Thursday, September 15, 2022

White folx living on Martha's Vineyard on their newly arrived neighbors: "They have to move somewhere else."

.08 seconds, "At some point they have to move somewhere else."
Actual poster in MV.

The quaint Ye Olde Shoppes in the little towns appear to be LOVELY and CHARMING places whose sidewalks and doorways are made to sleep on and relieve one's bodily waste materials.

If you're not familiar with MV, seach it using a map option. PLENTY of lush acreage for "pop-up" thriving mini-cities of vibrant diversity ready and willing to interact with the loving, wealthy, liberal enclave of Martha's Vineyardites. 
Daily Mail has a great piece on this chock-full of pics and tweets!

Obama's MV home below. Look at all that land! 
They need to build affordable housing! Building affordable housing will provide jobs and it will be good for the economy. C'mon you Raaaayciss White Folk in MV, hop on the plan to Build Back Better! Pitch in and do your part! You're not insurrectionists, are you?

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