Friday, March 31, 2017

Three More Reasons for Term Limits

Add the below to these two:

I was in a state of "Warhol-esque".  To be continued...I suppose, periodically.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Two Reasons for Term Limits

I've changed my mind on Term Limits for both the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives.

Oh, this isn't a Republican thing. I'll pick on two Liberals in the next update.

These two, however, are especially egregious in overstaying their welcome.

Twitter Censors, then UnCensors Itself

On Monday, Twitter decided to censor certain words:
If you're looking to follow news and advocacy about an anticipated Vermont legislature vote this week on legalizing marijuana, a search for the latest tweets that use the combined terms "Vermont" and "marijuana" will for many Twitter users yield zero results.

Same goes for searches for tweets using the terms "pot," "weed" or "cannabis."
The omissions appear to be the product of new default censorship by Twitter, with users required to opt out of a filter to see uncensored results.

Twitter has stopped censoring the above terms, and notes that the filters on their search system aren't working properly (REALLY?!?....):
Over the weekend, the terms “marijuana” and “cannabis” were also filtered out out the search engine. But complaints may have prompted the platform to uncensor the term, as it now shows up.

The filtering system doesn’t even work as its developers intended—[But let's put it out there in Beta, anyway, huh? - DD] sensitive terms are filtered out on the “Latest” tab, but you’ll still find some of them in the “Top” tab. Twitter’s censorship is confusing and lacks the transparency necessary to be useful to users.

Twitter needs to 420.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Vault 7: Wikileaks shows Comrades at CIA can Access Macs and iPhones

Image located at

The CIA has tools for hacking Macs and iPhones.
What's particularly interesting about the documents is that they appear to show that the CIA had the ability to exploit Apple hardware and software a full decade ago.

Not all of the hacks revealed in Dark Matter are quite so old, however. The user guide for Sonic Screwdriver, for instance, was updated as recently as November 2012. It shows how a Thunderbolt or USB port can be used to infect and access a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, right up to mid-2012 models.
Of course, this doesn't surprise you, does it? Every country seems to be ridiculously more paranoid about their own population than those of other countries, including their enemies.

Screwdriver and Screwdriver

Ars Technia has a wonderful article on the Sonic Screwdriver. (And no, we're not talking about the adult beverage containing Swarovski Alizé Vodka).

The following juicy bit from Tech News World, is simply diabolically clever:
The CIA's Embedded Development Branch developed malware that could persist even if the targeted computer were reformatted and its OS were reinstalled, according to data WikiLeaks exposed.
Recall the brouhaha over the so-called unlocked San Bernardino shooters' iPhone between Apple and the government?

Let me state this: that iPhone of the San Bernardino shooter was cracked so fast and so efficiently it would have made your head spin.

The fight between Apple CEO Tim "The Pinhead" Cook and the government was a dog and pony show. Apple didn't want their customers knowing their phones weren't secure and do you really think the government is going to let any company have such a degree of encryption that it can't be hacked? I have a nice shiny bridge in San Fran to sell you if you believe the above.

(The "Pinhead" reference to Cook is exactly that, btw - I think he's a pinhead who is a spot-light whore. And a poor CEO, but that's another story.)

"1984"  is taking it's sweet time in arriving. But with as quickly as technology is progressing  - ("...modem...modem..." anyone even remember them?) - we're nearing a generation of people who have no idea what a modem is/was.  "1984" is catching up to us, so quickly, that both the legality issues and privacy issues lag behind technological growth and advancement.

The Singularity is here. Welcome to 1984. Welcome to Big Brother.

If you have any questions, please direct them to The Ministry of Truth.

Additional  Reading on this subject at
C/NET: CIA Tools

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

David Rockefeller Died, Age 101 Review Request

David Rockefeller, philanthropist, died at 101 years of age. Link valid.

In reading about him, the question of how many heart transplants did David Rockefeller have pops up all over the internet. Whether or not Rockefeller had six or seven - or more or less - heart transplants, depends on what you read and which truth you eventually reach.

