Sunday, May 6, 2018

NHL Sunday, May 6

Yesterday's picks:

Pens 5;  Caps 3

Jets 4;  Preds 2

Actual Final Scores:

Pens 3; Caps 6; Series: Caps 3 - Pens 2

Jets 6; Preds 2; Series: Jets 3 - Preds 2

And, because it's easier to predict Powerball lottery numbers than NHL winners and scores, my PBall numbers prediction were: 1,7,21,32,34 and PB 5. 

Actual Powerball numbers:  14, 29, 36, 57, 61 and PB 17

Add one more correct pick for me with the Jets over the Preds, which brings me to...oh, I don't know - I've lost track. No doubt my correct picks are vastly out-numbered by actual results.

Today's games:

Boston at TBay, game # 5; series TBay 3, Boston 1 at 3PM EST (on "free/broadcast" NBC).

Vegas at San Jose, game # 6; series LV 3, Sharks 2, 7:30PM EST.


Odds Shark has TBay 3.9; Boston 1.7

Odds Shark has LV 3.6; SJ 2.8

I'd like to see TBay close this series and beat Boston, but I don't think this will happen. I think this series will go six games, Boston winning today and TBay winning game six.

I'm prepared for LV winning today, but the Sharks are playing at home and know this is the end of the road if they tank.

TBay 3;  Boston 4 in OT

Sharks 5;  LV 4 in 2 OT

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