Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Mad Jewess

I want to take a moment to thank The Mad Jewess for mentioning my blog.  We first met in what must have been midway through my old blog, which I began in February 2005 and, well ... stopped updating (not on purpose) ... in December 2009.

Her blog was among one of the first I sought out to add to my new blogroll here, and I went back to my old blog to bring forward many of those same blog sites only to find out, like me, at some point, they just stopped writing.  But, God Bless her, not The Mad Jewess.  I applaud her non-stop efforts for so many years doing what is not easy to do:  doing a daily or semi-weekly blog and doing it well.

Please also visit her daily at her Twitter account.  Chances are hot topics will be flying. She is a good friend and a good writer.  I wouldn't link to anyone who wasn't a good writer.

Mean Ol' Meany is still writing, although it's been a while, but I'm hoping he'll return and give us a couple of updates a week or maybe a baker's dozen a month.

I attempted to entice That One Guy to return to a semi-regular blog update basis, and I hope he returns as well.

Liberal Utopia and The Smallest Minority are still publishing, although it's been a while since L.U. has updated, but I'm keeping the faith they will return. Liberal Utopia and Smallest Minority were some of my earliest entries of my blogroll at the old site. 

I don't know the status of GuyK, or Nice Deb  but hope they return as well.

The others listed on my blogroll have kept on rolling and God Bless them for that. Their commitment is very admirable. 

I'll keep adding more as I find them.  If you have any suggestions, let me know.    

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