One story states he had seven. (The link to The New York Evening does bring up a warning page, but finding it in a DDG search works. How am I supposed to know this from FIVE years ago?)
the Rockefeller family patriarch refuses to let nature take its course, and has instead opted to have another heart transplant at age 101, officially making the record as having “more heart transplants than any other human being that’s ever existed,” according to sources. This is David’s seventh heart transplant.
The 2016 International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation states that patients should be 70-years-old or younger to be considered for cardiac transplantation, and even then, these patients are carefully selected based on their current health, including BMI (body mass index). This recent heart transplant comes after David’s last one failed a couple weeks ago.

According to the Gift of Life Donor Program, “there are more than 122,000 people waiting for much-needed organs,” (including of course, hearts). There are not enough organs to go around... [.] Special allowances are sometimes made for children, however according to the Donor Program, “Factors such as a patient’s income, celebrity status, and race or ethnic background play no role in determining allocation of organs.”
[.] claims that “an average of 22 people die each day waiting for transplants that can’t take place because of the shortage of donated organs,” and this includes children[.]
Whether or not he had two or twelve heart replacements, I think it reasonable to conclude that his name wasn't on a waiting list to get a heart. No, I'm guessing some young, twenty-something guy in Key West or maybe Prague, is walking down the street and just disappears, never to be seen again. His previous medical history known to both Rockefeller and his medical team, no doubt due to his fellow contacts within the Illuminati/Globalist New World Orderites and their members being in high places who can obtain personal information such as medical records, etc.

Rockefeller has his private medical facility on his premises, or some other location, his own surgical staff and boom - he's got another heart.

What, you think it can't happen like that?

And really, how can anyone really know how many heart transplants he had, if any? The only people who really know are David himself, his doctor(s), family (or maybe not, who knows) and his financial minions.

I'm sure he knew somebody who knew somebody who knew a guy who knows another guy who can procure a heart for someone with the last name "Rockefeller," rather than having "Rockefeller" on an organ transplant waiting list.

Like anyone with the last name Rockefeller would have their name on an organ transplant waiting list. Pu-lease!

David Rockefeller, Luciferian

The following quote is attributed to Rockefeller:
This present window of opportunity, during which a truly peaceful and interdependent world order might be built, will not be open for too long - We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.

It depends where you read this. The above is claimed to be debunked. Link valid.

Other sites support its validity. Link valid.

Additional debunking of the quote located here. Link valid. 

I don't know, but as I always do, leave open the caveat of "anything is possible and nothing would surprise me."

There is a whole lot of reading at The Forbidden Knowledge, (page removed) Rockefeller bloodline:

One of the 13 Satanic bloodlines that rule the world is the Rockefeller bloodline.
There is an interesting and informative background on the NWO, but the fascinating, conspiratorial noteworthy item that caught my attention at this site was a Congressman critical of the Rockefellers dies in an Air line crash: at The Forbidden Knowledge, (page removed) 
"The drive of the Rockefellers and their allies is to create a one-world government combining supercapitalism and Communism under the same tent, all under their control.... Do I mean conspiracy? Yes I do. I am convinced there is such a plot, international in scope, generations old in planning, and incredibly evil in intent." - Congressman Larry P. McDonald, 1976, killed in the Korean Airlines 747 that was shot down by the Soviets
Was Korean Airlines 747 shot down by the Soviets as per instructed by David Rockefeller? I have no idea, but it certainly isn't beyond reality.

And is not the back of a one dollar bill loaded with NWO coding?

Hit the website here, for a full scale size of the dollar bill. Link valid.

If you didn't know it, because history books want to portray Rockefeller's father John D. Junior, also as such a philanthropist and father of David made his early, big time money on cornering the narcotics market and then selling it and fighting to make marijuana illegal. Link valid.

David Rockefeller didn't live to see and experience his Globalist New World Order. Some things...well, money just can't buy.

