Sunday, October 1, 2017

World News Links - October 1, 2017

News Asia: Two killed by knife attack in Marseille, France. Suspect shot and killed; witnesses say he shouted "Allahu Akbar".
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NDTV: More on the two stabbings in France.
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UPROXX: Multiple terrorist attacks in Edmonton Saturday night.
...a driver apparently used two different vehicles to carry out mayhem spread over three different crime scenes. The 30-year-old male suspect conducted his first attack outside the Commonwealth Stadium during a Edmonton Eskimos game. There, he slammed a Chevy Malibu into a traffic-control barricade, and in doing so, he struck a police car, exited the Malibu, and stabbed a cop multiple times.
The Edmonton Journal reports that an ISIS flag was found in the Chevy Malibu used within the first attack.
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NDTV: British Prime Minister Theresa May said she's sorry her Conservative Party lost seats in June[.]
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Pravada: Op/Ed shreds Theresa May:
She may occasionally make a foray into a fashion magazine and order a pair of shoes online or some ghastly trouser suit which makes her look like an alien that has been dragged through a swamp before being thrown into a wind tunnel but after an encounter with a shredder.

A bit like a pot-bellied crossdresser[.]
...but tell us what you really think of Theresa May?
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TASS: Russian backlash against Theresa May for her comments on "Russian aggression."
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Italy News Net: Libya asks Europe for help in fighting migration.
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Daily Mail: Mafia don Gennaro Panzuto extradited from UK back to Italy:
The leader of the Neapolitan Piccirillo gang ran his murder, extortion and drug trafficking outfit from his small in home in Catterall, near Preston.
Panzuto's UK home.
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Business Standard: UAE initiates "sin taxes":
The United Arab Emirates has begun collecting new "sin" taxes on tobacco products, energy drinks and soft drinks.

Beginning today, tobacco and energy drinks will be taxed at 100 per cent and soft drinks at 50 per cent.
[.]... includes Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia
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RTT NewsJACKPOT in Nevada with legal marijuana.
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Business StandardChina's crackdown on Bitcoin.
Beijing's decision to shut down bitcoin trading platforms has left investors scrambling to cut their losses[.]

"The authorities don't understand anything about bitcoin!" fumed Zhang Yanhua, founder of an investment fund that was dead on arrival after Beijing started tightening the screws at the start of the month.

In mid-September, the central bank- the People's Bank of China- told virtual currency trading platforms based in Beijing and Shanghai to cease market operations.

The bank has focused its sights not just on bitcoin but also ethereum and any other electronic units that are exchanged online without being regulated by any country.
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RTT NewsCity on Mars by 2024 says Elon Musk.
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I expect better from Courthouse News than something that reads like a rambling, adolescent-written manifesto one might find on the Deep (not Dark) Web (then again, it's more likely I should drastically lower my expectations of Courthouse News):  
I have a friend, a native-born U.S. citizen, an honest, smart and ardent communist, who voted for Donald Trump because he thought Trump would bring about the destruction of our political system. I’ve got to say he called it.

As my favorite Republican columnist David Brooks wrote this week for The New York Times
Yeeeeahhhh --- writer Robert Kahn loses any slight credibility he may have had when he says, "my favorite Republican columnist David Brooks..."

Yes, David Brooks is a columnist for The NY Times, but describing Brooks as a "Republican"? Unless this is an attempt by Kahn in writing satire, and "attempt" is the key word here.