Saturday, June 15, 2024

Saturday Night Memes Short Stack and 1 video.

Advisory: "Sensitive, BAD (?) Taste, Mature, Dark Humor Content" after the pagebreak. 

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🤣 It really is the player's last name!

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Did ya make through unscathed? Good FER you! 👍


Z@X said...

Guess which one had me laughing my balls off ...

Drake's Place said...

Z@X , There's a bit of a challenge, there.
The go-to is the Peter Griffin Jeep ad.
2nd guess is Capt. Kirk/Unvaccinated.
Will put my $$ on The Jeep. ;) Lemme know if I get it right.

Z@X said...


Drake's Place said...

Z@X , It IS funny. they're getting rattled and smushed.
Glad you liked.