Saturday, May 20, 2023

Three stories from the Daily Mail. Ice cream truck near Auschwitz provokes fury, Cocaine dealer freed by Obama shoots woman leaving her brain dead, $2B wasted by U.S. on Coof vaccines.

Daily Mail: Ice cream van sets up... outside AUSCHWITZ: Fury over 'disrespectful'.

An ice cream van has sparked outrage after setting up shop outside the former Nazi death camp Auschwitz.

The van which also sells waffles has been condemned as 'tasteless and 'disrespectful' by the Auschwitz Museum after it appeared outside the camp's main entrance known as the 'Death Gate'.
However, it is located outside the protection zone of the Monument to the Holocaust, so unfortunately we have no influence on it.

Some selected comments from the DM story:

It's fucking ice cream, not Waffle Cones in the likeness of Hitler and the van is set-up outside the protection zone

We'll probably learn that the ice cream van is owned by a Jew and all the kvetching will be for naught, just as it was when Jews had a fit over the auction of Hitler's wristwatch only to be silent when it was revealed that it was a wealthy Jew that bought it for over $1M.

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Daily Mail: Cocaine dealer whose life sentence was commuted by Obama in 2015 is charged with shooting female passenger during road rage incident and leaving her BRAIN-DEAD.

A convicted cocaine dealer, who was given a second chance when his life sentence was commuted by former President Obama in 2015 is back in prison on attempted murder charges after he shot a woman, leaving her brain-dead, cops say. 

Alton Mills, 54, last made the news when Obama cut short his life sentence in 2015 after serving 22 years in jail for what were small time drugs offenses.

He received an sentence after being arrested in 1993 on federal conspiracy charges as part of a crack cocaine conspiracy.

His two previous convictions of possession of less than five grams of crack cocaine led to prosecutors filing a sentence enhancement, which saw him sentenced to life in prison without parole.

But he is now looking at another possible life sentence following an expressway shooting early on Sunday morning in the suburbs of Chicago. The victim, who has not been identified, is not expected to survive.

No surprise Total POS Dick Durbin (D-IL) had his fingers in this; the man who called U.S. Soldiers, "Nazis," and compared them to the Gulag and Pol Pot.

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Daily Mail: More than $2 billion of US taxpayer cash has been wasted on unused Covid vaccines.

More than $2 billion has been wasted on unused Covid vaccines throughout the pandemic, data suggests.

More than 300million doses of four brands of vaccine - Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson and Novavax - have been discarded or donated to other countries.

There are multiple reasons for the wastage, including vaccine hesitancy and overspending by the US Government.

Yet despite the figures and dwindling demand, the World Health Organization has called for new Covid shots to be developed for this winter that target mutated variants.


Anonymous said...

The fuss over an ice cream truck?

Drake's Place said...

Mark, It appears that way, yes.