Friday, December 30, 2016

Obama Retaliates against Russia; Expels 35 Russian Diplomats

Washington D.C. - In an unprecedented  move, President Barack Obama expels 35 Russian diplomats and closes two Russian owned real estate areas.

These retaliatory actions are a response to what the Obama Administration and several U.S. intelligence agencies say was Russia meddling and, perhaps hacking by the Russian government, that affected the U.S. Presidential race that elected Donald Trump.    

"The Russian government, and especially Vladimir Putin, will see retaliation by the United States," said Obama.  "We will not tolerate any interference by any government that attempts to influence any U.S. election, but especially our presidential election."

Vladimir Putin

Obama continued, "we are already in the process of advising Russian diplomats in the United States that they must leave the country within the next seventy-two hours." 

The president continued to define other actions that his administration will take in the upcoming weeks against the Russian government.

"Make no mistake about this, we are responding to the Russian government with penalties that will severely impact our relationship with Russia and one that sends a clear message that not only are we serious about this matter, but also one that shows the world that the United States will not be intimidated or bullied by other countries," said Obama. 

Obama retaliates against Russia

Obama, speaking to the White House Press Corps, stated, "immediately, anyone of Russian descent residing in the United States is forbidden from buying potatoes.  It is now against the law for any theatrical company, professional or amateur, to perform the play "Uncle Vanya".  This applies to theater productions, television, movies and any other pictorial representation of the play."  

The press corp, in unison, reacted to these announcements with audible gasps. 

"These are not the only actions we will take," said Obama.  "Going forward, Mr. Putin will - in all matters of the United States, by all government employees and in all government documents - will be officially referred to as 'Mister Potato Head'", said Obama.  

Obama to refer to Putin as "Mister Potato Head."

"While the United States is taking other actions against Russia that we will not be making public, I can say that, as president, today I will be signing an Executive Order requiring U.S. map maker manufacturers to eliminate the entire representation of Russia on all future maps."  Obama continued, " Instead, on the maps, that area of land will simply be referred to as 'Candy Land' the classic children's board game."

"This Executive Order also states that internet maps by companies like Google, Map Quest and others delete Russia from their internet maps and replace that geographical area with a pictorial representation of the children's game 'Candy Land'."

Obama orders map makers to replace "Russia" with Candy Land

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

George Michael, dead at 53

I'm sure you've heard the news that singer George Michael was found dead on Christmas Day.  What many didn't know is about his generosity and philanthropy,  which he preferred to keep anonymous.   

The guy had a great voice and a knack for music and hits that were somewhat, musically, unconventional for their time, but that re-directed the trend of the time into new and different areas. 

"Freedom"......One of, I think, his better tracks...nuanced and textured, layered.  Excellent. 

Rest in peace, George.  

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Castro Fighting to Remain Dead

Havana, Cuba - Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro is fighting valiantly to remain dead. 

Castro, a ruthless and oppressive dictator who ruled Cuba for decades, died November 25 and is  bravely battling death since then.  

The Cuban government released the statement that, "Fidel is fighting courageously and bravely against death.  He remains 'heroically dead'."      

Fearing for their personal safety and the safety of their families, anonymous sources say they have their doubts that Castro will remain dead.  They say they speculate and question the sincerity and finality of the death of the cigar-chomping Socialist.  

Rumors persist that people have heard Castro say,  "I am dead. I plan to remain dead. I don't know why anyone doubts me."  

Fidel Castro, bravely battling death.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Hillary LOST Electoral Vote...Trump Wins!

It's official.  The Electoral College has voted and the final results according to al-Reuters is Trump with 304 Electoral votes and Clinton with 227.   

Originally, Clinton had had 232 electoral votes.  So, post-election and post-electoral college recount, Clinton lost five electoral votes.  SHE LOST five votes. 

Hillary Rodham Clinton LOST the 2016 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION!  

And yes, I most certainly am GLOATING!  I'm gloating like any Democrat would be gloating had Clinton won.   

