Paste. (I'm just trying to help...)

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Where IS Hunter Biden? Once said, "I want to be important."

Brainy Quotes: Hunter Biden
Funny, isn't it, that no one in the MSM/Fakestream Media has any desire to interview Hunter Biden. No networks or reporters camped outside wherever Hunter lives. Like they did with Roger Stone. Anderson Cooper, Don Lemonhead, Dutch Maddox, Fredo "Ferret-Hair" Cuomo...none of them have any interest in reporting on Hunter Biden. Oh, they cared when Donald Trump, Jr. appeared - twice - before the Tolerant and Inclusive Crowd who still continue manufacturing falsehoods built upon other fiction in a Big Swamp Production of a Fictional Investigation. A Film by Deranged Liberals.

Where IS Hunter Biden? Close your eyes and find Waldo. It's easier.

NY PostWherever Joe Biden went, son Hunter cashed in.
According to The New York Times, Hunter’s work for Burisma had “prompted concerns” among Obama administration State Department officials, because it undermined diplomacy in Ukraine. Was [Joe] Biden really the only person available to pressure Ukrainian officials while his son was raking in the cash? Does anyone really believe Biden’s claims that he never once spoke to his 49-year-old son about business in the two years they spent working in the same country?
Brainy Quotes Archived

St. Paul welcomes eight high-level sex offenders living near elementary school.

Some St. Paul residents are outraged to hear eight level 3 sex offenders are moving to the city, but police hope residents are more aware than fearful.

A community meeting was held Tuesday because the six offenders have level 3 offender status, which means they have the highest risk of reoffending. The men have all completed their sentences.
The eight offenders will live just blocks from Jackson Magnet Elementary school where nearly 400 students are enrolled. Even after school hours, it is not uncommon to find children at the school on the playground.

In the city, you really can’t throw a stone without hitting a park, a daycare, a school,” said Beth Tietz, of Ramsey County Community Corrections. “It does happen.”

Of the offenders, some are off supervision, some are on probation and the rest are on intensive supervised release.

“Intensive supervised release is like parole on steroids,” said Tietz. “That’s the best way to describe it. Four of the eight are on intensive supervised release.”

While level 3 offenders have the highest risk of reoffending, corrections reps say 90 percent don't.
Yeah, I'm sure the statistical ten percent recidivism rate is a comfort to people living in St. Paul with their new sex offender neighbors. I wonder how many sex offenders Beth Tietz has as neighbors?

St. Paul Mayor Melbin Carter, the third doesn't care about any of this. He's advocating for reductions in the number of St. Paul police officers.

WCCO 4 CBS: St. Paul Police want more officers. Mayor wants less.
There have been more than 100 shootings in St. Paul this year.

The city council will look at police staffing levels Wednesday. Mayor Melvin Carter wants to reduce the number of officers at a time when the police chief says 911 calls have never been higher.
Mayor Melvin Carter proposed cutting the police department’s total number officers by five, at a time when shootings are on the rise and 911 calls are getting late responses.
St. Paul's mayor and its idiot city council can't even manage to oversee something as simple as trash and garbage collection. They can't possibly be expected to tackle issues like crime and sex offenders.

Thomas Jefferson said, "The government you elect is the government you deserve."

Residents of St. Paul, you have the government that you elected. Keep putting DEMS in office. You like paying higher property taxes, having sex offenders living near elementary schools, garbage collection that's a joke, bullets flying through your neighborhoods, higher incidents of crime and a mayor that wants less police officers.

Congratulations St. Paul. You're officially a shithole city. Just like Minneapolis. And that's always been the competition between the two cities; St. Paul wanting to be more like Minneapolis. Parity achieved.
KMSP FOX 9 Archived

Adam Schiff's fictional rendition of the telephone call between Trump and Zelensky. The "essence" of fairy tales and unicorns.

The one true thing we know about Adam Schiff.

California Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff read a portion of a transcript of a telephone conversation between President Donald Trump and his Ukrainian counterpart Thursday before the House Intelligence Committee — but the congressman largely fabricated the president’s words.

