Sunday, January 29, 2017

Madeleine Albright to Convert to Islam

I laughed when I heard the news of Madeleine Albright converting to Islam.

She was raised as a Roman Catholic and then Episcopalian.

Then in 1997 she declared that she is Jewish.

Her response to Leslie Stahl that U.S. sanctions on Iraq killed over a half-million children was, "we think the price is worth it."

She is the Butcher of Kosovo. 

Albright: Satan's Little Helper

Albright patronizes the late tyrant Kimmy Jong Il

And in October of 2000, she was wined and dined with the late Kim Jong Il.

Albright also stated that Kim Jong Il is both "rational and pragmatic," and that she doesn't think "he's crazy," but is "isolated but not uninformed."

North Korea...of which the Clinton Foreign Policy was of appeasement. 

I wish her conversion to Islam well.  Please wear whatever headdress requires you to cover your face.  Thank you.

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