Friday, December 30, 2016

Obama Retaliates against Russia; Expels 35 Russian Diplomats

Washington D.C. - In an unprecedented  move, President Barack Obama expels 35 Russian diplomats and closes two Russian owned real estate areas.

These retaliatory actions are a response to what the Obama Administration and several U.S. intelligence agencies say was Russia meddling and, perhaps hacking by the Russian government, that affected the U.S. Presidential race that elected Donald Trump.    

"The Russian government, and especially Vladimir Putin, will see retaliation by the United States," said Obama.  "We will not tolerate any interference by any government that attempts to influence any U.S. election, but especially our presidential election."

Vladimir Putin

Obama continued, "we are already in the process of advising Russian diplomats in the United States that they must leave the country within the next seventy-two hours." 

The president continued to define other actions that his administration will take in the upcoming weeks against the Russian government.

"Make no mistake about this, we are responding to the Russian government with penalties that will severely impact our relationship with Russia and one that sends a clear message that not only are we serious about this matter, but also one that shows the world that the United States will not be intimidated or bullied by other countries," said Obama. 

Obama retaliates against Russia

Obama, speaking to the White House Press Corps, stated, "immediately, anyone of Russian descent residing in the United States is forbidden from buying potatoes.  It is now against the law for any theatrical company, professional or amateur, to perform the play "Uncle Vanya".  This applies to theater productions, television, movies and any other pictorial representation of the play."  

The press corp, in unison, reacted to these announcements with audible gasps. 

"These are not the only actions we will take," said Obama.  "Going forward, Mr. Putin will - in all matters of the United States, by all government employees and in all government documents - will be officially referred to as 'Mister Potato Head'", said Obama.  

Obama to refer to Putin as "Mister Potato Head."

"While the United States is taking other actions against Russia that we will not be making public, I can say that, as president, today I will be signing an Executive Order requiring U.S. map maker manufacturers to eliminate the entire representation of Russia on all future maps."  Obama continued, " Instead, on the maps, that area of land will simply be referred to as 'Candy Land' the classic children's board game."

"This Executive Order also states that internet maps by companies like Google, Map Quest and others delete Russia from their internet maps and replace that geographical area with a pictorial representation of the children's game 'Candy Land'."

Obama orders map makers to replace "Russia" with Candy Land

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