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Monday, August 8, 2022

Fat woman shames unmasked children, makes them cry, tells them she hopes they die.

Anthony Antman0704 Aug 7
Crazy mask lady wishes this man's kids would die.

"I work in a hospital, I see people die every day." 

Yes. People die in hospitals. That's like saying, "I work in a funeral home and see a lot of dead people," or, "I'm a Veterinarian and most of my patients are animals."

Oh - I wish I'd have been at wherever this took place. I would've Fat Shamed that bitch until she was in tears and full meltdown mode. Look at the size of that ass, thighs and legs. I'm 6'2" and around 185 lbs and my physical characteristics are smaller than her. Fat Assed Uppity Bitch Karen.

Why is she concerned about catching anything? She's wearing "The Mask That Protects You From Everything." 

Nice. Wishing death on children. What a cunt.


Anonymous said...

Report her to the HR department of her employer. She is a horrible ambassador for health or the muzzle mavens. Then put the info into an article in the paper. Bad press squeezes medical facilities where it hurts.

Drake's Place said...

Very good comment, Anon. I don't know where that took place. Your suggestion in reporting her to her healthcare employer is an excellent one. Perhaps we will find out more about who she is and where this took place in the near future.

Thanks for dropping a comment.