Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Matt Lauer says "chokers [are a] men thing, too."

Men's chokers are hip. They're 'happening'. They're the fashion accessory every man needs in 2017. 

From Yahoo:
...chokers seem to be on their way out for women’s fashion. The twist is that they’re reemerging for men. Case in point: ASOS has a line of velvet chokers, as Fashionista pointed out. The ubiquitous fabric combines two of 2017’s hottest trends. And ASOS’s chokers seem to be catching on, as the black versions are already sold out.
Have no fear, though: ASOS is also offering man chokers in a suede wraparound design, a red paisley print, studded leather, braided leather, and silver and gold metal. There’s something for every kind of man.

Well, if Matt Lauer of the "Today Show" wears one, who am I to even remotely question this slick, stylin' new neck-belt? 

Check out how cool 'n hip Matt is...

... you know you want to rush out and buy one, don't you?  Don't fight it - buy it.  Come to think of it, it'd probably be cheaper to buy a dog collar at the Dollar Store, wouldn't it?

I dunno.  Two Dogs...which style appeals to you? The suede wraparound? The paisley? One with 9 inch steel spikes sticking out of it?

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