More reading: 

Rockefeller's Luciferian Temples.

What is the Illuminati? 


Luciferian Technocrats Rule the World.

Site No longer exists.

George Soros aka György Schwartz

It would be unkind of me to say we can only hope that George Soros, aka György Schwartz, will soon be joining I won't.

However, I will close with a quote of Clarence Darrow: LINK VALID.
"I have never wished for the death of any man. I have, however, read their obituaries with a great deal of satisfaction."
Correction 3/23/17 removing John D. Rockefeller Seniors name which was placed in error.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Hennepin County Minnesota judge approves search warrant seeking the Google search history of anyone who "googled" the name of an ID Theft Victim

The crime: Identity Theft

The search warrant:  Requested by the police and signed by a judge permitting the police to obtain Google search histories of anyone who "googled" the name of the victim, Douglas Junker.

This is happening in Edina, MN - an affluent suburb south of Minneapolis.

From KMSP TV, Fox 9 News
A search warrant requested by Edina Police and approved by a Hennepin County Judge this past February is raising privacy concerns.

The warrant seeks the Google search history of anyone in Edina who googled the name “Douglas Junker”
between December 1 and January 7.

Junker, an Edina resident, was a victim of identity theft that court documents allege cost him $28,000. The thieves allegedly used a photo obtained through a Google search to forge his passport.
From U.S. and the Fourth Amendment:
Whether a particular type of search is considered reasonable in the eyes of the law, is determined by balancing two important interests.  On one side of the scale is the intrusion on an individual's Fourth Amendment rights.  On the other side of the scale are legitimate government interests, such as public safety.
How great is the scale of intrusion seeking the entire internet search history of anyone who searched on the name of the victim? This is a no-brainer. This search warrant cannot possibly be Constitutional.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Can Congress work with the President to do ANYTHING that will help those that they represent?

From Brainy Quote:

"Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything." -  George Bernard Shaw.

I ran across the above quotation and began thinking, how are the current elected politicians - all parties - going to agree to actually ACCOMPLISH things that will benefit those of us that they represent?

"Oh, but I didn't vote for Trump. He's not my president."

Well, I'm not particularly pleased with the repeated, multi-tenured re-election winners the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Cluck Schumer either. "They're not my senators." Either is Al Franken; although he is, technically.

But these attempts at playing defense by the minority party, with the only goal being that of blocking and defeating the majority - tell me, what good does it do for the voters? What good does it do for the 60 million odd something that voted for Donald Trump and the other 60 million odd something that voted for Hillary Clinton?

Because what this new Congress and new President accomplish, or what they don't accomplish, affects both groups of the 60 million.

Can the Left work with the Right? Can the Right work with the Left? Will minds be changed that will lead to progress?

Entrenched politicians need to focus on their constituents, not their next re-election. If they can't, they are not doing their job and they should resign. But we know that will never happen.

The "Entrenched" politician is found in both main parties. Dems as Pelosi and Schumer; Repubs as John McCain and  Mitch McConnell - and all the other career politicians in the House and Senate...these people are like a living Wax Museum of Politicians Who Never Disappear.

I never favored term limits placed on the Senate or the House. Perhaps there should be a cap on the number of years one can serve in Congress or the Senate. We have a term limit on the presidency. Why shouldn't the same standard apply to Senators and Congressmen/women? How do you think the next two years will play out?

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Dutch Election Called; Wilders Defeated

Geert Wilders

Geert Wilders' political vision did not see victory.

From Time:
"With France and Germany facing elections in the months ahead, [Mark] Rutte hoped to slow the momentum of what he called the "wrong sort of populism" after last's year British vote to leave the European Union and the election of U.S. President Donald Trump.

"This is a chance for a big democracy like the Netherlands to make a point to stop this toppling over of the domino stones of the wrong sort of populism," Rutte said after voting."

