Tuesday, September 6, 2022

New DeSantis ad drops. Kicks Ass! (VIDEO)

Josh Hammer@josh_hammer

Single best ad of the political cycle thus far.

It's a great ad. I bet Mitch McConnell hasn't seen the ad. Is Mitch even aware of Ron DeSantis? Could Mitch copy a page from the DeSantis playbook? Of course he could, but he won't.
It's been five days since Biden insulted half the nation with his vitriolic and divisive rhetoric and RINO Mitch hasn't said a word, which says it all.

Five days after the speech, McConnell has not publicly remarked on Biden’s rhetoric. His office did not respond to several requests for comment from Breitbart News that spanned several days.

Politico: McConnell pulls RNC ad money from AZ's Blake Masters.

Senate Republicans’ primary super PAC is canceling nearly $10 million in Arizona and Alaska ad reservations, raising questions about the party’s commitment to Blake Masters, its Senate nominee in the Copper State.

The Senate Leadership Fund, which is aligned with Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, is scrapping roughly $8 million in ads — about half of its initial Arizona reservation — that were supposed to start in the early fall. The group’s ads are now set to begin in early October.

McConnell doesn't want Conservatives, he wants RINOs and the UniParty. And that, dear valued readers who drop by here, isn't a "Red Wave."

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