Thursday, May 16, 2019

New Zealand man visited by police(?) for unclear reasons who won't discuss anything unless he stops filming. He doesn't.

Via You Tube and Facebook:
Napoleon Ardern
May 4 at 2:59 PM ·

9.45am SUNDAY 5th May - NEW ZEALAND Police Visit me. With Firearms !!! -- want to talk, but then will not be filmed. Authoritarian State INTIMIDATION of all that OPPOSE Socialism. All those that have an opinion that they don't like. Share, this before it gets memory holed.

Some comments at the You Tube link: 
rahera k.Published on May 5, 2019
i don't know who Mr. Napoleon Ardern is or anything about him. (edit: ok just watched the video again, i guess his name is Nick Bush.) i was just alerted to this video now and i think it is an important video for New Zealanders to see.
Thomas W
There's only one reason they won't talk on camera, abd [sic] that's that they aren't working within the bounds of the law and their remit[.]

They don't want to talk on camera because the recording will be proof positive that they are acting in an unlawful, unconstitutional manner. Political Policing on behalf of the Islamic headscarf wearing PM, waging her Cultural Marxist War on people of a European, Christian Background.

So New Zealand is making lists of people with bad opinions

Calvin Abbott
Political Commissars not police.

mike allen
it is Jacindas brave new world.

Never talk to the police. They are not there for a friendly chat.... They are information gathers, to gather information against YOU or ppl that you care about so they can convict you, fine you or put you in a cage. Use your rights and say nothing... any lawyer will tell you that.

P Robinson
I'm hearing about more of this going on - the police turning up at peoples properties wrt firearms. My 2 cents: if you arent [sic] willing to be recorded as a public servant, you need to find a new job.
Anyone else heard of this happening in NZ, or elsewhere?

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