Hillary Clinton lost for two reasons, and two reasons only, and neither of them have to do with "Russian" hacking or hacking or election tampering of any other kind. 

Hillary Clinton lost because of who she is and what she represents (when she's not flip-flopping and changes positions based on popular opinion) and she lost because Liberalism is in a complete and total downfall. 

There is NOTHING wrong with gloating.  Liberals do it ALL THE TIME.  And there is nothing wrong with having ZERO SYMPATHY for the infantile whining of The Left because they lost the White House, they lost seats in the House and Senate and they are a minority as governors of state.  

Awwwww....the widdle Liberal presidential candidate lost.  Oh, Dat's So Sad.  

Suck up your loss Libs.  Own it.  It's yours and yours alone.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Roads Have Cut Up The Earth

Those notorious roads and highways, damn them, have cut up the earth!  Surely this is eco-terrorism at its worst!
The tens of millions of miles of roads that traverse the planet have chopped the Earth’s once interconnected ecosystems into more than 600,000 separate patches.
 I told ya so. 

The full story is HERE.

Please, people...yield...and give Ma' Earth a break. 

Friday, December 9, 2016

I Hacked The Presidential Election

I did it. I hacked the Presidential Election.

It was me, David Drake.  

hacked the U.S. Presidential Election.  

It was me.  

"I hacked the election."

"No. I hacked the election."
"No. It was me. I hacked the election."
"No. I did it. I hacked the election."
"No, it was me. I hacked the election." 
"I hacked the election."

"No, damn it. It was ME. I hacked the election!"
"It was me.  I hacked the election."

"Heh - I hacked the election!"

"I hacked the election....Mmm'kay?"

"It was me.  I hacked the presidential election."

"NO! I'm telling you! It was ME! I hacked the $#DAMN election!"

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Hillary's Presidential Campaign resulted not in a
loss, but in "a successful failure."

Hillary Clinton's losing presidential aspirations are being termed a successful failure by Sirius XM radio host Mark Thompson.
It appears some Hillary Clinton supporters still haven’t accepted that she lost the election. Here's an example: Sirius XM radio host Mark Thompson joined an MSNBC panel Saturday to provide liberal spin on the results of the presidential race.
“We talked about sore winners in the earlier segment. We really didn’t lose. This was sort of a successful failure,” he said of Clinton's loss.
"The majority of Americans voted a Democratic way. Voted for Hillary Clinton. Voted for Democratic senators, voted for Democratic House of Representatives," [he continued].
Mark Thompson

Ummmm, no, the majority of Americans did not vote for Democrat candidates. The Republican majority in both House and Senate, and the White House, prove that - while yes, there were those who voted for Democrat Senators and House of Representatives - the election message sent was one of that that had had it with free reign Liberalism under the Obama Administration, and to some degree, the liberalism of big-time spenders with the George W. Bush presidency.  He spent money as quickly as do the Libs.

How much has anyone seen or heard from Hillary Clinton in recent days?  Do you think she's curled up on a couch with a blanket and a bottle of Wild Turkey with several empty "soldiers" on the coffee table?  Is she locked in a padded cell for her own protection?

She can't possible run again in 2016, 2020 -- she'd be around 74 years old.  And that, according to the Left is far too old as they evidenced by making a point of the presidential candidacy of John McCain who, at the time, was 70.

Sporadic. dementia-ridden, confirmed Socialist Bernie Sanders
Of course, drooling and sputtering and the tangential ramblings of a 74 year old Bernie Sanders was perfectly acceptable, because of his far reach Socialism politics and its embracing by the large group of unthinking youths who comprised his base.

"This was sort of a successful failure."  Well, if I can uncork the champaign and celebrate future Democrat successful failures...may you have a long future of "successful failures."

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Trump Will Not Be Denied His Presidency

Sorry to inform all of you Trump haters, and haters and crybabies are truly what you are - not to mention sore losers - but none of the recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania will change the election results.