Mark Rutte

Looks like the Netherlands gained a fine leader...Socialist.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Marine Le Pen: Anti-Globalist

Marine Le Pen

I don't know. With President Donald Trump, and perhaps if Marine Le Pen were to be elected in France, and with both being anti-globalists, could that mean the plans of the global elitists for a NWO are being quashed?

We can only hope.

From CNN:
[LePen] officially launched her presidential campaign Sunday with a speech attacking globalization and the dangers of immigration.

At a rally in Lyon, Le Pen told a crowd of thousands she favors a return to the French franc currency[.]
A Frexit combined with the Brexit, and Trump in the White House,  and if Geert Wilders is elected in the Netherlands - the George Soros aka György Schwartz-David Rockefeller-Royal Family, Rothschild-globalist, one world government crowd takes a big hit to their desire and movement for global dominance.

We already have Jacob Rothschild as Ruler of Greece.

Look at the financial and currency crises I wrote on India, Greece,  Venezuela and now Brazil is in economic crisis mode:
Latin America's largest country is still crawling through its worst recession in its history.

Brazil's economy shrank 3.6% in 2016.
Brazil's unemployment rate is slightly under 13%.

Will we witness a complete financial breakdown and currency crisis happen to the largest country in South America? If it happens, rest assured it will have been meticulously planned by Global Elitists.

Does "Lord" Rothschild desire to become Emperor of Brazil?

Brazil, India, Greece, Venezuela - all financial and currency "test tubes" for the Wealthiest, Global Elitists wanting to rule the world in their cashless society, with their one-world government.

The Globalists are being identified, their message rejected. Can other countries move as quickly, to suppress and immobilize the threat of international bankers such as the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Carnegie-Mellons, the Royal Family, the Bush dynasty, Soros and so many others.

Here is an excellent article I located on a search of one-world government proponents:
Forty-five authors call for a global referendum on democratic world government

May 13, 2009, Shawville, Québec, Canada — An NGO called Vote World Government has released the names of 45 authors who have published books or articles on the issue of globalizing democracy and who have agreed to set aside their philosophical differences in order to encourage the holding of a global referendum on the general goal of democratic world government.
The story above then lists the names of the 45 authors. Make sure to hit the link and read the full story.

Do you REALLY want your government...your homeland...your sovereign under laws and rules that are answerable to the United Nations and the Globalists who manipulate them?

David Rockefeller, Luciferian

 More reading:
David Rockefeller, Luciferian
Rockefeller's Luciferian Temples  
Soros hacked e-mails show he is the creator of the Luciferian group 
named Lucas Trust.
George Soros: Multi-functional Luciferian.
Luciferian Technocrats Rule the NWO.

"French people have no trust in the media whatsoever," says Marine Le Pen

Marine Le Pen speaks for millions.
Le Pen to reporter: "Don't you think that the traditional media have conspiracy theories?" LOL! She is fantastic in her handling the press.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Sad McCain and Cluck Schumer are both "troubled..."

Both Sad John McCain and Cluck Schumer say they are "troubled."

This reminds me of the numerous times that both Harry Reid and Joe Lieberman would say the same thing. They were "troubled...." about something or other regarding the George W. Bush Admin.

So, Sad McCain is "troubled" by the Trump Tower bugging and Russia: 
“There’s a lot of things about our relations with Russia that trouble me a lot,” Mr. McCain said.
Why does this alleged Republican go out of his way, consistently, against his own party or, rather, why does he feel the need to join the chorus of the Liberal Insane Clown Posse?

Because he is bitter. His bitter bid (no pub intended) for the White House failed. Well, when you run a campaign as poorly as his, as tedious and mundane as his - you lose the race.

Bob Doles' bid for the White House was an exciting, 4th of July fireworks spectacular compared to that of McCain.

And as a side note, I always found it fascinating that in terms of running for the office of president, up until President Donald Trump, the Democrats owned the internet as a political machine.

