Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Clay Travis: AM Radio's Joy Behar.

I'm not planning a certain number of installments or series of the New Never Trumper (NNT) Neocons vs Diehard DeSantis Supporters (DDS), but if you missed it, you can read the first post HERE.

Tuning in to "The Clay and Buck Show" for a while today is what prompted this post.

Rush Limbaugh must be perpetually rolling in his grave. I gave "Clay and Buck" 2 years, listening on and off. Buck Sexton is at least circumspect. From the start, and even before this duo replaced Rush, I never cared for Clay Travis. He's AM Radio's Joy Behar.

Recap of Clay Behar's last two years, condensed version: 

"Isn't 'Jaws' the most scariest movie ever?"

"It's a donnybrook."

"Buck, I can't believe you've never filled out a Final Four bracket!"

"Would you rather be killed by a alligator, a lion or a bear?"

"(Any possible sports analogy that can be made)."

"This reminds me of (insert name of movie here), when (insert whatever happened in the movie) and it's so scary!"

"Did you watch the game between (insert sportsball team names here) and it's just like what's happening in politics."

"But Buck, what about 'Jaws'?"


On Wednesday's program a Trump supporting caller named Jay ripped both hosts, Clay more than Buck, regarding the drumbeat of Clay Behar's status as a NNT.

Rush could take something complex and break it down into a few succinct, understandable sentences. Clay Behar drones on and on as if the more he talks the more understandable it is or that it makes him sound more intellectual.

It's easy to tell Clay Behar's NNT attitude. This is common among people who previously supported Trump but now, for whatever reasons, dislike Trump. "He can't win," they say.

Clay Behar and Buck were invited by President Donald Trump to do their program from Mar A Lago one day a few months ago. A week later, Clay Behar is dissing all over Trump. Why? Who knows. Ratings?


FWIW, yes, there are times I wish Trump would direct his energy and criticism at more deserving people and politicians rather than some of the people he targets who aren't worth the time and effort. That said, Trump is Trump. Criticism from NNTs isn't going to make Trump adjust his demeanor.

What I do know is this: The Bush, Koch and Cheney families, Mittens and Paul Ryan aren't supporting Trump. That's all I need to know to support Trump 2024.

The NNT's saying, "Trump can't win," becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Who would want these types of people coaching their child's baseball or soccer team? "You can't win, you're going to lose." How uplifting and motivational.

Had it not been for Trump's support and endorsing DeSantis, Florida might've had Charlie Crist for governor.

Does Trump's personality really matter?

Did you like his policies? 

Did you like a gallon of gasoline priced at $1.87? 

Did you like that he's the only president to tell NATO, the UN, the WHO and the EU to GF themselves? 

Did you disapprove that he withdrew the U.S. from the ridiculous Paris Climate Accord?

Do you prefer the economy and prices where they're at now, or under Trump's term? 

Did you not enjoy a relatively calm four year international break from escalating military conflicts that we have today? 

Did you dislike that Trump decreased the amount of money the U.S. gives in foreign aid?

If Trump is the Republican candidate, I'd like to believe most DeSantis supporters will bite their tongue and vote for Trump. I don't believe a significant amount of Trump supporters will turnout in high numbers and vote for DeSantis.

Which may leave us with four more years under the puppet-masters of Biden. Okay with me. Let it all burn. Fire is cleansing. The only satisfaction will be listening to the NNTs whining regret over not supporting and voting for Trump.

Welcome to your Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: Trump can't win!

Stay tuned. More to come on other days on this Epic NNT - DDS Bataille Royale.

Next time: Some of the reasons the NNTs won't support or vote for Trump in 2024.


Ponder this, gentle NNT'ers: you realize you're initiated into membership with the likes of Bill Kristol, The Lincoln Project, Hillary Clinton, John Brennan, James Clapper, Peter Strzok and...the list is endless.


E M Johnson said...

I agree. I was hoping Buck would have got the show solo. I don't listen because Clay is phukin annoying as hell.

Drake's Place said...

E M: Thank you for your comment of which I agree. Glad to know I'm not alone on this one.

Anonymous said...

Add Liz Cheney to the list.

Drake's Place said...

Mark, HOW did I forget her?

ontoiran said...

i would gladly vote for either of them

Drake's Place said...

ontoiran, That's respectable and a positive outlook!

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

I don’t listen never have. Just another one of thousands kicking the dead horse.

“Clown World is getting clownier and clownier by the day. But Trump can hardly complain. This is what happens when you chicken out at the Rubicon”.

Drake's Place said...

BC, You decision to not listen to Clay & Buck is the right one. I do miss Rush.

Drake's Place said...

^ Your

KurtP said...

I pretty much tapered off listening to Rush when they ceaselessly kept rerunning his show.
Then the twins showed up, just like the fad of having multiple hosts talking over each other on other radio shows.

I have tinnitus bad, drive a truck and can't tell who's talking and it sounds like they're the same guy talking to himself.

I've pretty much quit listening to talk radio anymore.

Drake's Place said...

Kurt, I remember the reruns of previous Rush programs. I think that was when he was ill?

Anyway, I do miss Rush. Didn't always agree with him, but he knew Talk Radio inside and out. I give Clay and Buck only a few minutes on and off / day. They have no content, IMO.

Good hearing from you!