Trump currently has 306 electoral votes. If, in some bizarre scenario, Trump were to have taken from him twenty electoral votes of Pennsylvania and the electoral sixteen votes of Michigan, he still wins with 270 electoral votes, the magic number.

306 minus 20 minus 16 = 270.  270 is all he needs.

If Trump were to keep Pennsylvania but somehow lose the Wisconsin ten electoral votes - again, highly unlikely - and keep Michigan, he still wins with 280 electoral votes.

306 minus 16 minus 10 = 280.

The only way the presidential election can be thrown into a constitutional crisis is for Trump to be denied the electoral votes of all three states: Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.  This is not going to happen. 

Or, for a significant number electorates to change their vote from Trump to someone else. Go ahead and hold your collective breath on this, Libs, so we can watch your face turn blue and you lose consciousness.

It will take thirty-seven electors to not cast their vote for Trump in order to bring his electoral number to 269. This simply won't happen. 

Nevada jumped on the bandwagon for a recount as well.

The recount was requested by Roque "Rocky" De La Fuente, an independent candidate for president who finished with fewer than 1% of the votes in Nevada.

De La Fuente said in a news release that the recount was to "balance out" other recounts in Midwestern states won by President-elect Donald Trump. De La Fuente's campaign did not respond to a request for a comment about the recount. 

....[to] " balance out.."   whhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?   His justification makes no sense; it is an unintelligible statement.

Roque "Rocky" De La Fuente.
What a chump

Not to be sitting out the ball game, Florida is attempting a long-shot for a recount.

If the Democrats could, somehow conceive flipping all three states of Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, Hillary Clinton with 232 electoral votes would have a total of 278 electoral votes. This scenario just ain't going to happen.

In fact, no scenario will happen that reduces Trump's electoral votes to less than 270 and I think it highly unlikely he will have anything less than 306 electoral votes on inauguration day.

For all you Libs who want eliminate the Electoral College in favor of the popular vote, consider the following.

Hillary won in California, Illinois and New York which gives her a combined vote total of about 5.8 million votes base on Real Clear Politics numbers for votes by state. 

But the above means that she lost the other 47 states and the District of Columbia by 4.5 million votes.  While it may appear on the surface to bolster the Left's argument to make the winner the one with the popular vote, she disproportionally won the popular vote in only three states and lost the popular vote in the other 47, including D.C.

Libs...I encourage you to act and do as you are currently doing and do so in the future.  You are alienating more people from your party than gaining more followers or new joiners.

Please keep cannibalizing yourselves,'s such a great spectator sport. 

Thursday, December 1, 2016

15 Electors Rejecting Trump?

TV host David Pakman says he was told by a high level source that 15 electors in states Trump won will refuse to vote for Donald Trump.

Pakman went on to say that the electors are also lobbying other members of the electoral college to not vote for Trump.

The goal is to prevent Trump from getting the 270 electoral votes he requires to become president.

If Trump loses 37 electoral votes, it will put him under the 270 benchmark and throw America into a constitutional crisis.

Full story here.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Castro Unlikely to Recover

Havana, Cuba - The Cuban government issued an official statement today confirming it is their belief that former Cuban leader Fidel Castro is unlikely to recover from his death of November 25.

His funeral is scheduled for December 4.

Castro; still dead.

A Cashless U.S.?

What would happen, better yet, what will happen if cash is banned in the U.S.? 

Outside of these countries Canada, Norway, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Mexico and other nations are currently either proposing or rolling out programs that will ban cash from certain transactions if not completely.
And if you think this is impossible in the US, think again. A campaign is already underway to do precisely this.


Read more here:  

How Close Are We To the Cashless Society?