Schiff claimed he was reading “the essence” of the president’s words to the committee’s witness, Acting Director of National Intelligence, Joseph Maguire.

This is the essence of what the president communicates. We’ve been very good to your country, very good, no other country has done as much as we have, but you know what, I don’t see much reciprocity here. I hear what you want. I have a favor I want from you, though. And I’m going to say this only seven times, so you better listen good.”
Schiff continued, making it up as he went along:  “I want you to make up dirt on my political opponent, understand, lots of it, on this and on that. I’m going to put you in touch with people, not just any people, I’m going to put you in touch with the attorney general of the United States, my attorney general Bill Barr. He’s got the whole weight of the American law enforcement behind him.”

[Schiff] suggested that Trump told Zelensky, “‘And I’m going to put you in touch with Rudy — you’re going to love him, trust me. You know what I’m asking, and so I’m only going to say this a few more times in a few more ways. And by the way, don’t call me again, I’ll call you when you’ve done what you’ve asked.’ This is the sum and character what the president was trying to communicate with the president of Ukraine. It would be funny if it wasn’t such a graphic betrayal of the president’s Oath of Office.”
None of Schiff's "essence" contains a shred of accuracy or truth.

We do know it is true that Adam Schiff accepted campaign donations from Ed Buckmelter, a wealthy DEM donor and supporter, who has injected homeless black men with meth. We know at least two men died during their time spent with Ed Buck(melter). Did Buck kill these two men? In "essence", yes, he did.

No administration prosecuted actual whistleblowers more vigorously, and with partisan vengeance, than did the Obama-Biden Admin.

From the (hardly Right-leaning) ACLU: When it comes to sending these [whistleblowers] to jail, the Obama administration blows every other presidency combined out of the water.
...the Obama administration has prosecuted more national security "leakers" than all other presidencies combined, eight to three.
When it comes to sending these folks to jail, the Obama administration blows every other presidency combined out of the water – by a lot.

By my count, the Obama administration has secured 526 months of prison time for national security leakers, versus only 24 months total jail time for everyone else since the American Revolution.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Pelosi delivers strong anti-impeachment speech in 1998. Says it's hate-based.

"The actions of the Trump presidency revealed the dishonorable fact of the president's betrayal of his oath of office, betrayal of our national security and betrayal of the integrity of our elections," Pelosi said.
[Congressman John Lewis, DEM-Ga.] said, "We will never find the truth unless we use the power given to the House of Representatives, and the House alone, to begin an official investigation as dictated by the Constitution. The future of our democracy is at stake. I believe, I truly believe, the time to begin impeachment proceedings against this president has come."
The Constitution? Lewis and Pelosi are referring to that old piece of paper written by a bunch of dead, white, racist, sexist, European slave-owning men? That Constitution? The one the Libs usually discard as being no longer relevant and having no real significance in our modern world? That Constitution?

The only thing more dangerous than a Deranged Liberal (oxymoron, yeah, I know), is a law-and-order Constitution-based Deranged Liberal.

This latest circus from the Dems will be fun to watch. How will they investigate a whistleblower when there is no whistleblower.

BreitbartDemocrats Wrote to Ukraine in May 2018, Demanding It Investigate Trump.
Democrats wrote to the Ukrainian government in May 2018 urging it to continue investigations into President Donald Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia in the 2016 presidential campaign — collusion later found not to exist.

The demand, which came from U.S. Senators Robert Menendez (D-NJ), Dick Durbin (D-IL), and Patrick Leahy (D-VT)[.]
In 1998, Congresswaddler Jerry Nadler (BLIMP-NY), said "impeachment of a President is an undoing of a National Election."

What a difference time deep, unhinged, Deranged Liberal hatred makes.
NPR Archived

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Nancy Pelosi Impeach Trump Speech (Adulterated Audio)

Narco Sub carrying 12,000 pounds of cocaine busted by Coast Guard.

Hunter "Cokehead" Biden mourns the bust.