Bill Clinton and his people knew the potential of the internet in terms of how to use it as a political tool. As a presidential candidate, Howard Dean and his team took use of the internet as a political tool and moved the goal post even higher; understanding the grassroots connection. Dean and his team also understood and capitalized on the fund-raising factors that the internet brought to them. Barack Obama and his his team brought the use of the internet by the Democrats to its Zenith.

The Democrats OWNED the internet and the Republicans - for more than twenty years - are still scratching their behinds without the slightest idea on how to make the internet work for their campaigns and their message.

But then came Donald Trump, and his Twitter account and he simply Pwned what the Democrats developed using the internet as their very proficient political tool. Trump ripped the 'political ownership' out of them, destroying their dominance and control of the internet as their apparatus.

And he's the only one. Not one single Republican or Libertarian, really, have managed to effectively use the internet as part of their political message and election attempts as have the Democrats. It's like the Republican's can't figure out how the internet can help them. Well, they don't have to figure it out. Copy how Bill Clinton used it. Copy Howard Dean. Copy Barack Obama. Copy Donald Trump.

How the Republicans can't manage to figure out how to use the internet is one big enigma to me. But I digress...


The very Liberal and partisan Cluck Schumer finds that he too, is "troubled.": 
[Schumer said]  he is concerned by Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s request for resignations from 46 U.S. attorneys appointed by former President Barack Obama.
“I’m troubled to learn of requests for resignations from the remaining U.S. attorneys, particularly that of Preet Bharara, after the President initiated a call to me in November and assured me he wanted Mr. Bharara to continue...
Awwwwww, poor Cluckie, that's just a shame. The U.S. Attorneys serve at the behest of the President and requesting their resignation, or terminating them if they refuse to resign, IS THE PREROGATIVE OF ANY PRESIDENT AND HIS U.S. ATTORNEY GENERAL.

So Sad John and Cluckie, be "troubled." And Cluckie, be "concerned", also.

These two Senators are shining examples from BOTH parties, and are the answer to the question of:  Why doesn't anything GET DONE in Washington."

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Obama Doesn't Seems Irked and Exasperated by President Donald Trump

Barack Hussein Obama: "Irked and exasperated."The Toledo Blade

Barack Hussein Obama: "Irked and exasperated."- CNN (so we know this story is Fake News)

Barack Hussein Obama: "Irked and exasperated."- Talk Media News

Basically, all the above report the news, verbatim - the manner in which they are TOLD to report the story:
That Obama is "irked and exasperated" with the charges made by PRESIDENT Donald Trump, that Trump Tower was bugged.

I don't know...the EX President seems very worry-free, content and quite happily and daintily skipping along behind "Mr." Obama in the pic below, of which the handbag has not been inserted via Pho-Shopped.  Actual image appears bottom of post.

"Shop, shop, shop. Shop til you drop!" (snap)

Actual image below from which the above was cropped:

No phony Pho Shopping here. Obama thimply lovths handbags. No fake news at David Drake's Place. Besides, Obama carrying the prettified handbag is a solid, masculine image.

And hey - who am I to judge?

Two Dogs,  you'd have no apprehensions about carrying a handbag like that in public, would you?

Thursday, March 2, 2017

World News Bits (and"WWCCD": What Would Chester Cheetos Do?)

* "Seattle's politics leans famously to the Left." Yet, after promising a written policy manual for dealing with major traffic and freeway incident.

