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Friday, August 12, 2022

DOJ said yesterday AG Garland didn't sign raid on Mar A Lago. Today, Garland admitted he did sign.

AG Merrick Garland says he signed off on Trump search, denounces attacks on law enforcement.

Hot Air: Breaking: DOJ source calls raid a 'spectacular backfire,' claims AG Garland didn't approve it.

Garland refused to answer any questions, saying he needs to preserve the integrity of the investigation. Integrity? 🤣🤣🤣

Uncle Sam's Misguided Children: Mark of a Liar? Merrick Garland’s Refusal to Answer Questions.

Everyone in this administration, and the Never-Trumper hold-outs from the previous administration - and their supporters - pose a dangerous direct threat to our democracy. We can't believe anything these people say, they've never been trustworthy. They must be voted out, investigated and if charges proven, prosecuted and sentenced to life in prison. Every. Single. One. Left/Right/Indie/Libertarian/Dem/Rep/Other.


Bunkerville said...

They are setting up Garland to take the hit..Good work.

Cederq said...

Ya gotta ask your self Dave, had a miracle happen and all the communist shit bags get arrested and charged with everything from treason, murder, obstruction of justice and even jaywalking it would take until we are into Star Trek Next Generation to clear the courts and process all the crimes... just simpler and time saving to place two .22s in the back of the head and bill the relatives for the bullets.

Drake's Place said...

Bunkerville, Either Garland or maybe Wray? IF no one "falls", and there should be several, then we will know they are all corrupt. Good hearing from you!

Drake's Place said...

CederQ, If found guilty, I'd prefer televised guillotining. Keep the blades on the dull side so it sometimes takes more than two slices.

KurtP said...

The go-to response of a Leftist/Liberal/Democrat...
Then come back later when the truth can't be stopped.

Drake's Place said...

Kurt, Yep. Their M.O. every time. They are predictable if nothing else.
Good hearing from you. Hope all is well.