The Coast Guard cutter Valiant seized a 'narco sub' carrying 12,000 pounds of cocaine worth over $165 million, according to a news release.
The Coast Guard offloaded over 1,000 pounds of cocaine but had to leave the rest due to the questionable stability of the vessel.
CNN Archived

Southfield, Michigan city clerk charged with FELONY ELECTION FRAUD. Shocker: She's a DEM!

Southfield City Clerk Sherikia L. Hawkins was charged Monday with six felony counts over "unauthorized and inaccurate" changes to absentee ballots in the November 2018 election.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel and Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson made a joint announcement of the charges in Detroit, calling it a "rare" case.
...Hawkins altered 193 absentee voter records came to light during the 14-day canvass following the election. Benson said the Oakland County Clerk’s Office reported with the Bureau of Elections "the potential for these irregularities and from there we began our investigation."
Hawkins, a Democrat who just a few months ago was honored by the state party with the Dingell/Levin Award at its Legacy Dinner in Detroit, could not be reached Monday at her office for comment or a number listed in public records. Her attorney also could not be reached.
Hawkins,38, was arraigned Monday in 46th District Court in Southfield on the charges, which include election law-falsifying returns or records, forgery of a public record, misconduct in office and multiple counts of using a computer to commit a crime.

Forgery of a public record is a 14-year offense, Nessel said.

According to an affidavit filed by Michigan State Police Detective Sgt. Larissa LaMay, the lead investigator of the election fraud complaint, Oakland County Elections Director Joseph Rozell began working to certify the city's absentee precincts after the election.

When an absentee ballot arrives into a clerk's office, it is logged into the Qualified Voter File. The clerk then checks to make sure the file entries are valid.

Rozell "contacted Hawkins when he noticed that ballot summary sheets were blank," LaMay's report notes.

Rozell, after questioning Hawkins about her ballot sheets, said it appeared "that the ballot return dates for voters were added or removed from the report in order to force the reports to balance to the number of ballots tabulated for each precinct on Election Night."

"It appears that Hawkins had switched her original reports with altered reports," LaMay wrote.
Hawkins is paid $101,500 per year in Southfield as the city's clerk.
She should definitely serve the full 14-year sentence. Because...Nobody is Above The Law.
Detroit News Archived

Wrong President

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Leaked IPCC report reveals coastal communities around the world will be destroyed. Global banking on board with UN-backed climate principles.

Here we go, again.

A new UN report is set to issue a stark warning on the impact of climate change on oceans and frozen areas, amid a push to ratchet up efforts to tackle the crisis.

The latest in a series of special reports from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is being published in the same week as countries meet at the UN for a summit aimed at upping ambitions on tackling global warming.
[The study] warn[s] of huge increases in flooding damage, melting ice caps and glaciers and more ocean heatwaves that bleach and kill coral.

A draft of the report leaked to AFP suggested that if global temperatures rise to 2C above pre-industrial levels, 280 million people could be displaced by rising seas.
This report was leaked. Yeah. Sure. That's believable.

What if the IPCC report is wrong and the reality of their outlook is far, far worse than they ever imagined? Shouldn't there be a mass exodus of people living near bodies of water who immediately put their homes up for sale and start moving inland? Why wait? Why take the chance? When the Elites start abandoning their ocean property, let the rest of us know.
Global financial institutions have caved to the U.N. and the worldwide, self-induced climate crisis hyperbole.

SBS NewsBanks worth $69 trillion commit to new UN-backed climate principles.
Banks with more than $69 trillion in assets, or a third of the global industry, have adopted new UN-backed "responsible banking" principles to fight climate change that would shift their loan books away from fossil fuels.

Deutsche Bank, Citigroup and Barclays were among 130 banks to join the new framework on Sunday on the eve of a United Nations summit in New York aimed at pushing companies and governments to act quickly to avert catastrophic global warming.

"These principles mean banks have to consider the impact of their loans on society - not just on their portfolio," Simone Dettling, banking team lead for the Geneva-based United Nations Environment Finance Initiative, told Reuters.
Under pressure from investors, regulators and climate activists, some big banks have acknowledged the role lenders will need to play in a rapid transition to a low-carbon economy.

