Thursday, June 20, 2024

Dems Chris Van Hollen and Bernie Sanders join AOC saying Netanyahu invitation to Congress is a mistake.

Middle East Eye: Prominent US senator says Netanyahu invitation to Congress is a mistake.

US Senator Chris Van Hollen, a prominent American lawmaker and member of the chamber's foreign relations committee, has criticised the House and Senate leadership's decision to invite Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to give an address to Congress.
Netanyahu wants to come here and pretend he’s Winston Churchill — and he is no Winston Churchill.”

I haven't read where ONE RINO, Neo-con or UniPartyist is saying the same as Van Hollen, AOC or Sanders. Why? They're a bunch of war-mongering eunuchs who want American Troops to die for ZOGOMITES. 

In semi-related News, Biden's failed Gaza pier keeps breaking apart, re-assembled and breaks apart again. ⏬

Zero Hedge: Expensive Incompetence: US Giving Up On $230 Million Gaza Air Pier.

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