Saturday, August 20, 2022

WHO is THIS and WHAT is he SAYING?

It's Little Lord Lies-A-Lot from many years ago! Listen to him!


USA MacPaper (April 12, 2020 2022 2020...yeah, I know, but I right my wrongs*) Archived): Fauci's 2004 comments on flu vaccine, natural immunity taken out of context.

By Ana Faguy

That happened again recently when Facebook users resurfaced a video of Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, answering a question about the influenza outbreak in 2004. An April 1 post of the video from one Facebook user was shared nearly 900 times in less than a week.
"Check out this clip of Dr. Fauci in 2004 talking about the STRENGTH of Natural Immunity," the post said. "Fast forward 18 years, what happened to this “'science?!'”

The clip was posted by multiple accounts and accrued thousands of shares.

But Facebook users are taking this clip of Fauci out of context. He is answering a caller's specific question on her flu diagnosis; he is not speaking about COVID-19. Experts say it's not reasonable to apply the same logic to both illnesses given the vast difference in transmissibility and lethality.

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I ran across the USA MacPaper story trying to find the source of the video. My guess when I first saw the clip is that it might have been from an appearance on NBC's Sunday "Meet The Press." But it's from CSPAN.

I wasn't aware of this clip until yesterday. I have no idea what others on social media are writing on this.

Fauci is answering a caller's specific question on flu diagnosis. Fauci is qualified to diagnose someone's illness via a PHONE CALL?!? OH! But we're NOT supposed to believe that a healthy immune system strengthens itself by naturally defending or fighting off an infection?

Yeah, there probably are people who are intentionally misrepresenting the video clip. I'm not doing that here. I published the clip with the intention of showing Fauci "before" and "after." I think most people understand that our immune system works pretty darn well.

Hmmm...what's this?

And hey, I should be awarded extree points for not making fun of the USA MacPaper writer's name. Shouldn't I? USA MacPaper "Fact-Checker." Sure. Yeah.


* year correction 2x

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