Financing for oil, gas and coal projects has come under particular scrutiny as climate scientists step up calls to change the global economy's deep reliance on fossil-fuels to avert disastrous warming.

SBS News Archived

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Mystery towers in Cincinnati causing concern. 5G danger?

WCPO 9 Cincinnati: Mystery towers going up all over Cincinnati area.
Homeowners worry about possible health effects.

If you drive around the Cincinnati area you may have noticed mysterious cylinder-type cell phone towers, that look nothing like any cell tower most of us have seen.

Now, a growing number of Tri-Staters are getting worried about these towers, and the 5G signals they believe they will soon be sending out, as part of the nationwide rollout of faster 5G cell service.

Michelle Krinsky is a nurse who was out walking near her Cleves home earlier this summer, when she looked up and said, "What's that? You can see it's this ugly menace sitting there," she said.

Right at the entrance to the Village of Cleves from US 50 (River Road) is the strangest looking cell tower many people have ever seen.
Krinsky decided to call the village administration office, then Hamilton County, and the State of Ohio, but no one knew anything about it, she says.

The most information she and some other homeowners were able to find out is that the tower is on the US 50 right-of-way, not in the Village, so that local officials would not have to be consulted.

"We don't know who put it up, if it is running 4G right now, and if it will run 5G soon," she said.
...the FCC allows these towers to go in with almost no local approval. The FCC and FAA claim there are no proven links between 5G cell service and health effects, and say local residents have no reason to fear these new towers.

But Hamilton County Engineer Ted Hubbard told us a few months ago that even he, and other county officials are left in the dark.

"The ownership is a big question," Hubbard said. "And I have asked that. We are having a hard time finding out who actually owns it."

That means no one has publicly stated who owns the mysterious Cleves tower, or any of the others popping up across the Tri State. It has no company name on the base.
It's not that hard to find out who owns these towers. Hypothetically speaking, there are a lot of things someone could "do" to these towers and then sit around and wait to see who shows up to undo whatever is done to them.

I'm not advocating any type of property damage. That would be so wrong. There's plenty of alternatives available that one could "do" to these towers that doesn't involve any property damage. Then, wait around and see who shows up. Have your camera ready, remain on public property, start filming and ask questions of the people who show up. Note the vehicle license plate number and make, model, color and other identifying features.

That county board members are in the dark about these towers seems a bit...NWO-ish, doesn't it?

How safe is 5G? Search that subject and you'll find both pro and con, from "it'll fry us," to, "it's harmless." I'm undecided. Anyone?

I do think when we have concerns like those expressed over 5G, it's best to err on the side of restraint. We don't need another epidemic on our hands in five or ten years. It's not like technology has taken a back seat to law, ethics, safety and personal security.

Vice has a (five year old) story on What Wi-Fi would look like if we could see it. It's a good story, check it out.
Artist Nickolay Lamm imagines the size, shape, and color of wi-fi signals were they visible to the human eye.

Joe Biden says he never discussed Ukraine dealings with son Hunter.

A Steak Fry? Don't they know steak is killing Mother Earth?

Campaigning in Iowa this morning, DEM Joe Biden told FOX News' Peter Doocy that he, "never spoke with his son [Hunter] on any of his overseas business dealings."

This is more bullshittery from the doddering, hair-sniffn', groping ex-VP. 

We're to believe that not once, ever, did Dementia Joe discuss with his cokehead son Hunter, his job and work overseas. 

Uh huh. Because fathers never talk to their sons about the work they do. Ever. Or, this is another incident of Joe's senility kicking in again. Hell, Biden doesn't know if Vermont is a state or a town.

Let's give Pervy Joe the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he really never did speak with Hunter about his Ukraine business dealings. Instead, they used Flashcards.

The video and story is at Daily Beast.

In related news, there's a new toy available for Hunter Biden. It works on the same principle as the cat toy below.

But instead, for Hunter, little spoons filled with cocaine pop in and out, and he has to snort the Blow before it disappears back inside the shell.

Unconfirmed sources report that Hunter never leaves a spoon empty.

