Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Hey Florida, what's up with Lizard People?


The text from pic if you don't want to click:

The whole Lizard People Thing is Crazy Right?

I was flying international first class to Miami and had a rare conversation with the person next to me. Within 20 minutes I raised our partition as she would not shut the fuck up about Lizard people and caves into a hollow earth etc. Next day I had a meeting with a successful business owner who runs a company in a high tech industry. Lots of government contracts, really smart guy. Over lunch, he fucking starts talking about Lizard people. He had a slightly different take than airplane lady, but what are the odds? Is everybody in Florida fucking crazy or are chameleons running the world?

It's Hillary, isnt it?

Is discussion of Lizard People common among Floridians? Can anyone add  context (comment)? Appreciate it!

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