Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Twitter Censors, then UnCensors Itself

On Monday, Twitter decided to censor certain words:
If you're looking to follow news and advocacy about an anticipated Vermont legislature vote this week on legalizing marijuana, a search for the latest tweets that use the combined terms "Vermont" and "marijuana" will for many Twitter users yield zero results.

Same goes for searches for tweets using the terms "pot," "weed" or "cannabis."
The omissions appear to be the product of new default censorship by Twitter, with users required to opt out of a filter to see uncensored results.

Twitter has stopped censoring the above terms, and notes that the filters on their search system aren't working properly (REALLY?!?....):
Over the weekend, the terms “marijuana” and “cannabis” were also filtered out out the search engine. But complaints may have prompted the platform to uncensor the term, as it now shows up.

The filtering system doesn’t even work as its developers intended—[But let's put it out there in Beta, anyway, huh? - DD] sensitive terms are filtered out on the “Latest” tab, but you’ll still find some of them in the “Top” tab. Twitter’s censorship is confusing and lacks the transparency necessary to be useful to users.

Twitter needs to 420.

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