Friday, September 20, 2019

SUV crashes through Woodfield Mall, Chicago. Video.

Via News Breaking (NSFW - language):

Ronin Diedenhofen was walking through the lower-level of Woodfield Mall Friday afternoon when he saw an unusual sight: An SUV driving through the concourse.

At first, he thought it was being put out on display. Within seconds, he realized it was something different.

“It took me a minute to register what was going on,” said Diedenhofen, 19. “I heard a loud bang; it was the car hitting one of those little trains that kids usually ride in at malls. That was like, ‘OK, that’s not normal.’”

As it turned out, the driver had rammed through a side entrance to a Sears store just a few minutes earlier, around 2:20 p.m., on the east side of the mall near a Rainforest Cafe. From there, the 22-year-old man behind the wheel smashed into one store after another before crashing to a halt, according to Schaumburg police. He was held by shoppers — including two off-duty cops — and arrested minutes later by responding officers, police said.
Nathaniel Findlay, 21, was walking into the mall for the start of his work shift when he saw the SUV pull up to the Sears.

He was approaching the door, and he came to a complete stop,” Findlay said. “I got a quick glance at him and you could tell real quick the gears were turning, he was thinking about it.

And then he just accelerated right through the doors,” Findlay said. “He was not going to stop until he got inside that mall.”

Findlay went right back to his car and called his cousin who was inside the mall.

Dude wherever you are, get down, get out,” he told his cousin. “There’s a car inside.”

Back inside the mall, Diedenhofen managed to pull out his cellphone and record much of the incident, later posting it to Twitter, where it quickly went viral.

“It was a safe distance away,” Diedenhofen said. “There was no way it would turn around and go for me, so I pulled out my phone and started recording.

“But you can even see on the video, I’m jumping back when he looks like he’s reversing, I’m not taking a chance,” he said. “It seemed like he was just trying to go for as much damage as he could.”
WSB-TV Atlanta: Man who drove SUV into Chicago mall acted alone.
Chicago Sun Times Archived

Friday Morning Music Video

Facebook employee leaps to death from roof of corporate headquarters.

Daily Mail: Facebook employee jumps to his death from roof of company's Silicon Valley headquarters in apparent suicide.
A Facebook employee has died at the company's headquarters campus in Silicon Valley in what police call an apparent suicide.

Horrified bystanders in Menlo Park, California called 911 at about 11.30am on Thursday after an adult male jumped from the top of a four-story building on the 100 block of Jefferson Drive.

Paramedics rushed to Facebook's sprawling campus and rendered first aid, but the victim was declared dead on the scene.

The deceased individual has not been publicly identified pending family notification, but Facebook confirmed in a statement to that he was an employee.
Zuckerberg may have to install suicide nets like Apple did in China to prevent employees from leaping to their deaths.

"Our AI wasn't programmed to identify suicidal tendencies."

Thursday, September 19, 2019

MN Gov DEM Tim Walz bullies Twin City Public Television into deleting embarassing video of his wife, Gwen. Public TV happily agrees, playing the usual accomplice in continuing The Liberal Narrative.

Oh - if it had been a Republican Gov asking Public TV to delete a video, the resignation would be over and the Lieutenant Governor already sworn in.

“It’s taken care of … We talked to TPT.” According to [TPT's Sarah] Walker, [Kristin Beckmann, Deputy Chief of Staff for MN Governor Tim Walz] continued to say that “The TPT president has now apologized and agreed to destroy all of the videotapes that were made of the event.”

Gwen Walz (wife of Minnesota DEM Governor Tim Walz) is promoting programs where inmates can receive education behind bars, including technical certifications and their high school diplomas.
...a panel discussion was held, which including Gwen Walz and was taped by [Twin Cities Public Television].
[Moderator of this discussion Toussaint] Morrison ran with [questions] about race, and Gwen Walz appeared to be stumped. Some in the crowd felt she was sidestepping the race issue entirely.

Once the event was over, the Walz administration scrambled to get the video of the event deleted.

