Tuesday, January 24, 2017

MN Wild Nordy Mascot involved in "violent mascot skit"

If they keep playing as they have been, Minnesota could have the Stanley Cup this year.  While that is a tough road for any team, the Wild have been owning the ice against their opponents.

Number One and maintaining:


Meanwhile, the MN Wild's mascot Nordy, might need to attend some type of sensitivity training classes for his VIOLENT BEHAVIOR, even though it was all a Pretend Fight.

Just because it wasn't real doesn't mean Nordy may harbor some ill will towards Tommy Hawk.


Nordy was wearing a blindfold.  He didn't know he was hitting Tommy.  No mascot was hurt, it was all an act.
In attendance were the St. Louis Blues’ Louie, New Jersey’s NJ Devil and the Chicago Blackhawks’ Tommy Hawk – who apparently shoved a birthday cake into Nordy’s face.
Nordy then exacted his revenge when Tommy held up a piñata and a blindfolded Nordy "missed," smacking the Hawks mascot, who fell to the ground. 
When mascots get violent.......heh......it was all fun and games, folks.
The reaction of the crowd seemed to be mixed, as was the response on social media after the team tweeted a video of the encounter.
"Good thing to teach kids. Violence to people you dislike is the right thing to do," one response reads, while another called it "obviously a joke and for fun."
"I love the Wild and all but... I'm not really into simulated beatings, man," one fan tweeted, while another wrote, "Oh please. It’s Hockey. It’s a violent sport. Maybe stay home. Ridiculous."
"I was glad I wasn't in the stands with my 7-year-old son having to explain why his favorite mascot was just apparently beaten with a baseball bat," Chris Kuc wrote.
Ummm, Chris - tell your son Nordy is a Trumpie?  Maybe that will explain it?

People - they're MASCOTS. Although, that Tommy Hawk....he's an instigator. 

The announcer at the game (in the video in the above link) was egging on the "fight." It's his fault -- yeah, it's his fault.

The Wild play Dallas tonight in Texas.  They're at home in St. Paul to host St. Louis on Thursday.  They have few well-deserved days off and then they're in Edmonton on January 31.

There are many NHL teams doing very well this year and almost any one of them could end up playing for The Cup. It can also be a fast slide down the ice from being Number 1 to last place. In hockey, Take Nothing for Granted.

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