There is little denying it, we are edging closer and closer every year. Here are some key facts
  • In the UK over half of all payments in 2015 were cashless
  • Many EU countries have capped the amount that can be legally paid in cash
  • In India a radio address from Prime Minister Modhi urged citizens to stop using cash
  • In Kenya about a quarter of it’s GNP is through mobile payments app M-Pesa
  • In the U.S. the economist Kenneth Rogoff’s latest book ‘The Curse of Cash’ has put the quest to reduce cash firmly on the agenda of many central banks and governments.
  * The One Hundred Thousand Dollar bill  is a banknote of the United States that was printed by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing from 1934 to 1935. It was never publicly circulated and was only used for transactions between Federal Reserve Banks. With a face value of 100,000 dollars, it is the highest-denominated piece of paper money ever produced by the United States. The note technically still holds the status of legal tender, but has not seen circulation since the 1960s.

Monday, November 28, 2016

A 2016 Presidential Election Recount? Why, yes, PLEASE!

After watching their candidates and party go down in flames in this past presidential election, the Left apparently is not satisfied with the fact that fifty-percent of the American voting public didn't vote for their candidate; they also are oblivious that at least half of the non-voting public is also fed up with their antics.

The response from the Left to endear themselves to more people?  Challenge the presidential election results in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania

Go for it!  Nope - no one in this country has had enough of your whining and tantrums.

Let me guess, this recount all happened like this:

George Soros: "Let's see, I'm an ancient rotting old man with BILLIONS and BILLIONS of dollars.  And while most anyone else on the planet would be quite content to be me and live a nice, quiet life on a golf course, or perhaps fishing, because I am a Luciferian who has profited from some of the most heinous acts of mankind, I must allocate my money, time and resources by inflicting misery, pain and misfortune on those I determine are my enemies and working to undermine democracies in favor of a New World Order run by the world elite, such as my decrepit, soulless, black-hearted self.

"Bill, Hillary, I need you to challenge the ballots in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania for me."

Bill: "Oh, George, neither of us are going to do that. We value our fictional legacies far too much, and the cash machine Clinton Foundation, to risk what you're asking.  Even though Hil' and I are bought and paid for by you, this is one thing we will not do. If you were to...say...find some other person to take the lead, we'd be happy to support that movement."

Hillary: "True Dat! What he said!" 
Soros:  "Gary, will you do my bidding?" 
Gary Johnson: " that a Aleppo?" 
Soros: (Sigh) "Forget it.

"Jill...will you be my Sorosbot I so desperately need to further the New World Order that I so want to live to see but fear I may not?" 

Jill Stein: "Oh, sure George.  I'd be only too happy to become one of your pawns. What's a favor from one Zionist to another Zionist when it comes to the New World Order." 
And that's how I think it went. 

Sunday, November 27, 2016

It's Funny Because It's Liberals

Liberals, who turned a blind eye to any conflict of interest had Hillary Clinton won the White House, with the Clinton Foundation, are now the same Liberals who cry and whine that President Elect Donald Trump liquidate and divest himself of any possible asset he owns and transparently divest himself in the event that sometime in the future a situation like this may potentially have a conflict of interest.

The hypocrisy never ends. 

Fidel Castro finally dies

...and even when ruthless, vile rulers die too.

Cuba's Brutal Tyrant dies.

Liberals Mourn Castro's death.

Castro; dead in November 2016.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Red County, Blue County

This is how Trump won.

And how Hillary lost.  In addition, she took her supporters for granted in several areas, one being Wisconsin.

ColBERT...not funny

Who convinced this guy that he was funny?

Monday, November 14, 2016

PBS and NPR's Gwen Ifill has died at the age of 61, from cancer.

She tended towards favoring and advancing liberalism at the risk of what should be journalistic independence and objectivism. 

But 61 is too young, and I convey my condolences to the family and friends of Ms. Ifill. 

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Trump Wins, Dems Riot

There is a not so fine line between peaceful protests and riots. Burning cars, smashing windows on several cars, occupying a freeway thereby denying others the right to use that highway and vandalizing private and public property are not what encompasses a peaceful protest.

The Left needs to do more to ask of their rioters (many paid professionals from Georgy Schwartz nee George Soros) to cease and desist.