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Friday, August 19, 2022

Dublin Soy boy ready to "stomp some fascists," ends up getting beaten!

Husky Boi's Twitter Account


FAFO, Soy Boi! 不 The Delicious Schadenfreude of it All!


Cederq said...

Never understood why girly boys want to get their asses beat down? To somehow prove they are manly? I dislike bullies with a passion, but I would have stuffed this pansy in a school locker with relish. I always defended those too weak or small to defend themselves... but I have been known to locker stuff when the twerp couldn't shut up or was the cause of the beat down.

Drake's Place said...

Cederq, I don't endorse violent behavior at all, in any way. But Soy Boi went out, FA and FO. Hit the link and check out his Twatter account. He's into "furryism", which makes what happened to him all the more entertaining. Ahhhhh, Schadenfreude...sweet Schadenfreude.