Sunday, September 18, 2022

Blog Roll Feed still SNAFU.

But I can comment again on my own blog! 

Some of the other blogs and sites still aren't rolling up as showing the most recently updated, while others are. I don't know if I need to eliminate the "/feeds/posts/default" suffix on the URLs or not. Still going to let it sit a couple days and see if it resolves itself. 

If not, then maybe I'll have to go through my Blog & Site Roll and eliminate the "/feeds/posts/default". That involves work and motivation. ICK!! 

Another option would be to deselect the option of those most recently updated roll up as such and instead select the method of listing the blogs and sites alphabetically, which is a preference I don't like. So...bear with it all. We'll see if the gremlins go away.


Jess said...

I eliminated the feeds on the sites I found at the bottom of my blog list, instead of updating. When I clicked on the links, all I got was scrambled HTML. The links still appeared at the bottom, so I deleted them, started over, and they're working now.

I don't know what happened, but I have a feeling some programmer dicked around with something they shouldn't, and the result was chaos.

Drake's Place said...

Thanks, Jess. I going to guess that took some time? Cuz you have a very thorough and sizeable link list.

Gonna give it a few days here. I don't look forward to having to edit all those lines. :)

Phil said...

Me and quite a few other suckers can't even get to the layout page to fix the blogrolls.
Blogger knows about it but as I said on their Forum, they are too busy going through every conservative bloggers archives and deleting old posts from years ago that suddenly don't meet their community standards.
They have done that to me 3 times already.
Insert extremely vulgar expletives here.

Drake's Place said...


Yeah, I've seen several on Blogger platform with the same issue, among others, but the "most recently updated" near the top also is affecting WP and sites with their own hosts, like Daley Gator.

I wasn't aware of Blogger deleting posts on all of our old blogs. WTF?

As you probably notice, I flipped the BRoll to "Alphabetical" for now.

I don't mind lists being alphabetical, but the one good option Blogger has (HAD??) was the option for "most recently updated" bumping to the top, no matter if it was Blogger, WP or other domain. That that's not working as should, even part time, is the part that has many of us baffled.

Thanks for dropping by and cluing me in.
(You can cuss here! That's ok. Just please no GD or JC, all others are fine)