Yet - it's been 19 MONTHS and still nothing. Well, those Liberal Seattle City Council Members are probably just taking their time to make sure they get it right. Efficiency with Liberalism. Right? From The Seattle Times.
- - - -
* What's it like having a brother who is an Islamophobe, fears for his life and fears death threat? Why, just ask Paul Wilders about his brother Geert. From Der Spiegel:
SPIEGEL: Mr. Wilders, for years you did not make any public statements about your brother Geert. But now you have criticized him via Twitter. Why?
Wilders: After the Berlin terrorist attack, Geert sent out a photo montage showing (German Chancellor) Angela Merkel with blood on her hands. It crossed a line.
- - - -
*  Italian President Sergio Mattarella says not to judge President Donald Trump too quickly. Corriere Della Sera News.
- - - -
* Portugal calls for the complete and total abolishment of the death penalty worldwide. Portugal News Online.  Yes, because as goes Portugal, so goes the world.
- - - -
* From the Southwales Evening PostMan tries to kill wife with bow and arrow. It's not that trying to kill her was wrong, it's that he failed to buy a hunting license. /snark
- - - -
* At Alfonso Rachel"The Regressive Left Protests Everything." Yes, they do, they do indeed. And bitterly and angrily so.
- - - -
* One of these things is not like the other. Can you tell which? Police nab pregnant woman with with marijuana in Cheetos Bag. Racine Journal Times.

WWCCD: What Would Chester Cheetos Do?

* This can't be good, from Courthouse News: PayPal accused of diverting Charity donations. 
- - - -
* Poll results: Positive reaction to President Donald Trump's speech. RTT News
- - - -
* From BBC: Scientists have discovered what they say could be fossils of some of the earliest living organisms on Earth. Below, image of one of the oldest fossils found:

Precedes Carbon Dating process.

* The Connecticut Post: A five cent surcharge on plastic bags has been approved for funding parks.
“The reality is, our state parks are in crisis,” said Sen. Ted Kennedy Jr., D-Branford, co-chairman of the committee.
Will we ever be truly free from "the" Kennedys?
[updated for proofreading March 6, 2017.]

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Parsing Nanny Pelosi

Did you see Nanny Pelosi this past Sunday, the 26th, on ABC's "This Weak With George Stephanopoulopopoplopolus"?

Here's a recap on the nonsense that she attempted to proffer as facts.

Pelosi, as have many other Liberals, claims that [President Donald Trump] "has put Wall Street ahead of the American people."

That's a nice sound byte that the Fakestream™ Media will be sure to broadcast, but it's a bogus accusation.

I guess every four or eight years, Wall Street, like the White House, completely and totally changes its political affiliation.

It's painfully obvious that any accusation that the interests of Wall Street are placed above those interests of Main Street wasn't whispered about during the eight years under Barack Hussein Obama.

When Obama took office, the DOW was 7,949.

At the end of the trading day of the 2017 presidential inauguration, the DOW closed at 19,827.

Why, there can only be one conclusion: Obama put Wall Street ahead of the American people.

Fills in facial wrinkles and skin crevices!

Pelosi also said that our health care costs were rising so much, to an unprecedented level eight years ago, it is the reason for passage of the Affordable Care Act, aka the atrocious and invasive "ObamaCare."

Allow me to remind everyone that the political party of "Keep Your Hands Off My Body" is now the party of "Keeping the Government's Hands All Over My Body."  THANK GOD the financial penalty for not having proof of health insurance was surgically excised by Doctor Trump.

If I understand Pelosi correctly, she's saying that our health care costs were so high prior to ACA, that the only way to reduce those costs was to spend billions, increasing the cost of health care premiums for millions of Americans and implementing one of the most onerous and invasive federal programs since the absurdly costly Socialism foisted upon the American people since FDR and LBJ.

Pelosi babbled on and on, reciting the Usual Liberal Talking Points as only a well-rehearsed Liberal magpie can do.

Among other inane rambling from this woman, who appears to have had three-too-many face lifts considering the skin across her face is stretched across her like saran wrap atop a bowl of potato salad, Pelosi said, "we must focus on rebuilding our infrastructure."

Our infrastructure needs rebuilding? I don't understand this. Upgrading our infrastructure was a MAIN FOCUS of EX-PRESIDENT Barack Hussein Obama.

Excuse me, but wasn't our infrastructure completely upgraded with all the Shovel Ready Jobs  Obama created by pushing the U.S. into trillions of dollars of debt?

