Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Tuesday's Friday Moring Music Video (FIXED)

Uploaded the wrong Cheap Trick video. This has been fixed. Sorry about that.

"She's Tight" by Cheap Trick, from 1982's One on One.

A comment on the video from You Tube: "Rick Nielson [sic] breaks out his custom 5 neck Hamer guitar for this video. He's criminally underrated as a guitar player and as a songwriter."

Guitar Player: The Story Behind Rick Nielsen's 1981 Hamer Five-Neck.

Rick’s out of his mind, but in a wonderful way. By 1981, we had already done some pretty wacky stuff for him[.], [said, Hamer’s Frank Untermeyer.]
"For this guitar, we cut apart five double-cutaway Hamer Special bodies and laminated them together, and then sanded in between the necks to get that sort of swoopy look. As I recall, routing the wires through this thing was also a huge pain in the ass.”

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