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NHL Tuesday, May 30; Caps v LV Game 2 of The Stanley Cup 2018; NHL Game 1 Recap LV - Caps

Just one word describes Monday night's game one for the Stanley Cup between LV and Washington...

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Wow, indeed. (Game one Recap).

EDIT NOTE:  I had TBay on the brain when thinking of the Caps, thus the reason for the strikeouts and fixes. 

LV leads in this best of seven series, 1 to 0.

If you watched part or all of game one, you know what I mean. If you didn't, you can watch tonight's game 2, with Washington playing in LV and find out if the NHL is to your liking. You won't be disappointed. (See here  for the listing of tonight's game).

Monday's game had its share of player fights, pucks bouncing off both the goalie posts and bars, in what normally woulda/ shoulda been a goal, pucks that crossed the red line that really redefines long shot  and both teams' goalies (Caps' Braden Holtby, and LV's Marc-Andre-Fleury) making saves that, really, seemed to reach far beyond anything capable of human anatomy and physiology --- it was edge of your seat hockey. Stats and real-time references Here.

More Caps - LV Game 1 Highlights Here, on YTube.  (link working as of publishing).

At the most, six games remain. At the worst, 3 games remain. I'll mark it that I think this series will go six games. (Note to self Remember this, Dave).

My prediction on Monday's game:

TBay 3;  Caps 2

Caps 2;  LV 0

Actual Final Score:

TBay 4;  Caps 6

Caps 4; LV 6

Yep, it was that kind of game, 1-0; then 1-1; then 2-1; then 2-2...and so one, one team up, the other would tie. Incredible, fantastic hockey with passes and plays that were just so intense and sports poetry in motion. Come...come to the NHL...Come. (I have no vested interest in the NHL so no sales pitch here.)

It's just one of the most physically, active/action (constantly moving) sports to watch, all full time action, like rugby and soccer. And then -  - and add...this round chunk of vulcanized rubber,- -  and the bounces and rolls and dings off the post or a player's skates of the puck defies any logical geographical points.

The NHL is not slow and deliberate NFL, MLB or the NBA where, really, only the last two minutes of any NBA game is what anyone needs to see.

Game 2 is tonight,  at 8PM EST on NBCSN, CBC, SN, TVAS. And again, here.

At publishing time, Odds Sharks predicts a final score of: Caps 2.8;  LV 2.5

My pick:

TBay 3;  LV 1  scratched

TBay 4;  LV 2 (final)

EDIT FIX: meant Caps, not TBay:

Caps 4;  LV 2

I know I get visitors from Canada, some from LV and also eastern U.S; and I'm kinda thinking ðŸ˜€there are a few hockey fans, so leave a comment with your thoughts, predictions, takes, whatever.

"Smooth...real smooth."

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