Monday, May 14, 2018

NHL Monday, May 14

My pick for Saturday's game between Vegas & Winnipeg:

LV 5; Jets 3

Actual Final Score:

LV 2;  WPeg 4

The series is Jets 1; LV 0.

I did not watch last night's game of Washington vs Tampa Bay; but the Caps beat TBay 6 to 2; the Caps leading the series 2 games to zero. Game 3 is tomorrow, May 15, and is in Washington as is game 4.

Both the Jets and the Caps play has been incredible in these Conference Finals. I wouldn't write off either LV or TBay just yet, both teams have been able to regroup and return to their better play. 

Tonight, Game 2 Jets vs LV:

Odds Sharks predicts  Jets 3;  LV 2.9

Tonight's game is in Winnipeg, so I'm going to go with the Jets' home ice advantage. I think the Jets will start strong again (as they did in Saturday's game), and I think LV will adjust, and we'll see a much tighter game than we did on Saturday.

My pick:

Jets 4;  LV 3 in OT

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