Sunday, September 4, 2022

Finland March 2020, "No we'll NOT run out of toilet paper." Finald August 2022, "We're RUNNING OUT of toilet paper."

August 2022:

AW Journal (Archived): Finland warns of toilet paper shortage.

The Finnish company Metsä Tissue, one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of sanitary and hygiene products, has announced the threat of a shortage of toilet paper due to the energy crisis. The company announced this in a press release published on Friday, August 26.

“In recent weeks, Metsä Tissue has been forced to reduce production for several days at its factories in Zilina (Slovakia) and Kreuzau (Germany) due to high electricity prices,” the report says.

March 2020: (Archived): Five facts about toilet paper – no, we’ll not run out of it.

If ever anything is certain, it is that stockpiling toilet paper in Finland or in most other Western countries is pointless. There will not be a shortage of toilet paper.

Two mills in Finland make tissue paper: the Metsä Tissue mill in Mänttä and the Essity mill in Nokia. Both are producing toilet paper at full capacity. Maintenance shutdowns at many mills have also been postponed until later.

A story at Europe Says (Archived) simply states, "Finnish firm warns of toilet paper shortage as energy costs wipe out production." That firm guessed it, Metsä Tissue who, as we can see from above, in the span of a little over two years said, "There will be no toilet paper shortage," to, "There's a toilet paper shortage." 

The comments at the Europe Says story are interesting.

Here's a select few, hit the link for the rest:

ShortRound89 says:
August 26, 2022 at 6:28 pm

Water is the way.

Key_Proposal_1715 says:
August 26, 2022 at 5:08 pm

About time people stop using paper and use water instead
^ [Water...until water restrictions hit, which is already happening. - DD]

asdwarrior2 says:
August 26, 2022 at 7:53 pm

Time to learn to wash your ass and have a dedicated ass towel
^ [A "dedicated ass towel." Yeah, that sounds sanitary. No pathogenic issues there! - DD]

TP Shortages! Coming soon to the U.S., only a matter of time. Either real or because of panic/hoarding buying. Biden has his diaper stash and a Caregiver who changes it and wipes his butt so he doesn't care. He's unaware of this TP existential threat as he is everything else.

Heck, with all the money we'll be making under Biden's YUGE tax cut for the middle class, we'll all be able to afford our own Groom of The Stool!  

I'll pass and take a different path to being rich and influential.
* This story may be dated as the Draft version of this was written before my taking a week off from updating.

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