Monday, August 8, 2022

That "one" post about Schadenfreude, Cunts, Illnesses, Obesity and Obituaries.

I met Anthony Hopkins once and he was EXACTLY like the character Hannibal Lecter. Pure evil and violent. Of course this isn't true. He's nothing like Lecter.

For a tiny percentage of people who read this blog who somehow think I'm some rage-fueled monster, I'm not. For some bloggers and writers, it's the job of the author to be provocative and hyperbolic. The on-line presence here - what you read - it's all an act.

I take no pleasure, satisfaction or enjoyment in the illnesses, misfortunes or the deaths of others. The focus of this blog is simply to apply the same standard to Liberals that they apply to everyone else except themselves. I'm just holding a mirror up to the actions and words of zealous Libs and reflecting and applying their standards right back onto them.

The Schadenfreude: There is some Schadenfreude here. If you're a cautious reader you will realize this is solely directed at those who've climbed to the top of their soap box and lectured to others as to how they should live their lives. The double vaxxed and double boosted, who've spent years shaming others, that get covid? Yeah, I think it's hysterical when they get covid. They are the people who lectured the rest of us that if we got vaxxed, got boosted, wore masks...well, we wouldn't get covid. That it would only take "two weeks to flatten the curve," they told us. This ideology has proven itself wrong many times. 

Just scan the headlines for well known names (Biden, Fauci, celebrities) all of whom adhered to every covid protocol that exists and they still get covid. Yeah...I am going to poke fun at them and take some degree of Schadenfreude because they're hypocrites and liars.

Cunts: On this blog, I've called men, women and all the other pretend genders others believe in, "Cunts." I don't use it in a sexist manner. I never have. Being a "Cunt" has nothing to do with gender. It is, at least on this blog, the same as calling someone an asshole. The "Uppity Bitches" label is the same. I've used and applied it to men, women and all the other pretend-genders that people like to imagine exist.

: I have never taken pleasure in the death of anyone. This is entirely different from the quote, often mis-attributed to Mark Twain but is actually from Clarene Darrow that, "I have never wished for the death of any man. I have, however, read their obituaries with a great deal of satisfaction." I admit this; that there are obits that I have thoroughly enjoyed reading. It doesn't mean I take pleasure in their death or wished them death. It's just a good obituary that I find satisfying.

Obesity and Fatties: I'm not talking about people who are 20, 30 or even 50 pounds overweight. I'm talking about the gigantic blobs who are morbidly obese, like Michael Moore, Ana Fatvarro and other Fat Bastards whose problem likely isn't a "metabolic problem." They just can't put down the fork. I will Fat Shame theses these blobs until I blog no more. Nancy Pelosi called Donald Trump, "morbidly obese."  Trump maybe could shed a few pounds, but he's not morbidly obese. And people forget that more often than not, he's wearing a Kevlar vest under his shirt or suit coat. 

The only person I need to be true to is my Savior, and I am. 

"Well, Drake, do you think God and Jesus would approve of everything you write here?" Well, no, probably not "everything", but I think He would understand what's written here isn't from my heart. It's only politics.

"You make fun of peoples' names." Yep, I sure do. So does the Left. I'm taking my cue from them. When they stop doing this, I'll stop.

I hold the same standard and apply it to all; democrats and Liberal lunatics and republicans, RINOs and Conservatives. If you haven't noticed this, you aren't reading carefully. What's the standard, you ask: I have no patience for hypocrisy or lies from anyone, regardless of their political or cultural beliefs.

I take no pleasure or satisfaction if there are massive wildfires in California or New Mexico, or when other states are hit with natural and man-made disasters. When I use the "Not my problem" image...

...I do mean's not my problem. No more or less than it's the problem of another state when Minnesota has a blizzard or spends weeks of sub-zero temperature in Winter. It's not my problem when California has an earthquake and it's not California's problem when Minnesota has wildfires or flooding.

No one knows the amount of comments that never get published and are rejected because the comment submitter is expressing pleasure over the misfortunes or deaths of others, or is happy that someone has been violently attacked. Those comments are marked as SPAM, deleted and the IP's blocked.

Liberal hypocrisy, (an oxymoron), is off the charts. One needs to look no further at the newfound love-fest The Left has for Dick Cheney, who they hated for the past 100 years. What changed? Oh...Dick said he doesn't like Trump. That's all The Left needs to hear to embrace their latest icon. No different from their relationship of hate/love/hate/love/hate of John Bolton.

This post probably could have been shorter. I hate editing and proofreading my own material. If you stayed with it and read it, Thank You. If not, that's also fine. "Walls Of Text" can be tasking.

If it's real, unadulterated hatred that you seek, the best place to find it is at blogs, sites and social media accounts belonging to Liberals.


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