Kristin Beckmann, deputy chief of staff for Democrat Governor Tim Walz is alleged to have put pressure on TPT President and CEO Jim Pagliarini to delete the tape.

Sarah Walker, a former Department of Corrections (DOC) employee who was pushed out over a lobbying scandal, was also on the panel. Walker seems to suggest that her not properly defending Gwen Walz during that panel led to her eventual exit from the DOC. Walker told MPR that Beckmann, Walz’s deputy chief of staff, told Walker over the phone: “It’s taken care of … We talked to TPT.” According to Walker, Beckmann continued to say that “The TPT president has now apologized and agreed to destroy all of the videotapes that were made of the event.”
 MN Gov DEM Tim Walz (he wants to take your guns away, too.)

MPR News: Gov. Walz responds to criticism over deleted video: ‘I value transparency highly’.
Gov. Tim Walz defended his administration’s commitment to transparency Wednesday as well as his wife’s role in seeking changes to education offerings for Minnesota’s prison inmates amid a controversy over a testy forum of which video was later deleted.

“I will stand by that we’re as transparent as any administration, if not the most that Minnesota has ever seen,” Walz told reporters after touring the Minneapolis VA. He added, “I value transparency highly. I believe that I’ve lived that way.
Republicans have harshly criticized Walz since the story about the tape deletion was published.
Walz struck back.

Is their point that we don’t want to talk about race? Is their point that we don’t want to talk about prison reform? Because I had a bill to do both of those things that was not heard by the Republican Senate,” Walz said.

Walz said others involved in the event also pushed for the video to be discarded. He said the lack of signed releases from participants and attendees made it problematic to retain or broadcast the footage.
Walz feigns he "highly values transparency". Is there a more redundant, trite and worn-out platitude than that? There's no transparency in the Walz Administration. He isn't fooling anyone.

Walz's comment of, "Is their point that we don’t want to talk about race? Is their point that we don’t want to talk about prison reform," doesn't answer the criticism from the Republicans. Instead, Walz deflects to the issue of race. Ah, The Race Card. Well, what can he say? "My wife had no idea what she was talking about or the slightest grasp of the subject matter,"?

The Walz Administration and staff continues proving itself an unfunny comedy of errors, unprepared to govern, overwhelmed by the issues it faces and lacking the talent to successfully resolve anything.

Tim Walz succeeds at one thing: finding a camera and microphone when it's beneficial for him. Which is far too frequent than the exception. We can't really credit him much for getting one video deleted, but who knows? Maybe this is the first of more to come in the incestuous relationship of Public Taxpayer Subsidized Media continuing to carry water for the DEMS. This could Trend in the future.

We have more than three years left to live through the Walz Clown Administration. Hope your income and well-being is up for it.

MPR News - Tim Walz values transparency Archived
Capitol View - Gwen Walz supports felon voting rights Archived

John Bolton wastes no time telling us why it was a great idea that Trump fired him.

The Daily Mail: Bolton calls Donald Trump's efforts with Iran and North Korea 'doomed to failure' as he unloads on his old boss.
'[Bolton] ripped Trump, without using his name, several times,' one attendee said.
"'Without using his name...,' one attendee said."  Well, that's certainly solid, huh?

No matter. It's good Bolton, a trigger-happy, enthusiastic war-salivating globalist, is out of the picture. He's probably negotiating an hour long, nightly program with MSNBC to replace Dutch Maddox.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Ed Buck in custody. Finally! Big DEM donor and fundraiser. Preyed on young Black men, injecting them with meth. Oh, Those Liberal Family Values!

Coward Ed Buck, arrested Tuesday night, attempts to shield face from photogs.
Yeah, because no one knows what he looks like. Image: FOX News.

TWO-TIME LOSING presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and Ed Buckmelter. Real surname: Buckmelter

DEM Congressman Adam Schiff, Buckmelter, Eric Baum
former Chair of California DEM Party.

Buckmelter and former CA Gov. DEM Jerry Brown

A wealthy Democratic donor has been arrested and accused of running a drug den after a spate of fatal overdoses at his home in California.

Ed Buck, 65, has been charged with administering methamphetamine, battery and maintaining a drug house.

