Thursday, September 22, 2022

Rich King Breakfast Sausage Fingers. Or Tiny Lizard Fingers?

♬ Oh, my, my
There's a new kid in town
Just another new kid in town
(Ooh, hoo) Everybody's talking 'bout the
(Ooh, hoo) New kid in town ♬
(Ooh, hoo) Everybody's walking like the
♬ (Ooh, hoo) New kid in town
There's a new kid in town
I don't want to hear it... ♬

I've never understood the fascination that many people have with Teh Royal Family.

Soul Ask: Princess Diana May well Have Been Right about The Royal Family.

4. Princess Diana herself referred to the British royal family as “lizards” and “literally not human”.

5.The popular princess [Diana] went so far as to publicly refer to the British House of Windsor as “lizards” and “reptiles.” “They’re not human,” she said.  6 Diana grew to believe that the British monarchy, with all its hidden power, were her enemies. [6]. In Great Britain, all members of MI5, MI6 (British intelligence agencies), members of Parliament, and military officers swear an oath of loyalty to the monarchy, not to the United Kingdom. [5] [6].

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