Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Blog Roll "most recently updated" seems restored!

Working pretty much. Irish has a post that is so helpful. THANK YOU, IRISH!

There are a couple sites whose feeds aren't yet in the "recently updated" flow and I'm working on that.

Daley Gator (New Home) is one of them, there are a couple others. I don't know why Blogger won't recognize its feed for bumping up when updated. I've tried it every conceivable way, with "feed", without "feed", as TDG [domain] net. The link works and you'll reach TDG. It's that it doesn't bump up when updated.

Everyone that's been on my BRoll is still there. I had changed it to list alphabetically for a little over a day and then I read Irish's post, fiddled around and flipped back to "show most recently updated atop." I'm workin' on it. 👍

"So, here we are, because we are here. And we are here because we are not there. There is not here. There is there, not here. Here is here, and here is where we are."

- Vice President Kamala Harris, September 20, 2022 commenting on the current Blog Roll technical difficulties experienced by some blogs and sites.

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