Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Goodbye to Teh Coof. Beware! Asian Lanternflies.

Daily Mail: "Worse than Egypt's locusts!'" How US is fighting a plague of Asian spotted lanternflies that have invaded 14 states so far and devour crops until they die.

With supply chain problems plaguing the world why am I not surprised by this? 

The food supply is a serious issue. I wonder how many of us really understand how precarious it all is.

Another method for killing the crops and the food supply.

I'm certain the lanternflies are organic, or evolved from some wet-market somewhere and they aren't engineered in a lab that receives some funding from the U.S. We're all in agreement that's impossible, crazy, conspiracy talk. It's not like science can cross-breed and CRISPR edit DNA or anything with living organisms. The Murder Hornets didn't work as planned, Klaus?

Is it okay to refer to it an Asian lanternfly? Because it sounds like...

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