Two men have died of overdoses at his West Hollywood home while a third survived after fleeing Mr Buck's apartment last week, prosecutors say.

Mr Buck's lawyer told CBS News he will fight the charges "vigorously".

Mr Buck, who is wealthy, politically connected and white, has come under scrutiny over the overdose deaths, which involved "vulnerable" black men.

Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey said on Tuesday she remains "deeply concerned for the safety of people whose life circumstances may make them more vulnerable to criminal predators".

"With this new evidence, I authorised [sic] the filing of criminal charges against Ed Buck."

Prosecutors have asked for bail to be set at $4m (£3m), calling Mr Buck a "violent, dangerous sexual predator" who targeted the homeless and those battling drug addiction.

Mr Buck, an LGBT activist who has donated tens of thousands of dollars to Democratic candidates, is expected in court on Wednesday. He could see a total of five years and eight months in state prison if convicted.

"From his home, in a position of power, Buck manipulates his victims into participating in his sexual fetishes," prosecutors said in court documents.

"These fetishes include supplying and personally administering dangerously large doses of narcotics to his victims."

The latest alleged victim, who is 37 and remains unnamed, was allegedly injected with high doses of "meth" at Mr Buck's apartment on 4 September, after which he sought medical attention.

He returned to the apartment on 11 September and was allegedly injected with meth again.

When the man believed he was overdosing, prosecutors say Mr Buck refused to help and "thwarted" his attempts to obtain assistance. The man allegedly fled and was able to call for help from a gas station.

Police investigating Mr Buck's apartment after the man's escape found hundreds of photographs of men in "compromising positions", according to the Los Angeles Times.
Inside Buck's apartment, from The Daily Mail:

In a photo obtained by, Buck smokes meth with a painfully thin, drug-addicted homeless young black man in his apartment - a partner he had found on the street and offered $300 to carry out his bizarre 'fetish' requests. Buck ordered the man to wear dirty white long johns and black leather 'f***ing boots'

The Daily Mail link also has an image of a toolbox filled with toys and plugs, which I decided to exclude here.

From Open Secrets.

Not surprisingly, DEMS and organizations who accepted his money and political support amazingly avoided cameras and microphones regarding commenting on this issue. Well...what little coverage a complicit MSM is giving this story.

Where's Jesse Jackson? Al Sharpton? Why so silent? A wealthy, white privilege, DEM donor and supporter exploits and preys upon homeless Black men. In a Blue State, a Blue City and a Blue District. Isn't that 75% of the definition of "White Nationalism"?

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Ric Ocasek of The Cars dies.

The former-lead singer of The Cars was believed to have died of natural causes.  Estranged wife Paulina Porizkova found him 'unconscious and unresponsive'[.]
The band originated in Boston in 1976 and two years later released their self-titled album which shot them to fame with hits that included 'My Best Friend's Girl.'
They produced six records from the 1978 to 1987 of which there were 13 top-40 singles.

In 1984 they won MTV's Video of the Year award for the song 'You Might Think' from their fifth album.

The band are most known for their song 'Drive' being used as the soundtrack for a CBS video for Live Aid that showed the horrors of famine in Ethiopia.
Winona Daily News: Cars' singer Ric Ocasek dead at 75.
Ocasek's minimalist, half-spoken deadpan vocals set made the band's sound, and his long, lanky appearance formed their lasting image.

The first three songs on their 1978 self-titled first album were all hit singles and remain widely known classics and oldies radio airplay: "Good Times Roll," ''My Best Friend's Girl" and "Just What I Needed."
They were always an MTV favorite, and the whimsical, partly animated video for "You Might Think" along with the mournful video for "Drive" brought them near-constant airplay on the channel in the mid-1980s.

The band broke up in 1988, but their influence would be deeply felt in the 1990s and beyond. Kurt Cobain and Nirvana covered "My Best Friend's Girl" at their last live show in 1994, and Ocasek produced albums for younger bands including Weezer, No Doubt and Bad Religion.
"Candy-O" (audio only):

"You Might Think":

Top 8 1980s Songs by The Cars (reviews only).

