Sunday, October 1, 2023

October 4 EAS Test or Zombie Apocalypse?

I won't be online or powering my cell phone.

MassLive: FEMA’s Oct. 4 emergency alert test spurs conspiracy theories.

SK POP"5G activated Zombie apocalypse": October 4th frequency conspiracy theory erupts amid FEMA blackout fears.

Engadget: Your phone will blare a national emergency alert test on October 4 at 2:20PM ET.

[...] in the (extremely unlikely) [sic] event of an actual emergency on Wednesday, the test will take place a week later on the backup date of October 11

What? If there's an actual emergency this Wednesday, a "test run" is set for the 11th? 🤣

"Conspiracy Theories." Because the government would never deceive us.

What are you doing on October 4th? This site will be closed that day FYI. Unless the 4th does usher in Armageddon, then I might hop online and join in the festivities.

They had years to prepare.

Student Loan Deadbeats, pay your fucking loans! 

CNBC: Student loan bills resume for 40 million Americans. How it could shake the economy.

Ryan Moran, a nurse in Jacksonville, Florida, hasn’t thought about his federal student loans in years. But this month, he’s scrambling to figure out how to make room in his budget for his $500 monthly bill.

He and his wife, Amelia, plan to dine out less and to skip the football games they love to attend. His grocery bills will also need to shrink.

“And it’s not only consumption that decreases,” said Moran, 26. “Increasing monthly payments means I have to work overtime, taking time away from my family.”
Meanwhile, many people with student debt plan to cut back their spending on clothing, travel and food.

Oh, so during the past years these people knew this date was coming and instead of preparing for it many were spending on travel, sporting events and dining out. It didn't dawn on them to set X dollars aside per month for this day?

B-B-B-but..."the economy is so bad." I don't know why they think this, Biden tells everyone this is the greatest economy ever.

RochesterFirst: Payments resume for student loans; Rochester students, graduates react.

In Collegetown, local students shared their thoughts — with some saying they are not a fan of the idea of having to pay it back in this economy. [Do they mean the Biden Economy? Who did they vote for? - DD]
“Students must have access to university and become something free for everybody and not become something for few people or just for who is rich.” Foreign college student Elona Ndoj said. “It’s not fair because education is the base of any society.”

And there it is; the fallback phrase of every whining liberal cuck student loan borrower: "It's not faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiir." 

Which one of you held a gun to Elona's head and forced him/her/it to travel to the U.S. for their education instead of staying home and mastering the art of baked mud pie or lizard-on-a-stick?

"Life is sooooooooooooooooooooo hard with a student loan. Waaaaahhhhhhhh!" 

The Self Entitled Permanent and Coddled Infant Mind Generation. 

Get a second or third job. Eat Ramen. Suck it up, Buttercups.