Obama and his political and voting Cultists FAILED in reforming any type of health care ("If you want to keep your doctor, you can.") causing all health care costs to skyrocket for everyone.

Obama and his Cultists FAILED with flying colors in rebuilding our infrastructure.

And Wall Street? Apparently Wall Street as a non-living organism (a street does not live and breath) and the people working for Wall Street, were all Democrats for the past eight years.


Let's give that another try: The Liberal Insane Clown Posse GLOSSES over what a Wall Street shill they had in Hillary Clinton. Hypocrites, yet - no surprise.

As of January 20th, everyone who works in any capacity related to Wall Street - like the pod people in "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" - awakens now as a greedy Republican institution when for the past eight years Wall Street must have, obviously, all been Democrats.

How does an entire industry, whose financial metrics, soared to unprecedented heights during eight years of Obama suddenly, overnight, morph into Republicans? The Answer: it doesn't. It's simply another lie told by Liberals.

Pelosi, a national "charity case."

Pelosi's estimated net worth is $120 MILLION. 

In fact, her net worth increased 62 percent in just ONE YEAR! Wouldn't you like a net worth increase of 62 percent in one year? Who wouldn't?
Forms disclosing the assets and liabilities of lawmakers for the 2010 calendar year were released Wednesday. The forms give a good estimate of lawmaker wealth, though they show ranges and not precise values for stocks, pension plans, vacation homes and other assets of lawmakers.
Pelosi saw her wealth rise due to some stock gains.

Stocks? Pelosi owns stocks? Stocks? Stocks are related to Wall Street, aren't they?

Let us not forget about the fine imposed because of her misuse of spending of PAC money.

Nancy Pelosi does not care about working Americans, and when I use the phrase working Americans I'm talking about anyone whose yearly salary is anywhere between $12,000 to $100,000.

The most recently available median salary for the U.S. is $55,775.

Pelosi does not identify with working Americans, she never will...she can't. She is a talking bobble-head whose purpose is only to further Liberalism. She is losing the fight and her fellow Uber Liberals are apoplectic that their political agenda is dying and life support...well, life support isn't looking so good for them now. And that's a good thing.

Give Beatty a Break

I didn't watch "The Academy Awards/Oscar" program and can't remember the last time I did.  But, I did catch the coverage on Warren Beatty having the incorrect envelope, which led to the incorrect awarding of best picture to the wrong entity.

ANYWAY - yeah, I know Beatty is an Uber Lib. But I don't allow the political views of any type of artist to interfere with my appreciation of their work.  And Beatty, at his best, starred and directed some darn good films. "Heaven Can Wait", "Reds" and "Dick Tracy" immediately come to mind.

Contrary to this overly analytic view of what happened to Beatty Sunday night, I think it's just a matter of him being 80 years old:
“You can see he’s flummoxed, but she thought it was Warren being Warren, which it wasn’t.”

Some of you ageists think Beatty should simply have said, “There seems to be a problem.” But improvisation is not his strong suit and he is not one to blurt out anything publicly, especially this publicly. In the best of circumstances, Biskind says, “Warren is not exactly Demosthenes when it comes to public speaking.”
Faye Dunaway and a confused Warren Beatty

Look, Beatty is 80 years old.  Rather, he will be at the end of March.

No one who is 80 years old has the same mental acuity that they had at 60. Or 40. Or 25.

Yes, he was confused. But it is more that nothing 'clicked-on' in his head as to how to handle it, or to simply say, "there's seems to be a mistake here." He blanked out.

Also, (I saw various clips of the Awards on the news), when he walked onto the stage with Faye Dunaway, he was holding her arm not in what looked like a "date" type hold, or a hold that would be common as a man and woman wanting to appear formal. To me, it appeared that he was leaning on her, using her to support himself and walk. He seemed frail. And with him looking at the floor, it made me wonder if he had some balance or issue with walking.

Give the guy a break. He's 80. We should all be so lucky.