Saturday, May 25, 2019

More global warming alarmism; U.S. cities and landmarks COULD be 2100.

(Big sigh...)

Business Insider: Disturbing before-and-after photos show how US cities — and their famous landmarks — could be underwater in 80 years.
A few years ago, the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predicted that the world's sea levels would rise an additional 3 feet by 2100. But earlier this week, a study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences more than doubled this worst-case estimate, predicting that sea levels could rise by around 6.5 feet in the same time frame.

For coastal cities like New York and San Francisco, this spells bad news for low-lying waterfront neighborhoodsand the many landmarks within them.

Climate Central's Google Earth plug-in shows what US cities would look like in the most extreme cases of sea-level rise.
And we know we can completely Trust in the accuracy of Teh Googel, right?

Statue of Liberty - current.

 Statue of Liberty - underwater.

 Palm Beach, FL - current

 Palm Beach, FL - underwater

Significant reduction in street vehicles and pedestrian traffic!
More places accessible by boats! More boating! Yay!
Long drives to the beaches eliminated!
Home-to-work commute by water-sking!
Fishing easily available almost everywhere!
Can play "Waterworld" for real!
Reductions in home and business fires!
Porpoise Lassoing finally legalized and recognized as a sport!
Fun times at High Tide!
Finally a reality to living under the sea.
Ski-jetting everywhere!
Big decrease of lawns to mow and maintain.
Good deterrent to Zombie attacks.
More Hydroponic alternatives.
Fewer seasonal allergies.

Extra water.
Possible increased risk of Cthulhus.

Did I miss any?

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