Thursday, September 8, 2022

MN "Republican" candidate Dr. Scott Jensen already backpedaling. Why not give your concession speech tomorrow, Scott?

Jensen is backpedaling his stand on abortion. Why? Because current MN Dem Gov. Timmy "Tub O Lard" Walz and the libs who worship at the Altar of Abortion are defining Jensen and he's too cowardly to stand by his (previously held) convictions.

This is Round Two of Jensen allowing his political opposition to define him. His first was conceding that he erred in what the libs inaccurately portrayed as Jensen comparing Walz to Nazi Germany

Walz's tyrannic abusive policies during the height of Covid killed countless numbers of people in elder care, assisted living and nursing homes. Walz loved his new role of mini-Dictator. You'd think Jensen could take this issue and run with it, but no, he turns tail and downplays this after false ginned-up hyperbolic criticism.

When one allows their political opposition to define who they are and backpedal, you're losing mojo, and Jensen is.

Depending on the poll, currently Walz is leading Jensen by 4% statewide (Change Research). In the Twin Cities  metro, Walz leads Jensen 50% to 36% (KSTP-TV). Jensen doesn't have a chance unless he can close the gap in the TC area.

Walz waited for a gift and Jensen gave it to him without even considering the optics. Talk about easy bait. Tub O Lard played Jensen like a fiddle.

FFS, Scott, don't you have any Spin Doctors?

Congratulate yourself Scott, you've just handed a second term to Tub O Lard.

This morbidly obese fucktard, originally from Nebraska, is going to be Minnesota's governor once again because Jensen doesn't have a spine or a pair of balls.

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