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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Double Vaxxed and Double Boosted Tamale Jill Biden has Teh Coof!

Breitbart: Double Vaccinated, Twice Boosted Jill Biden Tests Positive for Coronavirus Despite Isolating from Joe Biden.

The first lady’s office said that Jill Biden began developing “cold-like symptoms” on Monday evening and that a PCR test found she was positive for the virus.

“The first lady is double-vaccinated, twice boosted, and only experiencing mild symptoms,” the First Lady’s Communications Director Elizabeth Alexander said in a statement.

Who's she been hanging out with since she's been isolating from Joe? Hmmmmm...

She is experiencing, "mild symptoms."

 "It's a Pandemic of the Unvaccinated!"


Steve said...

If she was vaccinated, and got another vaccine injection....wouldn't that be a "booster"?
I mean for every other immunization, you just need the vaccine and then a booster to be fully vaccinated.
So in the scientific corner of my mind; Herr Steve is counting and comes up with one vaccine and three boosters.
But all of that activity is wasted effort, because I truly doubt that she got anything other than normal saline.

Drake's Place said...

Steve, That, or the vaccines don't work, which is what many skeptics believed from the start. It's the "common cold".

Bunkerville said...

So the old geezer is leaving her behind wherever she is and dear hubby moves on to dE... if it were my hubby.......

Rick said...

Didja ever notice this buffoon talks as if he's talking to a child? Meanwhile, the inflection in the voice of the White House face Latrine Two-Names sounds like she is talking down. As like a mother exasperated that for the fourteenth time today she has to explain to a child.

Drake's Place said...


I wonder if it's Jill that doesn't want to be with him? LOL !

You've written it the best at your site, "The Best of the Swamp." That's what Americans are getting from the "Adults in Charge."

Drake's Place said...


Yes, exactly. There was an insider who leaked that before public appearances, before they pump up Joe with amp juice, that he IS and ACTS like a child. Literally.

I think it's the dementia and Alzheimers. He's reverting back to childhood.