TwitterCondolences and reactions to Ric Ocasek.

You TubeMore music and videos.

Ocasek's death follows too closely to the recent passing of Eddie Money. Here's hoping this segment of the population is hands-off from the Reaper for a while now.

Eddie Money, dead way too soon, age 70.

Early Eddie Money band. (I don't remember where I found this image. If it's "yours", leave a comment, I'll be happy to give attribution. No copyright infringement intended. Reproduced in memory of Eddie).

American singer Eddie Money, who had major US chart success in the 70s and 80s with songs such as Two Tickets to Paradise and Take Me Home Tonight, has died at the age of 70, [on Friday, September 13, 2019].

Money released 11 albums and sold nearly 30 million records in a career that spanned four decades.

More than anything, Money’s music was considered blue-collar at its core, which led him to be featured on “The King of Queens” in 2002, where he performed a selection of his hits for friend and star Kevin James.
Variety: Eddie Money, ‘Two Tickets to Paradise’ Singer, Dies at 70.
Known also for his comedic manner, both in his music videos and in interviews, he said last year that, despite his string of hit songs, he “missed the boat when it [came] to the big money.” In his typically self-deprecating manner, Money capped the conversation with this view: “The kids aren’t in jail, they’re not in rehab, nobody’s wrecked the car this week and there’s still milk in the refrigerator. I’m having a good month.
As with many singers and bands, some of the better songs didn't receive the air play they deserved:

"We Should Be Sleeping":

"I'll Get By":

And his Geiko Ad, which isn't mentioned in any Top Geiko ad story or article. Which means it is the exception to the rule, therefore automatically defaulting to being the Best Geiko ad ever. And yeah, it is. Don't disagree with me on this. Or I'll doxx you:

His music and videos were a staple of MTV. His tours always did well. He took his music seriously, but he had a sense of humor about himself. I think this is why he's so likeable. He only learned of the cancer three weeks ago. We never know, do we. Like Mr. $ said, "every day above ground is a good day."

He will be missed. More of his songs, videos, interviews and performances can be found on You Tube.

102.9 MGKTwitter Reactions to the death of Eddie Money.

More reactions and tributes at The Blast (via Yahoo).
BBC Archived
Variety Archived

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Castro stands on box to appear taller at Thursday's DEM debate circus.

How embarrassing.

Julián Castro stood on a box during the third Democratic primary debate to help him look taller alongside the other candidates.

Castro joined nine other Democratic presidential candidates on the debate stage in Houston on Thursday. Castro, who is 5-foot-9, was one of possibly several candidates that stood on raised platforms behind their podiums. It was not immediately clear whether other candidates were also on boxes.
He uses one of these, too, at the table so he can reach his Sippy cup.

Washington Examiner Archived

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Car, pedal pub collision, 3rd Ave bridge in Minneapolis.

Image: KARE 11

MINNEAPOLIS — A car and a [pedal pub] collided on the 3rd Avenue Bridge in Minneapolis Saturday night.

The accident happened around 8:45 p.m.  A spokesperson with the Minneapolis Police Department says there were no serious injuries reported and the crash is being investigated as a traffic accident.

The crash backed up traffic on the bridge for a short time but cars are once again moving past the crash scene.
Glad there were no serious injuries. A combination of a bridge, a pedal pub, mixed with traffic and large, heavier vehicles. At night. What could possibly go wrong? Who could have seen this coming? I's Minneapolis...

KARE 11 News Archived

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Biden's eye bleeds during CNN town hall. Chubby Canadian guy wearing a dress offers assistance.

Left and middle: Joe Biden. Right: Chubby Canadian guy in a dress.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s left eye filled with blood during an appearance on a CNN town hall Wednesday.

As he answered a question about climate change, the former vice president’s eye turned red, and the Washington Examiner suggested it might have been caused by a broken blood vessel, a condition known as a subconjuctival hemorrhage.
Biden's eye bleeding was caused by man-made climate change global warming.

The saga of the Chubby Canadian and the thrilling scooter escape.