Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Boris Ovcharov, Ukraine Neo Nazi calls for draft dodgers to have their property seized by the state.

Boris Ovcharov...Get a load of this Landwhale! 

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Story at IScaninfo

He admitted that his proposal regarding crocodiles on the border was exaggerated, but emphasized that he was outraged by the position of the draft dodgers. “That is, they are not afraid to dive into the Tisa, no matter how many of them drown, but they are afraid to protect their family, their home,” the soldier said.

According to him, if the republic cannot carry out normal mobilization, then the army will simply end. And when there are no more people, there will be no Ukraine, he concluded.

No Boris Landwhale, Ukraine men are TIRED of a forever war watching their fellow men being slaughtered because it's the most corrupt nation in Europe. They don't want to fight so that Ukraine can be the New Israel. ⏪ You don't like that source? Fine. Here: Zelensky wants Ukraine to be ‘a big Israel.’

If Zelensky wants Ukraine to be "New Israel", then Israelis better start joining the Ukraine Armed Forces. You pro-Ukraine keyboard warriors in America who salivate over this global fiasco - who are dead-set against even a temporary ceasefire - why are you still in the USA and not joining Zelensky's army? Show us on the doll where Big Bad Russian Puuuuuuuuuutin touched you.

This started in 2013-2014, with Obama, Biden, Victoria Nuland and others. Blame liberals, the UniParty, rinos and neocons for all this, they own it. (FIXED link. Sorry).


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* Added thought about that tweet: "the neo-nazi Right Sector..."

Yeah, right. Biden and Company would be giving BILLIONS, supporting a Right-Wing Nazi regime.


Cederq said...

So that is the key member of zelensky's meal team 6? No wonder they lose men, they can't outrun bullets and can't fit into most slit trenches. I would swim back across the Rio Grande River against the floods of invaders to avoid a draft if we were in the same situation. That area of Ukraine was the origins of the modern jews, so if they want that, a breadbasket instead of rocks and gravel than they have to fight for it.

Drake's Place said...

CederQ, Boris is literally 4X larger than the guy on the left. WTF LOL?

It takes a lot of false gravitas and hubris to say what he said. Ship that fat ass to the front line.